‘The Blacklist’ Renewed for Season 2

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the blacklist season two The Blacklist Renewed for Season 2

Thanks to his Emmy-winning antics on Boston Legal and his portrayal of the ultimate corporate survivor and parasite (Robert California) on The Office, James Spader’s electric performance on The Blacklist can’t be described as “surprising,” but it has been well-received and it appears to be one of the major draws for the serialized crime thriller.

How successful has The Blacklist been for NBC? The word “behemoth” comes to mind, with the show standing as the best-rated new broadcast drama this season (among the key adults 18-49 demo), while also outdrawing all other broadcast dramas (new or not) in that same demo. With that kind of performance, it’s no wonder that the network has decided to give the Jon Bokenkamp-produced show a gift in return – a bit of security in the form of a full 22-episode order for season 2.

Here’s NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt’s laudatory words on The Blacklist and the decision to renew the show:

“The success of ‘The Blacklist’ demonstrates that inspired storytelling is alive and well in broadcast television, and I’m impressed on a daily basis by this creative team’s imagination and the extent to which they will go to capture this grand vision on film. [...] With gratitude to both our partners at Sony Pictures Television and our NBC development executives who took a great script and shepherded it into a great series, I hope that Red Reddington never runs out of names to bring down on his list!”

To a certain extent, it’s Greenblatt’s job to hype The Blacklist, and he and the rest of the NBC higher-ups doubtlessly deserve a victory lap. But is it too early to declare that the show is a standard-bearer for inspired storytelling on broadcast TV and not just a show that is very successful and full of potential?

James Spader in The Blacklist The Blacklist Renewed for Season 2

As previously stated when The Blacklist got it’s back nine order, a show can secure an enduring legacy on the strength of one great character (like House or Dexter), but this show’s developing penchant for chasing its own tale makes it worth noting that that path can lead to disappointment down the road. Sometimes, once beloved character traits can lose their charm over time (like House or Dexter).

Simply put: think of the things you like most about Red Reddington, now think about seeing them 100 more times over the next few years with little variation, and you can see why The Blacklist can’t rest on its laurels or its Red.

Don Draper, Nucky Thompson, Carrie Mathison, and Francis Underwood  - these are characters that many similarly can’t keep their eyes off of, and they have they help of masterfully-constructed stories and almost equally compelling characters.

Does Red Reddington have as much support on The Blacklist? At present, the show has a lot going for it (particularly Megan Boone’s constantly improving Elizabeth Keen, Parminder Nagra, and the tantalizing recent addition of Alan Alda), but Spader’s performance stands far above the rest of it. That’s good and to be expected with a man of his talent, but it might be bad in the long run.

So, while The Blacklist is receiving the twin booster shots of security and praise at the moment, it might be the right time to also attempt to flesh out some of the side players and embrace narrative economy while cutting down on the thriftless and collateral mysteries.

What do you think? Are you happy to see The Blacklist get renewed for season 2?


The Blacklist will return January 13 @10pm on NBC.

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  1. Blacklist season 2 = BIG YEA :)

    Favourite show at the moment (followed by Arrow then Sleepy Hollow).

    As mentioned on another thread me and the wife love the wheels with in wheels that have secrets…. to a point.

    We enjoy playing the game, we love being wrong, even better when we’re right.

    Again mentioned on another Blacklist thread, there have been a few instances on other shows that we love where the “clever” characters have come across as PROFOUNDLY stupid as a major plot point was telegraphed very early on in the episode and not “discovered” till after the final ad break.

    This show keeps you guessing and there’s so many strands to guess about, some are incidental and dissolve into nothing and leave as much of a lasting impression (i.e. none) others are more integral to the main story line and these ones get repeated periodically so you don’t forget their importance.

    The key to making this show work in the long run (all main character get stale after awhile) is the timing of the mystery payoffs.

    These revelations are going to effect the character arcs and relationships, if they come too infrequently viewers (especially those not playing the game) will get bored and despondent and there won’t be any meaningful character development and we end up with Lost. Now who wants that again….. :(

    If they come thick and fast then the show will have shot it’s bolt and we end up with a Burn Notice situation where one overarching mystery is actually a small part of a BIGGER mystery which gets solved only for the reveal that it too is only a small part of an EVEN BIGGER mystery, repeat ad infinitum. (seriously, how many uber secret bad guys did they stack on top of one another)

    Then you’re doing mystery for the sake of mystery instead of paying off the groundwork that has been setup and then moving off in an organic DIFFERENT direction.

    Reddington has SO many secret agendas that you can pay off one or two a season easily and still have material for 4 or 5. Add to that Keen and her husband, add to that “the adversary” and you’ve got plenty of MAJOR plot threads for a significant run of seasons without having to resort to filer while paying off these mysteries.

    (AoS are you listening, sort Coulson then move on. It’s a millstone round your neck that everyone’s getting bored with)

    • Oh and how about a Shatner guess appearance…… Denny Crane is on the Blacklist (the actual list as well as the show) lol

      • I love Shatner but he just could not appear in The Blacklist. Too fanboyish and it would take you out of the experience.

        I would love to see Shatner given something though that allows him an opportunity to reinvent himself as a new iconic character.

        • Totally agree, hence the lol

          Wasn’t serious about the SAS (Shat And Spade) getting back together on Blacklist….. wrong type of show for good old Bill.

      • He would have to come in as a an evil bastard to be cool.

  2. I don’t watch a lot of tv but I would crawl across hot coals to watch The Blacklist.

    Spader truly is a great talent.

    Having both himself and Robert Downie jr in the same film for the next Avengers was always going to be good but I think refreshing the wider audience to just how great Spader is will pave the way for that Marvel installment to well eclipse the first.

    • Interesting observation! Yeah, hope so.

  3. I dont think Boone is the right fit for her current character or someone who can grow into a bigger presence in the show. IMHO I’d like to see ressler’s character develop into more of a main stay and more emphasis then Lizzie. He and Red’s scene a few episodes back showed real promise and he’s so much more believable over Lizzie. Maybe there is something to be said for his screen time at the end of the episode with what we have to think is his former lady now engaged and moving on….

    I can only hope. Long live Red….It’d wouldnt be a bad thing if he turned into a mainstay like House…

    • Agreed! I just don’t like the actress cast as Keen, she’s wooden and it is glaringly apparent whenever she’s in a scene with Spader. And I don’t really care what her backstory is, simply due to her lack of talent.

      In regards to Keen, would someone PLEASE buy her a better wig or just let her use her natural hair, its distracting when she’s in closeups.

  4. Tried to get into this show, but just couldn’t. I like Spader, but the show seemed ridiculous to me. Along with Megan Boone’s wig.

    • Well, I think aspects are designed to be over the top, such as the villains and their names. “Gina Zana-Tacos” bordering on James Bondish. Knowing it is deliberate helps. Is that what you meant by ridiculous?

  5. Brilliant show.

    The fact that Friday nights consist of AoS on Channel 4 followed by The Blacklist on Sky Living helps compare and contrast since they’re both about clandestine operations within a bigger organisation and the writing and acting on The Blacklist are infinitely better.

    Looking forward to the mid-season finale and love that it’s been renewed.

  6. This show is awesome! James Spader is the man. He owns this show.

  7. I’m watching Blacklist as well. Not a bad show, but it could be a bit better. I guess I am glad it got a second season, but if it had not, I would not have ended it all, so to speak. I’ll keep tuning in…!

  8. awesome show! James Spader’s character is diabolically intelligent,witty and intriguing. Definitly keeps me watching!
    looking forward to season 2. so glad its been renewed!
    Yesssss !!

  9. I love this series! And I agree with your points and I hope they flesh out the supporting characters.

  10. Only watch a few regular TV programs, but the Black List is one I ABSOLUTELY NEVER MISS AND LOOK FORWARD TO THE NEXT… Thanks!!

  11. I love the Blacklist & James Spader I run a group & we have over 25,000 Members! The best show ever!

    • What group?

  12. Love this show!!! Can’t wait for Episode 2 to begin!!

  13. I think Spader is a man of many emotions displayed properly and appropriately. Very few actors in this day can act with this type of finesse. The only disappointing issue here is that we have to wait so long for season 2. I think waiting till next January is definitely too long when you are this good.Hope it gets brought out sooner. Spader deserves a Grammy for his remarkable acting.

    • A Grammy? I missed the singing episode.

  14. Love Spader. Great show. Wish Spader could just play all the parts because there is such an imbalance between his acting and the rest – especially Boone. Hope she’s back in acting school working 22 hrs a day during her hiatus.

    • Clever remark RE Spader playing all parts. This season’s filming was up to the last minute so I’m sure the future will see the supporting cast rise over time.

      Are you pleased or disappointed with the parent reveal? I would like to see more diverse opinions posted on that. Everyone seems to be rubber stamping it – I thought the eye contact was telegraphing something more.

  15. Definitely the best TV series ever in its category. Looking forward to season 2.

    James Spader is a very talented actor. The Blacklist has given him an opportunity to display the multiple facets of his amazing talent. He moves so easily from portraying the hardened and ruthless criminal to the bon vivant with a wicked sense of humor. I
    have never seen an actor display such intense emotions as the ones he displayed in the scene in the park (episode 21) when he was sharing his feelings with Liz… “I was once of the Island of Ko Ri free-diving in the Andaman Sea… she kissed me like a burst of sunlight on my cheek… it made nearly dying well worth it. This is how I feel now.”

    I think you guys are harsh with Megan Boone. She is a fine actress and is playing her role as she should. Growing from a somewhat naive and uncertain young woman (certainly her childhood, her desire for a family, the shock of her marriage) to an assertive and more determined woman. Her role counterbalances that of Red, “You are a monster!”, in fact she helps brings out the humane side of Red.

  16. Most disappointed with S1 reveal about Keen’s parentage. All that Spader charisma now aimed toward who? As a female viewer its become difficult to relate to the past heat that was telegraphed.

    Many similar comments RE the supporting cast on lots of sites, I’m sure MB will improve over time.

  17. Megan Boone is not only beautiful but very believable. She is perfect and extremely important to the success of this TV series. How could anyone criticize the co-star of one of the most successful TV series in history?

    • Megan, Is that you?!

    • But seriously Buzz, what’s your opinion-are you pleased or disappointed with the parent reveal? I thought the eye contact between Red/Lizzie was telegraphing something more. If you look back it’s fairly intense.

  18. How good is the bloody music!? Matt Corby, Keaton Henson, Emika’s version of ‘wicked game’, Junip and not forgetting the unbelievable voice of Mr Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam.

  19. In my opinion blacklist is a great show! But there are other shows that I like also. The shows believe and crisis. But they are not being renewed for second seasons. Therefore you all need to understand that there are many people out there that do highly like certain TV shows. But the networks only care about how much money advertisers pay them during the time slot that a particular show is being aired. And who the company is that wants to advertise during the time the show is on. And how much money that the company is willing to pay the network. And also the amount of viewers who watch that show during the time its aired. And the thing about that is this. Many people like many different TV shows. Just because you may really like a particular show? And I may not like that show? Or visa versa. It doesn’t mean that the show is a great, good, or not good show? Its all a matter of opinion to each person who views the show? So the bottom line is that its all about money with the advertisers and the television networks. And in my opinion that is just bs! I get involved with watching a show on TV for 8-10 week season. And then it ends! So if you really like a show on TV? Don’t be surprised if you watch it for a season or two. And then the network scraps the show? Even blacklist? Now I am glad a that Graceland and covert affairs and defiance are renewed for more seasons! I like them also! And as a side note. The toop watched network show every year by a huge margin is Sunday night football! So advertisers definitely try their best to get a commercial spot during Sunday night football! Well in case some of you didn’t know about some or all of the things I mentioned above? Now you do. And its the truth! Bye all.

  20. It says that his name is “Red Reddington” turns out his name is “Raymond Reddington”

  21. I think this is the best show to come out with in a very long time. Lets hope they do not let the show go stale.
    Who thinks Red is Lizzies father? If you think back to the time lizzie was younger, she was in a fire. In the last show of season 1 Red took of his shirt and he had burn scars on his back and arm, or am I putting to much in to it.


  22. Love the show except for that sooky wooden actress(megan boone), if it wasn’t for James’s awesome acting in there scenes the show would flop with her as the lead actress, they really should get rid of her. Hopefully the 2nd season will be as good as the first and I thought that Red was her father in the series but I think there’s a twist to that plot, have too wait and see hey.

  23. The Blacklist is my favorite show. I like the characters, especially Reddington and Ressler. I think they are both doing a great job and I hope that they don’t change too much of the direction the show takes. Also hope to see lots more of Ressler in Season 2. I love the relationship between Red and Ressler, fun to watch them interact with each other. I also like that each episode or 2 has a new villain. I know that they still have to deal with Berlin, but hopefully it won’t consume the whole season. LOVE THIS SHOW!!

  24. Love this show, especially Mr. Caplan. But how can paternity be such a big mystery in this day and age of DNA testing?????

  25. I am so glad that there will be a season 2 of the Blacklist. I just completed watching season 1 and it was so enjoyable. When will it air????

  26. Spader is just phenomenal. I cant get enuff and probably never will ever get enuff!! I am thrilled for the second season. Would be even more thrilled for 5+ more. Spader plays the part so well, a master at work. Megan is also quite brilliant. They are great together. Its gonna be even better now since they have opened a few new spots on the cast. I really cant wait to see it. I must wait longer than most because i wont watch a season unless i can watch the whole thing at once. I cant wait a week in between episodes. So its just torcher at this point. Its gonna be a while for me. I think i would honestly have a few finger nails pulled off with pliars if i could see it all right now!!! Just sayin – for real tho!!!

  27. We loved the first season of this show, downloading it from Netflix and did a marathon watching of it. Delighted to see Season 2 and paid for the whole season….big disappointment! I have no idea what has happened to this show, but it simply does not measure up to the first season. Please bring back the original writers, producers or whoever was changed this season. I hate to see good shows go downhill! Not even James pader will be able to carry this season if it continues to fail to measure up to the first season!

  28. It’s a wonderful show and much more fast paced than other shows like it.

  29. I can’t believe how much I like “The Blacklist” – it’s such a great show! I hate having to wait a full week until the new episode comes out but when it does, I’m just in awe. I wish there were more shows as good as this…