‘Black Panther’ Movie ‘Absolutely In Development’ Says Marvel’s Kevin Feige

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Black Panther Movie Development Black Panther Movie Absolutely In Development Says Marvels Kevin Feige

In addition to next month’s theatrical release of Thor: The Dark World, Disney and Marvel Studios have two films in post-production for release next year, and two films in pre-production for release in summer 2015. After that, there are unannounced projects with release dates already locked down in 2016-17 that fans won’t learn more about until next year.

One of the potential properties that could see an introduction after The Avengers: Age of Ultron closes Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the long-awaited live-action adaptation of Black Panther, a character who’s been namedropped by Marvel execs repeatedly in association with Marvel One-Shot short films and early development on future feature films. As the franchise continues to expand, the realization of Black Panther on the big screen has seemingly become an issue of when instead of if.

During the press junket for Thor: The Dark World, Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige was asked by BlackTree TV about Black Panther and whether or not it’s happening.

“In terms of Black Panther, it’s absolutely in development, and when you have something as rich as Wakanda and [Black Panther's] backstory – and clearly, Vibranium’s been introduced in the universe already – I don’t know when it will be exactly but certainly we have plans to bring him to life someday.”

Vibranium refers to the powerful metal that Captain America’s shield is made from – it’s a fictional element that’s only found in the African land of Wakanda where Black Panther resides.

When it comes to the unannounced projects coming in 2016-17, the safe bets would be on sequels to Captain America and Thor taking the May opening weekend slots of each summer, followed by new properties in Doctor Strange and The Inhumans. Feige’s been saying for a month or so now however, that they’re still deciding on what projects make the cut and perhaps won’t finalize the production slate until early next year. We do know from talking to him ourselves that the second movie in each of those new years will in fact, be a new property.

Marvel Studios Black Panther Movie Logo Fan Made Black Panther Movie Absolutely In Development Says Marvels Kevin Feige

Feige previously went on record revealing that Doctor Strange is going to be part of Phase Three after Ant-Man, and as for The Inhumans, it can serve as a quasi-sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy while also playing into the bigger picture plans we talked to Feige about in relation to The Avengers 3. Unless either the Thor or Cap threequel is going to be delayed until after The Avengers 3 (likely in 2018), these four projects seem to be the most likely choices for the studio as 2016-17 releases.

Based on everything we’ve heard since The Avengers broke box office records around the world last year, we’re therefore not sure there’s room in Phase 3 for Black Panther, but since we know Marvel Studios has roughly planned out movies up until 2021, there’s plenty of opportunity down the road to bring the king of Wakanda to the big screen. Speaking with Fandango, Feige hinted that they may even have early plans beyond 2021.

“Realistically, [we've planned] just into the beginnings of [phase] three, in terms of practicality. In terms of pipe dreams, we’ve talked about [phases] four and five, but that’s just sort of wishful thinking.”

A growing topic of discussion in the press as Marvel promotes their plethora of projects is the need for diversity in leading characters. Characters including Black Panther and Ms. Marvel will help address that issue, and bolster The Avengers roster in a good way. And with contracts expiring on many of the franchise’s biggest stars by the end of Phase 3, Marvel will have to start rotating the roster of Avengers with new characters.

If Black Panther were put on the fast-track by Marvel Studios, which other film should be pushed back until Phase 4?


Thor: The Dark World releases on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Sources: BlackTree TV, Fandango

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  1. YES!



    • Dude… Black Panther is BLACK as in AFRICAN

      • Vin Diesel is like 1/8th black.

        • 1/8th Black =/= Black

          • Well Obama is 1/2 half black, apparently that counts as 100% black.

        • Vin doesn’t know who his father is, but his mother is white.

      • And Johnny Storm is white, as in Caucasian. Shredder is Japanese. I thought changing the race of a character was no big deal at all? Or, that only applies when changing non-black characters?

        • Good point. BUT with the exception of the shredder switch (which I think is dumb) those character’s race/ethnicity are not crucial to their roles. johnny storm being white has nothing to do with johnny storm being johnny storm thus, it’s not big deal to tweak his race because everything else remains in tact whereas black panther is black panther (at least in part) because he’s…black. You wouldn’t make Ms Marvel a guy because she’s Ms marvel BECAUSE she’s a woman. But changing her race wouldn’t NOT make her ms marvel.

          Think I just confused myself lol

          • lol, I got what you were saying. But what if we just make Ms. Marvel a transvestite? 1000 point PC multiplier.

            • lol you’re killing me here!

          • No point in telling him bud. He ignores the explanations and continues posting the same silly ‘arguments’ lol.

            • While JPs choice of characters to race swap is poor (Black Panther requires him being a black African), his point is perfectly valid and there does seem to be a bit of a double standard.

          • what do you mean. he is called it because of the black suit he wears, not because he is black. lmfao African’s don’t consider themselves black stupid . so if his race was a big reason for it he would be called the African panther .

            • I certainly respect your difference in opinion but would appreciate it if you did not resort to name calling. I can assure you I am an educated individual with common sense and am FAR from “stupid”. Thanks.

              And to your point, it doesn’t matter that Africans don’t consider themselves black because the creators of the black panther character are not black OR African so that has no bearing.

              • is you are so smart how do you not know that Africans don’t consider themselves black? that would be like calling a black person from America a N bomb. All the African’s I knew would get pissed off if you thought they were black. you just assumed that he was called the black panther because of his skin color. just because the person who wrote it wasn’t black doesn’t mean that they didn’t know that black panthers are considered magical animals and that’s why he named him the black panther. Plus why can’t a native African have a child with a white person , then that child has another child with a white person. the black panther can be white if the human torch can be black. you got to take It both ways

                • Knowing or not knowing what native Africans call themselves have nothing to do with being smart as smart refers to intelligence not random facts – that’s called ignorance. To which I am on certain things as I don’t know everything.

                  You said calling an African black is like someone calling a black american an N bomb well people call black people from America N bombs all the time even though they may not consider themselves that so that point means nothing. Just because someone doesn’t consider themselves something doesn’t stop others from referring to them as such.

                  Not saying black panther CAN’T be anything but “black” but you’re missing nuances if you think it’s the same thing as the johnny storm situation.

                  • it is the same. you understand that jonhy and sue storm are bother and sister. the idea that one Is black and one is white is stupid as all hell. if you are going to change the race of one sibling you have to at least change part of the race of another one. when you break it down it the same thing. making the human torch black just to make him black is just as smart as making the black panther white just to make him white

                    • ^^
                      *** mic drop ***

                • your forgetting that johnny storms already been played by a white actor ,so how about the first actor that plays black panther be black then maybe we can shake things up a bit!

      • what do you mean if the human torch can be black then the black panter can be white. I would say the best person for the black panter roll would be jim carey . It would be like ace ventura two but with super poweres

        • +1 million

    • No, Black Panther needs to be black. Like, without a doubt black, he’s African.

      • Human Torch will be Black, so does it really matter what colour he is?

        • Race isn’t integral to Johnny’s character. On the other hand, race is integral to the Black Panther’s character. He’s an African named Black Panther.

          • You do realise how easy to do it, right? One way is some comments below.

          • the black panther isn’t black he is African. only Africans form the America’s consider themselves black. its because of the local legends of black panthers having magical powers

            • No, he’s black since he’s black skinned. Furthermore, as someone already pointed out to you, Stan Lee created Black Panther since there really weren’t any black comic book superhero back then. Regardless of your mere opinion, it’s a fact that BP’s race is integral to his character.

          • you do understand that race is a big part of the human torch. you understand that johny and sue are brother and sister. they have the same parents and now one is 100% black and one is 100% white. you got all these race baiters trying to make it out that white ppl are racest about it. its just dumb to change the race of johny with out changing the race of sue storm too. at least make her 50% black so it would make some since they were siblings

            • I know that they’re brother and sister. Nevertheless, they can either both be black or they can have bi racial parents. Or, Sue could be adopted. I think that Johnny Storm can still be a Johnny Storm without being white. I don’t feel that way about the Black Panther.

              • ^ about Black Panther not being black.

          • ??? What?? WOOW. So you are saying a black guy can’t be good looking and be a ladies man TOO? He has to be white??

      • Robert Downey Jr. as Black Panther

        “I’m a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude!”

        • Tropic Thunder reference made my day.

      • You do realize there are white Africans, right?

      • African’s don’t consider them selfs black. so why would an African call themselves the black panther because he was African? you do understand that there are real black panthers in the wild and that the locals consider them to have magical powers? that is were the name black panther comes from stupid

        • It’s funny how you call people stupid but you don’t know the proper way to write the plural for African. It’s Africans, not African’s. Also, I know some people who were born Africa and moved to America. Some of them have no problem with being considered black. Furthermore, if the character were white in the comics, I doubt that Stan Lee would call him Black Panther.

    • I don’t know about that one. He’s already playing one Marvel hero. Plus, he doesn’t look native black African, since his race plays a critical role in the story.

  3. Black Panther/Ororo
    Hopefully marijuana will be legal across America by the time this comes out. *-)

    • shouldn’t stop you from having fun. ill be getting blazed during the thor marathon im going to on the 7th. I got a bunch of liquid high grade I made to put in my large soda pop in the movies. nothing like drinking and getting stoned

  4. Hopefully Black Panther comes to the big screen fast as time allows. I hate waiting for good things to come. The idea of a rotating roster of The Avengers would be awesome from sequel to sequel I think.

    • considering that the first avengers was just a orgin movie it would be dumb to make only one movie with the main original cast. im am all about adding new ppl to each movie and letting ppl get killed off or move to other teams. the line up changes have to make since not just a hole new roster for each movie

  5. “plans to bring him to life someday”

    that means: We arent gonna release a Black Panther movie before Avengers 3. What a waste, he should be part of this first trilogy, damm

    • I didn’t really get the sense that he won’t be brought to the big screen before Avengers 3 but I guess it’s possible they’ll wait. I think with enough fan response they’ll produce it earlier.

      • he could be introduced in a different movie before his solo movie. I think the black panther might of been in iron man 3 at least I know that wakandan teck was at the science fair that tony was at

    • Yeah, considering since they can’t use Adamantium because Fox owns the rights to Wolverine, Ultron will be made out of Vibranium, and where does Vibranium come from, Wakanda.

      • Adamatium isn’t exclusive to Wolverine or the X-MEN. If they can use the children of Magneto, they can use Adamantium.

        • actualy yes it is exclusive to fox marvel/disney are allowed to use magneto child in avengers but are not allow to say that they are magneto kid and that they are mutant sadly.

          • What bob said. Disney can use QS and SW, but they can’t call them mutants, and can’t make any reference to a connection with Magneto or X-Men. Basically, they are making up new characters for Avengers 2, and using already established names for brand recognition. It’s idiotic, if you ask me.

            • It is idiotic. But Adamantium is not exclusive to Wolverine. Moonknight, Iron Man, and Hawkeye have all all used adamantium. I’m pretty sure they’ll be able to use it in the movie. Doesn’t mean they will but the rights that Fox/Sony has are to the characters, teams, and certain categories, nothing as specific as a type of metal.


    Here’s how you change his origin.

    When he is a boy, His parents are zoologists on safari in Wakanda they take him with them, his parents are also close friends with the Wakandian Royal Family, a huge vibranium meteorite falls from the sky and causes a stampede in which his parents are killed, he is gravely injured, the doctor fixes him up as best as he can but will die without a blood transfusion he has a very rare blood type which they have none in stock and the only available donor is the king himself so the king gives him his blood. The king’s biological son is also in the stampede he survives but looses a hand. The King then shuts off the country from outsiders. The king and queen adopt the boy. Years later the king’s biological son is caught selling vibranium to outsiders and banished. The king then dies and then the boy now called T’Challa becomes the Black Panther, the biological son returns now calling himself Klaw.

    • lol. good job troll

    • Why change his origin? It’s just fine. You don’t need to change it because you feel entitled or trying to prove something.

      • Justin, you haven’t been paying attention. Read more articles. I’ll give you a hint; Johnny Storm.

        • It’s Jamal storm now

          • ^HA!

            • Also see Shredder’s new Caucasian look. Who said being Japanese was integral to Shredder’s story? Just replace him with a random white guy!

              • that’s bull s#$t too. the shredder should be an Asian man voiced by a black man

    • Changer the gender as well, this way it will open the doors for more fresh character development.

  7. sharlto coplay for black panther hes african as in african

    • True

  8. About time. He should have been one of the first to get a movie in Phase 2 or 3

  9. Djimon Hounsou or idris elba??
    too bad they are already in other marvel films

    • Too old anyway, but could play T’Chaka.

  10. I want Captain Marvel (Carol), Black Panther and Doctor Strange. I just don’t know which one I want more!

    I will be happy with either two out of the three to be honest. But I think it would be better to add Carol first if they’re going against Thanos in Avengers 3, because her cosmic powers would be a little more needed against the Mad Titan than Black Panther vibranium claws.

    I don’t know. We’ll see.

  11. Just get Samuel L. Jackson to play the Panther :P
    But.. i guess he would be too old now to do that

  12. Michael B Jordon… oops too late, Anthony Mackie.. again too late, Jamie Foxx oh yeah too late! Elba/Djimon would be perfect but would they let either of them? Maybe it doesn’t matter really could cast someone who’s not really well known, Chris Hemsworth worked out well? I know he was in Star Trek but not for long.

    Guaranteed whoever they cast Will Smith will eventually come out and say he turned it down!

  13. They better lock up Michael K. Williams, he’s an unknown actor who people only know as Omar (The Wire). With a bit part in 12 Years a Slave, it’s only a matter of time before he finds that break out role.
    Speaking of 12 Years, Chitwel Ejiofor, especially with the buzz he’s been getting. Marvel should lock him up if they want someone more established and on the rise.

    • Don’t watch Boardwalk Empire do you?

      • right he was only the main or one of the main people in two of the biggest tv shows of the last 10-15 years. you got to love chalky white

    • Unknown to whom???? LOL

      • Relatively unknown, since he`s never had a starring role in any big mainstream film – there`s a large portion of people that don`t watch much TV, and thus have never seen The Wire or Boardwalk America

        • I see your point. I sometimes associate unknown with inexperienced and they aren’t necessarily the same thing

  14. I’ll believe it when I see it. Been through this “expletive “before.

  15. phase 4 and 5 ? but this will NEVER end ?

    seriously, after thanos the only thing that could be interesting would be the civil war so we could stop the cliché “good vs evil” and just have “the good ones” battling each other to death.

    or if marvel could merge with fox and have galactus for phase 4 and an avengers vs x-men for phase 5.

    ps: use the guy who is supposely gonna be johnny storm and make him the black panther. i don’t care what you think, i don’t care about other realities, the fact is: black panther is black and johnny storm is white.

    • I don’t know bro . I don’t see thanos getting killed before phase 4. I think he will get the ig in a button in avengers 2. I can see thanos getting the final gem in the middle of avengers 3 and that he whips the floor with the avengers. that could set up an ultimate alliance movie in phase 4 were the gog ,avengers, nova, and the inhumanoids led by adam warlock vs thanos

      • lol inhumanoids

  16. Darn, I was really hoping he would be in phase three. John Boyega is a young, not well known actor who I could see playing Black Panther in the future.

  17. Good god! Really? Phases 4 and 5? You mean we’re going to be subjected to the same movie again and again and again until sometime in 202X?

    Do something new, please!

    • Or, you know, you could just NOT WATCH THE MOVIES if it bothers you so much.

  18. Where did you get the phase 4/5 part or the inhumans nobody even brought that up

  19. I’m so glad none of you are involved with the casting of this character! ;)

    Seriously though, this is a movie that needs to happen. It should actually have been part of Phase 2 since Black Panther would’ve been the perfect addition to Avengers 2 (especially considering the Ultron story line).

    Make it happen Feige! Phase 3!

    • yep I love bp and it does suck that he wasn’t apart of the avengers yet. I think the original avengers movie should of had him and at least antman and wasp in it. they should of brought herc in the thor 1 movie but im hoping that all three + the wasp is in future movies. I hope they cast an unknown dark skinned 18 year old unknown to play the black panther when they do bring him into the mcu. I like the idea of what some one posted on here for the movie. start with his grandfather as the black panther during ww2, you can have his father become the bp after that and have his father get murdered half way there the movie and then he becomes the black panther. I think it would be cool to show the black panther mantle getting passed on from generation to generation like that

  20. Awesome news! As long as a black actor is cast. Why make things difficult?

    • What news? This is the same song and dance we’ve been hearing about Black Panther from day 1:

      Yeah, we are “working on it.” You will get it “someday.”

  21. Bring it on!! MARVEL is unstoppable! They give the fans what they want. Black Panther, yes!!

    • what about Donald driver. he moved really good on dancing with the stars

    • gambino isn’t really dark enough to play T’Challa, but he is a great actor. i’d say your #4 and #1 picks are the closest to the look he should have, but i’m personally hoping they bring Malcolm David Kelley (Walt from lost) back into the limelight

  22. How can they make Inhumans before Black Panther? That makes no sense. Inhumans?

    I think Panther could be the next big breakout character, like Iron Man, who was considered a second tier hero until the movie came out. Now he’s the man thanks to RDJ and Marvel.

    Maybe by A4 they’ll have a whole new roster, Panther, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Ms. Marvel, Wonder Man, Goliath.

  23. Chiwetel Ejiofor would make a good Panther. Very excited to see this film come to fruition.

  24. Tom hardy as black panther !!!!
    Lets make it happen
    This is 2013, race doesn’t matter

  25. Michael Jai White should be Black Panther.

    • Michael Jai White is a horrible actor. He shouldn’t be allowed on screen, period.

    • Would not be the first time a “white” was black (think Perry White in the Superman movie)!

  26. Dope, really want to see a Black Panther film. It’s not high on my list but his character always interested me. What strikes me is that they’ll be goin until phase 4 and even 5, that’s a lot of movies lol. If they go on the same track and continue releasing Avengers every three years, my bet is it’s going until 2024.

  27. I’m surprised how many of you are flipping out over Fiege still basically singing the same things in regards to this.

    “In development” officially means nothing, people.

    • It’s more fun to pick at the hypocrisy of changing a characters race, as long as you don’t change a black character’s race.

      • The 100 meter dash? Oh wait… you mean…

  28. Movies for Dr. Strange, Inhumans, Black Panther all work for me. Just be sure, Marvel, that you get Goliath and Wasp into the Avengers ASAP. I also would not mind seeing Moon Knight and Heroes For Hire at some point either in movies or on TV as well.