Bill Murray Says ‘Ghostbusters 3′ Is Still ‘A Possibility’

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ghostbusters 3 bill murray1 Bill Murray Says Ghostbusters 3 Is Still A Possibility

The last time Dan Aykroyd spoke in public about Ghostbusters 3, he referred to the project as being “in suspended animation” and said it was “a surety” that his costar, Bill Murray, will not be reprising his role as wise-cracker Peter Venkman in the threequel (should it happen). Reading between the lines, it sounded like Murray’s disinterest was going to ensure that the long-dormant supernatural horror/comedy franchise will remain undisturbed.

Murray has yet to confirm that he’s officially out of the question for a third round of catching specters. In fact, his most recent comments on the matter offer a sliver of hope that a third Ghostbusters flick could still be in the cards for him (whether the public likes it or not).

During a recent interview with WGNTV, the actor primarily focused on enthusiastically talking up his most recent collaboration with filmmaker Wes Anderson on the upcoming Moonrise Kingdom. However, when faced with a customary question about whether or not Ghostbusters 3 is something he could appear in, Murray offered a simple, but polite response of “… Well, it’s a possibility.”

Not only is this the most “enthusiasm” (or something like that) which Murray has shown for the project since he showed up wearing a proton pack and Venkman’s GB uniform at the 2010 Spike TV SCREAM Awards, but this interview also marks the first occasion in recent years where the actor expressed something other than indifference for Ghostbusters 3. Well, sort of.

bill murray ghostbusters 3 Bill Murray Says Ghostbusters 3 Is Still A Possibility

With all that said: don’t go reading too much into Murray’s comment. On the one hand, the actor’s been badgered with questions about Ghostbusters 3 for so many years now that it’s possible he’s finally decided that humoring people is the best course of action – as opposed to calling the project “a bunch of crock” or admitting that he’s not given the film’s script much thought.

On the other hand, the fact that Murray didn’t just flat out say that he won’t be involved with a third Ghostbusters flick could be interpreted as a sign that the 61-year-old comedy legend is finally ready to succumb to demands for him to make the movie. That’s also assuming those rumors about his response after reading the GB3 screenplay are indeed completely inaccurate (as Aykroyd has claimed).

We will continue to keep you posted on the status of Ghostbusters 3 in the future – and let you know if anything comes of this latest “development” in the story.


Source: WGNTV [via The Playlist]

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  1. I wish ol’ Bill would just make up his mind already.

  2. I wish they would let it rest. Ghostbusters lives off the 80s whackiness and the chemistry of the actors in their prime. A sequel 20 years later just has to fail horribly.

    • You mean 24 years later – assuming it’s done by next year!

  3. He”s too awkward to work with. needs pull his head out of his a*se!

    • Bill is acting like a diva for whatever reason.I don’t know maybe the script did suck and for him to say he didn’t want anything to do with it was his way of having Akroyd rewrite a better story.


    Click this instead, because there isnt a “Check” at the end of the link.
    Alpha Centaurians
    The New Men AKA Knights of Wundagore

    Anyone of these would be good enough for me, however,I am still betting of the forces of hel (since loki has some history with that realm)

    BTW, why are we talking about the Avengers when this story is about Ghost Busters 3?

    Thanks for the link though. :)

    • Because spam. :3

  5. Maybe Bill Murray saw my script and casting ideas then realized how much potential this movie has. Or perhaps the like to wait until my hopes are completely dashed…and then mention it again.

    I must face facts. My film “Ghostbusters 3: A New Hope” will not be made.

    • *they like to wait

      an edit button…would be so nice!

  6. What sucks is that even if they said forget this we are doing a reboot and none of the orginal guys will be in it… Murry still has to sign off on it. At some point he just has to let it go. He can b**** and moan about what GB was or wasn’t, he can hate on the Garfield movies all he wants but i do not see him giving any of that money back. He just comes off as bitter.

  7. At this point they should make a mockumentary about the making of a Ghostbusters 3. I’d much rather see that than an actual Ghostbusters 3 at this point

    • I like your idea, but make it an actual documentary, as I am sure there would be enough laughs in it without making it a mockumentary. Would have loved for a camera to be there when Murray was approached, over and over again, about it. Really, if the other actors want to do it, he should just sign his rights away for a large sum of money. It’s not like the Ghostbusters name will be tarnished by a so-so film, as the originals were nothing great or historic.

  8. Is he trolling?

  9. There has been too much talked about it . Will it happen or will not. ? I hope someone will put an end to this speculation and let the persons concerned move on. The franchise need some rest guys

  10. Just do it.

  11. There has been too much talked about it . Will it happen or will not. ? I hope someone will put an end to this

    and let the persons concerned move on. The franchise need some rest guys

  12. At first I loved the idea of the old ghostbusters getting back together but now… heck, reboot it! I’m tired of the back and forth, reboot!

    • i know this may be a few months old but im with you on this.i to loved the idea of the originals coming back but with all the back and forth crap.all that love now they ruined the its like ok if your going to at all make the movie then do it.even if you got to reboot the hole dang thing. because the company did say they are making it no matter what.
      even the long time fans are saying reboot it already.even after they started saying no originals no movie.but at this point any reboot would be better then all this bitching back and forth about murry and the others originals being in it or not.

  13. Who really cares about Ghost Busters 3???
    Give it up. Let it go. If this is the only thing Dan Akroyd ( or Bill Murray ) have going for their careers , that’s just sad.

    • @Kryptonic – I care. I’m sure a few other fans care too. I still love the original movies after all these years and really loved the cartoon as a kid. I still wear a Ghostbusters t-shirt around the house occasionally on lazy days. And I enjoyed the video game from a few years ago. This is one franchise that I’d like to see more of. I’ve been saying they need to do a rebooting sequel with all new young actors and actresses, but keeping the originals involved in a way. I think the special effects nowadays would really make this a fun franchise for all ages.

      • I hear ya! I was never a follower of these films so I’m a bit curious about Sigourney Weaver. Would she reprise her role in GB3??
        Sigourney Weaver has already stated, very forcefully , that she’ll be in Avatar 2. Never mind the fact that she died in the first Avatar. lol

        • I’d like for her to return. My question is can they get Rick Moranis out of retirement

          • Im pretty sure the rest of the actors won’t be a problem in coming back.Bill is the only stubborn one from everyone else’s knowledge.And danmit i forgot Ghostbusters as a favorite saturday morning cartoon from the open discussion question last week lol I give up,just say i watched 9 out of 10 cartoons every week.

    • Many people feel the same way about Star Wars. That it’s flogging a dead horse, which it is.

  14. Just say YES and make the movie already so I don’t have to hear about it anymore!

  15. Bill, either do it or shut up about it.

    • You are acting like it is Bill’s fault he talks about it. Whenever he is interviewed he is asked about the movie. He has to say something. Bill can’t just sit there and stare at the interviewer.

  16. Bill Murray must have finally realized who his REAL fans are.

  17. Maybe he’s realized that the only way to get people to leave him alone about the project is if he just gets it over with.

  18. I so want this! Murray and Aykroyd and all the rest of the originals don’t even have to be the main focus. Have some current younger comedians, such as Donald Glover, run around after the spectors while the “old timers” give advice or show up at critical times. Just give us a good story.

  19. Do it! Big money and the fans would be so appreciative. I would love it, as long as the story is good. Heck, even a decent story would be fine because the nostalgia alone would make it a hit for me.


    • They said the same thing about Rocky Balboa…and that turned out to be amazing. If GB3 were about the original Ghostbusters coming out of retirement,getting back together and realisinng that you are never to old, then we BOTH know that it too would be AMAZING.

      • I am siding with MadHatter here. I would love to see these guys back together. The original Ghostbusters is still one of my favorite comedies. Good point with Rocky Balboa too. That movie was supposed to be awful but turned out to be one of the better entries in to the franchise. Sure there are more examples of bad than good for long overdue sequels, but so what. Ghostbusters 3 could very well be a great comedy. Heck, with Murray attached (if he ever does attach himself) I’m sure I will laugh. I always find him funny.

  21. this has being an continuing problem of late in recent
    months dan aykroyd was in london to promote his crystal head vodka
    line but theres being confliction after conflictions of spinning
    yarns around the campfire that some said that bill murray read
    the script then returned it back in pieces with a note to aykroyd
    and ramis quoting this (NO ONE WANTS TO SEE FAT GUYS CHASING GHOSTS)
    but according to murray stating it was utter rubbish and i did no
    such thing and he was spotted with president obama researching for
    a role in an upcomming movie but mattel announced that they will be
    cancelling the ghostbusters toy line at the end of this year but to
    throw even more wood to the fire that sigourney weaver was threatening
    to pull the plug whiles she focuses on avatar if murray quits the gb3
    project but more wild stories about gb3 that anna faris and bill hader
    was approached by this and both said they had no contact with either
    aykroyd or ramis about this gb3 ferris wheel its time to end the ride
    once and for all.

    frankie(cool bike rider)smales

    frankie smales tv and movie uk

  22. He not getting any younger as well as I.