Bill Murray Calls Ghostbusters 3 ‘A Bunch of Crock’

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ghostbusters 3 logo3 Bill Murray Calls Ghostbusters 3 A Bunch of Crock

Ghostbusters 3 seems like a no-brainer in some ways. The previous two films were incredibly successful and in a celluloid landscape crowded with sequels, remakes, and reboots it’s obvious that Hollywood loves capitalizing on our nostalgia. Yet, development hell has proved a more formidable opponent for Egon, Ray, Peter, and Winston than any of their on-screen adversaries.

Bill Murray has never been shy about his thoughts on Ghostbusters 3. Originally he wanted no part of it and then famously joked that he’d only do it if Venkman were a ghost. Murray wasn’t being serious, but the writers unfortunately went ahead and implemented that idea into their script anyways.

Murray has famously been something of an albatross for this project – he didn’t answer phone calls when they needed his approval on the script and told David Letterman that all of the  speculation surrounding the film was “just crazy talk.” Yet, this past April Murray indicated that he may have had a change of heart and said that Ghostbuster 3 might be fun to do.

Apparently that sentiment was short-lived. When asked about the film in an interview with GQ, Murray responded:

It’s all a bunch of crock. It’s a crock.

He elaborated by saying that the critical and commercial failure of fellow Ghostbuster Harold Ramis’ film  Year One had a negative impact on Ghostbusters 3:

Harold Ramis said, Oh, I’ve got these guys, they write on The Office, and they’re really funny. They’re going to write the next Ghostbusters. And they had just written this movie that he had directed. Year One. Well, I never went to see Year One, but people who did, including other Ghostbusters, said it was one of the worst things they had ever seen in their lives. So that dream just vaporized. That was gone.

While Dan Aykroyd remains the film’s most passionate supporter and apparently recently told Murray to “stop acting like a jerk”, the actor’s waning enthusiasm isn’t the only road block Ghostbusters 3 is currently facing. The age of director Ivan Reitman is reportedly an issue so disconcerting to the studio that it may delay the project indefinitely. Personally, I think the bigger issue is that he hasn’t made a decent film in two decades.

I have no doubt that we’ll see another Ghostbusters film at some point. Even Murray admits that it’s an important franchise to the studio. At this point though I wouldn’t be at all surprised if after another couple of setbacks they decide to do a remake or reboot instead. The plot of Ghostbusters 3 already involved the old characters passing the torch to a new generation…

ghostbusters1 Bill Murray Calls Ghostbusters 3 A Bunch of Crock

A lot of fans have been disappointed in Murray’s reluctance to get on board but let’s be honest -  are his reservations that different from our own? There hasn’t been much information on this project that leads me to believe it’s on the right track. I love the first film and for years I anticipated another sequel, but it’s getting to the point where I’d almost prefer that they just let it go.

Obviously that’s not going to happen, so fans may want to start considering which would sting more: another inferior sequel or a complete reboot of the series.

Murray is always an entertaining interview so check out the full GQ piece for more details on Ghostbusters 3 as well as an absolutely hilarious story about how he came to be involved with Garfield and the making of that film.

Source: GQ.

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  1. Honestly, if the film is crap, I hope Ghostbusters 3 never gets off the ground. Bill Murray can be a jerk all he likes if the script isn’t up to snuff. There’s a reason people love him and it’s because he speaks candidly about this kind of stuff. Why attach your name to an inferior product?

    • Yeah, because Garfield was extremely successful….

      • Actually Garfield WAS extremely successful.

  2. Well i thin they shouldnt make a new ghost buster for a couple of more years, then they can reboot it

  3. no need for a reboot, seriously, just let the dream die lol

  4. I think people should just get off his back already about it. He clearly doesn’t want any part of it so move on.

    • like ian mckellan, his patience is thinning and tired of waiting

  5. Yeah, sorry. Bill Murray can say whatever he wants about the film, cuz come on, Bill Murray is the only Ghostbuster who still does anything worth talkin about. Except Harold Ramis, he appears to be a very decent director. except that Year One film was just utter trash, but that wasn’t his fault, it was the schmucks who wrote the piece of trash.

    And I’m sorry, I don’t blame Bill Murray, cuz he’s right. Ghostbusters 3 will be garbage if it is written by the schmucks that wrote that piece of lame junk that was Year One.

  6. I apologize for using profanity, I didn’t see the warning, it shall never happen again.

    • yea vic frowns upon that

    • I’m sure Vic has read worse. :-)

  7. I think bill Murray pretty much knows what he’s talking about. He is amazing and if he thinks the script is a crock well then it must be for bill murray to such things…and he did garfield so he knows his “crock”.

    • lol, he definatly knows crap, thats for sure. last thing i enjoyed him in was zombieland lol

  8. Bill’s one shining moment was Groundhog Day, everything else was pure crock so I’ll go with his experienced assessment.

    • groundhog day? lol…too redundant to me, har har:P

    • Bill’s one shining moment was Ghostbusters. and Ghostbusters 2 tarnished that glory.

  9. You have to respect Murray’s own decision, despite the fact that I would still love to see a GOOD sequel. His Venkman is very important to the series, full of self-interest but still grounded (and skeptical despite it all) in a way that his colleagues are not.

  10. What a jerk!

  11. Bill Murray knows what will happen…the movie will be decent at best and introduce a new generation of ghost busters and they will try to make a spin off movie that will either be really good or ruin the name for good…he knows this will happen….they did it in the cartoons (though the spin off was pretty decent) but Hollywood cant do anything right so they will screw it up hardcore.

    • yeah hollywood and tv dont mix, look at that crappy fast time at ridgemont high tv series they tried to pull off years and years ago lol

      • Good points, but you seem to forget M*A*S*H, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Highlander, The Odd Couple, and Stargate

  12. Ghostbusters reboot casting:

    Adrien Brody as Egon
    Steve Carrel as Ray
    Bradley Cooper as Peter
    Zach Galifianakis as Louis
    Idris Elba as Winston

    Can’t think of anybody for Dana. Needs to be someone sexy but with gravitas, not an ingenue. Cate Blanchett, maybe?

    • What about Rick Moranis who played Louis Tully and Annie Potts who played Janine Melnitz?

  13. I really hope they pull this together soon. I see them making 500 mil easy if its shot in 3d and the script is strong.

  14. They could always do like was done with STAR TREK and just wait till some or most of the original actors are literally dead and then do the Remake with a Time Travel stand in by one of the still living actors like Akroyd.

    Murray is still a riot though. I just got around to seeing Zombieland a few weeks back and his cameo was hilarious.

    • that was the high point of that movie, Blue lol

  15. No reboot!!! If you can’t get all 4 ghostbusters back for some facet of a third then yeah just wait and remake. Update it a little and leave at this one last hoorah!!! But don’t ruin most of our childhoods by trying to reboot this, leave it at an updated remake.

  16. I would love to see Bill go full force in Ghostbusters 3. The original AND the sequel are two classic comedies and set the tone for a lot of comedy and comedians for the past near twenty years. But if we had to JUST have Bill Murray in Ghostbusters 3 for a cameo then so be it, it shall still rock. It’s a proven fact that Bill Murray cameos can make a good movie great and a bad movie watchable.

    Here’s the Top 4 Bill Murray cameos:–top-4-bill-murray-cameos.html

  17. I don’t really care if Venkman is in it or not. That may be blasphemy to some people, and YEAH, I’ll be excited if he IS, but Rick Moranis was funnier and he DEFINITELY WON’T be on 3, so…. Might as well have Winston step it up to a frontal position. He did get shafted in 2. You can’t argue with that.

  18. I actually agree with what Edward posted about Winston, if Venkman isn’t in it, then just have Winston step in as the new senior Ghostbuster to replace Venkman and then just hire a new Trainee Ghostbuster to replace the spot that Winston was in.

    That’s actually kinda perfect and similar to the storyline of The Ghostbusters video game they released recently. And it doesn’t have to be a remake, it could be a little bit of a reboot, but wouldn’t have to be a remake.

  19. I Hope they know what they’re doing…. They have been Dragging it a little too long, Almost 20 years with the same Rumour, dontcha think so? and If They Even Try doing this now, Aykroyd will look like a Total A-hole and he’ll Be shunned by so many adoring fans… So For his Sake, Please, Don’t do it. Harold and Bill Would want it like that.

  20. If they do relese ghostbusters 3 they should relese it on feb 14th 2016 like what they said in ghostbusters 2 that would be bad ass lol