Who Will Be The Black Widow In Iron Man 2?

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black widow comic Who Will Be The Black Widow In Iron Man 2?

Until recently, actress Emily Blunt was tagged to play the Black Widow in the Iron Man sequel.  It’s currently being reported that she may have to drop out due to scheduling conflicts with Twentieth Century Fox’s Gulliver’s Travels, which she’s already contracted to star in.  Now that leaves the question of who will be chosen to fill the Black Widow’s black tights.

Hearing this, Dollhouse actress Eliza Dushku took her case public while doing an interview on the Howard Stern Show.  Dushku, who has both the look and the attitude to fit the role perfectly said to Howard Stern and his audience.

Dushku said:

“They’re doing ‘Iron Man 2,’ and I’m so perfect for the Black Widow character, that they just need to get into it. They need to understand I just learned Russian because I had to play a Russian girl in ‘Dollhouse.’”

eliza dushku black widow scarlett johansson emily blunt Who Will Be The Black Widow In Iron Man 2?

She certainly seems to fit the bill, but you can’t trust Hollywood logic in these matters.  Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Iron Man director John Favreau and Marvel are currently looking at smokey voiced, blonde Scarlett Johansson to fill in.

Although there’s been no confirmation made about this EW also reports:

“…sources around Hollywood say Johansson has indeed met with the filmmakers and is interested in taking the role of Russian superspy Natasha Romanoff, who doubles as Black Widow.”

Blunt’s representatives are currently trying to resolve the scheduling conflicts, which isn’t saying much.  Although if this could be resolved it won’t really matter if everyone in the world is behind either Eliza or Scarlett. But in the case that things cannot be resolved, let’s hope that Marvel keeps in mind Scarlett’s last superhero film, The Spirit, was a complete flop.

Not that it matters what I think, but Scarlett Johansson seems like a terrible fit for the role of the Black Widow. She’s cute, sexy and blonde, but she certainly doesn’t have the presence to be the sort of dangerous badass that is the Black Widow.  For what it’s worth, Eliza Dushku is edgy in the same way that whoever gets casted to play the Black Widow will need to be.

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  1. There you have it, Hollywood logic.

  2. Oh god no not Scarlett !!! I’d love her in the sack or on Youporn but in Iron Man – NO!!!!! She’s a cute little bimb who nebish little directors get all worked up to have on the set. That Eliza Douch chick is hotter anyway and seems to have a mind and devious persona as well

  3. Lets not panic just yet ,
    Blunts not out yet .

  4. I still think if Blunt can’t do it they should get Milla Jovavich… Does she look like Back Widow? No, but she can probably hit that Russian accent perfectly! lol :-D

  5. Oops, Black Widow, not Back Widow…

  6. Scarlett = the PERFECT Black Canary. Not so sure about Black Widow tho.

    Either way, I hope the story is at least as good as the first film. I’d hate to see them ruin this cuz they were “rushing”.

  7. @Sabrina,

    I don’t think I’ve seen your posts here before – great to have another brilliant writer here at the rant! :-D

  8. OMG! Kel, why do our thoughts coincide so often? Are we related somehow? She’s been my no.1 for Black Canary since I found out who she was(Thank you, Bill Murray) and now that her and Reynolds are hitched, that cements my case as to why he’s Green Arrow, and not the Flash(plus his facial hair naturally grows into the oddly forked goatee) but no way can Scarlett be convincing as Black Widow. Mila Jojovich would be perfect, wasn’t too psyche about Emily Blunt because 1)I don’t know who she is, 2) It seems like the only reason other people do was that she was in the Devil Wears Prada(what a fine piece of…cinema) Anyway, my vote’s for Mila, never been big on Dushku, but I might check out Dollhouse once and see if she’s got anything going

  9. Wow… Before I read the user posts my pick was Jovich as well… I guess that settles it.

    *She also would have been my pick for Mary Jane…

  10. Hey KEl,

    Thanks for that, I’m relatively new here, but you should start seeing a bunch more of me in the future!

  11. Hooray! Girls on screenrant! Nerds rise, for our day has come!

  12. Why the heck are they thinking of such big name actors for these other roles.

    The movie and its lead sell themselves, why not cast proper actors into the other roles?

    Scarlett would be terrible for this role and does not belong in this film… thinking about this gives me nightmares about The Spirit…

  13. While I think Milla Jovovich would be the best replacement, I am going to make a wild suggestion for “not as well known”.

    Brit actress Jamie Murray.

    *I also would not rule out Alicia Witt.* Yes, I’m mad. Yes, I am bananas. That’s never stopped me from making wild guesses before!

    Nothing against Scarlett. I think she’s a fine actress, but I’m going to agree with the vibe here. Flat out NO. As for the lovely Eliza Dushku, I wouldn’t mind-it’s better casting. The *only* drawback is what if her TV show is a hit and gets picked up for another season? They will have to work around that schedule.

  14. eliza uD. has already worn The Black widow suit . look at Jay And Silent bob strike back.
    if you listen to the commentary Keven smith say’s thet the Skin tight leather suits that Ali Larter,Eliza Duska, his wife, and Shannon Elizibith all wore were Modeled Exsactly after the Black widow Uniform Minus the Holsters and sheild Emblum.
    so im all 4 dushku.
    but i thought if any 1 Scarlett J. would be more likely to Play The BLACK CAT.
    in a spiderman film.
    or at least thats what i would do.

  15. @huntthejest,

    LOL! And agreed. Reynolds would be OK as GA I suppose. My personal choices for The Flash/Barry Allen have always been: Scott Porter, Ryan Gosling, and Paul Walker. :-D


    You’re welcome, make yourself at home. :-D Hope to see you around. :-)

  16. Dude, I had Gosling as my Wally West too! I did a full JLA lineup(at least the ones I’d want to see in a movie) and he was the Flash! If you’re interested I’ll post it again.

  17. I’m very much over the whole Scarlett Johansson thing. I think Rob has the right idea for casting lesser-known actors in the supporting roles. Why not target people known for their acting ability versus their “Google-rating.” The movie already has enough star power going for it. Any more is likely to be overkill and only hurt the finished product. Just look at the difficulty Marvel is already running into with the Avengers.

  18. Dushku is PERFECT for the role. I wasn’t too sure until I compared the pic of her above and the drawing from the comic, but the resemblence is uncanny.

    I also think Johanssen would be great as Black Canary. I also think she would have made a much better Sue Storm in Fantastic Four than Jessic Alba. THAT was a “flavor-of-the-month” casting if I ever saw it.

  19. I mean it wouldnt be right to cast someone under 30 for the black widow. She an experienced spy that should be played by a super sexy milf and not by someone barely out of a training bra.

  20. @ Rorschach

    Scarlett would be my pick for the Blackcat as well but definitely not the Black Widow.

  21. @Andy,

    Scarlett would’ve been GREAT as Sue Storm. That’s perfect casting there. (I hope they do a F4 reboot someday) She’d be great as Blacl Canary too.


    I’d love to see your JLA lineup. :D And I had Ryan Gosling pegged for Barry Allen, not Wally West, bud. He’s got blonde hair and blue eyes like Barry, is the right age, is a great actor, and his character in Fracture was very similar to Barry Allen with the forensics and everything, so he’s in my top 3 choices for the part, along with Scott Porter and Paul Walker. :D

    Speaking of Barry Allen, The Flash: Rebirth looks AWESOME. I can’t wait to pick it up. Hopefully it’s at least as good as GL: Rebirth. :)

  22. I knw who is gonna be the black widow search for iron man 2 on wikipedia and you will see that is Scarlet Johanson.Yes the girl from the nanny diaries.

  23. No way should they have scarlet for thr role, personly i think she’s incredibly overated and would get the part on fame status, i cannot see her having any kind of rold which requires fighting or actual stunt work, shes better just to stand and look ‘pritty’.
    I think Mila jvovich would be perfect as black widow, she is russian after all has previous action herione exsperience and just looks awsome kicking ass!!
    I love Eliza and she wouldn’t be bad but with that comment she just sounds up herself lol. She’s be better as a bad guy in my opnion she plays sociopath well lol

  24. I’m so glad that you guys had this discussion 3 years ago. I just watched Avengers and I hated the Scarlett Johansson casting. It would have been amazing with Emily Blunt or Eliza Dushku. Anyways, I’m really glad that I found this. I linked to this page in the article I wrote. Check it out here: