Marvel’s Movie Plans: Black Widow & Hawkeye Could Get Solo Films

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scarlett johansson black widow solo movie Marvels Movie Plans: Black Widow & Hawkeye Could Get Solo Films

Thor is finally about to debut to North America in just a few days and it’s not long after when Captain America: The First Avenger follows suit. These two films provide lead-ins to the ultimate comic book movie event, The Avengers, which has already begun production.

We’ve known about these films and their casts for quite some time, but what happens next? Outside of an official release date for Iron Man 3 and the hope that Ant-Man will someday come to fruition, we don’t yet know the official film slate for Marvel Studios going forward.

After the success of Iron Man back in 2008, it didn’t take long for Marvel to realize the potential of their intellectual property in Hollywood and they quickly announced and pushed into development a sequel, solo films for Thor and Captain America and then, the ultimate team-up superhero film, The Avengers.

Since then, outside of wishful talk from cast members,  Marvel President Kevin Feige and Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, we’ve seen nothing official on future feature film projects and what characters may hit the silver screen. We’ve long known about the studio’s interest in expanding their franchise to explore more of their B-list characters, like Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Iron Fist and Luke Cage, and we’ve heard the reports of someof those films having scripts in development, but still, no release dates.

The reason for this is two-fold: first, to focus fans’ attention on the current line-up so they can establish The Avengers brand, and second, to gauge the success for what films, which universes and which characters work for audiences. Cap takes us to WWII, Thor to the cosmic Marvel Universe, Iron Man and the SHIELD agents of all the films, ground us in modern reality.

With two of the SHIELD agents, Hawkeye and Black Widow, becoming key parts of Iron Man 2, Thor and both partaking in The Avengers, it’s no wonder there’s potential for each to earn an increased role in the franchise. Both are played by popular actors, and we reported on the interest last year of Black Widow solo film. Renner on the other hand is one of Hollywood’s most in-demand actors and certainly could warrant his own action pic as Marvel’s greatest archer.

The Playlist chatted with Kevin Feige who revealed that “towards the end of the summer” we’d find out more on their upcoming films. That likely means that during their Marvel Studios panel at Comic-Con, they’ll make some major surprise announcements, assuming they can maintain secrecy until then.

“There’s no definitive plans, but we have started talking and talking with Scarlett about what a Widow movie could be. Internally we’ve also started thinking what a ‘Hawkeye’ movie could be, how we could continue to explore the organization [which Samuel Jackson‘s Nick Fury leads] S.H.I.E.L.D, which has a pretty big part in ‘Thor,’ smaller parts in the two ‘Iron Man’ films and has a giant part in ‘The Avengers.’ [So it’s like], what would a stand-alone “S.H.I.E.L.D.” be like? It all goes back to the comics. Sometimes the answer is—when looking at a certain run of issues— ‘no way’ and sometimes the answer is ‘maybe, let’s continue to explore it’ and certainly with Hawkeye and Black Widow those are two that we’re exploring.”

A year ago, Samuel L. Jackson apoke about starring in a S.H.I.E.L.D. movie after The Avengers and that may be a be a better path for Marvel to take, one that allows them to make use of Sam L, along with ScarJo and Renner all together for a more bankable film.

“The Avengers should start shooting some time next year, and then some time after that there’ll be a big S.H.I.E.L.D. movie.”

I’d much rather see a SHIELD movie instead of a Black Widow solo affair, and for Marvel to move on with Dr. Strange, Black Panther and a Heroes for Hire film with Luke Cage and Iron Fist, let alone the Ant-Man movie from Edgar Wright if that’s still happening.

Kevin Feige already made it clear that Marvel is planning movies five years out at all times, so they know what they want, they just need to decide which comes first. The plan was to have two films per year with the hope of expanding to four a year, but with Runaways getting canned and the writer moving over to Iron Man 3, The Avengers is seemingly all by itself in 2012 and as it stands, Iron Man 3 lonely in 2013. Expect another film to be announced for 2013, and sequels to Captain America and Thor in the next few years as well. If they hope to also introduce more characters, while continuing the franchises they’ve started, they’re going to have to bump up production to 3-4 films per year.

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard.

The Avengers opens in theaters on May 4, 2012.

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  1. Let’s get Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man first. Peige already looked at the draft and it said it’s very possible that they’ll tackle that film next.

  2. There are so many possibilities and I hope marvel can make compelling movies of these characters. The actors involved are great and interesting, so I hope most will happen.

  3. Hollywood’s really putting a lot of their eggs in one basket with Jeremy Renner. Despite the hype surrounding him and The Hurt Locker, he’s still not a proven star. And they’ve signed him on, unproven, to be in a number of big-name franchises? Peculiar…

    • No more peculiar then Ryan Reynolds being attached to Green Lantern, Deadpool and the doomed attempt at that NightStalkers spin-off (thankfully that died). Renner has kind of come up quietly since they did the documentary about him getting cast in the Dahmer bio-pic and he has been solid in movies like SWAT and the Town. The Hurt Locker just helped him get the mainstream buzz that makes him marketable.

      As for these solo movies themselves it seems like with the comics they are just trying to cash in on the trend and some characters might not warrant a whole solo movie. The S.H.I.E.L.D idea might be a better way to go with introducing the minor characters.

      • its amazing they dont give the same love to “People of Colour” in Hollywood. u dont see them hiring Anthony Mackie in a lead role in a Major big budget movie. i know Idris Elba is in Thor but his a supporting character not lead role. thats why im not sure a Black Panther movie coming anytime soon.

        • It’s not that amazing since they rarely mention Blade was the first Marvel property (licensed out) that was not a total disaster film. They probably don’t think a Black Panther movie will get does 100 million dollar numbers.

          • yeah, Blade is actually the real one that start it of for them no matter its about a vampire hunter. it was not a well known character at all but it end up been a success and have a cult following.

            i bet if Will Smith was casted as Black Panther Marvel Studio would support the movie. thats what i hate about Hollywood there is so many black actors out there but they always fall back on Will Smith. i dont hate Will Smith but he has become the only default black actor to sell of a major movie. all these other white actors i.e. Jeremy Renner and Chris Hemsworth are not well known actors but they getting a chance to major big budget movies.

            • And the same goes for the likes of the main trio in the Harry Potter movies, or for Tobey Maguire taking on Spider-Man, and Andrew Garfield becoming the next Spider-Man, Henry Cavill as Superman, and so on and so on. There are plenty of examples when white actors were either virtual or complete unknowns and they were given prize roles.

              It’s too bad they can’t even give just one Asian-American character a leading role as an Asian character, but they plan from the beginning to only cast white actors.

              • thats what up set me Asian-American actors never get a chance. i mean look at the casting of Platinum Studios comic book character “The Weapon” the story is about Tommy Zhou a Chinese American superhero instead of casting a Chinese American or another Asian-American actor they got David Henrie a Italian American.

                Hollywood would never want a black actor or asian actor to play Spider-Man but they might have them for supporting role but not the lead character like Spider-Man. but yet Asian-American superhero is been played by white actors.

                • you do realise spiderman isnt black anyway!

        • @Mace, it’s how the Hollywood system of white privilege works. Opportunities are aplenty and being created all the time for white actors, whether they’re known or unknown.

          But when times comes up for a minority role, almost all that comes out are excuses as to why they can’t be filled with a minority person. Rules are rigid for minority actors, but for white ones, they’re extremely flexible. Excuses and justifications are constantly made in favor of white actors, even if they have a string of flops (just one example is Alex Pettyfer), but similar excuses and justifications are used AGAINST minority actors.

          I think it’s hard to dispute the diversity of the Fast Five cast, which has only white actor among the leads, and was a huge hit at the box office. I don’t think the many thousands of white moviegoers who saw Fast Five opening weekend gave a damn that Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Ludicrous, Sung Kang, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson and Tego Calderon are not white actors.

          But I know that Hollywood is going to continue on its whitewashing ways.

          • its funny they have one white actor in Fast Five and i never hear people on the net called him a Token. but when Idris Elba was casted in Thor he was called by many people a Token.

            that Alex Pettyfer is a awful actor thats what fuel the fire for me i have seen his british film “Tormented” and the guy to me is just awful. his a pretty boy who just getting film roles.

            • The Fast and the Furious series was probably supposed to be a vehicle (no pun intended) for Paul Walker but, I think Vin kind of stole some of the spotlight in the first one. At this point the formula they use has worked because the whole tuner/car show crowd is very diverse and someone at the studio used a rare bit of common sense and cast the movies to reflect that.

      • But Ryan Reynolds is NOT being signed up for about EIGHT big-name projects. You named three. Three is nothing to sneeze at but it’s still a far cry from eight.

        And arguably Reynolds made more of a splash in that genre than Renner has.

        • well Ryan Reynolds is signed up too alot of projects Green Lantern, RIPD, The Change-Up, Safe House, Deadpool, Turbo, The Croods

        • Reynolds has been pushed into the genre by having good agents who kept getting him roles like Hannibal King and Wade Wilson for what were supposed to be spin-offs for all intents and purposes. The Blade spin-off thankfully died after that terrible movie and I think his involvement in Deadpool hinges on what goes on with Green Lantern.

          Renner is just getting the roles that they don’t have anyone to fill and don’t want to risk complete unknowns on. Or they could get Channing Tatum or one of the usual catalog guys they stick in every movie.

    • Did you see The Town? Maybe you had a different opinion, but I found his character to be positively chilling. I was impressed by Renner’s intensity and believe he could easily succeed in a lead role, especially a superbadass SHIELD agent.

      • Don’t misunderstand. I’m a Jeremy Renner fan. I truly enjoyed The Hurt Locker. But how interesting that he’s on this HUGE fast track to stardom, getting to be in about eight high-profile projects just like that.

        I believe that’s overexposure. For any actor. That’s great for him as an individual, but that’s just too many for one person, no matter how good they are. I have my favorite actors, of course, but I wouldn’t want to see them in that many properties, including such big franchises as Mission: Impossible and the Bourne films, as well as being Hawkeye in the Avengers.


    • not Marvel

      • When was deadpool not marvel? did that happen when batman was traded to vertigo for preacher? or was it when captian america became “captian al quada”?

        Seriously man, deadpool is marvel… 😀

        • Deadpool is part of Wolverine, which is part of X-Men, which is owned by Fox.

          • who paid Marvel for it. Wolverine is originally a Marvel Comic character, along with all the x-men. so in the long run, they’re owned by marvel

        • Deadpool is not own by Marvel Studio. FOX Studio owns Deadpool jeez

          • its still marvel… fox doesnt have a comic book as far as i know that is like saying that superman and batman are owned by WB, not DC…

            • Deadpool was created by Marvel, yes, but they sold the rights to Fox. Marvel can do an animated Deadpool but to do a live-action movie, they would need to be co-producers with Fox.

            • Deadpool is a Marvel comic book character but they sold its movie rights to FOX Studio. so Marvel Studio can not make any movie about Deadpool until FOX Studio give up the rights back Marvel Studio.

              superman and batman are owned by WB/DC they have all the rights to their characters at one studio and thats Warner Bros and DC is part of WB. Marvel Stduio is part of Disney now they are bascially the new WB/DC they have the characters that their own at one studio but the other characters they sold of is at other studios.

  5. And is Scarlett Johansson hot or is she HOT?

    • The only problem I had with her in IM2 was she didn’t have the accent; but boy does she have everything else! YOWZA!! :-)

      • she did not have a accent cause she cant even pull a decent accent the first place lol

        • If only that made up for her lack of acting skills….

          • I don’t know where you get that shes a bad actress. IMO she’s one of the best in hollywood right now. The really hot girls get a bad rap just for being hot people call them out as untalented. There is nothing wrong with her ability and she has been great in several films.

            • @”The really hot girls get a bad rap just for being hot people call them out as untalented.”

              Maybe because they’re only in roles that make more use of their looks than acting ability like Jessica Alba and Megan Fox. To me, Amy Adams is more beauitful and goregeous than any of the other actress, and is far more talented acting wise. But it’s all subjective bro. You like her acting, I don’t. I do agree that she’s hot :)

      • she’s not supposed to. she is a master spy who erased her accent. look at comic quotes from her, she never speaks with a russian accent.

    • As hot as the cigarette lighter I burnt myself with when I was 5 (on accident)… my mom still hasn’t forgiven my dad for leaving me alone in the car… :P.

      But seriously… yeah… she’s awesome.

    • She was until she started dating Sean Penn.


  6. I’d much rather see a SHIELD movie instead of a Black Widow solo affair, and for Marvel to move on with Dr. Strange, Black Panther and a Heroes for Hire film with Luke Cage and Iron Fist, let alone the Ant-Man movie from Edgar Wright if that’s still happening

    The exact words from my brain. And stop reading my mind! :-)

    • I agree , i wouldnt want a solo Black widow or Hawkeye movie, I think a Sheild movie that has those two and just add in Carol Danvers and Wendell Vaughn. Bring in Dum Dum , leave the countess out keep Hill. Deal with a possible invasion of the Skrulls. Bring in Captain Mar-vel, and Have Vaughn and Danvers attacked and saved by Mar-Vel in the process imbuing them with Cosmic powers, it leads into Avengers 2

      • I still don’t want to see a Black Widown , Hawkeye or Shield movie. All three sound horribly uninteresting and pointless. I can say I’d skip them if they were in theaters even if I miss out on some Avengers lore they are just pointless movies IMO with characters that are only good supporting not as leads.

        Much rather see Ant Man by Edgar Wright

    • i dont know why they want to do a Black Widow solo film. we already had a movie like the character the first place has people forget Angelina Jolie “Salt” that movie is about Russian spy.

  7. Uumm… screen rant? “The Avengers is seemingly all by itself in 2012″ I think you should have a re-write… have you guys forgotten about the new Spider-Man reboot and Ghost Rider sequel also coming out next year? Sure… Fox (or whoever) own the rights to those movies but it still counts as a Marvel film. I dunno? Am I wrong here?

    • Those films have nothing to do with Marvel Studios or their financing.

      • its amazing people dont know the dfferent with Marvel Studio films and the others who got the rights lol 😛

        • I know that Marvel doesn’t own the rights to spider-man, ghost rider, x-men, etc. But still you can’t say that they have nothing to do with Marvel. They don’t have anything to do with Marvel Studios (I know that – I’m not stupid). Think for instance… when the movie starts… you will probably still see that classic Marvel logo and hear the sound of pages turning as the movie starts…

    • Your Wrong, they are not Marvel Movies

    • I’m sure he means a Disney/Marvel production.

  8. I’m not disinterested in a BW solo, nor do I find fault with Scarlet’s acting. She played her character differently than the fanboys may have liked, but her BW’s way of handling someone like Stark was probably necessary. Personality-wise, she can’t upstage Pepper in the IM flicks. I think the key to BW being a successful movie will invariably rely on the script’s ability to connect her film into the web of hero films in such a way that her story really requires it to be told. The more her story seems tangential, the worse off it will be with fans. If everyone understands the need of giving her a film, audiences will be on board. She needs to be sent on a mission in The Avengers, it needs to be a critical mission, and the results need to tie in firmly to other, later films.

  9. What about Vin Diesel for Luke Cage? Or is that the obvious choice?

    • hes got the build of cage, but unless they pull a robert downey jr from tropic thunder, no…


    • Uh, no. Micheal Jai-White was made for the role of Luke Cage.

      • Winner, winner!

        • Chicken Dinner?

      • i couldnt think of hhis name, yes, micheal jai white, definitly has the look… but when i think of him, i think more of a guy that shoots first and asks qusetions later, not like cage, but that is just how i view him, not saying he couldnt do it…

      • I back this 100%

      • I like that idea, but I think Marvel’s first choice from before was Tyrese Gibson. If Jai-White can keep upping his Hollywood profile, maybe they’ll consider him.

        • u mean John Singleton first choice when the character was at Columbia Pictures. Marvel Studio need to look for someone else for Luke Cage i.e. Terry Crews, The Rock or a unknown actor 😛

          • Terry Crews is a good choice. I like Michael Jai White, but he is too short. Tyrese is too short as well. Cage is 6’6, and the Rock looks nothing like Cage. Crews has the height and build for the role. His acting ability is growing too. I think he would do a great job.

      • @Kahless thank you i’ve been sayin’ that for whole time. vin diesel and dwayne johnson would be a miscast. Michael jai white would be perfect plus he has great fighting skills.

        • He and the guy who played the antagonist in Undisputed 2 should be Heroes for Hire. I don’t think the actors would cost an arm and a leg either.

    • or Jimmy Woo and Sharon Carter. But Sharon is in the next Captain America. I think they should put Bobbi Morse (Hawkeye’s wife) in a SHIELD movie since she was there before him and she brings a different side of SHIELD.

  10. I think Comicbook movies have not even hit their stride yet. I mean how many times have we seen the same movie made over and over but with younger actors or different titles. Theses characters both Marvel, DC and independent companies have an untouched goldmine of stories that have not yet been touched or looked into. Anyone from MoonNight to Firestorm to Rom. There are so many directions to go to give us a variety of films foe decades.

  11. The Marvel movie that I would really want to see is Powerman and Iron Fist, whether solo or together would be great!

    • They should do a series first, then think about movies.

  12. Superhero movie overload….

    • Then overload me then! I love these type of movies!

      • I love CB movies, I’d rather see more DC than Marvel. I honestly have no interest in a Black Widow or Hawkeye film.

  13. How about Gambit get the actor that played him in the wolverine movie i thought he was pretty cool,or the vison and scarlet witch

    • Owned by Fox, not Marvel.

      • some people here dont know anything about who own the rights its getting annoying

    • HA YES!!! someone else thinks they should bring scarlet witch in. her and her brother would be perfect since they were part of the remake Avengers team. first team disbanded, and captain recruited hawkeye, scarlet witch, and quicksilver. Plus, they’re Magneto’s twin kids. MAGNETO! I like Vision too, but you need the twins solo first.

      Problem with the twins is they’re own by both Marvel and Fox. Since they’re Magneto’s kids, Fox owns them, and since they’re Avengers so does Marvel.

  14. Hey Vic – Where’s that article you guys ran a while back about what studio owns what Marvel property. I think we need an updated version of that again.

      • My hero! 😀

  15. DUUUDE Hawk-Eye is my most favorate Avenger. he’s the only one who’s not afraid to start sh*t with, AND still be good buds with the hulk. Plus he kinda reminds me a bit of Gambit, must be his personality LoL. Also, I think he would wipe the floor with DC’s Green Arrow };-P .
    if there’s a movie for Hawk-Eye, I cant wait till it comes around. Its gonna be awsome.

    • Ikr!!!!! Hawkeye is badbutt and e won’t take anythin from no one. But I think they should incoorperate Black Widow into there just because their backgrounds interlock. They need to make one since every Avenger has gotten their harbor so of spotlight and bot him. Only in Thor, but that was only 3 minutes.

  16. Really? No one read this article and immediately thought: “Remember the Catwoman movie?”

    • I did but I don’t think Marvel would make such a disastrous mistake.

  17. Black Widow and Hawkeye should be a fusion origin film. They don’t need solo films themselves just fuse the two into one film.

  18. Just put Ant-Man, Vision, & Spider-Woman in a movie with these two and call it the West Coast Avengers.

    • In the words of the wizard of Oz…NO SO FAST, NOT SO FAST!

    • you need Scarlet Witch there too but that’s not a bad idea

  19. “After the success of Iron Man back in 2008, it didn’t take long for Marvel to realize the potential of their intellectual property in Hollywood and they quickly announced and pushed into development a sequel, solo films for Thor and Captain America and then, the ultimate team-up superhero film, The Avengers.”

    No mention of The Hulk. Oversight or intentional?

    • Intentional, because Incredible Hulk was not a success. It actually managed to make LESS money than the first Ang Lee disaster (which is why, sadly, they chose to ditch Ed Norton and recast).

  20. Heroes for Hire:
    Iron Fist and Power Man (Luke Cage) need to be kept together for a HFH film, not separated. Like Mr. Wrigley, the chewing gum magnate would say–“Double your pleasure, double your fun, make a film with two heroes, not only just one!~”
    Future Avengers Movie:
    How about this team from the older Avengers comics? Captain America, Goliath (Hank Pym), Wasp, Hawkeye. Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch? That was one of the best mixes in the 60s comics (or was it early 70s?). It would certainly work on the big screen! And if you had to throw one more in there, put in Iron man, as he would work just about anywhere!Maybe against Ultron and Kang?
    Dr. Strange movie? Yes! Moon Knight movie? Yes! Fantastic Four reboot movie? Yes, but they have to fight The Frightful Four (The Wizard, Trapster, Medusa, Sandman). Another Daredevil movie? Yes, against Mr. Fear and the Kingpin, like was once discussed. Future X-Men movie? Yes, and they have to fight the Sentinels! Future Spiderman movie? Yes, if he fights Electro, Scorpion, Mysterio, maybe Morbius. The next Iron Man movie? Yes, but he needs to fight The Mandarin!
    There’s some ideas for everyone to chew on! Writers, directors, producers, take note!

    • Marvel can’t do movies that feature Spiderman, Sandman, or X-Men. I don’t even think they can do anything with Quicksilver or Scarlet Witch either. All those are owned by other studios.

      • Not for long, Mr. Kligon, not for long.

    • Hey Goldilocks, that is a film I am really looking forward to. I think they should do a Luke Cage movie first before they do a HFH film though.

  21. Hawkeye was in Ironman 2? I must have blinked.

    • No, he is in Thor. No mention of him being in Iron Man 2.

  22. Didn’t they make a Black Widow movie last year only it was called “Salt?”

    • LOL

      • I couldn’t agree more Damien, just read my comment to get my opinion, if you wish…

      • I will never understand the criticism of “Elektra”, the movie. I thought it was extremely well-done and captivating throughout. Perfectly cast, true to the heroine’s abilities (versus her lame amateurism in the Daredevil movie), and with lots of mysticism and vulnerability to make the story “believable.” I also thought the TV version of “Witchblade” was well-done too. The only comic movie that I think was total crap and shouldn’t have been made was Halle Berry’s “Catwoman” movie. Ugh! And yes, why is the solid lineup of Scarlet Witch, Vision, Quicksilver, Wasp, and Antman ignored? I bought those comics for YEARS.

  23. Man, don’t get me wrong Scarlett is my leading lady, but I think they should cool it with these superhero movies for awhile. Give the audience a chance to catch their breath. Thor, Green Lantern, Captain America, Avengers…Now this! It looks like these movies are just going down hill, they are going to start losing their touch and with all these movies coming out in 3D people are going to get tired paying for over priced movies that aren’t even that good. That’s my take, sorry I just had to vent…

    • Sorry, but I disagree on that. I think superhero movies are going to stay strong for a long time. There are so many (completely different) stories to tell. I mean… what do people wan’t in a movie? Comedy, romance, action, a good plot, something that sticks with you after the movie is finished… you get all that with today’s superhero movies. These types of movies are also viewable to many people… kids, adults and even people in their 80’s love em.
      But I do think that making a Hawkeye movie, and a Black Widow movie, and a SHIELD movie is too much. Why not role the 3 into one? If they can pull of a movie like the Avengers they can do this. If the Hawkeye and Black Widow movies are origin stories (where they delve into deeper aspects of the character’s development)I might reconsider…

  24. But all I really wanna see is Nick Fury (Sam Jackson) with an AK-47 or something shooting things and blowing them up… so he should be Marvel’s number 1 priority 😉

  25. A Hawkeye film or Black Widow film or a combo would be ok, but we are already seeing them in other films. Surely Marvel could get a Black Panther movie ( solo origin film with a slight Avengers tie-in ) finished in time to come out in 2013 with I.M.3?