Wesley Snipes Wants to Chase ‘Twilight’ Kids in ‘Blade 4′

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Blade Wesley Snipes1 Wesley Snipes Wants to Chase Twilight Kids in Blade 4

In the current age of superhero and comic book films routinely dominating the box office, it’s sometimes hard to remember a time when that wasn’t the case. Well, one needs only to look back at that long-ago decade known as the 1990s to see just how desolate a wasteland the live-action superhero landscape used to be. While 2000’s X-Men tends to get most of the credit for resurrecting the genre, one other comic book property could also rightfully lay claim to some of that glory: Blade.

Blade may not have been an incredibly massive hit, but it did very respectably, roughly doubling its budget at the box office and earning a large cult following that still stands today. Guillermo Del Toro’s Blade II did similarly well at the box office, and some fans hold it up as being even better than the original. Unfortunately, then came 2004’s Blade: Trinity. Largely regarded as a creative disaster, Blade: Trinity bombed at the box office, and (along with various other personal issues) helped tank star Wesley Snipes’ career.

That said, we’re now a decade out from Blade: Trinity’s failure, and with Snipes’ issues sorted out, it’s not too surprising that the actor wants to step back into the boots of his most iconic role to date. Of course, the question is, would fans welcome back a now 51-year-old Snipes into the Blade role? If the actor’s latest creative idea for the character comes true, fans will likely greet him with open arms.

Snipes offered the following proposal during a recent interview with EW.

‘Blade’ chasing the ‘Twilight’ kids around? Hey man, there’s always a possibility, and I’m open to it. There have been rumors around that we may explore the opportunity, so give me one more shot!

Blade Vs. Twilight Wesley Snipes Wants to Chase Twilight Kids in Blade 4

Ah, Twilight, the franchise that has quickly become shorthand for everything that’s wrong with vampires in today’s pop culture world. Not that constant critical ravaging ever stopped Twilight’s target audience from making each new film a blockbuster financial success. Still, Blade targeting the glittery, self-obsessed bloodsuckers from the Twilight series would serve as an epic catharsis for everyone who remembers when vampires were more about being badass monsters and less about creepily courting high school girls while being over 100-years-old.

As for the overall prospect of returning to the superhero movie game, Snipes expanded upon his feelings in a different interview with MTV.

I’d love to get back in the suit again and do some things I’ve learned how to do now that I didn’t know how to do then. I think we’re better at making that kind of a film now. Some of the things we did in the early parts of the franchise were experimental and now they’ve become customary in a lot of the ‘Avengers’ films and other comic book adaptations.

While Snipes’ observations about the evolution of comic book films seem to be on target, one thing he can’t forget is that the Blade franchise is no longer in the same hands as it was when he left. The rights to make Blade films have since reverted to Marvel/Disney, and it’s a bit hard to imagine movies as dark as Blade and Blade II being made under the current regime. One wonders whether Blade would even fit in with the brightly-colored Marvel Cinematic Universe of 2014.

What do you guys think? Should Marvel make more Blade films? If so, should Wesley Snipes return to the role, or is there a better option available?

No official announcements have been made regarding further Blade films.

Sources: EW, MTV

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  1. Me to wesley. Me to

    • Earth to drs. Earth to


  3. Project Approve


      That photo is hilarious

  4. I approve of that idea but at the same time, I want Marvel Studios to reboot Blade with his proper origin as an Englishman.

    • And yet again the words Idris Elba spring to mind… 😀

      • amen to that bro

        • Yep, first actor I thought of when I hit “Submit Comment”.

          • I know that you wanted to make Blade English like he is in the comics, but from where I stand Michael jai White is the only man worthy of taking the title from Snipes.

  5. I would love to see Blade, The Punisher, Moon Knight, and Elektra (if she isn’t in Daredevil) get their own Netflix shows. That said, I doubt Snipes would be up for a TV show, but who knows. Still, I wouldn’t mind seeing him get one last go as Blade. The character is hardly ever in the comic books anymore and it sucks because he’s so awesome. Marvel definitely needs to get all things Blade kickstarted again.

    • Not Ghost Rider? He’s back with Marvel now, too (and good riddance to the Nick Cage version).

      • I hope we do get Ghost Rider sometime. Maybe start with the Danny Ketch version and bring in Johnny Blaze later?

  6. Yeah you go Twilight hunting! and it´ll Bomb.

    • Seems like only one person here is saying that it’ll bomb. Those Twilight movies were garbage. KILL EM ALL. Internet 76 – You 1.

      • Really? Seeing Blade against twilighters is zero interesting.

  7. If they do choose to bring Blade into the MCU, it would best to just reboot it, they shouldn’t try to shoehorn an already existing franchise into a shared universe.


  9. It would be cool if he could continue the role. One way or another marvel needs to do something with it soon.

  10. Ghost Rider and Blade team-up? Also serve as Ghost Rider reboot?

    Maybe a cameo of Dr. Strange?

  11. Blade vs Deadpool.

    Do it!

  12. Have always been a fan of the Blade movies. Would love to see more of it, for sure!! If I were gonna pair Blade/Wesley Snipes up with someone, I would rather see him teamed up with the Underworld films rather than the Twilight cast though. Underworld is the coolest of the Vampire series in my opinion! More Kate Beckinsale is always a good thing!

  13. Reboot blade, put him on his hunt for dracula.. Tie that in with capt america and his past dealings with the king of vampires during ww2

  14. I dont care about blade
    but I support this

  15. That would be cool. Bring Blade back to kick some vampires butt.

  16. Well… Everyone keeps complaining about the lack of Black MARVEL superheroes …

    • No, what everyone is complaing about is changing already established characters races to black instead of introducing characters who are black in the comics. Although there was this one Punisher storyline in the comics where Frank Castle gets caught, thrown into prison where he gets beaten and disfigured by some of his old enemies. He breaks out and gets this former plastic surgeon turned crakhore to preform plastic surgery on him, and the surgery somehow turns him black.

  17. I’d like to see a Blade/Ghost Rider crossover. I’m not a hundred percent sure on which studios own the rights to the two properties but it could work as a supernatural action superhero movie.

  18. I remember they had the Marvel Knights imprint on the darker characters. I think Marvel should’ve kept that going perhaps with another studio doing the dirty work.

  19. And why wouldn’t we welcome a 51 year old Snipes? If we’re still interested in Neeson, Depp, Cruise (somewhat) and half of anyone who’s ever been in Expendables, then heck yeah we’d accept him…but honestly, as much fun as it’d be to see Blade fcking up the twilight gang, I’d like to see a proper story within the MCU.

    I really can’t think of anyone else for the role/reboot unless they go for an English guy as Dazz pointed out. Still, I can’t think of any dark skinned, young martial artist. May as well go against the grain and actually cast Snipes (for a reboot/remake at least taking place before Trinity) instead of a new face. Honestly it’s tough to sell a recasted character since people are in love with the previous actor so much.

  20. I would love to see a new Blade movie, but, without some serious adjustments, he’d be an awkward fit in the MCU and a tough sell for Disney. Would Disney even attach itself to a R-rated film? I think they’ve done it in the past, but I’m drawing a blank on what it might’ve been.

    Depending on how the tone/style (and popularity/critical consensus) of the Netflix shows turns out, I could see Blade, Moon Knight, Ghost Rider going that route with shows of their own and then a team up miniseries.

    Snipes was trying to make a Black Panther movie back in the day. If a fourth outing as Blade falls through, make Snipes T’Chaka. He’d be pretty perfect for it.

    • The Rock and Starship Troopers were distributed via the Buena Vista Label, which belonged to Disney. That was back in the 90s, though.

  21. and it’s a bit hard to imagine movies as dark as Blade and Blade II being made under the current regime.

    I will have to call you out on this. What do you mean? You either mean Marvel wont do it or Disney wont do it just based on the possible rating it would receive.

    However we (I hope you know this as you are writing articles base don movies) know Marvel and Disney both have had their names (in one way or another) associated with ‘darker’ movies then Blade.

    • Fair enough Aknot. Outside of the fact that many of the MCU movies are brightly lit action spectacles, I meant “dark” more in the sense of a movie filled with graphic violence, blood, adult language, and sexual situations. Blade and Blade II had plenty of the first three, and a little of the fourth. They were unabashedly R-rated movies, set in a decidedly grim universe. As great as the current MCU is (this is not meant as a knock on those films), they are all PG-13, and most have very little in the way of graphic violence, blood, or adult content. Winter Soldier certainly took the MCU in a darker direction, but it’s the exception rather than the rule at this point.

      • I figured that is what you meant however as I stated we know both Marvel (They attached their name to the last Punisher) and Disney (under other studios) have had or had close to R rated movies.

        While Disney owns Marvel I think much like they did with Punisher War Zone (prior to the buy out) they could branch and have titles such as The Punisher, Blade, Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, etc under the Marvel Knights banner in Association with Marvel Studios.

        Unless Lionsgate owns Marvel Knights or some such.

        I guess what I am saying is the regime does not factor into it when the regime can be hidden. If little Suzy sees a commercial for Blade she does not immediately associate it with Disney. Add in Marvel Knights and while a lot of us nerds know what it is you just distance it even more.

        You can also easily weave them into the MU as it is. You just need to keep your storylines… down to earth so to speak. They keep them separate fairly well in the comics.

        • That’s a good point.

          And they are doing that already. I just checked my blurays and there’s no Disney logo or splash screens. They are not releasing the Marvel movies as Disney movies.

          So I’ll bet the majority of common moviegoers don’t know Marvel Studios are owned by Disney. Many of them don’t own know which characters are Marvel of DC before they see the logo on the poster or at the beginning of the movie.

          Of course that doesn’t mean Disney isn’t still calling the shots, but at least it keeps the door open as few to none moviegoers would walk out from the theater of an R-rated Marvel movie and go: “Why, Disney, why?!”

          • Damn typos. It should say:

            Many of them don’t EVEN know which characters are Marvel OR DC […]

  22. Reboot it with Wesley Snipes but don’t connect it to the trilogy or reboot it with Idris Elba and go with his English origins (like Dazz mentioned). I don’t wanna see the Twilight characters involved at all, which I’m guessing is a joke. Even though Disney/Marvel now have the rights back, I think it should be dark like the first three movies. It should have the Marvel Knights label slapped on it and be rated R. If Disney/Marvel plan on connecting Blade to the MCU then they should make him a little less violent to fit into a PG-13 Avengers film. I would like to see a team up of other Marvel Knights characters like Ghost Rider, Punisher, Daredevil, Black Panther and Avengers’ Black Widow.

  23. Wesley’s back on the weed boys and girls but damn that’s a concept I could get behind.

  24. John Boyega could be good as a young Blade if it were rebooted. He’s British and has a very tough/no nonsense look.

    Have Snipes play future Blade in a flash forward/vision.
    Make Damien Hellstrom the villain and cameo Strange, Iron Fist, Ghost Rider, Scarlet Witch and Captain Britain.

  25. I would pay $100 to see Blade dismantle Tinkerbell vamps!!! Just as Kristen Stewart does a stupid head jerk “I can’t act” move ….slice goes her face. Cinematic genius!!

  26. Yes,Snipes should return & reprise his role in the Blade Franchise,he’s a perfect fit for the character; its a good idea to fuse a storyline together that can connect and reinvigorate both the Twilight & Blade franchises!

  27. Hell yeah I I’d pay SO MUCH to see that kill all those bastards

  28. gimme blade with snipes.

  29. I would Kickstarter the hell out of that movie if they put it up :)