Black Widow Solo Film is One of Marvel Studios’ Many Ideas

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scarlett johansson black widow solo movie Black Widow Solo Film is One of Marvel Studios Many Ideas

Looking back on it now, it’s almost laughable that there was some fan outrage against the casting of Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow in Iron Man 2. As you can see from the above image, she totally pulled off the look of the character from the books. Everything else about what happens to the character throughout Iron Man 2 comes down to the writers and director.

Like all of the other contracts we’ve seen actors sign for with Marvel Studios, Johansson is locked into a multi-picture deal that will bring the Black Widow character back for more, with a definite appearance in The Avengers and her likely return for Iron Man 3. When we discussed the future of Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow earlier this year, we touched on possibility and her interest in a potential solo spinoff movie.

Scarlett showed enthusiasm at the idea of returning again to play the character but since then she’s been confirmed as a member of Joss Whedon’s roster for The Avengers. What comes after that is still up in the air.

With Samuel L. Jackson dropping word that a S.H.I.E.L.D. film could begin production after The Avengers, it seemed plausible that Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow, along with Mr. Jackson’s Nick Fury, Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye and Clark Gregg’s Agent Coulson could be brought back for a non-super-powered team-up blockbuster as their own. Then again, that could be another instance of Sam L just dropping word on something that was just another idea thrown out on the table.

At the press conference for the Iron Man 2 Blu-ray/DVD on Tuesday, Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige confirmed that a Black Widow solo movie is absolutely one of the many projects in early development.

“We’ve already started discussions with Scarlett about the idea of a solo movie and have begun putting together concepts, but ‘The Avengers’ comes first.”

Would such a movie take priority over the SHIELD project or would this be that same movie Sam L was referrign to, with Scarlett Johansson taking center stage? Also, when would this movie release?

nick fury shield movie samuel l jackson Black Widow Solo Film is One of Marvel Studios Many Ideas

The Avengers starts shooting in February (possibly in 3D) and Runaways begins production the following month, both for 2012 releases. After that, we know we still have Ant-Man, Iron Man 3 on their way in addition to other projects we’ve recently seen official movement on.

Let’s recap the other film projects Marvel Studios has in development and where they currently sit:

And to think, those reports are just from the last six months. If Disney can work with Marvel Studios to expand production of these big budget blockbuster epics, then we can see them increasing their theatrical releases to three or four instead of the current plan of two-per-year.

Share your thoughts about a Black Widow solo movie and other Marvel projects in the comments and with us on Twitter @rob_keyes and @screenrant.

Thor opens May 5, 2011; The First Avenger: Captain America hits July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

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  1. “And to think, those reports are just from the last six months. If Disney can work with Marvel Studios to expand production of these big budget blockbuster epics, then we can see them increasing their theatrical releases to three or four instead of the current plan of two-per-year. There’s”

    Did you finish that ? It seems there should have been more to end that paragraph..

    Not really interested in a Black WIdow film because they will make it PG13 and for her true story to be told it would have to be R rated..

    • Ugh, re-arranging of paragraph fail. It’s fixed, thx!

  2. Meh.

  3. Hem.

  4. Marvel is truly setting up itself for disaster. Seriously this is overkill. People are going to get sick of these crappy super hero flicks they just keep shoving down our throats.

  5. Oh, man, I am so on the fence with this. I think folks would think a Nick Fury/SHIELD film would be more in order. But that said, I would not mind a solo Black Widow film either. Does she team up with Frank Castle or attempt to stop his vengeance quest (ah! Forgot about THAT, didn’t you, Rob–Marvel getting back The Punisher!)? Who can she face down?

    Ex-hubby Red Guardian? (or one of his successors?)

    • Hey Darren,

      Yeap, at SDCC Feige said Marvel Studios re-acquired the rights to Punisher and hinted we’d see something in the near future…

  6. can we say Marvel OVERKILL, im tired of comic-book films from these fools already

    • Agreed, they’re spreading themselves way too thin.

      • Comic movies in general, enough! Let’s have the avengers then grind all productions to a halt!

  7. yea. I love the films but good lord, that is too many.

  8. This can most likely turn out to be another Catwoman, Elektra flop……unless the story is Widow hunting down Sebastian Stan’s Bucky/Winter Soldier in Russia, I really see no point in this. As much as I love staring at ScarJo, Marvel is just pushing it.

    • I’d prefer a SHIELD film myself, bringing her with Hawkeye and other characters we’ll meet in The Avengers and Cap. America.

  9. Pretty sure they will begin a new Punisher movie since the rights went back to Marvel. Would that be a bad thing?
    From me, no.

    • Just putting that on the list of upcoming Marvel films.

      • Classic, maybe. But Jane was better in my opinion. But I highly doubt either of them will sign up for the part. Since Marvel has the rights back the movie will possibly do better than the others so actors really doesn’t matter at this point.

        • ehh to each their own lol.

    • The only way The Punisher will be accepted again is if he does a badass cameo first in on of the upcoming movies. After 3 failed attempts with other studios,the general public wouldn’t be interested in another Punisher movie just yet. The only people that could do him justice would be Marvel themselves but he’d have to just cameo for now.

      • I disagree most peopoe accepted the Thomas Jane movied and were let down when he didnt come back. But the way the sequel came out can you blame him?

  10. These bullet points are all very speculative. Shoot, I’ve been hearing about a Black Panther movie since Blade 1 came out. Seriously. Who was attached to play Black Panther? Wesley Snipes.

    Really, no one remembers this? Pixar doing Doc Strange sounds like the only viably lucrative investment here.

    There’s a growing number of the consumer base that believe well executed, full c.g. animated movies would be better for the “B” crowd of superheroes talked about in this article. Go play the recent Marvel:Ultimate Alliance and you’ll see c.g. animation that is real
    close to direct to home dvd purchase worthy.

    BTW, Marvel, nobody cares about an Ant Man solo project.

  11. You know, I heard Black Widow and “solo film” and my mind went to a wonderful place…

    • Get your mind, and my mind, out of the gutter! :-)

  12. Black Widow – Agent of Shield.
    Ant-Man – Agent of Shield.

    @Mag Eye,
    did they confirm Pym? I have read and reread so much stuff on this and other heroes I get easily confused. The new Antman…( I wanted to say Scott Pilgrim) Eric O’Grady was a low level Shield Agent (spy?).

    However IMDB states: “Biochemist Dr. Hank Pym uses his latest discovery, a group of subatomic particles, to create a size-altering formula. ”

    Is that official?

    I dont think Widow and to a degree depending on which Antman they use should be solo endeavors.

    Shield Agents – Vol 1 Black Widow and Antman. (Eric steals the costume BW tracks him to get it)

    Shield Agents – Vol 2 Fury and Coulson their history of being brought in to control the capes after the Widow/Antman debacle.

    Shield Agents – Vol 3 Avengers Initiative the putting together of the Avengers.

    However since the Avengers are fst tracked there is no way to do this… :D

    • @ Aknot

      In all honesty I don’t know what’s confirmed or official. :-) As others have stated it’s all a bit overkill with such a number of projects on the table.

      I have very little hope left for the way “The Avengers” is being handled and the way the characters have been fast tracked. :-(

  13. I’m thinking Black Widow should team up with Sharon Carter and then things would be more interesting. Throw in a small Hawkeye role. Punisher idea is nice. i also agree I liked Thomas Jayne story better but Stevenson defintely had the “classic” Punisher look. We’ll see where they will go with this.

  14. I don’t think i wanna watch a comic book movie for the next decade. Thanks marvel for overdosing us with these movies. Fast tracking leads to lower quality.

  15. Does anyone remember that Elektra solo movie? Yeah me neither. I think this would end the same. Black Widow has never been that popular a character to begin with.

    • Remember, that was Fox that made Elektra. Marvel Studios has NOT made a Superheroine movie yet themselves.

  16. Marvel’s really limping to the barn aren’t they? I say take a couple years off, come up with some good ideas, and then run with that.

  17. I say preferably cut the her short(more practical) and put her in the “gray” Black Widow outfit for her solo movie. We are aware of her being “undercover” BUT at some point she is going to have to be speaking Russian to her fellow Russian colleagues or other spies,she’s a spy so her language skills and accents need to be displayed. While the “grappling” fighting style in Iron Man 2 was “ok”, she needs to have a more signature “Ballet” style that is very graceful but extremely dangerous and effective(she was a professional Ballerina). Marvel Studios needs to consider the following directors and screenwriters of the following movies for the Black Widow movie: “Taken”,”The Bourne(trilogy)”,”Traitor”,”The Professional”,”La Femme Nikita”,and “The Long Kiss Goodnight”. I’d love to see her at it with a live version of “MockingBird” also.

    • Very well put ulik.

      An action thriller would definitely work better for this character. Can I also add “Salt” to the list?

      These are the kind of environments I would like to see more MARVEL characters in. Mature adult orientated films with less of the cartoon sugar coated gloss.

      • I forgot to add that a slightly more realistic approach would certainly see these films taken more seriously and perhaps receive critical acclaim.

      • @Magnetic LOL! Yeah, I forgot all about SALT! Thanks!

  18. Marvel might wanna take things slow and not rush into makin alot of Solo films, Lesser known heroes or not. Id to see them go down the same road as Fox is right now. After the Avengers trilogy, why not make solo films of those they can introduce and kinda pass the torch to next Avengers team led by Ant-man, Wasp, Hawkeye, and include Vision, Wonderman, Tigra, Falcon, Scarlett Witch if somehow they pay Fox money to use the character.

  19. Whatever it is I just prey it requires her to go undercover as a lingerie model.

    • Lame. I’d rather see her enjoy the Boshoi in her spare time and infiltrate HYDRA collaborators in the daytime.

  20. I wish they would get someone else to play Black Widow. I cringed when I watched Johannsson fight those guards. She looked great in the outfit, but get someone with acting chops.

  21. I definitely want a solo Black Widow movie. This character is way too mysterious and entertaining. She kicks butt and comes to us in FULL character. Not only do I love the Marvel movies but they keep me begging for more!

  22. I only saw the movie (Avengers), didn’t read the comics, and my only complaint was that I had absolutely NO idea who Hawkeye was. In the first scene, when he had a gun, I said to myself “Oh look, a gun guy. I wonder how long he’ll live.” The when he picked up the bow I was like “Wait, when did that guy turn into a main character?”

    I would definitely go to a Hawkeye movie, and probably go to a Black Widow movie. Not so sure about a S.H.I.E.L.D. movie.