Bill Murray Shreds ‘Ghostbusters 3′ Script (Literally)

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bill murray ghostbusters 3 Bill Murray Shreds Ghostbusters 3 Script (Literally)
Ghostbusters fans around the world can now rejoice, as Bill Murray has finally read the Ghostbusters 3 script. But before any celebrating, you should probably know that he didn’t really like the script… at all.

In fact, the National Enquirer is reporting that Murray disliked the script so much that he decided to shred the script and send it back to his fellow paranormal exterminators, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, with a note attached: No one wants to pay money to see fat, old men chasing ghosts!”

Before any of you jump to conclusions regarding the National Enquirer and start making references to “Bat Boy” headlines, be aware that the Pulitzer Prize Board has stated that the National Enquirer is eligible for consideration for their investigative journalism and national news reporting. Plus, Bat Boy is from the Weekly World News, which doesn’t have the Pulitzer Prize Board backing them up.

Additionally, this is not the first time that Murray has acted, well, quirky with scripts. In fact, it initially took Murray months to agree to read the script for the iconic Groundhog’s Day. When Murray finally agreed to read the script, he would only read 10 pages every two weeks. According to Murray, he didn’t want to read the entire thing if it was going to suck. To his credit, he did tell Ramis that the script didn’t suck after reading 30 pages, but he also noted that there’s a possibility that it still could in what’s left of it.

ghostbusters 3 bill murray Bill Murray Shreds Ghostbusters 3 Script (Literally)

Another Murray script story comes straight from Ghostbusters itself. When initially signing on to do Ghostbusters, Murray wanted to do it because he thought it would be fun to do a movie with Ramis, Aykroyd and Ivan Reitman. Murray didn’t actually read the script to Ghostbusters until his first day on set. Fortunately, Reitman only made Murray run around New York City in full gear on the first day, so he had time to learn his lines… and then change them to make them his own.

But now what happens with Ghostbusters 3? As we’ve stated numerous times in the past, Bill Murray is one of the five rights holders to Ghostbusters, so any movie would need his sign-off. And, from the looks of it, they don’t have it.

As it currently stands, Sigourney Weaver, Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, Ivan Reitman, and Sony Pictures (they also hold rights, along with aforementioned folks) have all signed off on the threequel. Unfortunately, Murray’s most recent response to the film has thrown a wrench into things… even more than it already did.

According to those close to Ramis and Aykroyd, receiving the shredded script from Murray upset the two. In fact, it appears that they’re going to attempt to move forward without Murray involved in the movie. Considering it’s likely that they’ll still need some type of sign-off from Murray (even though he’s not in the film), it’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

if anything.


Sony says Ghostbusters 3 begins production in 2012; Murray says No one wants to pay money to see fat, old men chasing ghosts!”

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Source: National Enquirer

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  1. Won’t sell without the guy…
    Reported He takes forever to read the DAMN thing…
    There’s a certain amount of time before the “General Audiances won’t care anymore, even if he’s in it..
    Pompus Actors in a Economic deficit ain’t cute…

    Now real World write something you can all agree too or scrap the whole thing, cause the 2 Stooges would never work..It’s 3 Stooges…
    Oh by the way that *thing looks terrible!!!! Curly must be kicking on his grave..Lol!!!

    • Luckily Earnie Hudson has grown as an actor and can easily hold his own. I honestly don’t think Murray is all that necessary to the film, especially since the script has always been conceived of as a passing the torch flick. I’m far more concerned with what happens with the newer actors.

      • I don’t want to see any newer actors or any passing the torch film. The reason the first film was so good was because of the actors involved, their on-screen presence, and the great story. The second film wasn’t very good and I think a third would be a mistake. On the other hand, if you’re going to do a third, it should be about the original cast only and not some lame passing the torch film. This is not a series that could be continued without the original actors.

        • A passing the torch film could work if done correctly. If they are true to real life and show how the originals have progressed in their lives. Ray & Egon would most likely be involved with the new Ghostbusters as mentoring owners of the business. Venkman probably pursued other interests like maybe having a tell-all book published about the Ghostbusters adventures from the first two movies. This book sparked interest in the paranormal of Venkman’s step-son (Oscar) and Oscar is now a young Ghostbuster. As for Winston, he seemed the most grounded so my guess is that he is in politics, maybe he is the mayor of NYC. As long as the transition is realistic, passing the torch will definitely revive this franchise for a new generation.

          • That’s along the lines I was thinking, too for a storyline, I had even thought, that if Murray wasn’t involved, that Venkman had died/disappeared mysteriously in a Ghostbusting adventure and the other Ghostbusters are trying to keep the details of the disappearance from Oscar who then joins Ghostbusters to find out what exactly happened.

        • This is so a series that can continue without the originals. You do realize that Bill and gang are not spring chickens, yes? You do see how hard it is just to make this one, yes? What makes you think they could continue like this?

          • RobAlister,

            I really doubt this is a series that could continue without the originals. You realize that these actors are what made this series? You do see how the second film was much less liked than the original, yes? You understand that making a sequel to a long-dormant series that was already in decline due to a previous sequel is a bad idea, no?

            • @RobAlister- Sly Stallone, Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis, Tommy Lee Jones….. Not spring chickens either but still pumping out entertainment for our eyeballs. (I was gonna say Chuck Norris too but he eats spring chickens raw and by the handful, and we all know you are what you eat! He will always be a spring chicken….and nails…) :) I think Bill & co. could pull it together long enough if they wanted to. It would be like the “expendables” of comedy.

            • @RobAlister- Sly Stallone, Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis, Tommy Lee Jones. Not spring chickens either but still pumping out entertainment for our eyeballs. (I was gonna say Chuck Norris too but he eats spring chickens raw and by the handful, and we all know you are what you eat! He will always be a spring chicken. . .and nails. . .) :) I think Bill & co. could pull it together long enough if they wanted to. It would be like the “expendables” of comedy.

  2. Geez, What’s another pay check to Murray anyways whether the film does well or not? He’s not getting younger & should know if anyone reboots the franchise, the cast won’t be as great as they were. Murray might aswell not be stubborn & just do it for the fans of the series. For old times sakes. I forget how many films of his i didn’t enjoy that weren’t Ghost Busters related.

  3. Something to consider under the assumption this story is true: could Murray be right? The shredding would indeed be a dick move, but what if he’s right about the script’s quality? As I recall, he wasn’t too thrilled with doing the second movie and even people that liked it (myself included), consider it a major step down from the first move. I also have reservations on sequels (especially the belated ones), where the attitude is “We’re making this because we have to, not because we want to.”

    Of course, I doubt the story’s truthfulness based on Murray’s past level of quality control. *Two* Garfield movies?!

    Here’s a thought: instead of making a live-action movie where the aged team apparently trains a team of newbies that may border on suspiciously similar characters, why not just make an animated movie that would allow the fab four to be in action on their own? Worked for “Real Ghostbusters.”

    • mr.murray just wanna make f…n arthouse movies,it all began with the ´icecold´movie lost in translation,sorry but i hate this kind of movies. just start a new fresh ghostbusters franchise,with young talented actors. murray

    • In Murray’s defence, rumour has it, he signed on to the two Garfield movies (as a contract) before even reading the scripts. He saw the name ‘Joel Cohen’ and thought it was the one of the Cohen brothers who were writing it. By the time he figured out who the writer actually was, Murray couldn’t back down from making the movies.

      … Well, at least that’s what I read.

    • Murray is awesome! Ghostbusters won’t be the same unless he is in it!

  4. I can’t imagine the script would be “bad”. Anyone play the video game that came out a while ago? I didn’t expect much, but I was actually pleasantly surprised with the story. And didn’t Murray sign his voice off to that?
    Plus, if he really does have issues with the script why doesn’t he liaise with his so-called friends and contribute something to make it better… he’s starting to piss me off a bit now

    • I’m sure he has his reasons, such as the fact that he can tell this is only going to be made to make a quick buck, as opposed to being made for artistic merit. Why a sequel now after so so SO long?! Because sequels/remakes/reboots are the new cash-cow. And this WILL in essence be a reboot too, paving the way for a new team (and a few new movies) based on this tired old premise. And who the hell needs to see Seth Rogen as Seth Rogen in Ghostbusters?! If Murray doesn’t want to do it, then why should he be made to? Well, while we’re at it, let’s make a Groundhog Day sequel. I’m sure there’s a script out there for it at the moment, and I’m sure it sucks, but hey, he can’t NOT do it! He should contribute to make it better, to make petey boy happy…

  5. When my 3 year old nephew dislikes something he rips it up or throws it on the ground. He wants attention, he breaks something.

    Self-indulgent, really prissy behavior. My nephew gets put in the corner, or a time out. Is there a “corner” for deluded actors?

  6. How rude.. He could’ve just said “No”! No need to get all pissy, and fussy.

  7. He comes across as being deliberatlty and incredibly awkward to work with.

  8. I dont believe this at all, National Enquirer ??? This must be a Christmas gag.

    • S.R. lost serious points with me for reposting essentially an Onion article. National Enquirer is the bullest of sheets.

  9. I hope it’s dead. I’m sick of reboots, re-imaginings(?), prequels, sequels…

    I want to remember the first 2 just as they were, classics!

    • Finally, someone with some sense! Let him be ‘rude’.

  10. If he really shredded it, that makes him look petty and childish. This does come from the Enquirer though. On the other hand, I think he’s right about passing on this one, if any of these stories are true. The second one was terrible, in my opinion. He might be right about no one wanting to see old, fat men running around. Only the older fans are going to want to see this with a sense of nostalgia. Just because we love a film or series, that doesn’t mean they should just keep making more. I think of the 4th Indy movie, the Star Wars special editions and prequels, and all the other countless sequels that have tarnished classic films in the name of making money and pleasing fans.

    I agree with Bill Murray. I hope this one doesn’t get made.

    On the other hand, consider this. All of these rumors could be planted by Reitman, Murray, Aykroyd, and Sony. Think about it. Getting a script done, financing arranged, a cast signed, and a film off the ground is a long process. These rumors could be leaked to generate buzz about the film and to gauge interest. People see all the articles about Murray and his balking at the idea, and the hardcore fans are disappointed but keep talking about it. Suddenly, a coup. Murray signs and says that he likes the revised script. Fans then assume that it must be good. The film is kept in the news and Murray, a rights holder, comes off as savior to fans. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but I could easily see this as carefully done PR.

  11. Bill Murray needs to get off his high horse and put his input into what a good third Ghostbusters movie would be like! Younger Ghostbusters saving the day with the older Ghostbusters mentoring? Younger Ghostbusters avenging the deaths of their mentor Ghostbusters? Younger Ghostbusters seen with cameos of the originals? A future franchise Ghostbusters with little or no mention of the originals? Bill, just tell us already what a good third Ghostbusters should be like!

    • Wow, how did you get four lines in a row to start with Ghostbusters? That is a cool trick.

  12. If Bill Murray doesn’t want to be part of the film, he could atleast let his character be mentioned by name & have the film be made without him if they wished. If everyone from the cast was up to the idea for a 3rd film being made,id like to ask Mr. Murray to enlighten everyone with what he wants done with the script to make a 2nd sequel better.

  13. Bill Murray has to be in it. But they also need to add Eddie Murphy like it was originally intended. Eddie Murphy as the 5th member who joins the team would be hilarious. As they all come out of retirement and Eddie Murphy joins the team and have a really dark and more mature storyline like the original. WE DONT WANT A SOFT POP CORN HOLLYWOOD 21st CENTURY TAKE ON IT.
    We want it to be scary, funny and mystical.

    • Why would they hire another old man? And, honestly, Eddie Murphy today is nothing compared to what eddie Murphy was when Ghostbusters was a fresh concept. I want no more of that Doctor Doo Little crap.

      • do you have something against old people? lol

    • Scary? When was Ghostbusters ever scary?

  14. Bill Murray needs a good spanking.

  15. Can anyone explain to me why this series needs yet another crappy sequel without using the word money? The original was great, but that was over 25 years ago. None of the actors, not even Murray, has much of a following these days; and outside of a small core of old die-hards, I really don’t see a great deal of enthusiasm for this. Why cant Hollywood just leave the old classics alone, instead of continually mind-raping my childhood memories?

  16. To Bill Murray….YES we do want to pay money to see another Ghostbusters with the original cast…..I and my children who are 24 & 25 agree and we are anxiously awaiting the release of “Ghostbusters 3″!!!!!

  17. Ghostbusters was made in the 80′s, and that’s where it should stay. Don’t ruin one of the greatest movies of all time. Period, end of story, move on, and write something original.

  18. Oh boo! I can’t see a Ghostbusters 3 with all new fresh young people! I loved 1&2 & I really don’t care if they are ‘fat & old’…which i do do not agree with! They all look great plus! plus! plus with a couple of young, happy faces such as Anna Faris it would be a hit! Those 3 are unique men..common! There is just simply not too many actors with their charm & attitudes..much like Bill who I always loved. Common Bill you can do it!But if you won’t I won’t hate you for it.

  19. This is why actors themselves should never own rights to movie characters. They need to move ahead with out him (possible legal action?) and then have his character killed of or MIA as someone stated above. A passing the torch movie so could work. comprose it of some great comedy acotrs of our day with Egon and Ray training them. = AWESOME!

    • yeh, kill bills character off and have him come back as a ghost in the film using old Bill Murry footage and latest effects trickery etc!

  20. When an actor shreds your script then is that a good indication you should do a re-write? I actually did not like Dan Akroyd’s ideas for Ghostbuster’s 3. These guys are not disabled just a little older. So, since they are older this could mean that they approach things differently. It would seem that Murray’s character would hate publicity and being a clown for kid’s parties. There could be a lot of ways to get these guys in shape: maybe Sigourney could teach them some yoga and get them off deep dish and onto wheat grass… Also there was a tension between Akroyd and Murray’s characters before… they could discuss getting older and what the years in between have done to their lives. They could even do some funny flash back scenes to fill in the time a little. hint hint guys in case you are out of ideas. They could also hire on a gung ho guy like Jack Black — he is in the same spirit as Belushi anyways and could be a good way to put some life in a dead skunk. I also think that the key to the movie is both Akroyd and Murray not one or the other. These guys have to work out something so the characters care and we care … again. So, I’m glad Bill ripped up the script I hope he also did some other anti social behaviors as he ripped it up and then refused to clean it up… LOL

  21. I say just remake Ghostbusters for todays audience! there are plenty of great comic actors about who can take the original concept and make it relevant and funny to todays iphone generation! old cast members could have small cameo roles if they must! Id like to see Bill as a Ghost who plays the piano! ” they hate that ” ! ;)

  22. I agree with auric, a passing of the torch film sounds bad today’s young actors….well they suck!

    Transformers is a perfect example, horrible acting the movies would totally suck if not for the Spectacular Robot Scenes.

    I think Mr Murray should just continue the series it’s honestly not that big a deal if he’s aged a bit, send him to a fitness trainer for several months and he will look years younger.

  23. Other rumors are he’s sick. Where is Bill Murray anymore?

  24. frist things frist like murry if hes not gonna be in it they can kiss my money good bye cause i wont come and see it zombie land needs to be a bit better if they make a part the frist i really like but when thy killed murry tht kinda sucked a lil but over all good movie yall should do a ghost buster movie spoof bout a hunted space movie or movie studio or a one in the future …but wat ever im sure it `ll please sum but it`ll all so tick off a lot of us loyal fans of the movie……

    • Punctuation, my friend, punctuation. It makes all the difference in the world…like making sense…or not.

  25. In this article, you refer to five (5) “rights holders,” but you name six (6). In another article where you refer to the five, Sigourney Weaver is not mentioned as she is in this article, so does she hold rights or not and if so, why the discrepancy? Five or six?

  26. More ghostbusters 3/ bill murray stuffs

  27. I have loved Ghostbusters since I was 5 years old, Iam going on 26 now and still love the movies…for ALL FOUR of the Ghostbusters no mater how small there role was(Ernie). how many of those DumbA** Garfield movies Has Murray made? Those movies F***ing Blew!!! And he says no to a movie that has a CULT following!!! It is bound to do better than Garfield! I hope you Read this Murray…What the F*** is your Problem???? IF you dont like the script and you hold the rights to the movie, Why the hell dont you help wright the damn script, so it wont be a shredded piece of crap, and you can help make it the BLOCKBUSTER it should be

  28. He’s trash if he is being a Hollywood prick then he can suck it! Wow bill zombieland we loved you for the fact you made a joke about it. But really we don’t expect you to run you’re fat ass in the movie no more then 35 min in. So chill out do for the fans and also for the new comer kids who would love to see this movie made!

    • No, we wouldn’t love to see it if it sucked. We would be angry. Hey writers, do a decent job would ya? Cause we definitely want to see a good 3rd movie, and we don’t want to see it without Bill Murray in it.

  29. He’s trash if he is being a Hollywood prick then he can suck it! Wow bill zombieland we loved you for the fact you made a joke about it. But really we don’t expect you to run you’re fat ass in the movie no more 35 new comer kids who would love to see this movie made!