Is the ‘BioShock’ Movie in the Works Again?

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bioshock movie1 Is the BioShock Movie in the Works Again?

Currently, Sony is developing several films based on hot video game properties – Watch Dogs, Uncharted, The Last of Us, Gran Turismo, and Raving Rabbids, just to name a few. And if that weren’t enough, the studio is apparently also interested in reviving the long-suffering BioShock movie.

It was about a year ago the game’s creator, Ken Levine, confirmed that Universal’s production on a BioShock film was dead. When director Gore Verbinksi was still attached, he and Universal couldn’t agree on a budget or whether or not the film should have an R rating. Once he left and another director was brought in, Levine no longer felt comfortable with the treatment being pitched and chose to kill the project.

But there’s hope we may yet still see a BioShock movie. Kotaku is reporting that Sony has registered three new domains –, and – which clearly hint that they may be starting production on a BioShock movie of their own.

BioShock, for those unaware, is a first-person shooter set in 1960 where, after surviving a plane crash, the player swims to an abandoned lighthouse and finds a submersible that takes them to the underwater utopia, Rapture. The city is in terrible disrepair and has been overrun by mutants, dangerous drug addicts, and mad geniuses.

BioShock Movie Update Is the BioShock Movie in the Works Again?

The player’s one ally is Atlas, a revolutionary who led the lower, working-classes in rebellion against the wealthier citizens, and much of the game is spent navigating Rapture to meet him. Throughout the game, the player uncovers the history of Rapture’s construction and its inevitable downfall. Things continue to get weirder and weirder as more mysteries are unraveled, like the relationship between the eerie Little Sisters and their Big Daddies.

Due to its graphic violence and often gruesome revelations, BioShock is a very mature game, and any film hoping to do it justice would likely need an R rating. This was an issue for Universal who, after witnessing the R-rated Watchmen bomb at the box office, became unsure about producing Verbinski’s “hard R” adaptation.

Levine, however, hasn’t ruled out the chance for another attempt at a BioShock movie, but he did say that it would happen only if “the right combination of people” were involved. Perhaps Sony has just those right people in mind and has convinced LevineĀ  – who is also working on a screenplay for Warner Bros.’ Logan’s Run remake – that the time for a BioShock movie is now.

How would you feel about BioShock being adapted as a film? Would an R rating be required to properly bring the game’s complex story to the screen? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


More news on whether or not Sony is pursuing a BioShock film as this story develops.

Source: Kotaku

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  1. You know even if they capture the look and feel of Bioshock I doubt that the theme of those games will transition well on the screen. It wouldn’t surprise me if the writers overlook the games theme of a society with out rules or restrictions. Terry Gilliam I think would make a good choice for directing a Bioshock film.

    • Thing is, Gilliam’s really unhappy (and letting everyone know about it on his Facebook page) with Sony right now.

      He even posted a pic of Spider-Man holding a dollar sign and said “completely unrelated pic but since Sony are struggling to fund their advertising campaigns, I thought I might as well”.

      Basically, he’s telling people himself where The Zero Theorem is being shown and relying on his fans writing angry letters and demanding cinemas show it in their countries because Sony have weirdly decided not to bother promoting it themselves, citing “lack of money and resources”.

      • He should be mad at himself, reviews so far show zero therom is terrible.

        • I dunno, some reviewers have liked it. It’s one of those films that I don’t think mainstream viewers are ready for. Under The Skin got fantastic reviews a month or two ago but barely anybody went to see it and there were hardly any screens showing it.

          • That’s just what people say when they can’t except the films they like are not widely excepted “No it’s not that it sucked, mainstream audiences just can’t except it! DEAL WITH IT SHEEPLE!” Sony Pictures can be like Activision when it comes to advertising, you know only advertising the films they think are guaranteed to make money but.

            So yeah Sony’s lack of advertising didn’t help but Terry can’t place all the blame on them.

  2. Actually I’d say this has more to do with Ken Levine giving up the rights to 2K in his recent decision to scale back Irrational Games as a smaller company so I’m not surprised that 2K decided they wanted to except Sony’s offer in fact it was the first thing I was certain they were going to do.

    I actually thought it’d be a lot sooner

    • wait so does that mean 2k will release more bioshock games and make it an annual thing like COD?

      • Sorry for taking so long to respond. No I don’t think we have to worry about 2K. Those guys are owned by Take-2 and both companies seem to agree that it’s not a wise move to have an annual release for games like Bioshock. Why do you think games franchises owned by Take-2 and 2K don’t see many titles?

        Like Borderlands. The first game came out in 2009, the second in 2012 and the Pre-sequel came out this year and that’s basically as close as 2K/Take-2 have come to having an annual release.

  3. I doubt it. 2K is a subsidiary of Take-2 and their attitude on sequels has always been that they could mass produce games to be yearly titles but it’d take away from the quality hence why we don’t see a GTA being released every year, if they wanted to Take-2 could make Rockstar do just that but according to their CEO there wouldn’t be a point to it.

    Apparently it hasn’t occurred to some idiots in the games industry that this might be why Take-2 makes so much money. Also the last time 2K made a Bioshock game it was Bioshock 2 and to be fair to them it came out 3 years after the last Bioshock title.

  4. I wanna see a live action big daddy.

    • Big Daddy would look pretty cool. But seeing the city of rapture on the big screen would be amazing

  5. I think the best case scenario is a movie that captures the game’s atmosphere but is way too short to contain the entirety of the original’s narrative, much like the first Silent Hill movie. The Bioshock setting on a big budget would be amazing to behold, but there is no way you can fit a full-length video game’s worth of plot in two hours of film.

  6. I would love to see a Bioshock film. But I also think a good plot for it may be one based off the prequel book called Rapture where we see how Rapture was born, built and how it all went to hell.

    • yes i toadly agree the rapure book is GREAT!!

  7. ‘Due to its graphic violence and often gruesome revelations, BioShock is a very mature game, and any film hoping to do it justice would likely need an R rating.’

    Just because someone gets eviscerated does not mean you need to see every bloody detail on screen.

    There are horror movies out there now at the PG13 level that seem to hold their own on not showing what you know is happening and still getting the point across. If you do not have the acting/directing/writing you need no amount of graphic violence and often gruesome revelations will help.

    So to do it justice you will need a writer and director that can convey the awe wonderment and down right psychotic vibe Bioshock/Rapture has. It can be done without an R rating and does not ‘need’ and R rating to do it justice.

    I dislike this thought process about how something needs an R rating. If it happens it happens however nothing needs an R rating if they have a writer/director that convey the feeling/mood properly.

  8. Come on 2K and Sony…let’s make a movie….but it would be a mistake to make this movie by recreating this as gaming experience, nobody is going to be shooting or making choices regarding the outcome. Instead it needs to be a movie expierence based on the look, feel and characters of the game much like a book would be adapted to the big screen. As a fan I would want to be swept up and brought into the story, time & location, and identify with the characters. Personally, I don’t need to see a lot of gore or overproduced special effects to enjoy a movie. think about it, some of the scariest (psychological) movies didn’t need to have lots of gore to make an impression. Last thing, don’t try and do too much with the movie by trying to tell/explain the complete story. there’s too much story line to tell in 2-3 hrs. It will just come off as incomplete or unfulfilling

  9. We really need this film. I hope for many details on the art-deco era. and i hope the script will be devoted to the film . it really wouldn’t need some kind of love-story or so. it should just be bioshock and it should beat the sh… out of our asses when we watch it. It needs an R. because the games charme was straight horror somehow. (The whole situtation + those zombies) And so should be the film. Just like Alien 1. HARDCORE.

    • YES bioshock is the perfect outlet for a “one man in hell” style movie