Wesley Snipes Wants to Chase ‘Twilight’ Kids in ‘Blade 4′

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Blade Wesley Snipes1 Wesley Snipes Wants to Chase Twilight Kids in Blade 4

In the current age of superhero and comic book films routinely dominating the box office, it’s sometimes hard to remember a time when that wasn’t the case. Well, one needs only to look back at that long-ago decade known as the 1990s to see just how desolate a wasteland the live-action superhero landscape used to be. While 2000′s X-Men tends to get most of the credit for resurrecting the genre, one other comic book property could also rightfully lay claim to some of that glory: Blade.

Blade may not have been an incredibly massive hit, but it did very respectably, roughly doubling its budget at the box office and earning a large cult following that still stands today. Guillermo Del Toro’s Blade II did similarly well at the box office, and some fans hold it up as being even better than the original. Unfortunately, then came 2004′s Blade: Trinity. Largely regarded as a creative disaster, Blade: Trinity bombed at the box office, and (along with various other personal issues) helped tank star Wesley Snipes’ career.

That said, we’re now a decade out from Blade: Trinity’s failure, and with Snipes’ issues sorted out, it’s not too surprising that the actor wants to step back into the boots of his most iconic role to date. Of course, the question is, would fans welcome back a now 51-year-old Snipes into the Blade role? If the actor’s latest creative idea for the character comes true, fans will likely greet him with open arms.

Snipes offered the following proposal during a recent interview with EW.

‘Blade’ chasing the ‘Twilight’ kids around? Hey man, there’s always a possibility, and I’m open to it. There have been rumors around that we may explore the opportunity, so give me one more shot!

Blade Vs. Twilight Wesley Snipes Wants to Chase Twilight Kids in Blade 4

Ah, Twilight, the franchise that has quickly become shorthand for everything that’s wrong with vampires in today’s pop culture world. Not that constant critical ravaging ever stopped Twilight’s target audience from making each new film a blockbuster financial success. Still, Blade targeting the glittery, self-obsessed bloodsuckers from the Twilight series would serve as an epic catharsis for everyone who remembers when vampires were more about being badass monsters and less about creepily courting high school girls while being over 100-years-old.

As for the overall prospect of returning to the superhero movie game, Snipes expanded upon his feelings in a different interview with MTV.

I’d love to get back in the suit again and do some things I’ve learned how to do now that I didn’t know how to do then. I think we’re better at making that kind of a film now. Some of the things we did in the early parts of the franchise were experimental and now they’ve become customary in a lot of the ‘Avengers’ films and other comic book adaptations.

While Snipes’ observations about the evolution of comic book films seem to be on target, one thing he can’t forget is that the Blade franchise is no longer in the same hands as it was when he left. The rights to make Blade films have since reverted to Marvel/Disney, and it’s a bit hard to imagine movies as dark as Blade and Blade II being made under the current regime. One wonders whether Blade would even fit in with the brightly-colored Marvel Cinematic Universe of 2014.

What do you guys think? Should Marvel make more Blade films? If so, should Wesley Snipes return to the role, or is there a better option available?

No official announcements have been made regarding further Blade films.

Sources: EW, MTV

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  1. Haha! that is freaking hilarious. I would so throw my money at Marvel if they did that. unfortunatly it will never happen but i wouldn’t be opposed to seeing snipes back in the shades again, the first two Blades were awesome. I think Michael Kennedy has good point though would Marvel/Disney be willing to go that dark?

  2. Marvel Studios needs to give this man a role in the Black Panther movie as either T’Chaka or T’Challa’s Uncle S’yan. Snipes is still the man.

  3. Absolutely. After the Defenders series on Netflix, do one with Blade(still Snipes), one with Punisher(please bring back Tom Jane), Ghost Rider(have Nick Cage far away from it) and then whatever other “dark properties” they wanna do. Make it their supernatural team-up, it could be R-Rated, which suits Blade and Punished and would benefit GR.

  4. Heck yeah! Always enjoy a good Wesley Snipes action flick. Blade series was great!

  5. please please please Blade 4

  6. What the hell are you referring to calling Blade dark?
    b**** please! Compared to some of the pap being produced nowadays Blade is easily digestible

  7. I don’t really care about the Twilight thing. But he’ll yes to the rest.

  8. blade 3 had some cool action scenes, but the comedic garbage and ‘show off’ moments ruined what could have been a cool sequel to a bad a** movie.

    i do hope marvel grows a pair and starts making r rated comic book character movies b/c it would suck if they just kept making everything for 15 year olds -.- i mean who knows, instead of snipes fighting the twilight rejects, he could instead be dating them… *shudders* :P

  9. Ummm, yeah. The Marvel Universe is so glittery in Winter Soldier. Death, betrayal, and the complete destruction of the entire justice agency in the interconnected movie universe.

    • One movie does not a trend make.


    Also, I would love to see Thomas Jane come back as The Punisher.

  11. just watched Expendables 3 and loved Snipes performance. Afterwards I thought “PLEASE do another Blade” … before Underworld … That was my fav.”vamp” movie DO IT MARVEL!

  12. To see Blade staking Twilight vampires?

    I’d watch the heck out of that.

  13. Just bring back Snipes!

  14. Disvel could just make a movie that is… you know… um… well… NOT connected!

    OH THE HUMANITY! AHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    • Just what I’ve been waiting to hear. Snipes is to Blade what RDJ is to Tony Stark, one and the very same.

      They should also get Stephen Norrington back as he’s not directed anything for well over a decade.


  15. okay I know they are kidding but snipes as black panther how cool would that be.

  16. The problem I see is that Blade would have to end the movie not killing the main characters. That cash cow still has legs so they won’t kill them off. Kind of makes it not a real Blade flick doesn’t it? I mean he’s generally eliminated all the big bad vamps.

    What about the mutts? Does he go after them too?

  17. Just watch expendables 3!! Snipes still has it!!!

  18. The original Blades were totally campy, but fun and not terrible movies, especially the first one. I would totally PAY to see this!

  19. I seriously hope that not only will Marvel go forward with a Blade project at some point, but I do wish that Snipes would have a shot at the lead again. Based on the small bits of footage from “Expendables 3″, he still looks to be in good enough shape to do it. Of course, unless they’ve already BEEN working on it (which there is no indication they have been), it would likely be a few years before making it happen.

    I’d -love- to see Marvel do darker heroes on Netflix/HBO/Showtime, while keeping the Big-Screen PG13. I think TV today is a lot different than just ten years ago, and more and more big-name actors are going -back- to TV. DC already sees this and is moving NOW. Marvel can to, but it’s going to take a lot more than just ‘Agents of Shield’ to make their name in TV. Blade, along with those others already announced, could definitely help Marvel claim its rightful place on the small-screen.

  20. Heck yeah! Blade=Wesley Snipes. ‘Nuff Said.

  21. Disney needs to step up and make a Marvel Max film division of the MCU so that they can release R rated Marvel movies in the same way that the Marvel Max division of the comics creates R rated comics.

  22. Hey does anyone remember when Vampires used to be just Bram Stoker’s Dracula and really more about being dead and creating a blood-curdling horror story?

    Seriously, Blade itself was a terrible “vampire” film, it was a great “superhero” film though, and maybe there’s some blood left in the old Day-Walker. Just don’t turn it into Underworld.

    Seriously, make a full-on horror movie with Blade. Not a monster-movie or an action movie. But full-on horror. Is that too much to ask of vampires?

    • That’s why I think a show like 30 Days Of Night are more to the point of what real vampires would be like if they were out there. No romance…. Just hunger and carnage. Now that’s a vamp movie

      • Yes and no. I love 30 Days of Night, and it really gave us a bleeding cool look at how terrifying Vamps can be but… no, again, they were too much “zombified” creatures than vampires. I don’t know what I want, but yeah 30 Days of Night was a much better vampire movie than most.

      • I didn’t enjoy that movie.

        Didn’t mind the hunger and carnage. Just thought it was a bit stupid that they (vampires) killed most of the city in no time, then hung around for almost 30 days without (more effectively) sniffing out the few survivors. Sure there was a little isolated attempts here and there, but the rest of the time those 30 days somehow just passed, and finally the vampires decided to burn the city, which they could have done on day 1 or 2.

        • My primary point was that those vamps were more like what I would expect vamps to be like if they existed. They were just vicious predators with one goal in mind. Like any predator animal….Only these knew they were at the top of the food chain and humans were slow moving meals off wheels that’s way too easy. No silly love stories involved. Then again with Danny Houston as their leader (Marlow). There’s generally nothing but nasty in anything he’s involved with. Now he’d be a great master Vamp for Blade to take on. Two mega bad vamp characters around the same age going head to head. That’d be pretty fun

  23. Wesley Snipes should return as Blade in Blade 4 movie and have action figure toys.

  24. Marvel already has the Marvel Knights branding used for R rated comic movies just going to waste as is.

    They could easily make Blade, Punisher and Ghost Rider separate from the main cinematic universe or include them but just like the comics use their more aggressive, uncompromising styles as reasons they aren’t in other movies

    Fun fact:Punisher: War Zone was the reason this movie line was created and so far only the ghost rider sequel has used it as well.

  25. I remember around the time that the film came out, the producers blamed how crappy the film turned out on Mr. Snipes. Apparently he had a problem with the script, the lack of rehearsal for the fight scenes, and the lack of diversity in the cast, so he refused to do extra shots and spent most of the time in his trailer. Turns out, he was right and the movie sucked balls. Hopefully, if they do another one, they’ll find some talented young filmmaker (the director of Chronicle perhaps?), take the time to do it right and listen to Mr. Snipes. Also if they try to make it anything but a hard R, they’ll just be wasting their time.

  26. I would love to see this!

  27. I personally loved all the blade movies. Yes, it could be great to see him back in the shoes of Blade. With that being said I don’t know that the current owners could really do the movie justice. Though if its as dark as the others then I am all for it

  28. Blade 2 was, and still is, an amazing movie.

  29. I loved the Blade films. I think I am going to go back and watch them. And no one could have done the acting and action the way he did back then. He was perfectly cast for that role. He seems to have remained in shape. I would welcome a BLADE 4 but I would also like to seem him take on one of the new superhero roles that have required a black actor…black panther. I say bring him back into the limelight. I believe he still has IT.