Marvel Is Listening To Your Requests For Black Panther & Captain Marvel

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Black Panther and Captain Ms Marvel Marvel Is Listening To Your Requests For Black Panther & Captain Marvel

After adding a series of additional release dates for unannounced films in the coming five years just before and during San Diego Comic-Con last month, many including us believed we’d finally see Marvel Studios lay out their plans for the next chapter (dubbed “Phase 3″) of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That didn’t happen and so we still sit looking at clues and speculating on what comes next and what new characters could enter the fold after The Avengers: Age of Ultron and before The Avengers 3.

You can go through the growing list of fan-requested properties and characters but top among them are heroes that would add some much clamored for diversity to The Avengers roster, namely Black Panther and Ms. Marvel. Black Panther has been a subject of many headlines for long time, even before Mark Bailey was tapped to write a Black Panther script four years ago, and the original Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers, the current Captain Marvel in the comics) has been rumored for a cameo appearance in The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

There are no official announcements however, regarding appearances or casting for either, let alone news for their own potential movies. IGN asked Marvel Studios president of production Kevin Feige, the face of Marvel Studios, about the Black Panther and Captain Marvel at Comic-Con and after jokingly teasing an announcement regarding the pair, Feige continued, addressing the demand for them.

 “They’re both characters that we like, that development work has been done on and continues to be done on and certainly the public… it’s a question I get asked more than anything else. More than Iron Man 4. More than The Avengers 3. And that’s sort of the fist time that’s really happened to us so I think that makes a difference. I think that’s something we have to pay attention to.”

Don’t take that to mean fans are helping sway Feige and the other decision-makers at Marvel though. They’ve stuck to their own plan all along and will continue to.

“I’ve always said we have our plan and it served us very well and there hasn’t been anything that has made us deviate or change from that based on opinion because opinions online change and they alter, and they’re based on sort of limited information they have towards what’s going on behind-the-scenes. But in this particular case I think it is a groundswell. I think it does. I think it means something substantial.”

There’s no doubt Disney-owned Marvel sees the feedback and criticisms for a lack of female lead characters. Even after 10 Marvel Studios releases, we’ve yet to see a non-white male actor as the lead. Of course, to be fair, that’s how it was in the early comics that the films are based on and it will absolutely change in the coming movies. Black Panther for instance has already been teased in the MCU, with the character’s homeland of Wakanda popping up as an Easter Egg in Iron Man 2, and the fictional metal alloy known as Vibranium being used in the construction of Captain America’s shield. Even the Quinjets introduced in The Avengers are – in the comics, anyway – were designed by Black Panther. There were scenes of The Avengers 2 shot in South Africa which raised some suspicion as to whether director Joss Whedon could introduce Wakanda in the sequel.

With rumors of Captain Marvel being in early drafts of the script for The Avengers: Age of Ultron, could we see the film introduce both her and Black Panther? Is that why we’ve yet to hear what movies are coming from Marvel in 2016-18 as to not spoil the surprise? Months ago Feige said Marvel had mapped out films all the way to 2028 and it’s very likely these key characters are a part of the plan – it’s just a matter of timing. Given that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment could be launching a Wonder Woman solo film after Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and recent news of Sony planning a female Spider-Man film, the race is on!


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The Avengers: Age of Ultron releases on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, Captain America 3 on May 6 2016, and unannounced films for July 8 2016 and May 5 2017, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on July 28 2017, November 3 2017, May 4 2018, July 6 2018, November 2 2018 and May 3 2019.

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  1. I know this is off topic, but anybody else wish that if Denzel Washington joined the MCU that he would play the BLUE MARVEL? He definitely has the acting skills, and he has the look for Adam Brasher. Although, I’m pretty sure he would be skeptical about being in a skin tight suit.

    • Denzel is my favourite actor but he doesn’t have the physique to be blue marvel and with him being 59….he probably couldn’t get into Superhero shape considering he has never been in great shape in his life. There is also the fact that he has never been in a franchise. But he could play a mentoring character or a voice over and we would all be the better for it.

      • Apparently, you’ve never seen “The Hurricane,” “Ricochet,” “Crimson Tide,” or “Fallen.” Denzel was a tooth-chipper in each if those films and many others. Liam Neeson is in his sixties, yet we manage to accept him as an action hero.

  2. Marvel already has two female characters they’ve spent quite a bit of time and money developing, ScarJo’s Black Widow and Jaimie Alexander’s Sif, both of whom are quality actors with characters the fans seem to like. It seems amazing to me that Marvel might fritter away both of these characters and let another studio get a female superhero flick to the screen first. Or maybe they’ll surprise us with one of those as-of-yet-unannounced films they’ve got scheduled. But if so, they’re doing a damn good job of keeping any hints of that close to their vest.

    • they can keep it close to their vest or locked in a safe in Fort Knox. I know i’ll never spend a dollar on a movie that is about putting women on a pedestal. Marvel already crossed the line with that female Thor nonsense.

      • Why?

  3. They should recast Heimdall. I just can’t think of anyone better to cast as Black Panther than Idris Alba.

    • Too old, I was thinking Chadwick Boseman.

      • I agree I think I’d want Boseman in the lead as well loved him in 42

  4. I’d like to see Michael Jai White in the role of Black Panther.

    • I agree

    • Physically he is a good choice, but I’m sorry, but he is not that good of an actor.

      I just feel like there is not enough Black action actors, so their casting choice will be sort of narrow if they want to go for a big/ well known actor.

  5. Djimon Hounsou was my pick to portray Black Pather, but he’s Korath so he’s out. I’d love to see Idris Elba take up the role. Michael Jai White would be a nice choice too. I’ve always wanted to see him play Rhodey/War Machine.

  6. Ms Marvel woman could solve the problem of a Female led CBM. The movie could be Mar’vell and Carol Danvers more of a buddy up movie to introduce the latest leading lady. Then if it wins the hearts of the movie goers BAM you take her on a solo outing

  7. Please no to michael jai white after how he potrayed spawn hell no. Image wont even think about making a movie after that train wreck and jai whites poor casting choice really didnt help. Boyega for sure.

  8. I think if they are going to introduce Captain Marvel they should first introduce the origins CM. Then they can go through his death and hand off his title. Though they probably will skip this.

  9. What about adewale akkinnuoye-agbaje from Pompeii? Too bad Idris Elba is heimdall. Terry crews might not be a bad idea. Definitely has the physique.

    • Terry Crews is my pick to play Luke Cage in the upcoming Netflix series.

      • Not if they cast Eden Sher as Jessica Jones.

  10. I’d watch a Black Panther movie, or even take him as a co-star in a Captain America movie (I mean, look how well Falcon was recieved! As for female heorines, glad to se Scarlet Witch in there. Next up let’s get wasp rolling, and further down the road I suppose Ms. Marvel or Monica Rambeau (Captain Marvel) would be OK. And Mockingbird is welcome news. Over in the Spiderman tent, Black Cat would be good as well as Spider Woman, and I am sure we could find room for dazzler in the X-men flicks. No problem here with adding more women.

    • I like the way you’re thinking, but Dazzler? Pretty lame character considering how many strong female characters there are. I’d much rather see Psylocke, X23, Emma Frost in the proper time period, Jubilee, or Armor before Dazzler. Lots of ladies to choose from in the X-Men universe.

  11. Comics have precious few Female/Ethnic leads to begin with.
    Black Panther is a great character but it would take a lot to do it right.
    Ms Marvel, read the origin and see how weird that would be to convey all of that into a movie. A completely inaccurate origin story would almost be required.
    She-Hulk, Law and Order meets Xena.
    Patriot and the Young Avengers, for Phase 4 or whatever.
    What about Namor? He isn’t white.

    • You know, Agents of SHIELD would be a great vehicle to use to introduce the Carol Danvers character, since she originally started out as a normal Human agent. They could at least build up her character’s background that way, without trying to fit everything into one movie.

  12. I’m more excited about Agent Cater, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage series then films that might never get made. If fans support these TV shows then it’s more likely films without male white leads might get made.


  13. Blank Panther, Yes. Fake Capt Marvel, No. No interest in watching a women rights movie.

    • What are you on! Why would a film with a female superhero be a “woman’s rights movie”? So all male led films must be “mans rights movies” then right? It does feel like it sometimes.

      Look at me I’m a man, I can fly around and and kill people and bang all the women I like, the world and everything in it exist just as a playground for my ego.

      I have no issue with you using the cinema to fantasise about the life you wish you had but maybe you should try just enjoying the film?

      Thank god film makers are realising that white men are not the only people with money to spend (anymore)… Sigh

      • I have no interest in watching a movie that is about putting women on a pedestal. It’s my opinion and my choice. I don’t have to justify what i want to watch to anyone.

        • No, you don’t have to justify what you want to see.

          But opinions can be based on all sorts of wrong information. For example you first say something about it being a woman’s rights movie. And then you go on and call it a movie with a woman on a pedestal.

          You come off as a guy who thinks women are a beneath you with your claims that a movie where a woman portrayed as an equal (not above you, just equal) is somehow about her rights or putting her on pedestal.

          You come off like that because you clearly think that is she is an equal, that’s too god for her. Her place is beneath you. That’s what you’re saying.

          That opinion is just so sad.

          • I don’t care about women’s “empowerment” or “issues” . I have no desire to watch a 2hr movie of a woman easily beating up men. If Marvel makes it, so be it but they won’t get a dime from me. I don’t see what offends you so much. My opinion won’t changes Marvels decision or stop you from watching if it does get produced.

            • I just think it’s a sad opinion.

  14. I would love to see Michael Ealy play Black Panther,he’s light-skinned but it could work.I think he could play a good superhero or villian in a Marvel or DC movie.Think about considering Michael Ealy for a future superhero movie,he can do it.

  15. Diversity. Just another keyword in the socially engineered dumbing down of our nation by Progressive ideologists whose own digressive ideology leads to anything but progress.

    • I believe it is an old wooden ship, used in the civil war era

    • OMG there are other people who live in the world that would like to see representations of them in the different forms of media they spend their hard earned cash on like everyone else. Cry me a river!

  16. There are better characters for movies, such as:
    Deadpool/Iron Fist
    Thunderbolts (However, I’d introduce the Villains through other movies before introducing the Thunderbolts)

  17. Ridiculous that it’s even taken this long to even introduce Black Panther into the MCU. Not even a mention to Panther or Wakanda is crazy, given they’ve introduced Vibranium. And I find it funny how people want to look at the whole Panther & Ms Marvel additions as some way to balance out & bring diversity for political correctness. Way to add your corny views subliminally. Regardless of gender & race, these are major Marvel characters, very relative to The Avengers. Stop trying to make yourself sound intelligent with those recycled views.

  18. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Have her be Ms. Marvel and have a movie of the original Captain Mar-vell!! The Kree, Skrull war would be a awesome story!!

  19. Would love to see women-led superhero flicks from Marvel and DC. Loved how Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent used the power of ‘true-love’s kiss’ from a woman’s perspective to bring about good. It was inspirational. So, done right, women superheroes would be well received. The trick is to leverage on their feminine strengths and virtues instead of just making them female versions of men heroes.

  20. Idris Elba for the first Black James Bond, HE’s the only one that can grasp that seasoned role.

    The actor has to play second fiddle to Robert Downy Jr. so an A Lister wouldn’t work. here are some thoughts:

    Michael Jai White, Lance Gross, Nate Parker; (English Actors) John Boyega, Aml Eysan Ameen for Black Panther,

    Johnny Dep should be Dr. Strange

    There’s no one stronger underwater on the planet then Namor, comics illustrate that Namor made Hulk change back to Bruce Banner, so that actor has to have a strong presence.
    Dawyne Johnson or Van Diesel – Sub Mariner Prince Namor,

  21. i want someone who is African to play black panther

  22. Captain Marvel – Megan Fox. Stop the contest now!

  23. Black panther and Ms. Marvel are needed. Black panther might be introduced in age of ultron, if not then Wakanda, as I believe ultron will be made of vibranium. Black Panther out of the two must be a origin story that splits between past how tchalla’s father died and how he became the black panther. They can eliminate a full back story by klaw killing the present black panther with a more primitive suit to get vibranium for ultron.
    Ms. Marvel will probably be introduced in gotg 2. I feel guardians will go to earth to stop thanos and/or ronin with kree(captain marvel with army) to get one of the gems. That’s how they will introduce her. Hopefully they film gotg 2 and ms. Marvel at the same time. I also think Reyes will become nova. I also hope Thor 3 introduces Beta Ray Bill.