Bill Murray Shreds ‘Ghostbusters 3′ Script (Literally)

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bill murray ghostbusters 3 Bill Murray Shreds Ghostbusters 3 Script (Literally)
Ghostbusters fans around the world can now rejoice, as Bill Murray has finally read the Ghostbusters 3 script. But before any celebrating, you should probably know that he didn’t really like the script… at all.

In fact, the National Enquirer is reporting that Murray disliked the script so much that he decided to shred the script and send it back to his fellow paranormal exterminators, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, with a note attached: No one wants to pay money to see fat, old men chasing ghosts!”

Before any of you jump to conclusions regarding the National Enquirer and start making references to “Bat Boy” headlines, be aware that the Pulitzer Prize Board has stated that the National Enquirer is eligible for consideration for their investigative journalism and national news reporting. Plus, Bat Boy is from the Weekly World News, which doesn’t have the Pulitzer Prize Board backing them up.

Additionally, this is not the first time that Murray has acted, well, quirky with scripts. In fact, it initially took Murray months to agree to read the script for the iconic Groundhog’s Day. When Murray finally agreed to read the script, he would only read 10 pages every two weeks. According to Murray, he didn’t want to read the entire thing if it was going to suck. To his credit, he did tell Ramis that the script didn’t suck after reading 30 pages, but he also noted that there’s a possibility that it still could in what’s left of it.

ghostbusters 3 bill murray Bill Murray Shreds Ghostbusters 3 Script (Literally)

Another Murray script story comes straight from Ghostbusters itself. When initially signing on to do Ghostbusters, Murray wanted to do it because he thought it would be fun to do a movie with Ramis, Aykroyd and Ivan Reitman. Murray didn’t actually read the script to Ghostbusters until his first day on set. Fortunately, Reitman only made Murray run around New York City in full gear on the first day, so he had time to learn his lines… and then change them to make them his own.

But now what happens with Ghostbusters 3? As we’ve stated numerous times in the past, Bill Murray is one of the five rights holders to Ghostbusters, so any movie would need his sign-off. And, from the looks of it, they don’t have it.

As it currently stands, Sigourney Weaver, Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, Ivan Reitman, and Sony Pictures (they also hold rights, along with aforementioned folks) have all signed off on the threequel. Unfortunately, Murray’s most recent response to the film has thrown a wrench into things… even more than it already did.

According to those close to Ramis and Aykroyd, receiving the shredded script from Murray upset the two. In fact, it appears that they’re going to attempt to move forward without Murray involved in the movie. Considering it’s likely that they’ll still need some type of sign-off from Murray (even though he’s not in the film), it’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

if anything.


Sony says Ghostbusters 3 begins production in 2012; Murray says No one wants to pay money to see fat, old men chasing ghosts!”

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Source: National Enquirer

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  1. Honestly, I might be 16, but I love Ghostbusters. Both one and two are amazing movies.. I was more than ecstatic to hear that a THIRD one would be coming out. But the only thing I’m scared of is the actors that may be put in it.. Also, the quality. I’d rather the third one look like it was made closer to the time period the others were, mostly because I like movies that look like that. But, I support the series of Ghostbusters with everything I have, so good luck you guys. <3

    • Jessica, I think it’s so cool that someone so young appreciates the movie as much as I do. I’m 37, I grew up with this movie. I think Bill has a good point but I also think Dan and Harold have a point, too. The Ghostbusters concept is a great one. More should be done with it, especially considering how popular all the ghost hunter reality series have been, as well as all old school style horror movies that have come out. It has to be done right. I don’t know if the kind of tone comedy in movies and tv (like The Hangover, or Sunny in Philedelphia) fits GB. It has this layer of meanness underneath. GB in the 80′s was goofy, light hearted. Oh well…anyways, thank you for your comment!

  2. Okay this is as ridicules as Die Hard 5

    • Even more “ridicules” is your spelling of “ridiculous”

      • Heh. +1

  3. Been waiting for years, Bill. Yes, we would watch it!

  4. Its not old fat men chasing ghost, its older ghost busters. I love love love the first two movies, and with all the original people involved, I would love the third one. Please reconsider, Mr Murray.

  5. I havent been to the theater in a year or two but I would pay to see Ghostbusters 3. Bill Murray has to be in it though.

  6. It’s unfortunate that Murray holds the signing power on this movie, if he doesn’t want to be part of it, fine…sign off and let the fans have another movie. Sure it won’t be like the first one, maybe it won’t be any good at all, but I for one will probably love it because I love Ghostbusters! I grew up on the movies and the cartoons, btw the original Real Ghostbusters cartoons in the 80′s had some pretty intense episodes, I’m sure a couple of those could be fleshed out into an awesome 3rd movie. If they want to hand over the ghostbusting to a younger generation fine, I’d rather they didn’t but if it means even more Ghostbusters movies in the future let’s do it, and not wait 23 years for another movie

  7. I don’t believe any thing National Enquirer says(don’t say John Edwards even a broken clock is right twice a day) how many times did they Elvis Presley was alive or that the world was going to end it’s a rag of a paper, When Murray or someone else officially announces he rejected the script I will believe it.

  8. I agree with you foxmulder241 100%. The National Enquirer made up a story about 2 or 3 years ago about Bill Murray and Ghostbusters 3. On K-earth 101 the host was asking Dan Aykroyd about that story and Dan said that story was False and Dan said that Bill Murray Will be on set when Ghostbusters 3 starts filming because Lee and Gene wrote Bill a Beautiful Part for GB3 and that’s why Bill’s in. Dan Confirmed last August 25th 2011 that GB3 Will happen with or without Bill Murray and on Howard Stern the question was asked about GB3 and Bill confirmed that he owe’s Ivan and it’s GB3 because back then a year ago in February 2011 Bill says that he has the script and hasn’t read it yet and Ivan is Puzzled about that because Bill knows that Ivan wants to make a GB3 along with the cast and the fans and Bill said that he owe’s Ivan and it’s GB3. Before Christmas 2011 The National Enquirer again made up another false story about Bill and GB3 and these People are stupid beliving another false story about Bill because they belived the first one. I wasn’t buying the first lie and this lie as well. The movie is Happening because Dan Confirmed on August 25th 2011 that Filming will began this Spring/Summer 2012 for a 2013 release and a Sony Rep Confirmed GB3 in 2013 from Las Vegas in June 2011. We know that it’s Happening Finally because I’ll be taking my Girlfriend/Wife to see Ghostbusters 3 in Theaters in 2013!!!

  9. Bill Murray already knows that there Passing the torch to a younger team. It says that on the GB3 Imdb and that’s part of the Plot!!!

  10. I would pay money to see fat, old men chasing ghosts..

  11. First, if I could only see one movie next year, I would pick Ghostbusters. Second, the cast made the film a success in the previous Ghostbuster’s movie so without Bill, this would suck.
    Bill’s character was my favorite in the previous versions, he’s gotta play his role or this would be a complete waste of time. No one wants to see fat old men chasing ghosts? …bull. I do. Both generations would watch it. We need some real cinema again in this country and no one else successfully mixes paranormal with comedy. The Ghostbusters are the only ones who can pull it off, but the whole cast would have to be there.

  12. When GHOSTBUSTERS first came out my brothers and I went to see it. I loved the characters and the effects for the time. And it was the first movie I enjoyed with ghost in it since my older brothers were always taking me to movies and most of them would literally scare the HECK out of me. (POLTERGEIST,HALLOWEEN,JASON,ect..)And now that I have children of my own they have watched the first 2 movies and my son who has watched these movies repeatedly has heard that part 3 is going to be coming out and he can not wait for it to come to the cinemas. (I for one would love to see it too. Cause the cast really works well off one another.Let alone the effects could be totally awesome)…..So Bill your wrong people would love to see all of you back on the big screen..Hope you change your mind ;)….)

  13. I want to pay money, And see fat old men chasing ghosts though!@

  14. I WOULD PAY!!!

  15. Tell him about the twinkie, what about the twinkie

    • Peter:Hey you can’t park that here.

      Ray:Everyone can stop worrying I found perfect car, It needs a little work, Shocks, brakes pad, lining, steering box, new transmission.

      Peter: How Much?

      Ray: Only $4800. A little wiring.

  16. I got to thinking with all the movies get 3D treatment how give the original Ghostbusters a 3D upgrade.

    • Sure, except for one teeny weeny detail: 3D enhancement of 2D movies is total crap. Only movies shot in 3D have a decent 3D effect, and even then, not all of them are rendered properly.

  17. That’s really upsetting cause he has always been my favorite but I guess venkman can die of cancer or a ghost kills him or something like that it will be easy to put in script they should consider this

    • Yeah, that’s a good idea, or he retired and lives in Canada now or something!

  18. I love watching movies aswell! With my opinion on ghostbusters 3, i would agree with numerous ghostbusters fans previous comments. I would very much love to see a 3rd installment to the ghostbusters franchise being made, however, as which has already been said, for ghostbusters 3, they should aim for getting all the main original ghostbusters movie cast members reprising their roles, this would be really awesome for ghostbusters 3 in my opinion and this would bring back what the ghostbusters fans would really want to see, with the use of 80′s cinema tone just like the original was made if possible and using the original script idea thought up for this movie about the original ghostbusters once again chasing ghosts and not changing the script with a new story about a new generation of young ghostbusters to taking the torch because i think this would kind of ruin the ghostbusters franchise. I know some of this has already been said before, but as a ghostbusters fan and movie buff allround, i am just expressing my opinion. And for the record the original ghostbusters is my absolute fav.

  19. Hey Bill.. why don’t you just let them do the damn movie. If you want nothing to do with it then that’s fine. Let the creative talent make it happen, you didn’t write the other two movies and you could have easily been replaced.

    GHOSTBUSTERS III would be great!!

  20. “Bat Boy” has been reported on in the Weekly World News– and WWN is a more reputable news source than The Enquirer.

  21. Why don’t they just make the movie and pass the torch over to some new young people to keep the ghostbusters saga going. Can’t keep the same people forever.

  22. We need a ghostbusters movie, please bill murray please be in ghostbusters three

  23. I think it could work with the original cast, send new cast. They could be retired and be ask to come back as advisors. I just hope it is done right as so many good movies and shows are remade but the remake is bad.

  24. Bill Murray is full of it..He has no idea what the fans want. Who the heck does he think he is putting thoughts in the fans minds.

  25. Yes! Ghostbusters 3 would rock! I’m 36 and grew up on ghostbusters, now my kids love it too! I hope and wish bill Murray would sign on for a third movie!

  26. I think it would be cool if they come back with the ghost busters i was just a little girl when it came out and since then i loved the ghost busters and im 34 years old now i love ghost busters.. go bill and the rest of the ghost busters best of luck.. fyi ill love to get a part in the movies hit me up bill your bigest fan donna marie hamilton