‘Black Panther’ Movie ‘Absolutely In Development’ Says Marvel’s Kevin Feige

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Black Panther Movie Development Black Panther Movie Absolutely In Development Says Marvels Kevin Feige

In addition to next month’s theatrical release of Thor: The Dark World, Disney and Marvel Studios have two films in post-production for release next year, and two films in pre-production for release in summer 2015. After that, there are unannounced projects with release dates already locked down in 2016-17 that fans won’t learn more about until next year.

One of the potential properties that could see an introduction after The Avengers: Age of Ultron closes Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the long-awaited live-action adaptation of Black Panther, a character who’s been namedropped by Marvel execs repeatedly in association with Marvel One-Shot short films and early development on future feature films. As the franchise continues to expand, the realization of Black Panther on the big screen has seemingly become an issue of when instead of if.

During the press junket for Thor: The Dark World, Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige was asked by BlackTree TV about Black Panther and whether or not it’s happening.

“In terms of Black Panther, it’s absolutely in development, and when you have something as rich as Wakanda and [Black Panther's] backstory – and clearly, Vibranium’s been introduced in the universe already – I don’t know when it will be exactly but certainly we have plans to bring him to life someday.”

Vibranium refers to the powerful metal that Captain America’s shield is made from – it’s a fictional element that’s only found in the African land of Wakanda where Black Panther resides.

When it comes to the unannounced projects coming in 2016-17, the safe bets would be on sequels to Captain America and Thor taking the May opening weekend slots of each summer, followed by new properties in Doctor Strange and The Inhumans. Feige’s been saying for a month or so now however, that they’re still deciding on what projects make the cut and perhaps won’t finalize the production slate until early next year. We do know from talking to him ourselves that the second movie in each of those new years will in fact, be a new property.

Marvel Studios Black Panther Movie Logo Fan Made Black Panther Movie Absolutely In Development Says Marvels Kevin Feige

Feige previously went on record revealing that Doctor Strange is going to be part of Phase Three after Ant-Man, and as for The Inhumans, it can serve as a quasi-sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy while also playing into the bigger picture plans we talked to Feige about in relation to The Avengers 3. Unless either the Thor or Cap threequel is going to be delayed until after The Avengers 3 (likely in 2018), these four projects seem to be the most likely choices for the studio as 2016-17 releases.

Based on everything we’ve heard since The Avengers broke box office records around the world last year, we’re therefore not sure there’s room in Phase 3 for Black Panther, but since we know Marvel Studios has roughly planned out movies up until 2021, there’s plenty of opportunity down the road to bring the king of Wakanda to the big screen. Speaking with Fandango, Feige hinted that they may even have early plans beyond 2021.

“Realistically, [we've planned] just into the beginnings of [phase] three, in terms of practicality. In terms of pipe dreams, we’ve talked about [phases] four and five, but that’s just sort of wishful thinking.”

A growing topic of discussion in the press as Marvel promotes their plethora of projects is the need for diversity in leading characters. Characters including Black Panther and Ms. Marvel will help address that issue, and bolster The Avengers roster in a good way. And with contracts expiring on many of the franchise’s biggest stars by the end of Phase 3, Marvel will have to start rotating the roster of Avengers with new characters.

If Black Panther were put on the fast-track by Marvel Studios, which other film should be pushed back until Phase 4?


Thor: The Dark World releases on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Sources: BlackTree TV, Fandango

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  1. Tyrin Turner for black panther. The guy has the muscle and the young look.
    Heh, he even had the most dramatic death in movie history

    • Marvel, if you are looking ^ take note. He’s a great actor who needs a great come back and this could be it :)

  2. Petty revenge casting is the worst type of casting.

  3. Black Panther should be a white guy from South Africa…Jumping on the recasting of characters bandwagon with everyone else.

      • Equinsu Ocha!!!

      • best post EVERRRRR!!

        ya ya ya ya ya ya yaaallll-righty then!

        It’s in the bone!

        Damn I love that movie, it’s time to break out the DVD and give it a go!

  4. Interesting. Would like to see captain America and BP throw down at some point.

    • that would be so badass! 10000+^

  5. I understand the need to rotate characters as the comic book roster rotates regularly. We know one will die but the best scenerio would be iron man joining the guardians and hulk leaving the team at some point maybe setting up a world war hulk for phase 4. That leaves 3 roster spots opening by phase 3. Secondary avengers will have to start showing up in primary movies. Cap has widow and falcon. I think pym should have wasp obviously and vision. It is a bit harder but thor will need support most likely from scarlet witch. If phase 3 culminates in a likely apacalyptic battle i say disney goes for broke and has its entire roster go at it with thanos and his crew. That is going to be a epic movie.

    • “thor will need support most likely from scarlet witch.”

      Thor & Scarlet Witch with a little help (or at least a cameo) from Doc Strange vs. the Enchantress & Skurge the Executioner (with a possible sleight of hand from Loki). Enchantress then could join forces with Thor against Surtur in Thor 4, leading to Ragnarok in Thor 5 or Avengers 4, depending on Earth’s heroes helping the Asgardians or not (opportunity for Iron Man to get the Iron Destroyer armor from the Dwarves).

  6. I agree, Race doesn’t matter anymore. So kudos to all the bright people who say that BP should be played by a white man. But I do look down on them by not being open enough. Why does it only have to be white? Or a man for that matter? :)

    With that said I do commend my fellows for their open thought and acceptance of changing characters backstory to suit the wonders of diversity (unlike you others). With that said I like that we can all agree to be 100% cool with seeing an openly gay Batman of Pacific Islander Origin, a Black Single mother MOS and a transgender Thor of Hispanic origin (Hoguns significant other I guess)and a blond Spiderman who kills his parents instead and has to redeem himself. All great ideas? Agreed? Glad to see the world is so open to change and diversity!

    White BP ftw.
    Also Sharlto Copely for Klaw! Or maybe he should be a black guy instead, a poacher who got his hand ripped off my a rhino.

    • I agree with you that race doesn’t matter but the main reason why these types of issues become arguments because of misunderstandings between the two sides. I think we can all agree that Michael B Jordan is a good actor and did a great job in Chronicle. With that being said its not the fact that he is African American that annoys most fans of the Fantastic Four its more the fact that studios are taking their own liberties and changing source material for the sake of political correctness and ticket sales. FF has been a comic since 1961 and we are talking about 52 years of imagining characters a certain way and then all of a sudden to change that makes comic book purist cringe just the same as old school Trekkies cringed when they saw Abrams plans for the reboot. It is certainly more a sticking to the material then a race issue. I feel we are unfortunately looking at this the wrong way in the sense that if African Americans are not represented in comics or the comic genre they shouldn’t attack and label purists as racist they instead should be more angry at the studio’s ie Marvel, DC etc for not popularizing more diverse characters and also movie studios themselves should try to be more diverse with the projects they choose. We need to get the answer to the question as to why movie studios wont make prominent African American super hero movies and force them to amend that practice.

    • thats stupid.

    • Black Panther kinda has to be black because there aren’t many caucasian kings who are from a multi-generational dynasty of kings in Africa. Wakanda has been ruled by the same family for a long time, a white king would be a very recent development if such a thing happened. There are some African states who’ve had white presidents but that’s not exactly the same idea.

      I understand the positive aspects in casting black or asian or whatever folks into traditionally “white in the comics” roles, and I can also see the merits of doing so in reverse. But there are some characters whose ethnic background is about much more than just which skin color they had in the comics. When it’s only skin color there’s no problem switching it up but there are sometimes additional factors.

      I’ve seen a few people here and there say “why change the color/ethnicity of a character anyway?” Think about the way things were for many decades of comics. During the times many of these characters were created, they used white people almost exclusively with a few exceptions, not displaying the real diversity of our population. It’s only natural, now that we’re more aware of that previous tendency and it’s negative impact, that we correct it by introducing more variety to reflect the real world.

      • Am I mistaken or in the original comicbooks, Nick Fury & Kingpin were caucasian? I don’t think their ethnicity played much importance in the part. However, BP is a cultural persona. There is a difference. Besides, Africa already has The Phantom to represent.

  7. Screen rant officially has trolls now.

    • “now”

      been away for a while?

  8. Since Avengers: Age of Ultron is taking place all over the world. Then they should have a cameo of Wakanda.

  9. I hope kgu’s sarcasm doesn’t get lost on readers.

    Dayo Okeniyi as T’Challa/Black Panther
    Djimon Hounsou as King T’Chaka/Black Panther
    Sharlto Copley as Klaw
    Sonequa Martin-Green as Ororo Munroe
    Chiwetel Ejiofor or Nonso Anozie as M’Baku/Man-Ape

  10. Is it just me or is anyone else thinking that black panther is not popular enough of a marvel character to be introducing right now? I totally agree with the need to add more diversity to the leading characters but I for one think that Luke Cage (aka power man) is a more ubiquitous character and a more entertaining back story than Black Panther ever was. I have seen Cage in far more marvel crossover story lines than black panther and that includes the Avengers…..

    • Ahh, the old popularity contest.

      Yeah, most of Marvel’s movies have featured not-very-popular or known characters but they’ve worked so why not Black Panther too?

      I still think that unless Marvel say otherwise, my Phase 3 plotting in the Surtur article a few stories down might be the way it plays out.

    • no offence but did you just start reading the avengers during Bendis’s run because besides that Cage has been in his own corner. Panther was an avenger in the 70′s while cage just became one less than 10 years ago. Cage’s backstory is just him going to jail and getting experimented on nothing else to work with

    • You do realize that IM was a solid “B” lister before the movie right? Considering most of the population didn’t know who IM was before then, Marvel can MAKE BP just as intriguing and engaging a character with the right script, director and actors.

    • Yes
      That makes perfect sense
      Marvels launching a completely unheard of full scale space opera about a star crossed breakfast club reject a living tree and a talking raccoon
      But their very own version of BatGod, a monarch whose title basically makes him King Pope &Commander In Chief rolled into one that’s had TWICE the amount of features as the distinctly street level &underused Cage, (FF/Avengers/Xmen etc) wouldn’t be “popular enough”?

      Try again

  11. Michael Jai White is the best black panther cast option IMO.. Hes ripped to shreds and knows how to throw down like a boss

  12. So does Marvel have the rights to use Storm? She is Black Panther’s love interest and later wife after all.

    • nope

      • She also became an Avenger last year, so maybe she can be used just like the Maximoff siblings.

  13. Movie we also really need is The Incredible Hulk 2.

    Mark Ruffalo: Bruce Banner
    Mélanie Laurent: Betty Ross
    Tim Blake Nelson: Samuel Sterns/The Leader
    William Hurt: General Ross/Red Hulk
    Ty Burrell: Doctor Leonard Samson/Doc Samson
    Josh Hutcherson: Rick Jones
    Olivia Wilde: Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk

    • Olivia Wilde is much too slim to play She-Hulk.

      • CGI

        • Uhh, no thanks. The Hulk obviously needs to be CGIfied. She-Hulk has muscular yet normal proportions, so I’d rather she be played by a real actress, someone with a body like Brigitte Nielsen (she’s too old now but would have been perfect 20 years ago).

          • Miesha Tate (MMA fighter) as She-Hulk

            • Ugly face. The body’s not everything, She-Hulk is also a very pretty woman.

  14. If Marvel is unsure if Black Panther has crossover potential as a feature film, they should simply add cameos by Iron Man and/or Captain America (whomever may be playing those roles by that time).

    I still sense hesitation from Feige in his answer. Perhaps if Marvel Studios could secure the services of A-listers like Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Viola Davis, etc. in ensemble roles as members of the Wakandan royalty, there would be less resistance to make this film happen.

  15. Black Panther is an obvious choice and since the F4 can’t be used to introduce him to the MCU then they should use the Avengers to spring board him into the spotlight. Setup a story where there is some sort of conflict between Wakanda and some other nations and peace talks go awry. T’Challa goes on his own to take care of things while the Avengers join in. Blah blah blah make the threat AIM or Hydra and one of Panther’s rogues and you’re good.

    Sort of like Mayberry’s run leading up to DOOMWAR

  16. Get that black guy who was in Season 4 of Breaking Bad. The bodyguard dude who was watching Walter and Jesse.

    • hahahaa

      i can hear him breathing

  17. CHIWETEL EJIAFOR! he’s already worked with Wedon

    • Ok, I’m black…I’m not cool with BP being white, and I’m not cool with Johnny Storm (if that’s true) being Black. Is Sue black too? Now you have an interacial relationship with her and Reed ( Which is great by the way), I think this is a little too complicated for a movie. But hey, whatever man. It’s not my money.

  18. not trying to be mean but this is just upsetting

  19. he should be black…why would he be white that’s just plain dumb he is the first black hero ever created that would be just pure racism

    • Why would Johnny Storm be black that’s just plain dumb but they’re still looking for a white actress to play his sister, that’s just pure political correctness.

      • Not really. I mean as long as you have his characteristics that’s all that matter really, with Black Panther its completely different

        • Not really. Obliterating Sue and Johnny’s link changes the team’s dynamics.

  20. It would be easy to make Black Panther white, it’s not different whatsoever, here’s how you do it.

    When he is a boy, His parents are zoologists on safari in Wakanda they take him with them, his parents are also close friends with the Wakandian Royal Family, a huge vibranium meteorite falls from the sky and causes a stampede in which his parents are killed, he is gravely injured, the doctor fixes him up as best as he can but will die without a blood transfusion he has a very rare blood type which they have none in stock and the only available donor is the king himself so the king gives him his blood. The king’s biological son is also in the stampede he survives but loses a hand. The King then shuts off the country from outsiders. The king and queen adopt the boy. Years later the king’s biological son is caught selling vibranium to outsiders and banished. The king then dies and then the boy now called T’Challa becomes the Black Panther, the biological son returns now calling himself Klaw.

  21. I change my mind, Karl Urban should be Blade, not Black Panther. Jake Gyllenhaal should play Black Panther.

  22. “Unless either the Thor or Cap threequel is going to be delayed until after The Avengers 3 (likely in 2018), (…) If Black Panther were put on the fast-track by Marvel Studios, which other film should be pushed back until Phase 4?”

    You’re forgetting that Phase 3 is supposed to comprise 7 movies. Strange, Ant-Man, Thor, Cap & Avengers make 5, enough room for Panther and Inhumans.

    • Forget Inhumans, we need a Howard The Duck reboot… just about as much as we need a black Johnny Storm.

  23. I keep seeing people say “why make Johnny Storm black and not Sue Storm! That’s his sister, they have to be the same thing!”

    This argument is invalid, and also dumb. Adoption, anyone? Step-families? Brothers and sisters are still brothers and sisters, regardless of whether they have the same skin color or not.

    Also, people who say “why are they changing white characters to black? let’s change some black characters to white and see how you like it!” It’s not really the same thing. Interjecting some diversity into a very white environment (comics, movies) is a good thing.

    Adding even more of what is already the dominant demographic is sorta missing the point of adding diversity. “Hm…this soup needs some sweet to balance the sour, it already has a lot of sour. I know, let’s add lemon juice!”

    It doesn’t work very well. It’s not like caucasians are under-represented or are at risk of being under-represented. Other phenotypes are absolutely under-represented, and it’s good to try and fix that.

  24. this is awesome, but i hope BP is on phase 3
    so most of the movies are new IPs, Ant-man, Dr. Strange, BP.
    1 last slot before The Avengers 3? i hope its Cap 3

  25. But he is the first black superhero…Johnny isn’t the first white

  26. Clé Bennett as Black Panther

  27. Seems that some of the cast has been set Ive already read that Raw Leiba was playing Erik Killmonger,whats the delay?