Wesley Snipes Wants to Chase ‘Twilight’ Kids in ‘Blade 4′

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Blade Wesley Snipes1 Wesley Snipes Wants to Chase Twilight Kids in Blade 4

In the current age of superhero and comic book films routinely dominating the box office, it’s sometimes hard to remember a time when that wasn’t the case. Well, one needs only to look back at that long-ago decade known as the 1990s to see just how desolate a wasteland the live-action superhero landscape used to be. While 2000′s X-Men tends to get most of the credit for resurrecting the genre, one other comic book property could also rightfully lay claim to some of that glory: Blade.

Blade may not have been an incredibly massive hit, but it did very respectably, roughly doubling its budget at the box office and earning a large cult following that still stands today. Guillermo Del Toro’s Blade II did similarly well at the box office, and some fans hold it up as being even better than the original. Unfortunately, then came 2004′s Blade: Trinity. Largely regarded as a creative disaster, Blade: Trinity bombed at the box office, and (along with various other personal issues) helped tank star Wesley Snipes’ career.

That said, we’re now a decade out from Blade: Trinity’s failure, and with Snipes’ issues sorted out, it’s not too surprising that the actor wants to step back into the boots of his most iconic role to date. Of course, the question is, would fans welcome back a now 51-year-old Snipes into the Blade role? If the actor’s latest creative idea for the character comes true, fans will likely greet him with open arms.

Snipes offered the following proposal during a recent interview with EW.

‘Blade’ chasing the ‘Twilight’ kids around? Hey man, there’s always a possibility, and I’m open to it. There have been rumors around that we may explore the opportunity, so give me one more shot!

Blade Vs. Twilight Wesley Snipes Wants to Chase Twilight Kids in Blade 4

Ah, Twilight, the franchise that has quickly become shorthand for everything that’s wrong with vampires in today’s pop culture world. Not that constant critical ravaging ever stopped Twilight’s target audience from making each new film a blockbuster financial success. Still, Blade targeting the glittery, self-obsessed bloodsuckers from the Twilight series would serve as an epic catharsis for everyone who remembers when vampires were more about being badass monsters and less about creepily courting high school girls while being over 100-years-old.

As for the overall prospect of returning to the superhero movie game, Snipes expanded upon his feelings in a different interview with MTV.

I’d love to get back in the suit again and do some things I’ve learned how to do now that I didn’t know how to do then. I think we’re better at making that kind of a film now. Some of the things we did in the early parts of the franchise were experimental and now they’ve become customary in a lot of the ‘Avengers’ films and other comic book adaptations.

While Snipes’ observations about the evolution of comic book films seem to be on target, one thing he can’t forget is that the Blade franchise is no longer in the same hands as it was when he left. The rights to make Blade films have since reverted to Marvel/Disney, and it’s a bit hard to imagine movies as dark as Blade and Blade II being made under the current regime. One wonders whether Blade would even fit in with the brightly-colored Marvel Cinematic Universe of 2014.

What do you guys think? Should Marvel make more Blade films? If so, should Wesley Snipes return to the role, or is there a better option available?

No official announcements have been made regarding further Blade films.

Sources: EW, MTV

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  1. you all can stop dreaming about a new Blade movie, at least for the next 5-6 years. My first reason is: practicality. We all know that Marvel has their movie making schedule already decided for like 6 years from now, if not more. There is no room in there to make a Blade movie, especially when they’re thinking possible new franchises for Guardians, Ant Man, and Doc Strange. They may give Hulk another film, we know about Cap 3, there will prob be a Thor 3, and we know about Avengers 3. No doubt they’re also planning Avengers 4 and Iron Man 4. The other rumor is an Inhumans movie.

    My second reason is that they don’t want to spend the money to make a non-family friendly rated R movie. If you have ever read or heard any interviews with Keven Feige, he always evaded the question or put some politician-like spin on his answer. If you read between the lines, he basically tells us, the people that own Marvel are making too much money right now on big-budget family friendly movies that are interconnected to the Avengers and don’t intend to stop (with the exception of television) any time soon. So unless something major happens to Marvel ownership, I don’t see a “dark” movie happening or even a rated R movie.

    Blade as a future tv show, perhaps on Netflix or a premium cable channel would be the most likely medium for the character to appear in. the same goes for the rest of the dark characters: Punisher, Ghost Rider, etc.

    • they need a boat load of supper heros for an infinaty gauntlet story. they are doing a dr strange movie that will further alberate on cosmology and the more occult aspects. blade is one of the first minority super heros and one of the first sucessful comic book movies marvel would be stupid. A blade and ghost rider cameo in Dr. strange movie would be bad ass and could lead to a mid-knight sons.

    • I would watch blade every week on movie channels

    • blade ghost rider dr strange morbius the midnight sons movie

    • with the right show-runner, the franchise could do another three movies and make close to a billion. marvel would definitely be willing to license the rights if all the right pieces were in place.

    • Leonard, what your clearly failing to realize is that Marvel would make money by doing a short term deal with Blade’s licensing. If its really as you suggest, in that Marvel already has way too much on their plate, then in makes absolutely ZERO sense for Marvel to just sit on the license when there are interested parties out there wanting to make a new movie. Marvel could very easily do a 1-3 movie licensing deal and actually make money off of the franchise without having to lift a finger. In the end, its all about money and holding on to Blade licensing rights doesn’t make Marvel a single penny.

      So telling people they can stop dreaming about a new Blade movie is….well, clearly short sighted on your part as there are clearly avenues out there that could in fact lead to a new Blade movie. Unless of course, your trying to argue that Marvel would rather just sit on the licensing than actually make money on it. Marvel is above all else a business and their goal is to make money. So make no mistake about it, a new Blade film is VERY possible, regardless of what Marvel has on its plate. Your just not looking at the big picture.

  2. Kevin Feige responded by saying, “NOT GON BE ABLE TODOIT!!!!!!!!!!! He shouldn’t have behaved like d-bag during his last Blade movie. Oh well.

    • Its 10 years, get over it…

  3. I would LOVE to see Wesley Back In The Saddle again! I think it would be great change up for Disney from the Bubble Gum, Goody 2 Shoe crop of Marvel movies they have coming out. Something for the adults to check out. However I would love to see him chasing Lycans with Selene! Now THAT would be a crossover hit for sure! There’s plenty of room for more movies! Who says there’s a limit on the number of movies you can put out now? And as far as money goes, with all of the MILLIONS of dollars the previous Marvel movies have raked in, there’s more than enough funds to go around. On top of that, if Disney doesn’t want to have anything to do with Blade films they can always PASS THE BUCK!


    • i would watch this movie every day if they ever get around to making it before wesley snipes gets too old.

  5. It would be awesome if they created a Blade TV show staring Wesley Snipes that continued from the movies but also based off of the comic books. I would watch this. And even help fund it.

  6. Blade II is the Blade film.They should loan the franchise’s right to Screengem.Also vampires shouldn’t evaporate so rapidly when they’re exposed to sunlight

    • I agree. They should loan the franchise out. I loved W.S in the first 2. The writers are clearly to blame for the 3rd, not Snipes. I would like to see snipes redeem himself. He seems a lot more humbled, and would probably bring more gusto to the next one to try to show that he is still marketable.

  7. Can a brother get a superhero that’s not marginalized. Wesley Snipes did a excellent job with Blade. Don’t switch scripts! Left up to Disney every white superhero will get a movie before any black ones will. Why hasn’t Black Panther been made yet?!? Or Luke Cage?!? And PLEASE DON”T Dave Chappelle me by claiming they don’t have “universal appeal”!! Blade Killed at the box office!!!

  8. Can a brother get a Black superhero that’s not marginalized. Wesley Snipes did a excellent job with Blade. Don’t switch scripts! Left up to Disney every white superhero will get a movie before any black ones will. Why hasn’t Black Panther been made yet?!? Or Luke Cage?!? And PLEASE DON”T Dave Chappelle me by claiming they don’t have “universal appeal”!! Blade Killed at the box office!!!

    • Hey, I am white but I agree!

  9. I’d pay to watch Blade chase Edward and Bella around. I’d love to see them run from a real day walker.

  10. I liked the Blade movies even the 3rd one. I thought they marginalized Blade in that one though.

    • Yeah that 3rd Blade movie was some dreadful business. They spent the movie trying to build up the “Nighstalkers” and meanwhile they turned Blade into a supporting character in his own franchise! If Marvel really wanted to they could have churned out a Blank Panther movie already. If were really looking at popularity, before Robert downey Jr. laid down that master performance and resurrected his own career, nobody really cared about the iron-Man character! Andi know I sure don’t care to see Ant-man, That trailor hab better look amazing! and those reviews better be through the roof, and still I cant imagine myself getting pumped to run out and check this Ant-man flick. The other point seems very real though, Blade like Deadpool is pretty much a rated R character. And Rated Disney Marvel is not interested.But like Blair said they should loan the character to screengems. Heck it cant be anyworse than what fox is doing with X-men or sony spider-man. (I did like days of future past my hatred was reserved for -men I,II and III and the amazing spider-man series, I think Sam raimis spider-man was perfect….except part III but I don’t hate it as much as everyone else seems to lol)

  11. yes wesley sipes should return for blad4. it about time

  12. YES!! “Make it and they will come.” Wesley should definitely do it. He lost his real world fight with the bloodsuckers [IRS] but I don’t hold that against him and he was great in the part. And definitely keep the edge to the movies.

  13. I’d love to see Wesley Snipes reprise Blade. BLADE II – to me – was the best of the franchise. As for BLADE: TRINITY, I lay blame for that fiasco at the feet of the writers, not Wesley Snipes. He is a wonderful actor, and which actor in Hollywood has not had a few letdowns? If you haven’t rolled in Tinseltown’s gutter every now and then, you’re not an actor yet – you gotta drink some vinegar to appreciate the Dom Perrignon, you follow? Blade would now be older (as a half-vampire, half-human he ages as humans do, albeit a tad slower but not as slowly as full-vampires) and more experienced emotionally. I know Marvel’s got it’s hands full of upcoming superhero film, and Blade isn’t exactly a family friendly franchise, but GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY has more than opened the floodgates (IRON MAN 3 seemed to almost damn that up but that’s all behind us now). Somewhere in there is space for BLADE IV. And yeah, why not give those sparkly Twilight vamps a run for their fangs?

    • Yes, I would like to see W S go after the head of twilight government in Italy

    • Why not start were you left off in blade I, letting the dr. produce a better serum for Blade

  14. Blade helped give Marvel movies that dark edge that they were missing. Blade was the reason, The Punisher(2004), and Punisher: War Zone(2008) were able to be made. Granted, neither film was a huge hit, but still, Blade paved the way for giving audiences a taste of a different style of superhero. To be honest, Blade and Blade II, were the Batman Begins and The Dark Knight of the Marvel Universe.

  15. W.S. did awesome in the blade movies and I do know that’s its more than about time for Blade 4 for it’s time for another BLADE movie for he’s I think is; wait no no no let me take that back. He is I know is long over due for another one.. If W.S. wants to do another Blade movie, I say let him do it.. What’s the hold up? W.S. is a awesome actor to be honest and I’ve always looked up to him for a very long time.. There are people out their who really can’t act.. You know that there are people out there who can’t act worth of anything for some are gifted with it and some are not and needs to give up for they try too hard.. W.S. has the talent and needs to lay off and let him do what’s his gift. If he wants to do blade 4 which would be awesome then by all means let him do it. It’s the same as other people who can sing and those who can’t even sing try to sing is like oh crap is a animal cry letting other animals know it’s wounded.. I’ll be honest with all of you, I know I can’t sing worth a crap and I don’t even try to humiliate myself.. I’ve noticed that there are some people who can’t sing they still find a way to make millions. My talent to what I grew up to is martial arts from the age of nine to the year of 2008. I’m try and working getting back into proper weight and proper training and guess what? I really haven’t lost it all just a little of what I know for I’m a little rusty and a little weaker than where I was. I was 190lbs and well built.. All in all martial arts is my life, my gift, who I am, what I do for it’s me, my life, my way of life, I eat it, sleep it, bleed it, etc.. Well enough about me more about the movie and Wesley snipes. You have to admit, he awesome at what he does. Does anyone for sure know if he will be awesome In blade 4 and is he ready for blade 4? I know he is for sure..

    • the worst actor is Ben Affleck for action films and for Batman is the worst and the most stupid choise Ben is only good for drama roles

    • i wish they would make this movie before he gets too old,the clock is ticking fast.

  16. Me personally id like to see Michael Jai White casted as Blade

    • what are you talking about only Wesley Snipes is for Blade 4 no one else
      and for Michael Jai white can return in Spawn 2

  17. yes! definitely! W.S reprise his roll in a Blade4 would be awesome. “day walker along side Kat(selene) slaying the twilight lycans and vampires”..

  18. Yes!!!!I even loved Trinity….Put Morbius in it and it will be the best yet.

  19. would love for blade to going hunting for the twlight bunch the best best way to finish off the twlight films blade finishing them off hope they make it id love it

  20. Yes Snipes should be given another chance to resurrect the Blade Franchise. The 1st 2 films were amazing, the 3rd we know what went wrong. Blade is an iconic character and should be allowed to redeem his best form. I can’t wait

  21. yes Blade with Wesley Snipes the one and only Blade

  22. they can return from the first movie N’Bushe Wright to return in Blade 4
    what happened why she was not in the second film?

    • Because she was annoying as hell. She was whiney. The only thing she was good for was creating Blade’s serum. They actually could have cast another more palatable actress for that.

  23. I’am A Big Blade Fan And Would Love To See The 51 Year Old Back In The Uniform. Mr.Snipes Is Still Fit, He Knows How To Do The Martial Arts Moves, And I Think With How The Techniogly Is Today He’d Be Something To See On The Big Screens Today!! Gotra Keep This In Mind Folks, When One Takes A Look At The Now 51 Year Old, He’s Still Cut He’s Still Fit, And As Far As Us Blade Fans Go He’s Set The Trend For Blade. It Would Be Rather Upsetting To See Another Person Play That Role.

  24. W.S. is Blade their is no one else that can claim that. That show they came out with Blade: House Of Pain, with that bald wanna be Blade pissed me big time the whole time I keep thinking that’s not Blade. Where that F is Wesley when you need him?(don’t answer that) Blade 3 may have been meh but I would still love to see Blade 4 in fact after they gave us that crap in Blade 3 they owe it to us to give us another Blade film with Wesley as Blade there is no one else who can fill his shoes like I said before that man is Blade its like it he was born to be Blade

  25. I would love to see Wesley Snipes back in the role of blade. People don’t realize it won’t be much longer before all of the experienced seasoned actors are going to be out of commission & we’re going to be stuck with a bunch of passive Disney actors who don’t know how to actually do all their own stunts!I think they could actually turn blade into a TV series if Wesley was the one staring in it. He has plenty of killer yrs left in him!!

  26. Honestly I’d love to see another blade movie but chasing the twilight characters kinda stupid. It would ruin the franchise even more than trinity did. For one my dad was a fan of blade movies. He has no clue what twilight is so he would be thinking who the hell are these pussy ass vampires. Honestly the twilight characters would make it past the first scene going up against blade. I mean come on he defeated a god, and dracula. Now I could see him joining selene and fighting Lycans and other vamps. That would be a pretty bad ass movie.

  27. Snipes is the only actor for Blade.

    He’s a fine actor, highly skilled martial artist and has the tribal knowledge of the previous films.

    Blade was a Marvel comic; Disney owns Marvel. It stands to reason Disney should not cower from another Blade film. So what if it’s rated R. I don’t believe anyone’s still laboring under the misguided notion that Disney is all “Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse wholesome” any longer.

  28. No !!! Blade and twilight. ….It should be underworld and Blade I have a script I have written.

  29. Oh hell yeah Wes snipes should do blade again I mean he is blade for Christ’s sake and for the love of God make him kill those twlight kids