BioShock Will Be An Expensive Rated-R Movie

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bioshock movie1 BioShock Will Be An Expensive Rated R Movie

From Game Rant:

Last April, Pirates of the Caribbean series director Gore Verbinski let his pal Jerry Bruckheimer know that he would be jumping ship to helm another water-based flick, the video game movie BioShock. Since that time, Verbinski moved into the producer role to let Juan Carlos Fresnadillo helm the movie while it was on hold due to financial concerns.

When talk of a BioShock film first surfaced, the initial plan was for it to release in 2010. This didn’t happen for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was budgetary concerns for the large-scale project which would also be running the risk of being a video game movie, a genre that comes attached with negative connotation.

Universal put the BioShock project on hold until they could reduce the price tag from its estimated $160 million cost and to start, they’d move the shoot from LA to London which caused Verbinski to jump out of the director’s chair. Unfortunately for Verbinkski, at the time he couldn’t commit to an overseas shoot due to his other obligations with the animated Rango.

We’re coming up on a year since that time and IGN caught up with Verbinski at a Rango press event where they discussed the current status and plans for the BioShock movie.

“We’re working trying to make it. The problem with BioShock  was: R-rated movie, underwater, horror. It’s a really expensive R-rated movie… So we’re trying to figure out a way working with [director] Juan Carlos [Fresnadillo] to get the budget down and still keep so it’s true to the core audience, you know? The thing is it has to be R, a hard R.”

Combining a big budget requirement, with an R-rating (in the video game movie genre no less) is risky business so we can easily understand why the project has had trouble getting off the ground. Gamers and moviegoers alike can appreciate Verbinski’s strict dedication to keeping the adult-nature of the title and targeting it towards the appropriate audience.

bioshock big daddy BioShock Will Be An Expensive Rated R Movie

Has the failure of most other video game adaptations and the recent performance of Prince of Persia affected the plans our outlook for BioShock?

“No, I think BioShock’s a rare one because it’s actually a great story… Me? I don’t want to make movies based on videogames, but BioShock’s the one Oedipal, crazy kind of — it’s just got really good bones, and we’re really trying to figure out a way to make it work… We don’t want to dumb it down, we don’t want to make it PG-13. We want to keep it really edgy, and it’s a huge bill.”

BioShock certainly does have a strong story to tell, and a very unique and engaging atmosphere to go with it (expensive set pieces). However, I expect it’ll be very difficult to market that quality to the mainstream audiences not familiar with the game itself, especially with its horror roots.

This isn’t the only other major video game property having trouble finding its silver screen introduction. Halo and Gears of War also both suffered from pre-production and budgetary issues – although those two also had trouble determining what story they were going to tell since at one point, they were both going to be quite a bit different than the games they were based on.

Do you think an R-Rated BioShock movie warrants a blockbuster budget?

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Source: IGN (via Game Rant)

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  1. This and Dead Space are the two video game movies, I think, should be made. And who better to make a gritty, dark, under-water, bloody, story-ridden, horror flick than the man who gave us POTC and The Ring. Gore’s perfect for this movie.

    For Dead Space, if DJ Caruso doesn’t beat me to it, I think I would make a killer movie out of that, once I get a degree in this stuff. That’s my dream project.

  2. It’s hard to fathom that with all the really bad video game stories that go into production, that the mother of all games keeps getting overlooked – Half Life.

    Mind boggling.

    (wth with the capta every time I want to post, I have WordPress and spam does not get through)

    • We had 100s of spam comments over the weekend on both Screen Rant and Game Rant :(

    • intelliq,

      Yeah, what Rob said. Both Screen Rant and Game Rant were targeted by spammers over the weekend. Tons of spam was getting through even using Akismet, so I had to install a captcha.


  3. BioShock is quite possibly my favorite game of all time, so naturally I’m excited for this if it is ever made.

  4. This film may have difficulty with a general mainstream audience, but there is a group out there that loves the idea but has nothing to do with the game- for starters, my girlfriend as well as her younger brother, who have both begged me on various occasions to simply tell them the plot. The S.O. got so intrigued that, upon learning it wasn’t a movie or something, wanted me to play the game for her and to show it to her- it’s become her favorite out of my (considerable) collection (of films and games alike, no less).

  5. uwe bolle to the rescue 😉
    hehhe i hope it doesn’t get followed up, i would hate to see a good story get slaughtered, but i suppose its inevitable (seeing as how successful the games were i bet some sucker will attempt to milk the franchise).

    imo this and halo (if everything gets green lit) will be released very close to each other.

  6. Game to movie adaptations will always appeal to gamers much more then mainstream audience, as with all movies, it will really be up to the marketing team of said movie to pull the masses in, I, for one, would like to see Silent Hill 2 finally be made, would need the right monetary backing, direction, and screen play written. I loved Christophe Gans “vision” on Silent hill 1, from the sounds, creature design, and even camera angles (mimic’d a number right from the games). Also one thing I would like to see from future game to movie adaptations is sticking closer to the actual stories and timelines of the games, not just locations, theme, and names… Also, (and while i am sure most would disagree with this) i think the first person scene from DOOM (yes DOOM) was original and probably the best part of the movie, as such I think a first person play by play, shot for shot, scene for scene of F.E.A.R, filmed using the James Cameron Fusion 3D camera system, would be mind blowing!

    just my humble opinion…

    • I’ll give you this much- the first person scene was the best part of Doom. But I feel this is because the rest of the film was simply that bad. While it has a fantastically grim story, I don’t want them to create a F.E.A.R movie. I just don’t think it would hold up to a director’s.. “creative needs”. And I used to love the Silent Hill film until I read up on the psychology of the first 4 games. They were brilliant games with a hard focus on the mental state of the character- very cathartic in nature. I’ll have to look for the paper I was reading and see if I can post it here- it completely changes how you look at the town.

      All that said, I would like to see a Silent Hill 2, but I’d want it to be a bit more thought out, honestly.

    • @ Spin,

      You make some interesting points. If the writers can stick to the main premise of “BioShock”, I think a certain level of creativity can be allowed. As long as the core elements are intact, I see no problem with some plot expansions that go deep into the first game. “BioShock” was an incredible action packed thriller, which has psychological elements that can be exploited. My only concern would be about too many flashbacks. If they can stretch the first game out correctly, timing and tempo of the movie, I think they can dig deep into those psychological peaks and turns.

      Giving the movie a rated-r is a good first step. Let us see what comes next.

  7. First, there is an animated Deadspace movie called Downfall, kinda more like a prequel. I wasn’t to impressed with it, but it did offer a little more info on certain characters.
    I would like to see a Bioshock movie, but it has to stay a hard R rating, or it just won’t be able to have the same effect as the story in the game. And yes, IMHO, I believe this franchise does merit a big budget. If they can’t do it right, and with a big budget and R rating, then please, don’t do it at all.

    • I’m aware about the prequel. I myself wasn’t impressed either. It’s backstory wasn’t exactly told in very suspenseful tone and there was too much gore even for the video game. Now the main story is what I’m mostly focused on. I think all of it’s dark and horrific tone can be told through me. All I need is a degree and a camera.