Morris Chestnut NOT in Talks to Play ‘Black Panther’ ‘Avengers 2′ [Updated]

Published 2 years ago by , Updated May 12th, 2013 at 7:31 am,

Black Panther Rumor Morris Chestnut Morris Chestnut NOT in Talks to Play Black Panther Avengers 2 [Updated]

[UPDATE: Morris Chestnut has clarified that he's NOT in talks to play Black Panther. Scroll down for details.]

With momentum building for all of Marvel’s headlining acts, it’s a bit of a surprise to see Black Panther grabbing headlines. While production on the character’s standalone movie had apparently slowed to make way for direct tie-in films post-Avengers, the newest rumors hint that not only is Black Panther going to be hitting the big screen soon, but Marvel may already have an actor in mind for the role.

Actor Morris Chestnut (Kick-Ass 2, The Call) has appeared online recently claiming the need to get familiar with T’Challa, the King of Wakanda, and going so far as to tease that a role in The Avengers 2 (2015) is still being considered.

Take this rumor with a MAJOR grain of salt for now, since there is little to go on besides Chestnut’s comments, and those following Marvel rumors and updates know this is not typically how the studio does things.

Black Panther Movie Rumors Morris Chestnut NOT in Talks to Play Black Panther Avengers 2 [Updated]

Generally word of a film on the horizon will slip, a long list of actors being tested is constructed then narrowed down, with all involved dropping hints or teases throughout the process.

Though Marvel has yet to even confirm that a Black Panther movie is still a priority for ‘Phase Two’ and ‘Phase Three,’ Chestnut got the ball rolling via his own Twitter account just yesterday, tweeting the following message with a link to the below image posted on his Facebook page:

“It’s time to get familiar with the Black Panther character!”

Black Panther Comic Cover Morris Chestnut NOT in Talks to Play Black Panther Avengers 2 [Updated]

The tweet alone sparked speculation, even though Chestnut didn’t specify whether his comments were motivated by casting, being contacted by Marvel, his agent, or for a completely separate Marvel property. The presence of the Avengers cast on the comic cover hinted that he had Marvel’s films in mind, but TV shows like Avengers Assemble! were just as possible.

Luckily, when one of his Twitter followers expressed excitement to see the Black Panther film finally move into production, Chestnut put the mystery to rest:

“Not final. #BlackPanther may be in #avengers2 first. RT @jamaal91604133: @morris_chestnut Can’t wait to see this movie. #BlackPanther”

Unsurprisingly, after confirming that it was The Avengers 2 he was discussing and nothing else, the tweets and image were deleted. The second tweet is somewhat ambiguous, either claiming that the Black Panther movie is not yet final, or his being cast in the role. Either way, the fact that Chestnut has since deleted both pieces of evidence lends some credence to the theory that Marvel has told him to stay silent for now.

Even though it’s easy to look at these comments as a confirmation that Marvel is at least planning to feature Black Panther in one of their films – with Chestnut interested in playing the role – there’s nothing so far to corroborate Chestnut’s claims. For all we know, he might simply be campaigning for the role before it’s announced (like some other actors we could think of), and has come up with a much more effective way of getting people talking. At this point, it’s working.

black panther captain america avengers movie Morris Chestnut NOT in Talks to Play Black Panther Avengers 2 [Updated]

There’s no question that T’Challa is one Marvel character we’d love to see in Avengers 2, but fans will now have to ask if Chestnut is among their top choices for the role. So far the studio hasn’t shied away from older actors, but with the youngest stars (Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and the newly-added Anthony Mackie) handling the ‘physical threat’ department, an almost 50-year-old actor playing the agile and gymnastic fighter is a bit of a stretch.

We’d recommend cautious optimism at this point, at least until another source close to Marvel confirms that Black Panther is playing a larger role in Avengers discussions. But while we’re at it, who do you see bringing the character to life? A younger, athletic unknown, or an established and recognizable black actor like Morris Chestnut or Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje?

UPDATE: In a somewhat strange turn of events, Morris Chestnut has now tweeted that he’s NOT in talks to play Black Panther in The Avengers 2. Check out the tweet below:


It’s difficult to tell if Chestnut has some insider information about Black Panther appearing in The Avengers 2 - despite not being “in talks to play” the character – or if this was all just wishful thinking on his part. We’ll have to wait for some legitimate Avengers 2 news to know for sure.

We’ll keep you updated on Black Panther and the rest of Marvel’s ‘Phase Two’ properties as news arrives.


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Source: Morris Chestnut (1, 2)

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  1. djimon hounsou. Hands down

    • he would be perfect for the role of PB, since he has the accent, is built (he looks athletic which is what PB is essentially) and is a great actor.

      they’ll then need ot either get dyane johnson or michael jai white as luke cage and they’re all set for epic black actor action :P

  2. are you kidding me????… Djimon Hounsou is BLACK PANTHER Hands Down ! He`s African and on top of that he voiced in the animated movie

  3. I like the guy but, like MANY pf the actors mentioned, he’s WAY too old to play a YOUNG Wakandian prince. He shouldn’t have been the Prince turned king for 20+ years when we first see him.

    It would be a travesty of story telling to not as some point tell the story of the Black Panther on the big screen, even if he shows up in Avengers 2.

  4. If Black Panther is going to be a player in Avengers 2, Marvel Studios will not need to cast a name, but they really should hire an actor in his early thirties as opposed to someone in their mid-forties.

    The 2013 version of Christian Bale would never be considered for the role of Bruce Wayne if they were casting for Batman Begins today, so why would Marvel even consider a 44 year old who would be well over fifty by the time Black Panther 3 hit the theaters?

    And any comparison to RDJ’s situation doesn’t apply because Tony Stark was always a middle aged man who fell into superheroism, while T’Challa’s journey started the moment he witnessed his father’s assassination as a little boy.

  5. I’d love to see Panther on the big screen, but not with Chestnut behind the mask. I’ve never been a fan of his acting and he will (or may) have to put on an accent too? No thank you.

  6. It would be sick if they did introduce BP in Avengers 2, and have the movie revolve around Wakanda and their Vibranium meteorite, but considering the rumours point towards the villain being Thanos, I don’t think this is likely. Thanos is much more cosmic, and wouldn’t really care too much about a mineral deposit.

    But all this aside, I really hope whoever plays T’Challa, is African, not African American. There is a difference. And there aren’t many truly African superheroes around, so I hope Marvel does this properly.

    • The actor doesn’t HAVE to be African though, he just needs to LOOK African and be able to do an accent…

  7. what if he is black panther. He never said hes not gonna be BP, he just said hes not in talks so could it be final?

  8. Panther, yes, Ok, maybe later. First I want to see Goliath (hank Pym, blue/yellow costume), Wasp, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch for the good guys, and for the bad guys Ultron, Kang, Skrulls, and Whirlwind would be pretty good in my book. Panther and Vision maybe later on down the line, but not right away.

  9. Michael J White is the man for the job!

    • Who’s that?

      • Gamble in The Dark Knight (Joker kills him)
        Spawn in Spawn (Duh!)
        Super AI/Hyper UniSol in one of those awful Universal Solider sequals with a load of wrestlers in ‘em

        And that’s about it that comes to mind.

        He’ll have the build and physicality (apparently he’s quite the martial artist) but the fellas got no range.

        Gruff Angry Hardass to Gruff Slightly Miffed Hardass is about as far as he can go.

        • Oh, Michael Jai White.

          When you said Michael J. White it threw me a bit.

    • Undisputed 2, Blood and Bone ;)

  10. Shemar Moore …Morgan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. can people not write actual sentences on twitter? or they do that just to be annoying.

    • “or they do that just to be annoying.” …..Is this one of the ‘actual’ sentences that you speak of?

  12. you wanna win?

    let boobie spin.


    • I applaud you for actually naming a black male actor under 40. Though, Derek Luke is 38, so 40 by time this happens lol.

  13. I’m guessing Panther will be part of phase 3, but either way… any news of Marvel finally moving on this is great news.
    phase 3 may look something like this:

    Dr. strange
    Black Panther
    Hulk returns
    ? – maybe IM4, thor3 or cap3
    Guardians 2
    avengers 3

  14. Aldis Hodge or Micheal J. White!

  15. Taye Diggs, 42. NO

    Idris Elba, Heimdall & 40. NO

    Morris Chestnut, 44. NO

    Michael Jai White, 45. NO

    Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, 45. NO

    Shemar Moore, 42 NO

    Djimon Hounsou, 48. NO

    Aldis Hodge, 26, Yes If you actually want Black Panther to be more than just a cameo in a few movies

    Columbus Short, 30. 2nd choice behind Hodge

    Lance Gross, 31. 3rd choice behind Short

    The point I’m making here is, A) would it kill people to learn more than 5 black actors for a role lol? and B) Like I said above, don’t you want Black Panther to be more than just a one-shot on the movie screen? Then you need someone with youth and also could grow long term with the Avengers and possible non-Iron Man/Thor/Captain America/Hulk Avengers movies.

    • Jordan Peele.

    • I’d also like to put Dayo Okeniyi, Hunger Games, and Chadwick Boseman of 42 into the pool

    • Aldis Hodges I think would be perfect. On the caper TV show Leverage, his character would sometimes have to do an African accent (and British too) depending on the con he was doing. He nailed it every time. BTW, I missed that show.

    • nevar216 knows what he’s talking about people.

      Age is something most of you aren’t taking into account (plus, if they’re going to do an origin story of BP, we need an actor who can pass for someone in his 20s).

      Aldis Hodge really is perfect for the role…

      • This is the correct answer.

    • You know your stuff, good post.

  16. you guys forgot chiwetel ejiofor (Serenity & Redbelt) whose only 36 this year…speaks nigerian fluently and is highly believable in his roles.

    • Well said… that being said… i have to look up the people u mentioned

  17. Chiwetel Ejiofor is the only choice.

  18. They should be bold and brave and put up a relative unknown in the role and break a star because as highlighted by the horrible list of choices so far, we all see that there is a terrible gap in up and coming black leading roles. Jaden Smith is about the only young star and he’s 20 years to young and every other bankable star is 20 years too old.

    They should be brave and bold and get an unknown to america. Someone from Britain with experience, or god forbid Africa to take on the role.

    If we want an entire Marvel Universe we need someone that can do 6 movies no problem. So getting a huge star with a long schedule of movies is not an option and someone too old to do the choreography is not an option

  19. you people mentioning michael jai white do know hes close to 50 right?

  20. Nate Parker. Nate Parker. NATE FREAKIN PARKER

    • What you said. Nate Parker would own the role of T’Challa. Marvel needs to pull their heads out the 1990′s and look towards the future instead of New Jack City-era actors to play Black Panther.

  21. Daaamn, these rumors were SHO DOWN awfully fast! it usually takes a day or so but this was VERY QUICK!!!

    Marvel it seems dont want nothing to do with BP! I hope they make it someday but it dont look good for anytime soon! hat at least 3 1/2 yrs maybe more! so we wllnot hear much for at least 2 yrs, except for idiots like this chestnut clown, WHO CAN ONLY PRAY TEY GET A MARVEL GIG, but until it comes from the mouths of Marvel Im done with the BP thing, I’d rather focus on what we do know than what we wish for..

    Thanks for NOTHING CHESTNUTS!!!!

  22. I would say Chiwetel Ejiofor will be top of the studio list.

    1. AWESOME!!! (yes deserves 3x!) actor (watch Kinky Boots)

    2. Worked previously with Joss whos running all things MCU at the moment and we all know Joss likes to re-use his little family of players whenever he can.
    J August Richards on S.H.I.E.L.D tv pilot, Nathan and Gina on Firefly and Buffy/Angel respectively, Summer in Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse, I could go on

    3. lets face it would be great as T’Challa

  23. I think this could also be the chance for some new actor with great potential to be discovered, whoever acts the role of T’Challa has to paint the role strongly or in just the right way to match up with the other more popular Marvel characters considering BP’s somewhat underdog status. Fingers Crossed!

  24. Michael Jai White would do the job! ;)

  25. These tweets from Morris Chestnut are really confusing :/

    I guess he wouldn’t be a terrible choice since he still looks young (even though he’s in his 40s), but by the time Black Panther gets made, he’d definitely be too old.

    Like some others have said, Aldis Hodge is the perfect candidate: He looks African, he can do a decent African accent, he has martial arts experience, he loves the character, and he’s a relative unknown actor which means Marvel would be more likely to hire him.

  26. Chadwick Boseman and Aldis Hodge are solid picks for Black Panther. Here’s to hoping this movie actually gets made relatively soon. I still want my Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and heroes for hire movies.

    • Chadwick could be a good choice I have never seen any of his films tho. Ill get back to you after I see 42

    • I think Lynn Red Williams should be perfect for Luke Cage because he has the hight the look and the attitude of him and I’ve seen him in played as Jax in Mortal Kombat Annihilation and the way he was acting in that movie you’ll think you’re watching a Luke Cage movie especially when he gets all eger for a fight

  27. OK, Mr. Andrew Dyce, maybe you could put together a top-5 list of actors who could/should play the Black Panther and why.-(that’s if it hasn’t been done already…I like Chestnut but would his age show through on film if he dons the mask of the Panther? (RDJ is 48 so who knows) Maybe he could be the current Panther but then due to age and injury a younger individual takes his place.

    • RDJ isn’t really a good example since Tony Stark doesn’t have to be athletic or strong – he’s in a suit that does all the heavy lifting, so to speak. He just controls it. Whereas with Black Panther, who mainly relies on his martial-arts training, he has to be young enough to be as strong as a soldier, and as fast, agile and silent as a ninja. T’Challa’s back-story also demands he be young since that’s pretty much how it played off in the comics: the origin is that of a young man and his journey of becoming a king, a leader and a superhero.

      If they’re going to do an origin story (as they should), the best thing, imo, is to get Djimon Hounsou (or one of the other older actors people keep mentioning here) to play T’Chaka (the ruler of Wakanda/Black Panther that came before T’Challa).
      At the end of the first act he gets killed by Man-Ape (or another popular BP villain) in a very brutal fashion (I’m thinking something like the fight between Batman and Bane in TDKR).
      Man-Ape then becomes ruler of Wakanda, as per tradition: anyone who can defeat the king in battle, has the right to take the throne.
      T’Chaka’s son, T’Challa (played by, let’s say Aldis Hodge ;)), now exiled from Wakanda by the Man-Ape, goes on a soul searching journey of redemption (not for himself, but for his family – the panther tribe). He becomes the new Black Panther and has to take back his kingdom…

      Fill it in with the ever relatable idea of a child losing their parent/mentor and the child’s struggle with that, the burden of great responsibility and expectation being placed upon a person, some political undertones, themes of spirituality and technology, etc. and you got yourself a basic outline for a movie!


      • Marvel’s second animated avengers movie (or the first I’m not sure) is basically the movie you outlined. There are aliens involved as well I think.check it out.

        • Already seen it, thanks! :)

          I actually wasn’t a big fan of ‘Ultimate Avengers 2′. It had a great premise (which is why I’d like to see a version of it in live action), but there were certain things like the Chitauri that felt out of place.
          It also had a very, very dark tone overall, which wouldn’t “meld” nicely with the other Marvel movies.

          A live action BP movie should still be dark and gritty to some degree, but not so much so that it alienates the audience.

  28. Bring in Common for the role.

  29. so he has been playing with all of us?