‘Bill & Ted 3′ Script Done, Said to be Excellent

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Bill Ted 3 Script Excellent Bill & Ted 3 Script Done, Said to be Excellent

Sorry about that title…couldn’t resist.

In April 2011 we got two big pieces of Bill & Ted 3 news from the respective stars who play the titular characters: First Keanu Reeves (Ted) said a script was in the works; a few weeks later, Alex Winter (Bill) said that the first draft was done, and that it was good.  Since then, we’ve heard very little on the project…until now.

Read on for what both Bill (Winter) & Ted (Reeves) are saying now about how Bill & Ted 3 is shaping up.

The following quote from Keanu Reeves was pulled from The Independent:

“Yeah, we have a script. We’re trying to put it together. It’s a good script too.”

Don’t you mean an excellent script, Keanu? (Bad joke, sorry.)

Alex Winter followed that up by once again taking to his Twitter account to drop some B&T3 news:

Script done? Check. -We love it? Check. -Green light? Working on it!

With both of the headlining stars set to return, it’s hard to imagine that the threequel will have a hard time getting a greenlight. If the Web chatter is anything to judge by (which it is about 50% of the time), there is definite demographic of 25 – 40 types who loved the first film (people tend to be split on the sequel) and would love to see older versions of Bill and Ted on the big screen again. And, if the script by Chris Matheson & Ed Solomon (who wrote both of the previous films) is truly worthy enough for both Reeves and Winter to praise it, this could potentially turn out to be one of those long-delayed sequels that was actually worth the wait.

We’ll keep you updated on the status of Bill & Ted 3 as news develops.

Source: The Independent & Twitter (via Coming Soon)

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    I wonder if they are gonna have more scenes of the evil Bill and Ted running over cats this time?

    And on a sad note, George Carlin WILL NOT be in this movie :(

    • Rufus!

    • Has Keanu Reeve’s career sunk so far, he is actually entertaining a return to Bill and Ted’s Pathetic Adventures? Even more, can’t believe a studio is willing to shell out money for this…

      • There has been talks of this for years. I dont see this as Keanu’s career sinking. If I had a studio I would shell out the money. Many, many fans of the original films will stampede to see a good treatment.

  2. Far out

  3. Radical!!!

  4. If they don’t visit the grave of Rufus it’ll be totally bogus.

    • Excellent! Thats a good spin. Maybe the plot may even center around said death of Rufus. Good call.

  5. Perhaps Rufus had a brother?? And will Death have a cameo?

    • Oh yes that would be awesome.

  6. why do we need this? i’m sorry, but the other 2 movies were just dumb.

    • The second one was a little dumb, the first was bodacious.

    • theye weren’t as smart as Inception or The Matrix, but they were fun movies with likable characters. They have a cult following and as long as they keep the valley talk and dont take it too serious, it should be another fun trip

    • If you didn’t like Bill & Ted, why the *#@% are you reading a post about a possible part three. Trolling much, dude that’s bogus.

    • @jeffro: we need this because its funny….and people need to laugh :D

  7. rock on bill and ted,rufus is looking down on you from
    heaven above just bring it dudes and lets rock ……….

  8. Split on the sequel? I loved the sequel.

    • Station! Same here.

  9. When I was about 14 I went absolutely mad on the first film. I watched it about 1000 times and could literally recite all the lines word for word. Then the cartoon came out and I was obsessed with that. I quite liked the sequel, but it just felt very different from the first one. Death rocked it though!

    This could be really great. I’d like to see Keanu do a character who isn’t miserable all the time again.

    • You’re not alone it felt like for awhile i use to watch the first one everyday when it use to come on movie channel and showtime on cable back in the day.And you know what? i never got tired of it,so yea im curious to see what they have come up with after all these years.

  10. This will lead to Wayne’s World 3…

    • Exactly what I was thinking and god I hope you’re right

  11. i am glad to see that there are a lot of screen ranters who are down for this sequel, i was expecting a lot of posts bemoaning a return to the world of excellent adventures and bogus journeys….i am stoked for this.


  12. Throw them in the Iron Maiden!


  14. I can’t wait. You know it’ll be in 3D. I’m all aboard.

  15. Be excellent to one another. And! PARTY ON DUDES! Syketude is up 10000000000000000%

  16. okay anyone have any guesses as to the title of this awesome return?

    Bill & Ted’s (insert 90′s catch phrase/lingo) (insert synonym for trip) seems to be the formula

    • Bill & Ted’s Outrageous Escapade

    • Bill & Ted’s Richter Ride

    • another good one: Bill & Ted’s Radical Return

      • Bill & Ted’s Righteous Return !!

        its actually harder than i thought it would be come up with title’s haha

        • I think that’s the best one yet. ^-^

    • I really liked righteous return. Bill and Ted’s Station Vacation?

    • Bill & Ted Totally Tweeting!

  17. I loved the first movie and I totally want to see this get made .

    and I hope that it will be most excellent.

  18. Is this the decade of 80s reboots and belated sequels? Robocop, Total Recall, Bill and Ted, Ghostbusters, Wall Street…

  19. Oh wait, I forgot Tron, Conan, and Top Gun.

    • clash of the titans? indiana jones? rocky? terminator? oh how the list goes on! haha

  20. 69 dudes!!!! This could work. I’m down.

  21. I’ll see it, but it won’t be the same without Rufus, a.k.a George Carlin.

  22. *plays air guitar*

  23. I’m totally stoked for this, but it might be a little awkward now that one of the actors is so much of a bigger star than the other. I hope not though.

  24. I’m not going to say this is the best news I have read but in an era where remakes and reboots seem to be all the rage, this would be at least be original and possibly entertaining.

    • Sequals are just as big as remakes

      • yes but sequels have been part of the movie experience since the 70′s. Remakes and reboots have been getting more popular in hollywood for just the last 15 years.

  25. wow think this will b better than people expect.bet they had loads of fun writing the script!

  26. Yeah, I’m on board with this. Why not?

    Wyld Stallions!!!!!

  27. Strange things are afoot at the circle K.

  28. This is going to be epic, loved both of the first movies so much as they were fun and not serious at all with a serious message of just be excellent to each other (and of course, party on dudes!). Perhaps both Bill S Preston Esq and Ted Theodore Logan have teenage / twenty something sons now – hopefully the sons are not either Shia LeBouf or Seth Rogan! Hopefully the phone booth will re-appear with Death or Grim Reaper, Station, Abe Lincoln, Missy, Bob Gengis Kahn, Nepoleon, Granny S Preston, Robot us’s, Dave Beefoven, Sigman Frood, God, the future etc – maybe even Nomolos! Revenge after years in heaven as a prison would be a laugh!

  29. I like the first two movies but a third Bill & Ted movie being made?

    I don’t know how that’s going to work out but still there have been lots of great sequels to classic movies?

    Terminator 2
    Tron Legacy
    The Dark Knight

    Still there have lots of bad seuqels:

    Terminator 3
    Indiana Jones and Crystal Skull
    Treminator Salvation

    So let’s hope Bill & Ted 3 turn out to be AWESOMME!!!!