Is There Room For ‘Black Panther’ in ‘Phase 3′ of The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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Black Panther Marvel Studios Is There Room For Black Panther in Phase 3 of The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Long-time fans of Marvel Comics and curious moviegoers are always looking ahead when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After the success of The Avengers, speculation, rumors and questions consistently surround what other characters, teams and stories from the books will be adapted. Will some of the characters talked about for years finally get a chance on the big screen?

“Phase Two” of the movie franchise is mostly comprised of sequels for the core characters of The Avengers roster but a new set of characters are set to be introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy next August. Beyond that, Marvel Studios and Kevin Fiege are still finalizing plans for Phase Three which begins with Ant-Man shortly after The Avengers: Age of Ultron releases in May 2015.

We have to wait until next summer when Marvel Studios may begin unveiling their Phase Three schedule. In talking about the idea of shared cinematic universes with multiple franchises of films taking place in the same continuity at Comic-Con this summer, Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige explained:

“I love that our success has inspired people to do it, because the audience said, ‘we like that.  We want more of that, please.’  So, I love it, and I can’t wait to see those movies that come out.  We’re not thinking three years ahead, even five years ahead and 10 years ahead.  How do we keep it fresh?  And Guardians is our big answer to that.”

This was during Comic-Con and he continued, stating that while the focus of the studio is squarely on Phase Two, fans can expect more of Captain America, Iron Man and Thor in Phase Three. This was two months before Robert Downey Jr. signed for The Avengers sequels but not Iron Man 4, meaning Marvel Studios may now have one additional slot to fill. Feige has since gone on record explaining that they’ve got plans laid out up until 2021, when we expect a fourth Avengers could release. And he told Empire regarding how many movies would come after The Avengers 2:

“There are three or four slots. We’ve got six or seven things going. We’ve got to choose which four will go. It’s a Battle Royale!”

Assuming Ant-Man doesn’t count since it’s already greenlit with a release date, do the three-four remaining slots include three-quels for Captain America and Thor? Are those already given features Marvel plans to make or could those be pushed back or skipped all together in favor of including stars Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth in other features? Or could they be saved for further down the road due to the limited amount of options left on their contracts? Will that depend perhaps, on the performance of Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier at the box office?

Marvel Studios Doctor Strange Movie Logo Fan Made Is There Room For Black Panther in Phase 3 of The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Assuming Marvel does have four Phase Three slots left after Ant-Man for 2016 and 2017, based on Feige’s words alone we can assume these pictures are the safest bets for what’s on the slate:

  • Ant-Man (confirmed)
  • Captain America 3
  • Thor 3
  • Doctor Strange
  • The Inhumans

Doctor Strange is all but confirmed as a Phase Three film by Feige – another feature that’s “different” and one that lets them be creative. It’s also a chance to introduce another Avenger who could fill Tony Stark’s spot when Robert Downey Jr. checks out. As for The Inhumans, that’s the other commonly name-dropped property by Marvel execs – and again, it lets them do something different and play with both the history of Earth and the cosmic side of the Marvel universe that Guardians of the Galaxy will introduce us to next year. It could even serve as the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel. We also have a hunch that the”new IP” that will “merge brands” so to speak – the one that Vin Diesel is in talks for – is also The Inhumans, and we even believe that he could play their leader, a character known as Blackbolt.


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  1. Black Panther would be great. T’Challa is royalty and will definitely bring something fresh to the table. Plus an african landscape and culture would be promising from a visual perspective.

    And also, it needs to be said. The Avengers as they stand right now are very very caucasian. Some diversity will be welcome.

    • +1

  2. Doctor Strange and the Inhumans for Phase 3.

    • Those would have been my choices, but it only let me pick one.

  3. If GotG is a success, than Inhumans in the sequel would be the only option (and a good one).

    How many properties can they have? They will have to introduce most of these characters through other established series for now. BP could be in CA easily, and Dr. Strange could be in Thor (although I don’t like that idea).

    Sam Raimi would be a great choice to direct a Dr. Strange movie. He has a way of making very clear special effects. I think that is what DS would need, and that was the great strength of Steve Ditko’s artwork, making a mystical world seem “solid.”

  4. Inhumans and BP would be fair game for Fox and FF, and I imagine Marvel knows that.

    • Being that the Black Panther and Inhumans first appearances were in the FF it would only make sense that they’d appear in the movie I’d think. But if Guardians turns out to be a hit I would expect that the Inhumans would get their own movie.

      • But if GotG is a hit, where is there room for sequels if they started yet another series? That’s what I’m saying. It would fit perfectly with a GotG sequel, tie them to earth and expand the Kree connections.

        And yeah, Fox could easily use them in FF movies, but they’re way behind Marvel in laying groundwork. It’s not as if FF could simply reference BP or Inhumans in dialoge and suddendly have “dibs” on the properties. Both companies can use them, but if Fox were to develope BP or InHumans and feature them prominently in an FF movie, that would probably halt Marvel’s ability simply because they would have to have an entirely different cast and design, too confusing for audiences. Marvel doesn’t have an endless amount of time.

        • If Marvel is truly interested in getting Black Panther to the screen then they need to stop blogging and dropping hints in interviews about it and do it. I’d love to see Marvel do it. It’s just that they leave the door open to having the other companys do it first. Marvel somewhat easter egged Wakanda in Iron Man2. Like I said B.Panther and the Inhumans appeared in the FF thus making it logical that they’d show up in that movie. But I’d prefer that Marvel did it because I appreciate their movies more than Fox and Sony at this point. Oh and to anyone who thinks that the Black Panther isn’t an interesting enough character to hold his own in a movie. Lets not forget Blade…

          • BP wouldn’t be my first choice, but I know a lot of people feel differently. But remember, Blade was made pre X-men, Spider-man, basically before the current flow of SH movies. Now the question is where do you fit any new character in to an already full roster? All these movies would have sequels, and only two Marvel movies a year.

            I think they should use BP in an Avengers movie, or CA maybe and have him show up as just a mysterious character dressed in black who is stealthy and a fighter, etc. Have all the other characters asking, “who is this guy?” I think if they did it that way, audiences would be clamoring for more BP. Give them a good taste of BP at his best and let the desire build. On the other hand, a movie sounds great to people, but it’s also a huge burden. Consider Hulk’s first two movies. Not a big enough reaction to warrant more movies. But featured among a bunch of other characters and now audiences would be ready for a Hulk movie.

        • Fox cannot use Inhumans and Black Panther. It doesn’t work like that.

  5. Screenrant, you guys got the poll wrong – it’s phase 3, not phase 2

    • My bad. Fixed!

  6. 1) Black Panther
    2) Inhumans(mostly cause I wan Diesel to be Black Bolt)
    3) Heroes for Hire
    4) Doctor Strange
    5) Captain Marvel

    • The most interesting thing by far about Vin Diesel is his voice and you’d want him to play a character who can’t speak? Way to go, Bob, way to go. Also, doesn’t he already voice Groot in GotG?

      • He can do both.
        Black Bolt doesnt talk & Groot will be CGI.

        • Yeah, but a character who can’t talk might need someone with a little more variety in facial expressions and a less bovine gaze.

  7. Huh, I had forgotten all about Black Panther. I think it would be a good idea to have him in a standalone film for Phase 3, and maybe even a cameo entrance (ala Hawkeye in Thor) in Phase 2.

  8. It better be room for Black Panther in phase 3. Marvel been talking about doing a BP movie for years now and its about they get er done.

    • Agreed.

  9. I LOVE Black Panther, but Phase 3 sounds like it will be more cosmic and sci-fi and Black Panther really doesn’t fit that.

    • He can fit the advanced technology type of sci-fi but not the cosmic; you are correct on that.

      • Agreed, though in the Avengers animated series, he does save the solar system from Kree invasion onboard a Quinjet. Actually, Quinjet or vibranium-based tech would be a good way to introduce him. I know Quinjets are SHIELD tech in the MCU but they could say T’Challa was contracted to build them for SHIELD.

        • Actually in the comic book Quinjets are built by Wakanda.

          • Woops sorry! Yeah you’re right. Not in the MCU apparently…

  10. Black Panther & Inhumans.

    Marvel is always argued to have the most “relatable” comic characters but that Avengers lineup is looking pretty unrealistic for 2013. I’m not claiming that other comic brands are any better, but it’s sad that Whedon had the chance to add Black Panther to the lineup but he chose two X-Men characters instead. smh

    • You do know Guardians of the Galaxy is coming next year featuring cast of five characters of which only one is from our planet?

      Relatable means many things ;)

      • Don’t hide behind the diversity of science fiction because Djimon Hounsou(Korath) an actual cast member of GotG had this to say about the role:

        “I wanna begin saying a story about my son. I have a four-year old son who loves superheroes from Spider-Man to Iron Man to Batman. He’s got all the costumes. One day he looks at me and says ‘Dad, I want to be light-skinned so I could be Spider-Man. Spider-Man has light skin.’ That was sort of a shock. This is why I am excited to be a part of the Marvel Universe, so I could be hopefully provide that diversity in the role of the superhero.”

        Now I’m not claiming that Marvel or ANYONE involved with the production are racists but The Avengers are the main attraction of this franchise and they’re ALL white. This may or may not have crossed your mind but that DOES send a contradicting message to the ethnic youth who grow up with and love these stories.

        • Don’t forget War Machine and Falcon are part of the Avengers as well.

          • We’re talking Avenger movies. War Machine wasn’t in the Avengers and there’s no sing of Falcon or him being in Age of Ultron….so what’s your point?

            • Well, they’re loosely connected to the Avengers at this point and if you see them in a CA film or IM film then be happy about it, is my point.

              Also, no one knows exactly who will appear in the next Avengers movie, I’m sure they’ll be a surprise or two.

              • They may appear and in the comics they are Avengers but that could really be said for 75% of the Marvel heroes. At one point or another, after 70 years of stories, they’re all honorary teammates/Avengers.

        • >>ChasingAmy
          that is really nonsens! the Avengers are maybe white but there is nothing racist about that.
          The Avengers are assembled by who ?
          who brought them together ?
          who they had to listnen and pay responsibility to ?

          Nick Fury : Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.

          ……a black man.

          children may ask sometimes why a certain character is white or black.
          come on they dont know about racism.
          just say that its just the way it is and point out that there are also black superhero’s like Black Panther. Dont make something innocent so big and dont be oversensitive.

          All modern comix stories an

          • accidently pressed sent. haha

            all modern comic stories and their cartoon versions are full with messages about accepting people the way they are.
            ( the mutants in x-men as best example )
            children pick this up.
            the skin colour is just curiosity
            what if a white child wouls ask his mom.
            mom i wish black panther was white cause i want to be black panther !
            this sounds different right
            but essentialy its the same

            thats all i want to say.
            no child will ever be damaged

        • More than half of the population in the world is Asian, yet, do you see an Asian super hero in any line up in any franchise in any comic book movies or otherwise? Do you see us complaining?

          • Umm, uhh wait… what?! What do you make of this?

            • What I make of this is, I don’t know any of them. There are no mainstream heroes at all are there? Especially in any CB movies? How many are there of those? Uh???…. yea that’s what I meant….None…
              I am not complaining though… I just don’t get the big deal about the whole issue… and I keep on coming across these comments everywhere. I love T’challa! I want a Black Panther movie.
              But that is because I like him as a super-hero, I like his character development and personality.
              Gender wise, yes there is some un-intentional snubbing. Why force in ethnicity where it is not asked for? It just looks forced and it just feels strange and even more alienating.

              • Granted, many of them are somewhat obscure, but haven’t you heard about the X-Men? Or the Justice League?

    • “Whedon had the chance to add Black Panther to the lineup but he chose two X-Men characters instead.”-Interesting point.

      • I’m actually still pretty skeptical of whether or not Scarlett Witch and Qucksilver are a good idea. Not raggin on Whedon’s writing. I’ll wait to see the movie. But it seems like there were much easier characters to add that would have also pleased fans more than those two. They were added to the Avengers in the 60′s so I suppose seniority dictates they get they due, but Sony holding the rights to all things mutants, I’m skeptical of them making it work. I hope they don’t even explain their powers so that I don’t have to be disappointed by some not-mutants workaround. “Oh the Extremis virus did it.” Queue the collective face-palm.

        • They were born with their powers. That’s it. Period. Not complicated in the least. Notice I never used the “M” word. Tricky I know.

          And senority has absolutely nothing to do with it (otherwise where’s ant-man and wasp?). Whedon has ideas or wouldn’t bother. Think about it. They could be really interesting characters. They’re both unstable in their ways. And I suspect SW probability altering powers will play into the creation of Ultron. Regardless, there is lots to “mine” with them.

          • Well that’s what I’m saying. “They were born with them” end of story. no real back story or anything. I think seniority does have something to do with it. Whedon wanted wasp in the movie. Ant-Man is getting his movie. It’s not in perfect order but they’re definitely acknowledging seniority. I don’t personally find the siblings interesting but I can see how they could be. Whedon said he’s not adding any characters that are going to make things easier for the Avengers so I’m assuming they’ll either be a secondary problem that the Avengers have to deal with or they’ll be the rookies trying to team up with Avengers and making things difficult. I don’t think SW will have anything to do with the creation of Ultron. I think if they end up doing Vision she’ll have a hand in that like in the comics. I still don’t think they were the best choice. I think Whedon just likes the characters. He even said the brother-sister relationship was a big draw for him.

            • The fact that they don’t have an origin is a plus in a movie that will have a ton of other characters.

              I’m imagining SW will be very mentally fragile. In the comics Quicksilver was always insanely protective of her, but in the early Kirby/Lee comics (this was 60′s X-men), there really wasn’t a legitimate reason (except that she was a “helpless” girl). I’m thinking Whedon will expand on this and legitimize their “us against the world” attitude. I can’t see him simply adding them for their powers. In fact, I think those will almost be secondary.

              The reason I think she’ll be involved with the origin is that they need something to propel the Ultron technology beyond what is already present in that universe. He kind of has to be one of a kind and not so easily repeatable. Otherwise, everyone would start making Ultrons. Also, and maybe more importantly, I think it will be used as a plot device to get SW and Q involved.

              Some organization will use (exploit) SW in order to, I don’t know, make super computer chips work multidimensionally or something (insert esoteric science/magic babble). Since she is being used against her will, this makes a place for Quicksilver to display his protectiveness and anger. AND, this would set up that SW and Q are mistrustful of the Avengers, leading to the inevitable physical battles.

              Anyway, I think it will be something that integrates them into the plot. But of course, I don’t know how.

              • Excellent points. They (CBM writers) almost invariably mess up on the repeatability issue. That’s a good use of the characters. Your point above about Steve Ditko’s artwork was also spot on.

                • Coming from someone with such discerning and impeccable taste (which I know because of the top hat avatar), that’s quite a compliment.

                  Yeah, I hate it when they (way too often) create some technology like suits of armor or radiative spiders that could easily duplicate effects for others. But they’ll probably do it again.

                  I could see Whedon having Ultron defeated, then an end credit scene with James Spader’s voice on a mass marketed teddy-bear or something.

                  Yeah, Ditko did the truly best Dr. Strange. I loved looking at how the spells went around objects and shattered defenses. I’ve seen P.Craig Russell (inking at least) and Frank Miller totally emulate his style for Dr. Strange type Spider-man stories. So they saw something too.

              • Those are good points. I can see it working and I’ll definitely wait to see the movie to pass judgement but I still think there were better/easier choices. I totally agree about the repeatability thing, though I think, even if it’s possible to repeat the mistake, they would have that “we can never let this happen again” kind of moment at the end. I’m hoping they set this movie to a sort of Marvel Civil War back drop. At the end of the Avengers some of the news interviews had people very distrusting of the Avengers. It’d be a good story to have half the people wary of them and then they are somehow responsible for Ultron. They win the day but disband at the end because people, while grateful, recognize that it was their fault to begin with. Only once Thanos comes do they have to reunite “because we’ll need them to.”

                • Yeah, they probably won’t be parting as “buddies” like the last time.

                  What is there to the Civil War storyline that could make a movie? I didn’t read it but isn’t it simply two sides on a “superhero registration,” issue, then lots of fights over it? I can’t see that as more than a minor part of a movie, unless there is actually a lot more.

                  • There’s more to it than that. There’s, among many other events that still make ripples throughout the entire Marvelverse, Captain America actually going underground and leading the rebellion because his patriotism prevents him to partake in what the government is doing (that is, turning the so-called land of liberty into a police state), and Tony Stark running for senator. It raises big moral issues in a world damaged by Bush junior’s little cabal.

                  • It would be too much to include solid aspects of Civil War in this movie but the general tone would be a great backdrop. People don’t trust superhumans, even the Avengers, because, although they save people, they’re battles often cause a lot of destruction. These feelings of mistrust come to a head when Nitro blows up a whole town because inexperienced heroes are trying to take him down. The Avengers basically split down the middle and Iron Man leads the charge to register while Cap sees it as an infringement on the civil liberties of real heroes. It’s a lot of social commentary and some really fantastic writing. The tone of “we don’t trust the all mighty superhero team” would be a great backdrop for this movie because Ultron is rumored to come from the Avengers. They saved the world, yay. Most people were happy but there were some that were now fearful of them. Those people are gonna be loud, as they always are. It’d be cool to see some protests and then Stark is like “No I built this Ultron for you. He’ll be great.” Not. After they save the day again, they forced to accept that, while everyone is again grateful, it was their mess in the first place. It will be poignant if there are those sentiments before Ultron and not just afterwards.

                    • Also, the backdrop for Civil War has been set since the first movies with the Superhuman Registration Act, it’d be great to see that plotline finally unfold.

    • Even thought they debuted in X-Men, they’re not exclusively “X-Men characters”. Scarlet Witch has been an Avenger for most of her existence.

      • And I believe they were with Magneto (originally in the 60′s) because SW owed him a debt or something, and Quicksilver was there to look after her. Or else they were both needing protection.

        • Yeah, they reluctantly debuted in the Brotherhood. I might be wrong but I even believe Wanda’s never been an actual member of any X team (Pietro was in X-Force), whereas she and Quickie became Avengers only one year after their creation (May ’65, created March ’64).

    • God I’m so sick of people who don’t know what they’re talking about harping on this.

      1. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are not X-Men characters. They are Avengers, plain and simple. Have been for 40 years and always will be. They have never been X-Men.

      2. If Black Panther is getting a movie they’re not going to introduce him in Avengers first to step on the toes of his origin. It’s the same reason Ant-Man is not in Avengers 2.

      3. How about you actually read the comics or at least look stuff up on Wiki before going around trying to claim what Marvel is doing wrong.

      • Exactly anyone that reads the books would know those two are Avengers characters.

      • Now I’m sick too, but in this case it’s just a bit of Lactaid intoloerance.

        It’s not as if they aren’t strongly associated with X-men. They were introduced as mutants in the first comic about mutants. They are the children of the X-men’s main antagonist, Magneto, and founding members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. If you read those early comics, they were featured in about every issue early on and often appeared in that mag. They often mention they are mutants, and feel there is mutant intolerance. Fox is going to feature Quicksilver in a cameo, so they must think there is something too, and Marvel’s not stopping them.

        Yes, they have been Avengers since the sixties, but I think their X-men connections might warrant a mention.

        • We’re not saying they’re not connected to the X-Men, just that they’ve never been X-Men themselves, contrary to what some ignorants here are claiming. They’re full-fledged Avengers who also happen to be mutants. By the way, Marvel can’t stop Fox: Fox has the rights to anything mutant, Marvel to anything Avengers. Fox can use them if they don’t mention their affiliation and Marvel can use them if they don’t mention their mutant origin (or change it to something non-mutant). Plain and simple.

  11. I just want heroes for hire

  12. Black Panther would be the logical tie in to the Avengers plus he would be strong enough character to headline his own movie…also his outfit would look badass (batmanish)

    • Agreed.

  13. Glad to see most people have voted the same way I did. I think that the question of whether or not they have room for Black Panther can only be answered with “if they don’t make room for it, they’re making a mistake.” Another example of a well written, well thought out, and insightful article on SR. This is why I come here.

  14. I thought Vin would play Riddick and meet the Guardian !
    What a shame !

  15. Black Panther and Doctor Strange, thank you!
    BP would fit in so well with what’s going on in the MCU and introducing magic into the universe would be great too.

    Honestly, as long as they do Black Panther right, stick to the source material, explore some interesting themes of family, heritage, purpose/legcay and technology, and hopefully get someone good like Aldis Hodge to play T’Challa, it has the potential to be the best Marvel movie to date (and I’m not even really that big a fan of BP, believe it or not).

    • The Black Panther cartoon does an excellent job in this and BET still runs it.

  16. Doctor Strange and the Inhumans seems to be a better fit for what marvel is going for in phase three (cosmic). Trying to shoe horn the black panther in just because you’ve been teasing it jeopardizes more than just one movie, it risks the marvel universe setup they’ve gotten so far. Black panther’s character isn’t worth the risk vs reward.

    • “Black panther’s character isn’t worth the risk vs reward”-Please explain

      • There is already a big risk introducing the GotG. Certain characters are recognizable to the most casual movie-goer without ever having read a comic book. Then there are (mostly better) other characters that are less known, those are usually pretty big risks. Black Panther is one of those characters (imo), and if a solo movie works out, the best it will do is probably just under captain america standards.
        also sorry for the delay in my reply, sporadic computer access today.

        • Point taken and understood but let’s use Blade for example. I don’t think the general audience knew who this character was. Yet it turned out to be successful. Now it sort of lost its way in 2 & 3 (imo) but successful enough. I will say this; I think it would have been cool had they introduced B.Panther briefly in Capt. America 1. Capt. could have been on a brief mission in Africa and either runs into him or is made aware of him. Being that the mantle of the Panther is passed down the current Panther would’ve known about the encounter-(maybe depending on how the story went). But Wakanda was sort of easter egged in Iron Man 2 towards the end. If you look at the map behind Stark & Fury you see Africa and an area of it was highlighted.


  18. If the character exists in the comic it will be seen and it will fit black panther will kick ass

  19. Well, we definitely need Captain Marvel in Phase 3. But whether Black Panther or Doctor Strange? I would be very happy with either.

    It’s true that we need diversity, I don’t want every MCU movie to star a Caucasian male.

  20. Yes! Black Panther movie FTW! Let’s get to it Marvel!

  21. I wonder if they’ll ever get to a point where enough of the average audience is “in” on the characters and stories that they don’t need to make every movie appeal on a more general level with a famous name like Spider-Man or Iron Man. Maybe they can turn enough of the general audience into Marvelites where they can start releasing a little more obscure characters in the films without worrying about whether enough people will go.

    • I don’t see why the audience needs to be “in” on the character first. If the movie looks good, people will give it a chance. I had no idea Blade was from a comic book when I went to see it. It just sounded like a fun movie. No one had ever heard of Indiana Jones or Luke Skywalker, but those films seemed to have done okay. I’m not saying that having a history wouldn’t help. I’m sure most of the people who saw “Dr. No”, Burton’s “Batman” or the “Harry Potter” movies were excited to see characters they’d previously only read portrayed on the big screen. But I can’t see how familiarity is necessary to sell tickets. As for being a “Marvelite”, I can only speak for myself: I’m looking forward to anything they want to try with their movies, but I have no intention of buying comic books just so I’ll be prepared for the next film. I can’t imagine that’s ever going to happen on enough of a scale to determine what characters get movies. If the movies create new comics fans (or vice-versa), then it’s a win-win for Marvel. But I’m sure they plan to continue looking at them as two separate entities.

      • +1

  22. Phase 3

    1. Ant-Man (explaining the “true” origin of Ultron over Scarlet Witch’s alternate reality/origin of Ultron, introducing the Reality Gem)
    2. Captain America 3 (after many wars, Rogers questions his place, hints at Civil War, introduces Soul Gem)
    3. Black Panther (explores heritage, legacy, and introduces Time gem)
    4. Thor 3 (Thor encounters Beta Ray Bill, introduction of Space gem and Infinity Gauntlet)
    5. Doctor Strange (as a neurosurgeon, he discovers the Mind gem)

    Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet (Assembly of Thanos’ Gauntlet and Power Gem war with Avengers, stand-off at the end with the introduction of Inhumans)

    Phase 4

    Inhumans (starts unrest with general public and superheroes)
    Iron Man reboot (includes Captain America, begins Civil War)
    Hulk/She-Hulk (builds Civil War, possible exile of Hulk to outer-space)

    that’s all I got.

    • You can’t include a reboot in an ongoing continuity. Either you reboot the whole thing or none of it. Maybe you meant recast?

      Also, Beta Ray Bill has never been a good idea in the first place, so no thanks.

  23. I hate when people act like they forget the reason why things are the way they are , Joss said he wanted to do powers that weren’t physical which is why he is doing Sw and Quick could he have chosen many others he could but he chose them , if your going to comment how about you at least read what the hell is happening instead of just bringing in your opinion to the table.

  24. BP would be Ok, but if in Avengers, I want Goliath and Wasp first. Maybe BP and Vision later on down the line. Or BP could team in next Captain America movie with Cap. They also got along well together.

  25. The Incredible Hulk 2
    Daredevil reboot

  26. what about the g o g sequel

  27. We need Kree before Captain Marvel

    • You’ll get them in GotG.

  28. I’m all for thinking ahead but what happens if captain America makes 50 million at the BO?

    • Considering the success of the first movie despite its corniness, I wouldn’t worry about that.

  29. I feel Marvel would be best served utilizing the Nov 2015 release date vacated when Ant-Man moved to the summer by adding a S.H.E.I.L.D double feature akin to Grindhouse (a horror action science fiction film based in Africa and a Blaxploitation flick based in Harlem) to go head to head with Bond 24. Nick Fury could have supporting roles in both films. One starring the Black Window which introduces the Black Panther, and the other starrring the Falcon which introduces DeathloK, the Maggia and Roxxon Oil.