Is There Room For ‘Black Panther’ in ‘Phase 3′ of The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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Black Panther Marvel Studios Is There Room For Black Panther in Phase 3 of The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Long-time fans of Marvel Comics and curious moviegoers are always looking ahead when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After the success of The Avengers, speculation, rumors and questions consistently surround what other characters, teams and stories from the books will be adapted. Will some of the characters talked about for years finally get a chance on the big screen?

“Phase Two” of the movie franchise is mostly comprised of sequels for the core characters of The Avengers roster but a new set of characters are set to be introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy next August. Beyond that, Marvel Studios and Kevin Fiege are still finalizing plans for Phase Three which begins with Ant-Man shortly after The Avengers: Age of Ultron releases in May 2015.

We have to wait until next summer when Marvel Studios may begin unveiling their Phase Three schedule. In talking about the idea of shared cinematic universes with multiple franchises of films taking place in the same continuity at Comic-Con this summer, Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige explained:

“I love that our success has inspired people to do it, because the audience said, ‘we like that.  We want more of that, please.’  So, I love it, and I can’t wait to see those movies that come out.  We’re not thinking three years ahead, even five years ahead and 10 years ahead.  How do we keep it fresh?  And Guardians is our big answer to that.”

This was during Comic-Con and he continued, stating that while the focus of the studio is squarely on Phase Two, fans can expect more of Captain America, Iron Man and Thor in Phase Three. This was two months before Robert Downey Jr. signed for The Avengers sequels but not Iron Man 4, meaning Marvel Studios may now have one additional slot to fill. Feige has since gone on record explaining that they’ve got plans laid out up until 2021, when we expect a fourth Avengers could release. And he told Empire regarding how many movies would come after The Avengers 2:

“There are three or four slots. We’ve got six or seven things going. We’ve got to choose which four will go. It’s a Battle Royale!”

Assuming Ant-Man doesn’t count since it’s already greenlit with a release date, do the three-four remaining slots include three-quels for Captain America and Thor? Are those already given features Marvel plans to make or could those be pushed back or skipped all together in favor of including stars Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth in other features? Or could they be saved for further down the road due to the limited amount of options left on their contracts? Will that depend perhaps, on the performance of Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier at the box office?

Marvel Studios Doctor Strange Movie Logo Fan Made Is There Room For Black Panther in Phase 3 of The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Assuming Marvel does have four Phase Three slots left after Ant-Man for 2016 and 2017, based on Feige’s words alone we can assume these pictures are the safest bets for what’s on the slate:

  • Ant-Man (confirmed)
  • Captain America 3
  • Thor 3
  • Doctor Strange
  • The Inhumans

Doctor Strange is all but confirmed as a Phase Three film by Feige – another feature that’s “different” and one that lets them be creative. It’s also a chance to introduce another Avenger who could fill Tony Stark’s spot when Robert Downey Jr. checks out. As for The Inhumans, that’s the other commonly name-dropped property by Marvel execs – and again, it lets them do something different and play with both the history of Earth and the cosmic side of the Marvel universe that Guardians of the Galaxy will introduce us to next year. It could even serve as the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel. We also have a hunch that the”new IP” that will “merge brands” so to speak – the one that Vin Diesel is in talks for – is also The Inhumans, and we even believe that he could play their leader, a character known as Blackbolt.


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  1. So there will be a Dr fate ripoff, An Atom ripoff and a black batman wow how original.

    • Hahahaha. If you don’t think that Marvel and DC rip off each other all the time you’re kidding yourself.

      • first of all tchalla is no batman rip off he might be a male version of wonder woman and there is many difference even between them but he hs almost nothing in common

        • Well, he’s got pointy ears on a black mask… ;) Seriously, he’s a somewhat fear-inducing character who often hunts his preys at night. Not saying one is a ripoff of the other but unless you’re kidding yourself, you can’t help but notice the similarities.

          • what about moon knight as batman rip off?

          • T’challa goes after people anytime of the day, he only did that in one series. If you’re going to talk about a character at least learn about him first

            • Where did I say he never hunted in daytime? If you’re gonna put words in my mouth at least learn about me first.

    • ripoff you say!

    • The Atom first appearance(1990) Ant-man(1962)

      I won’t argue further but You know Batmen and Dr Fate were golden age heroes, Dr Strange and Black Panther were silver age heroes. There is a world of difference between the character none are ripoffs.

      and you make you argument invalid by saying Ant-man was a ripoff of a character that would not be invented 30 years later.

      you’re just jealous because DC can’t make heroes other than Sups or Bats into franchise movies.

      BTW Arrow is a very mediocre television show at best

  2. I cant think of another actor to play BP …Djimon Hounsou enough said !

    • chadwick boseman or idris elba

    • Djimon Hounsou is already in the MCU now… and he’s too old.

      Look up Aldis Hodge. Even if they don’t get him, he’s in the age group they should be (and probably are) looking at.

      • “Djimon Hounsou is already in the MCU now… and he’s too old”

        I forgot he`s cast in GOTG but his character seems like a 5 minute scene to say the least

        • still too old.

          T’challa is supposed to be a YOUNG PRINCE, not a 50 year old veteran.

          Now the Old King his is 100% perfect for.

          • Well, Jaden Smith then. Nah, just kidding.

  3. Boseman is a good choice. I’d say Elba if he were younger.

    • age isnt a problem with BP, its passed down

      • “age isnt a problem with BP, its passed down”- That’s why it would’ve been so so cool had Capt. America ran into a B. Panther in Africa while on a mission. Nothing extensive but just enough to introduce the character. And then have the current B. Panther appear in the new Capt. America movie.

  4. They are going to make Black Panther, but as I said… I strongly believe they will release Dr. Stranger first to introduce the world of magic to the universe, before combining science and magic in BP. Plus, they are going to need bigger cast to defeat Thanos, assuming he’s the grand finale in Avengers 3.

  5. I feel Marvel would be best served utilizing the Nov 2015 release date vacated when Ant-Man moved to the summer by adding a S.H.E.I.L.D double feature akin to Grindhouse (a horror action science fiction film based in Africa and a Blaxploitation flick based in Harlem) to go head to head with Bond 24. Nick Fury could have supporting roles in both films. One starring the Black Window,which introduces pre-Black Panther T’Challa, Monica Rambeau, Dirk Anger and Deathlok as an unwilling super villian and the other starrring the Falcon and DeathloK (as a Hero),vs. the Maggia and Roxxon Oil.

  6. Tyrin Turner. The actor has the muscle, the young look(even though he’s 42 but RDJ is in his 50′s playing a supposed young playboy lol), and MOST definitely the acting chops to pull it off. He’s been looking to make a come back in the public eye by working with Jamie Foxx recently too. This could be it! I really hope someone from Marvel Studios can see this comment and consider Tyrin. C’mon, the dude had the most dramatic death in movie history and even missed a chance to play as Robin in Batman Forever…

    He’s a “unknown” too, so money wouldn’t be a problem.

  7. so GOTG Sequel? cool.

  8. Idris Elba is already Heimdall anyway. Too much double-casting superheroes going on these days, we don’t need the list extended.

  9. Stan Lee was involved in the creation of Ronan the Accuser, The Collector, and Groot. How the heck is he gonna cameo in this film?

    • Nova officer stan lee

      • More like Nova janitor. I doubt there are many elders in the Nova Corps.

  10. Now that I ponder it when is marvel going to make amovie about the nova corps and Nova should get his own movie.

  11. Black panther! black panther! black panther!

  12. I am new to marvel-verse and recently went through the two season of Avengers: earth’s mightiest heroes animated series, and I must say that I have a certain respect now that i did not have before regarding these new characters. Especially Ant-man and Black Panther. I found them very well written and legit and proper super-heroes, not forced at all and I would love to see them making movies. I would be fascinated to see Wasp come to the big screen as well, she can be such a bad-ass, I love her! Also Miss Marvel is a must somewhere in there!

  13. Don’t care as long as it’s Clé Bennett as Black Panther!