Marvel Has Big Plans for Black Widow

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scarlett johansson black widow solo movie Marvel Has Big Plans for Black Widow

Not long after Iron Man 2 hit theaters in 2010, Marvel Studios’ President of Production Kevin Feige revealed during a press conference that Marvel was chatting with Scarlett Johansson to develop concepts for a potential Black Widow spin-off film.

Black Widow of course, is a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent first introduced in Iron Man 2 who appears in a more prominent role in The Avengers this week, and with the character’s profile and popularity increasing as a result, there’s an even greater chance of Black Widow solo film becoming a reality alongside additional confirmed “appearances.”

It’s not only the sexy Russian spy who has solo film potential, but Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye character (and Black Widow’s partner) as well. Renner of course, is a hot ticket in Hollywood and was highly sought after to not only take over the Mission: Impossible franchise from Tom Cruise, but to continue the Jason Bourne series as a replacement for Matt Damon’s titular character. Hawkeye had a cameo appearance in Thor and plays an important member on The Avengers roster alongside Black Widow – both lack superpowers, both have elite military training, and both characters are being explored by Marvel Studios as potential stars of their own spin-off Hawkeye and Black Widow movies.

Black Widow Hawkeye Avengers 570x379 Marvel Has Big Plans for Black Widow

While I do not believe Hawkeye will ever get to headline his own film, Black Widow has a slightly more realistic chance of doing so. In chatting with Movieline during The Avengers press tour, Feige addressed the potential of the studio exploring more of Black Widow’s story and whether or not the character could earn her own solo film among Marvel’s packed slate.

“Well, I think you saw it in Avengers. I think that’s one of the many amazing things Joss Whedon can do. I think people are going to be surprised by how powerful Scarlett is in this movie, and how evolved her role is. We have already planned her next appearances and where to take that character because we believe in it and we believe in her in a big, big way. When will there be a standalone? Both is what we’re heading toward. A lot of it is that we’re only going to make two movies a year, maybe sometimes it’ll be one movie a year like this year, maybe someday it’ll be three movies a year just depending on what comes together. But really, it’s two movies. So there’s kind of a backup on the runway right now in terms of when can something go. We do like when some of the characters appear in other people’s movies.”

Marvel Studios is making each and every film to serve a greater purpose as a device to introduce and expand the franchise or to make bank at the box office. A Black Widow film would need to somehow tie into an Avengers sequel or with the widely talked about SHIELD movie, so it’s more likely that a SHIELD-centric story will be where characters including Black Widow and Hawkeye would get their own adventures and more screentime. We know from chatting with Johansson ourselves that she will not be appearing in Iron Man 3, but from Feige’s words, she will show up in something over the next two-three years before The Avengers 2.

With Kevin Feige confirming that Marvel Studios will only be doing two movies per year going forward (possibly even three if Ant-Man can get off the ground), there’s very little room for additional solo character pieces, especially with Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 releasing next year, Captain America 2 in 2014, and according to the latest rumors, potentially a third Hulk film in 2015. Marvel must fit in The Avengers 2 somewhere in there (2015) as well as Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man, and Feige is still name-dropping Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange and Inhumans as other films Marvel is developing.

Not too mention Black Panther, Heroes For Hire, etc. If Black Widow and/or Hawkeye is to have their own stories told, it makes the most sense to push ahead with a SHIELD film that could focus on them, their partnership and histories, and it could work to setup The Avengers sequel. Such a film would fit very well alongside Captain America 2 (and Ant-Man) in 2014.

[Update: Black Widow returns for Captain America: The Winter Soldier in 2014 while Ant-Man gets an official November 2015 release date.]

Black Widow Avengers Wallpaper 570x362 Marvel Has Big Plans for Black Widow

And if Ant-Man is about a SHIELD spy, what a great way to tie all of those 2014 movies together and give more opportunities to boost the Black Widow/Hawkeye branding…

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon, opening in North American theaters on May 4, 2012.

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Source: Movieline

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  1. i hope it will not be like elektra…

    • You all guys suck ! Black Widow is an awesome character and should be given a chance. I am sure the movie will work because in the past, Those lame-ass Lara Croft movies have done so well…atleast the script for the Black Widow shall be better than those movies that I can vouch for !

      • I agree that Black Widow (in the comics) is awesome, but so was Dare Devil Ghost Rider and Electra,the movies? Not so much. I just hope that they don’t take away the awesomeness from the character like what happened to other marvel characters.

        Hoping for the best, however. And since Marvel has done a great job at the previous movies, I hope a BW movie or a SHIELD movie is just as good as Avengers.

        PS, If Marvel is reading this (I doubt it), please introduce Ant-Man and Wasp in the SHIELD movie so they can appear in the second Avengers film.

  2. if they try and make a film about just her it will likely bomb. shes a supporting character period. imo

    • have you seen the Avengers…if yes, then get your eyes checked…Black Widow is also the leading character in the movie. she is as much important as the main ones. She has been mentioned at every point where the avengers’s name has been taken.

  3. Oh man, she is just not convincing as black widow. She is a good actress, i just did not like her portrayl as black widow in Iron Man 2. She is good in action sequences, but not in the between. I anxiously await to see them both in AVENGERS, though. Mabye the character gets expanded?

    • You’ll change your tune after seeing what Joss Whedon and ScarJo do with the character in The Avengers. I felt the same way going in :)

      • And the movie changed anything for you? Really? o.o stroke me as more of the same really. Then again, I’m maybe not the best judge, never cared about her as a character, in the movies or the comics.

      • Rob, you’ve seen The Avengers as well?!
        Why haven’t we gotten a review yet! 😉

        • probably has to wait until it officially opens up here in the us, you lucky, non US, early avengers seeing son of a gun…jk!

        • Saw it last Friday. Kofi’s review went up today though so check it out!

          I may do a review for fun on my home but Game Rant keeping me busy!

  4. She has some great moments in The Avengers. But I don’t think she could pull off a solo movie, the actress or the character, but the lead in an ensemble SHEILD movie, or a team up with Hawkeye would rock.

    • I whole heartedly agree with that idea, it could explore Barton’s relationship and past with her.

  5. scarlett should’ve play the scarlett witch

  6. I’d assume, going from his track record, that Joss Whedon is going to write well for the Black Widow character?

    In all honesty, I’m not at all familiar with Black Widow. Come to think of it, nor with Hawkeye.

    They seem an odd pairing with the rest of the (apparently) more powerful and superhuman group of Avengers.

  7. I was very surprised with Scar Jo in The Avengers. The Black Widow rocked every scene she was in (IMO), but I don’t think she should have her own movie.
    I’m very interested in seeing this SHIELD movie that’s in the works… it’s just more practical: kill 3 birds (Fury, Widow, Hawkeye) with one stone – it’ll just take a good writer to tie everything together.

    Marvel needs to start making three movies a year if they’re planning to bring all these characters and their solo stories to the big screen and still pay attention to the “big guns” like Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Cap.

    • I think a smart move if they do give her a solo feature would be to tease the winter soldier if not fully introduce him since they have a deep history. like a flashback showing widow being trained when she was younger by the winter soldier in combat, then in the present thinking she saw him while on a mission where he ruins her mission for her by sniping her target or something, but not fully showing him, just a quick glimpse, like chasing him and only finding an insignificant piece of evidence and then fully bring him in in CapAm2. if not in her film then have her at least in captain americas sequel to add some backstory like i mentioned to the introduction of the winter soldier and have him be caps villain. that would be a great way to weave things together and just be all around awesome.

      • I absolutely agree, It makes perfect sense to tie The SHIELD movie, to Caps. I also agree that The Winter Soldier story line would fit perfectly with Both Movies. This would also give the story tellers a more ample canvas in which to tell Bucky’s story. Think about it, the SHIELD Movie, starts with a Flash back of a younger Black Widow on a mission in mother russia, where she is assisted with her misson by a Sniper, whom turns out to be The Winter Soldier, flash to modern daqy and shield is tracking a Ex Soviet General Lukin, whom is still trying to get his hands on any Research on the Cosmic Cube. Lukin activates the Winter Soldier, whom has been in Cryogenic Freeze, while he has been inactive to steal the information from the SHIELD Hellicarrier.
        While trying to steal the information , he runs into Widow and Hawkeye, big chase / fight scene aboard the Hellicarrier. In the process of the Battle, Sharon Carter is Kiddnapped by the Winter Soldier but Later Escapes with the Help of Hawk and Widow. After Credits Shows Steve Rogers in his Apt, answering the door Carter is there they Kiss and she enters the apt see the picture of Steve and Bucky and tells Steve About the Winter Soldier. Cap 2 Has Cap trying to get Bucky back and Lukin turns out to be the Red Skull

  8. With Kevin Feige confirming that Marvel Studios will only be doing two movies per year going forward (possibly even three if Ant-Man can get off the ground), there’s very little room for ad

  9. I am a long time Iron man / Avengers / Black Widow fan and I don’t think the roles that Scarlett Johansson has had as Black Widow have been meaty enough to evaluate whether the actress or character warrants a solo film however, though my impression of the character over the years is quite different than what they’ve presented so far, I accept this version just fine. If given the right film plot/scenario I think a BW movie could be excellent. I imagine a Daniel Craig Bond/Bourne Identity vibe that includes some Marvel universe touches that amp things up just the right way.

    I don’t think just because it’s a female protagonist that it automatically should be compared to Elektra. The less said about that fiasco and the Dardevil nightmare that spawned it the better.

    IMHO of course.

    • oh you mean like as SALT or Haywire, or maybe anyother Female action movie that has spies, You know what they all have in common? They are not Block buster tentpoles. That said Marvel has done way to much to get to this point to take the chance of a solo Female action Film. Hence just the many reasons we havent seen a Wonder Woman project or any other solo female Superhero flick. Oh yeah and Widow was well portrayed and had a great role in Avengers but that doesnt mean she should get her own, pic and I still think an AntMan that has Pym as Antman is a mistake also , if they are going to do Antman , and make it” a spy movie” then it absolutely has to be Scott Lang as Ant Man. Pym a Spy just doesnt work, sorry. Im a Huge Avengers Fan been reading them for over 30 something years, But Pym has been and will always be a supporting character.

  10. Jeremy Renner is the baddest looking mofo in the movie. I don’t mind seeing a Hawkeye movie done right.

  11. Black Widow doesn’t need a solo film, hopefully they don’t put it out. Plus, it’s sad to say, but superhero movies with female leads never do big numbers, that’s just how it is.

    • I can’t argue the historical track record of superhero films with female leads however I have to mention that in every case that I can think of (Elektra, Supergirl, Catwoman etc) each film featured a female character but they were all worse than terrible movies regardless of who the star was. Now if you take a look at good action films with female leads (Aliens, Haywire, etc) I think you can see the potential of a Black Widow solo film. That no studio has bothered to take a female superhero seriously is not proof that a female character can’t hold an audience.

    • Ever see The Hunger Games or Kill Bill?

      • LMFAO Rob… Good job 😀

      • Checkmate! 😀

      • he did say Female Superheroes movies. The Hunger Games and Kill Bill aint Superheroes movies lol 😛

        • Now saying that there was never a good heroine in movies I disagree, super heros do not need to have powers, they just need to stand up for whats right under great odds, examples of non powered super heroines: Mother Theresa, Princess Diana, and Maya Angelou.

          In Kill Bill, she had no powers, and she stood up for herself under great odds, THAT is a superhero if you ask me.

          Black Widow has no powers, and from the trailers I seen so far, she stands up for whats right under great odds.

          If you don’t agree with my definition of hero that is fine too, but now you understand where I come from at least. Have a good day 😀

          • well Tay mean female comic book characters. so to be honest no female comic book character has not done well. Elektra, Supergirl, Catwoman, Tank Girl, Barb Wire, also the failed Wonder Woman tv series.

            • “well Tay mean female comic book characters. so to be honest no female comic book character has not done well.”

              Miho, Nancy Callahan, Gail, from Sin City.

              Sin City was a comic book.

              All were good female comic book characters. At least if you ask me.

              Now if you were to have said, “No female comic book character solo film has ever been good” I would have agreed. But since you didnt say it that way, I disagree. 😀

              • from the names of movies i mention u would know i mean female comic book solo movies.

              • We are arguing semantics here. Kill Bill and The Hunger Games have female leads and are good movies. But let’s face it, I don’t really think anyone would want to watch Black Widow The Movie. A casual moviegoer might not be familiar with Black Widow if not for The Avengers. Elektra and Catwoman sucked. Like big time. Sin City was a comic book and a good movie, but aside from people who read it, nobody really knows those female characters you mentioned. Do they, too, deserve a spin-off? No.

            • the original WW tv show was not a failure. it ran for 5 seasons

              • @jeffro – It actually only ran for 3 seasons but was still one of ABC’s most popular shows at the time.


                Paul Young

              • yeah thats so long ago

            • That is true, plus i think it is about for some women of color to get in on the action to?

        • FYI, Black Widow isn’t a super hero.

          She’s a spy.

      • Not to mention if Joss is going to be in charge of scriptwriting for a Black Widow solo film… Buffy, anyone? Sure, Buffy is a TV series, but if Joss can sell seasons and seasons of a story starring a female action lead, he can surely sell an hour or two starring another female action lead.

  12. Glad & not surprised to read a solo movie is on the cards – She’s brilliant in the role – a very strong female superhero is so needed now – As for strong , HULK has to get another movie – He just is so awesome in The Avengers – so now that they’ve found the actor to play him & Banner – and the right kick-ass Hulk – Everyone wants to see more of him doing this sort of stuff !

  13. No no no no NOOOO

    If they are only doing 2 movies a year average (sometimes 1 someitmes 3), then there is no room for this.

    If they want a shared universe with lots of different characters to choose from, they need to focus on bringing some of the more well known avengers on screen. Panther, Antman/Wasp (ugh), Strange, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Cage, ect.

    Heck Heroes for Hire with Cage and Danny woudl be awesome and easy to fold into the Avengers. In an after credit scene after DAnny and Cage save New York from an underground threat of some sort, just have Captain America or Fury come by and say “I heard what you did to save New York. How about working with me nad saving the world?” Boom, Iron Fist and Cage in the Avengers.

    • Iron Fist and Cage should go and say to Cap and Fury “Go F**K Yourself” like what Wolverine did in X-Men First Class LOL.

  14. Actually, I wouldn’t mind a Black Widow & Hawkeye film. I’m not a huge fan of either but it would give the fans a chance to see some of the less superhero-y aspects of the Marvel Universe. In fact, a SHIELD film with them as the primary characters (with Hill and Fury) would be cool for giving us peeks at AIM, HYDRA, Secret Empire, etc. You know, kind of an amped up Mission Impossible or 007. Throw in the occasional MODOK or Red Hand and you got yourself a whopper of a spy action flick.

    • 100% on the money. Black widow and hawkeye vs advanced idea mechanics and modok in big sexy action spectacular.

  15. Her outfit looks slinky sexy in the promo shots but flumpy frumpy in the movie still.

  16. I disagree with this move considering Marvel’s production restrictions and the sheer amount of other, better and more deserving characters waiting in the wings.

    I’m sure the reason to entertain this path is because of the Avenger’s success so any one of the heroes attached to it are a hot property atm. So does Marvel play it safe and just make movies based on what they have introduced thus far or risk introducing more characters that could potentially fail to capture the general audiences imaginations (and pocketbooks). Guess it all depends on how risky Marvel is willing to get.

    Marvel has proven however that they are willing to take chances and can do it right (Thor, CA and IM anyone?) so I say they should expand instead of playing it safe imho.

    • Big question when doing this type of movie with a second-tier hero tends to be who is the antagonist going to be? Having a strong villain is probably the most important part of these movies, and weak uninteresting bad-guys tend to make for weak movies.

      • Well, if they go with tradition they could go with Hydra (since that is what SHIELD was made to battle against) Baron Zemo and Grim Reaper.

  17. Captain America and a Black Widow/Hawkeye/SHIELD film could tie in together with a Winter Soldier storyline or a HYRDRA storyline.

  18. I dont think Black Widow, Hawkeye, or even Nick Fury solo films are very realistic. I say combine them all into a SHIELD movie. takes care of all three and saves a lot of time and money.

    I also think that marvel should bump it up to at least three films a year, simply because theres a lot they need to do. They’ve got iron man 3 and Thor 2 in 2013, and cap 2 in 2014, possibly hulk 2 in 2015, and avengers 2 somewhere along the line. then they still want to do doctor strange, guardians of the galaxy, and inhumans (I honestly dont think that inhumans will ever be made, at least not in live action). and theres also that runaways movie they shelved. and Ill be damned if they dont do black panther, heroes for hire, and namor. even if we only look at what theyre actively working on, thats enough movies to go up to 2017 if they just do 2 a year. they need to step it up.

  19. I would like a sheild film to introduce ant man. That may be cool. I don’t really know too much about ant man sorry guys.

    But I’m up for a shield movie focused on hawkeye and black widow.

  20. I bet Emily Blunt is kicking herself in the arse for being so snooty about comic book movies. After being approached twice by Marvel, she turned them down both times, once claiming there was a schedule conflict(which could have been worked out in IM2 for such a small role as Black Widow)then later admitting that she really wasn’t interested in cbms. Like everyone has expressed here,I’m in agreement that Fury,Black Widow, and Hawkeye’s origins and stories can all be told and portrayed in a S.H.I.E.L.D movie,Avengers sequels and Captain America films. There really is no need for solo Black Widow or Hawkeye films, though as long as Black Widow is similar to “Salt” or “La Femme Nikita” within in those movies then it’ll be great.

    • That Blunt ordeal may have something to do with her husband not getting the Cap role.

      • @Rob, I agree but that was very immature and unprofessional if that was the case for Cap. You don’t make serious career decisions based on your spouse or relative not getting a role and declining an offer out of spite, that’s stupid and actually kept more money from being brought to the table for both of them and it would’ve boosted her career. If she would have taken a role,maybe she could have helped him get another part in a future movie as another Marvel character. Not saying she wouldn’t have done well without it but I don’t see her in any prominent roles now. Dumb move. Stellan Skarsgard didn’t decline Marvel’s offer as Selvig for not casting his son as Thor. Maybe now his son may have a shot with Marvel again a “Balder”. Burning bridges is never a good idea.

  21. The one thing that is disappointing about Marvel is the lack of Black or Hispanic female superheroes. Beyond Storm, there aren’t really any other popular or strong female ethnic characters. Maybe they could bring Photon aka Captain Marvel to the forefront in the future.

    • If they use any minority, it will be Cage or T’challa. Or Falcon as the side kick to Cap

      • @Shadow, You just helped prove my point. The characters you’ve mentioned are male and the black sidekick or make shift/corny/copy cat/second rate characters have been done to death. War Machine, Falcon, Goliath, Steel, and others.

      • @Shadow

        u just prove Blastaar point. plus Blastaar said popular or strong female ethnic characters not Male characters.

    • well i think u forgotten Misty Knight & Colleen Wing (Daughters of the Dragon), Shuri (Black Panther), White Tiger are all different minority, Psylocke.

      • @Mace, All E list characters.Psylocke is probably a C lister though but she hasn’t gotten any “real” cinematic love. The character in X-3 was vaguely Psylocke and she was a background character at that.

        • Misty Knight & Colleen Wing aint E list. if they was that done mean nothing even Blade wasnt popular in the comics and when they did the movie he was a success.

  22. I love Black widow but a movie about her i think an origin movie would be better not just a random action flick

  23. IMO Marvel is just doing the smart thing and testing the waters to gauge who to use for the open slot in 2015.
    It seems like in the past few weeks every character that hasn’t had their own film and including The Hulk has been mentioned. I think in a month or so after The Avengers has settled in we will know for sure.
    Like I said it’s smart. They want to expand but their waiting to make sure they go with the character that the fans seem to want to see the most.
    Of course not everyone will be happy with who they choose but that’s just the nature of the game. Fans of the Comic Books may be leaning a certain way but they also want to make sure they go with the general movie going public because that’s where the real money comes from…

  24. I never ued to rate Scarlett , but her visualization of Black Widow has elevated her to an extremely high level of hotness. Even so the chick from HIMYM came a close second in Avengers.

  25. Black Widow and Hawkeye are simply not that big in the public’s imagination vis a vis a Spider Man or Captain America.. Let’s be honest, very, very few people are going to watch the Avengers because they want to see Black Widow or Hawkeye portrayed on screen. Think the best move would be to put Black Widow and Hawkeye in the proposed S.H.I.E.L.D movie and have them (plus Sam Jackson) be the leads and include their back stories as well.

    • that may be, but once they see The Avengers, I imagine lots of people will be interested in seeing them in their own/S.H.I.E.L.D. movie

  26. I think she could pull off a solo project. Maybe like “Salt” meets “Haywire”?

  27. Scarlett is perfect as Black Widow give her a chance.Hawkeye is so cool and Renner plats him right

    • ela e mesmo perfeita… e um filme solo arrasaria! tenho certeza.

  28. Scarlet is so not hot. She’s frumpy. The short hair doesn’t help. They need to recast her with the hot one in Avengers.

  29. Too bad we’ll probably never see Black Widow in a Daredevil movie similar to Dark Knight Rises in tone.