Morris Chestnut NOT in Talks to Play ‘Black Panther’ ‘Avengers 2′ [Updated]

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Black Panther Rumor Morris Chestnut Morris Chestnut NOT in Talks to Play Black Panther Avengers 2 [Updated]

[UPDATE: Morris Chestnut has clarified that he's NOT in talks to play Black Panther. Scroll down for details.]

With momentum building for all of Marvel’s headlining acts, it’s a bit of a surprise to see Black Panther grabbing headlines. While production on the character’s standalone movie had apparently slowed to make way for direct tie-in films post-Avengers, the newest rumors hint that not only is Black Panther going to be hitting the big screen soon, but Marvel may already have an actor in mind for the role.

Actor Morris Chestnut (Kick-Ass 2, The Call) has appeared online recently claiming the need to get familiar with T’Challa, the King of Wakanda, and going so far as to tease that a role in The Avengers 2 (2015) is still being considered.

Take this rumor with a MAJOR grain of salt for now, since there is little to go on besides Chestnut’s comments, and those following Marvel rumors and updates know this is not typically how the studio does things.

Black Panther Movie Rumors Morris Chestnut NOT in Talks to Play Black Panther Avengers 2 [Updated]

Generally word of a film on the horizon will slip, a long list of actors being tested is constructed then narrowed down, with all involved dropping hints or teases throughout the process.

Though Marvel has yet to even confirm that a Black Panther movie is still a priority for ‘Phase Two’ and ‘Phase Three,’ Chestnut got the ball rolling via his own Twitter account just yesterday, tweeting the following message with a link to the below image posted on his Facebook page:

“It’s time to get familiar with the Black Panther character!”

Black Panther Comic Cover Morris Chestnut NOT in Talks to Play Black Panther Avengers 2 [Updated]

The tweet alone sparked speculation, even though Chestnut didn’t specify whether his comments were motivated by casting, being contacted by Marvel, his agent, or for a completely separate Marvel property. The presence of the Avengers cast on the comic cover hinted that he had Marvel’s films in mind, but TV shows like Avengers Assemble! were just as possible.

Luckily, when one of his Twitter followers expressed excitement to see the Black Panther film finally move into production, Chestnut put the mystery to rest:

“Not final. #BlackPanther may be in #avengers2 first. RT @jamaal91604133: @morris_chestnut Can’t wait to see this movie. #BlackPanther”

Unsurprisingly, after confirming that it was The Avengers 2 he was discussing and nothing else, the tweets and image were deleted. The second tweet is somewhat ambiguous, either claiming that the Black Panther movie is not yet final, or his being cast in the role. Either way, the fact that Chestnut has since deleted both pieces of evidence lends some credence to the theory that Marvel has told him to stay silent for now.

Even though it’s easy to look at these comments as a confirmation that Marvel is at least planning to feature Black Panther in one of their films – with Chestnut interested in playing the role – there’s nothing so far to corroborate Chestnut’s claims. For all we know, he might simply be campaigning for the role before it’s announced (like some other actors we could think of), and has come up with a much more effective way of getting people talking. At this point, it’s working.

black panther captain america avengers movie Morris Chestnut NOT in Talks to Play Black Panther Avengers 2 [Updated]

There’s no question that T’Challa is one Marvel character we’d love to see in Avengers 2, but fans will now have to ask if Chestnut is among their top choices for the role. So far the studio hasn’t shied away from older actors, but with the youngest stars (Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and the newly-added Anthony Mackie) handling the ‘physical threat’ department, an almost 50-year-old actor playing the agile and gymnastic fighter is a bit of a stretch.

We’d recommend cautious optimism at this point, at least until another source close to Marvel confirms that Black Panther is playing a larger role in Avengers discussions. But while we’re at it, who do you see bringing the character to life? A younger, athletic unknown, or an established and recognizable black actor like Morris Chestnut or Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje?

UPDATE: In a somewhat strange turn of events, Morris Chestnut has now tweeted that he’s NOT in talks to play Black Panther in The Avengers 2. Check out the tweet below:


It’s difficult to tell if Chestnut has some insider information about Black Panther appearing in The Avengers 2 - despite not being “in talks to play” the character – or if this was all just wishful thinking on his part. We’ll have to wait for some legitimate Avengers 2 news to know for sure.

We’ll keep you updated on Black Panther and the rest of Marvel’s ‘Phase Two’ properties as news arrives.


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Source: Morris Chestnut (1, 2)

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  1. I like this actor. He was good in V and I think looks fit for the role. Plus he was in a Steven Seagal movie.

  2. i hope its true… BLACK PANTHER. i dont know this guy but he at least looks like he is black panther.

  3. This is great news if it’s true!!
    Black Panther is one of my favorite Marvel characters.

  4. i do worry about the costume though they have been REALLY faithful to the comics with the likes of thor, iron man, black widow, captain america and by the looks the winter soldier, GOTG and stange by the concept art. so i think they will do it no problem. i can understand how hawkeyes costume wasnt chosen to be in the film but really there is no excuse for anyone else.

    • I always liked the Ultimate universe costume for BP.

    • Hawkeye’s costume was very close to the Ultimates comics.

  5. Idris Elba

  6. Ugghh… Idris Elba, Chiwetel Ejiofor or Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje.

    Why would you look to anyone else??

    • While I’m all for the Djimon Hounsou love, he’s about 50 and I don’t think he could play the role. Would make an excellent T’Chaka though, even if he deserves his own superhero movie.

      Idris Elba: Taken, by Thor. Never going to happen. Too old, too.

      AAA: Been a fan since he was Adebisi, but also too old to play the part, might make a great T’Chaka as well.

      I’m going to go with Chiwetel Ejiofor; not only is he a terrific actor, he looks young enough to play the role AND has already starred in a Joss Whedon film as the antagonist in Serenity. And that’s going to carry A LOT of weight, Whedon loves giving his wide stable of actors more chances to shine. See: Alexis Denisof, a fantastic actor from Buffy, Angel, and Dollhouse, as Loki’s Thanos contact in “Avengers” and as Benedick in Whedon’s “Much Ado About Nothing.”

  7. I’d like Idris Elba but he’s guarding the bifrost as Heimdall. However, I always thought triple A would make a great Black Panther. His physicality and voice just scream T’Challa for me.

  8. He may not have been my first choice, but I approve, most definitely.

  9. Taye Diggs would be my choice. he’s a good actor.

    • +1. I was exactly thinking about him:)

  10. I think people are happy to hear that Black Panther is going to be in a movie, but no one seems ok with Morris Chestnut. He looks like a joke & he has yet to be in a good movie. I think Louie Anderson, Meryl Streep, or Queen Latifah would be a better Black Pather than this Morris Chestnut clown.
    Having said that Black Panter would be awesome to see in Avengers 2

    • It is funny how you think you speak for everyone. He has been in more than a few good movies. Just because you have no knowledge of his career doesn’t mean he is a clown. The Best Man is and excellent film in which he has a large part.

      • He was good in his supporting role in Boyz n the Hood. He did well in the new V TV series a few years back.

  11. If what Morris saying is true, does anyone ever considered that he’s going to be playing the 1st Black Phanter, I mean the father of T’Challa instead of the young Prince? Everyone basically speak bad about the idea of him shouting about the movie thus thinking that he’s helming the role, but I think one never considered about this fact… cause age-wise, he’s a bit too old for T’Challa (although age doesn’t really matters in Hollywood)

    • actually he only teased about getting to know the character, that doesn’t mean he’s the one whose going to portray him…

  12. never would have thought that Chestnut is close to 50!! DAAAAAMn!… I kinda hope that they update the costume because all it looks like to me is a black batman, and I do not mean that in a negative way! so dont make it negative, I eally hope they make him a bad @$$ because I dont know much about BP but for all the talk about him he better be worth it..


  13. Just happy black panther will make an appearance, but good casting non the less

  14. Well, he looks like he could be an African prince. No idea about his acting abilities though. It’s too bad Wesley Snipes isn’t young anymore (although congratulations to him for finally being released from prison this week).

  15. Nah…

  16. Morris is too big, T’Challa isn’t really that big.

  17. If anyone is going to play Black Panther it should be Djimon Hounsou. He’s perfect for the role, and he’s already voiced T’Challa.

  18. Hello WHITE PEOPLE! There are other good black actors than Idris Elba, Chiwetel Ejiofor Anthony Mackie and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. Chestnut is good actor and has the physique to play the part. Stop getting upset when there are black people you don’t know being mentioned! This DOES NOT go for ALL white people, just the ones getting so upset over a movie role that is not even confirmed.

    • Why would you assume that they’re white?

    • @Eustace.

      Slow your roll.

      Went a little over board with the “White People” reference.

  19. I don’t care who is playing Black Panther…This character needs to be in Avengers 2.

    • to soon for avengers 2 avengers 3 maybe but i just also dont care who is playin him just wanna see him on big screen =p

      • I would agree on it being to soon for the avengers 2. Only because we don’t know yet how many characters from GOTG are going to make an appearance in TA2 and it might get to crowded. I say give him his on solo after TA2 along with Ant Man that’s already sch. This way we will have something to continue to look toward to. But I’m Definaltly ready for marvel to mention a BP movie

  20. I don’t like the caped version of BP’s costume.

    He looks too much like Batman with a cape.

    Any of the actors mentioned including Chestnut are all good. None of them are over exposed either, except maybe Idris Elba. All the rest are great for a break out role like Black Panther in Avengers 2.


  22. Morris Chestnut is an ok choice. But I think Michael Jai White (Black Dynamite, Spawn) would be a better choice

    • He’s way too bulky to play the role.

  23. Rickyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

    I really liked him in Boyz in the Hood.

    Really excited for this.

  24. looks the part to me.

  25. Should’ve one with dave chapelle

    • *gone

  26. Not saying it’s best idea, but it’d be interesting if they started doing a Grindhouse-esque feature of two lesser known superheroes in two separate stories. Luke Cage/Iron Fist (no team-up yet) or Black Panther/Dr. Strange. I see them building to a ‘New Avengers’ movie in 10 years or so.

  27. Not sure if Morris Chestnut is a good fit for the role. I would like to see (and hear) him and Micheal Jai White read for the part.

  28. Won’t believe it until it’s official. We’ve been down this road before concerning black panther only to suffer a major letdown.

  29. Idris Elba??? No, just NO!!! this guy is perfect :D He is a great actor and he will do a great job. BTW I love Black Panther…FINALLY!