Bill Murray Gives ‘Ghostbusters 3′ Update; HAS NOT Read The Script

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bill murray ghostbusters 3 Bill Murray Gives Ghostbusters 3 Update; HAS NOT Read The Script

This weekend, while in the UK to promote No Strings Attached, Ivan Reitman provided Ghostbusters fans with a glimmer of hope by suggesting that Bill Murray has, in fact, read the script for Ghostbusters 3. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

While appearing on The Howard Stern Show today to promote the DVD release of Get Low, Bill Murray set all of the Ghostbusters 3 rumors to rest and explained to all those listening exactly where he stands on the highly-anticipated return of everyone’s favorite paranormal exterminators.

Revealing that he has not yet read the script (and feels bad about it), Murray talked in-depth about how Ghostbusters 2 turned him off to sequels (although, he forgot about Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties); how doing Ghostbusters 3 isn’t even on his mind and explained that the only reason why Sony Pictures wants to make another movie is to recreate the franchise.

The interview lasted around an hour and was completely captivating for both fans of Murray and Ghostbusters. Considering Howard Stern is dubbed “The King of All Media” for a reason and nobody else has been able to get Murray to speak this much about Ghostbusters 3 before, I left the transcription complete:

Howard Stern: Is it true that there is a Ghostbusters 3 and that you’re the problem and you will not sign off on this? Do you know about this?

Bill Murray: Yeah, I guess I’m the problem. Before I was an asset, [but] now I’m a problem. There’s a script somewhere [on my desk], but I haven’t read it yet.

ghostbusters 3 bill murray Bill Murray Gives Ghostbusters 3 Update; HAS NOT Read The Script

Why haven’t you read it? Is it because you think it’s a bullsh*t idea? In other words, Ghostbusters has had its time and you did a remarkable job with that and you’ve moved on?

BM: There’s a little bit of that. I only made one sequel and it was Ghostbusters 2 and it didn’t end up the way it was presented.

About five years after we did the first one, the clever agents got us all together in a room and… we really are funny together, I mean they are funny people – Harold [Ramis] and Danny [Aykroyd] and myself, with Ivan [Reitman] and maybe one or two other people. We were just blindingly funny for about an hour or so and the agents, there was just foam coming off of them.

They had this pitch and Danny and Harold had concocted some story ideas… and it was a story, it was good story. I think I had even read one or two [scripts for Ghostbusters 2] that Danny had rolled out beforehand, but this one was a good one. I said, “Ok, we can do that one.”

It was just kind of fun to have all of us together… I mean [Rick] Moranis, Annie [Potts] – these people are just sterling people to begin with.

HS: So how do you go back and really make another? Does Ivan want to make [Ghostbusters 3]?

BM: Yeah, Ivan wants to make it and I… I owe him, ya know. He’s puzzled that I haven’t gotten to this one.

HS: How long has it been sitting on your desk, this script for Ghostbusters?

BM: Well, it may not be on the desk – it’s over there somewhere. How long? I don’t know.

Ghostbusters 3 Casting Call for L.A. and Chicago actors Bill Murray Gives Ghostbusters 3 Update; HAS NOT Read The Script

Robin Quivers: So you have no interest?

BM: Well, I’ll get to it… I gotta get to it – I feel bad. I got a message and I think people – I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings – it’s not the foremost thing in my mind, so I don’t think about it.

You know, the studio gets excited every 10 years or so. What they’d really like to do is recreate the franchise. I remember when the new Ghostbusters was going to be Chris Rock, Chris Farley and Chris Crane… Kris Kringle… someone [laughs] – they had it together.

HS: Is that a threat to you? In other words, did they try to threaten you by saying we’re going to put together a new Ghostbusters and therefore you guys will have to go do it?

BM: It’s not a threat, it’s sort of businesslike – they’d like to keep it going.  There are still kids today that watch this movie and love it, it’s still very popular. They still sell a lot of toys and everything.

If you found the Ghostbusters excerpt from Murray’s Howard Stern interview interesting, you should check out today’s interview in its entirety. Aside from Ghostbusters 3, Murray also talked about working on Saturday Night Live, how Andie MacDowell’s hair annoyed him while filming Groundhog Day, why he decided to fire his agent and so much more.

Today’s interview will be available all day on Sirius-XM channel 100 and will likely be included in Friday’s “Best of the Week” replay. For more geek news and insider info, check out GEEKTIME! Radio, Saturdays from 2-5pm, on SIRIUS-XM channel 101.


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Source: The Howard Stern Show

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  1. Oh man I really hope he reads it and likes it. I would just like to see them all together again even it is for only a quarter or half the movie.

    • Yeah Detox been coming out for like 5 years

      • That´s what they said about Chinese Democracy by Guns N´ Roses for 14 years. And all of a sudden BAM! It´s there.
        Ghostbusters 3 will happen, it´s just a matter of time.

  2. Third films are funny things. You either get something really good, following a stinker of a second effort, or you get even worse crap. I understand the man’s hesitation. But to not even look at the script, even a glance over? It speaks volumes about how much Murray just wants to close this chapter of his life.

    As much as I want to see this film, and as fun as it would be to take my kids to the theater, like I was taken when the first one came out, I wonder just how good Murray’s performance will be if he does get roped into making it.

    • I wonder what the chances are that if Murray really doesn’t want to do a third Ghostbusters, that he would allow the film to continue without him at all.

  3. Alright I just have to say that the movie industry NEEDS a movie like this! A new Ghostbusters movie bringing some of the funniest people back together would be amazing right now. There are a lot of stupid-funny movies now-a-days (other than the movies like The Hangover and Wedding Crashers) and a new Ghostbusters movie might just set a new standard for Comedy these days. Maybe some of these stupid-funny actors will learn something (I’m looking at you Jonah Hill – I hate that guy).

    Come on Bill! You were one of the best things about the hilarious movie Zombieland! Bring on Ghostbusters!!

    • We need a Jonah Hill bashing thread. The guy is single handedly responsible for the suckage of some possible great comedies.

      • Oh, I agree SO much with this statement! He is horrible..

  4. If they don’t make the movie, I’ll always have the video game.

  5. Murray is quite frankly an idiot. If this film does well then they could breathe new life into the series with a fresh cast for future films while still possibly keeping some of the original members around as paranormal, stay in the lab, scientists.

    • You are assuming that he would want to be apart of this, and as I and others have already pointed out, the sheer fact that he has not bothered to even glance at the script proves that he has moved on and wants nothing to do with it. He’s not an idiot. He is simply two decades removed from the situation, where others, with say less than stellar careers right now, are clinging to this antique gem.

      • Didn’t I say the same thing, but with less words? lol

  6. That was a great interview by Stern, It was nice to hear BM’s reasoning and what got him there.

  7. What we need is another movie like the original Ghostbusters.
    If the script isnt THAT good , then Murray shouldnt do it.
    And he knows if they revive this franchise, he know they will keeocoming back to him for what will probably be substandard sequels.
    When you think about it,
    He is really is doing the fans a favor .
    I dont want just any old Ghostbusters movie.
    I want a GREAT Ghostbusters film.

    • Bill Murray (I love the guy btw) isn’t doing the fans “a favor” if he isn’t even picking up the script to read it.

      He’s only doing fans a favor if he does the film after he read and likes the potential of the script, OR refusing to sign off on the project because he didn’t like the caliber of the writing.

      But doing nothing helps no one.

  8. I hope Bill Murray assumes the situation what the screenwriter is saying

  9. If their intention is to suprass the original, then they shouldn’t even try. The original is a classic, and will be next to impossible to touch (I dread the idea of a remake). But if they just want to make a fun film like the second, then I say go ahead. However, the new generation of Ghostbusters is dumb. Good luck getting a cast with the same chemistry as the original four.

    • It can’t measure up to the Original, very FEW sequels do, Godfather Part 2 being one of the few.

      • Good call. Aliens, Empire Strikes back and Wrath of Kahn are the only others that come to mind. I do not see this writing team topping the original GB.

        • The Dark Knight, Terminator 2, Hellboy 2, Blade 2 (IMO), Spider-man 2, Toy Story 3, X-men 2. There’s plenty examples of sequels suprassing the orignal.

  10. At Least Bill Murray has a Heart!! He knows that Ivan wants to make a Ghostbusters 3 because Bill says that he owe’s Ivan and he knows that the Fans wants a Ghostbusters 3. Bill knows that the GB3 Script is Very Good because he has a Comic Role of a LifeTime for GB3. With Bill saying that he will read the GB3 Script then Bill will Approve the GB3 Script and Production will began this May 2011! Bill Murray is a Cool Guy and he won’t let Ivan Down or his GB pals down or the GB Fans Down!!! Things are Looking UP for GB3!!!

  11. Do we really need Ghostbuster 3?

    • Not really. But, we do need GhostbusterS 3. Lol I had to.

      • You obviously got the gist of my comment, why criticize the ommission of an “s”. Get a life. and keep your lol.

    • NOOO

  12. Well, there is that. We don’t need another one, no. Would it be awesome . . . no guarantee there either. I don’t want to see a crappy sequel. As for Murray, I have to give him credit. He knows if he reads the script he’s stuck making the thing. Because he will either like it, or it will suck, he’ll say so, and then they will just hound him with rewrites until it’s good enough.

    • this will all come down to casting, whomever they get to be the next generation, The script may be amazing, BM may sign off on it and they will get the band back together , but if the next Gen all suck or dont have the chemistry it wont matter. Just Sayin
      and you all know im right, think about it. whom would you cast as the next generation of Ghostbusters, without taking it all dark and serious.
      So the new question is who should be cast as the next Ghost busters?

  13. I think Bill Murray does have a lot on his mind right now, and it’s something he’s tight lipped nd not talking about. He’s still got the looks, but hasn’t exactly been looking like Fabio lately. s he being tight-lipped and irrationally coy about what is going on in his life?

  14. Chris Rock, Chris Farley and, well, me.

  15. I may be one the few who actually enjoyed Ghodtbusters 2. But what a lot of you are ignoring is that both films were very loosely scripted- and heavily improv’d with their dialogue. So – what thus probably comes down to is Bill’s not feeling the ‘magic’ with the old guys.

    And can you blame him? Have you seen Dan Akroud in anything lately? The guys lost his charm and wit. Harold Ramis- great writer/ producer/ director. Also by now very much not the young man he used to be.

    Bill is the only one who’s still got it. So this really us a case of them asking him to single handedly lift the weight of a 20 yr old franchise.

    The only way I could see this working, honestly, is to have Murray workshop w/ some respected improv folks- like Upright Citizens or Second City, Chicago City Limits.
    Have them develop a rapport and dynamic, and ask Bill to write a script that would write him out of the franchise, passing the torch to someone new.
    Could be in flashbacks (young ghostbusters- the college days- but done Right!) or have him be their aging professor.

    Either way- it sounds like the script would have to come from Bill himself. He respects, but somehow doesn’t trust the whims of the old team. He’s beyond them by far by now…

  16. As it stands now, Bill Murray must *read* the script. They’re kinda waiting on him, they sent it to him, so it would be responsible of him to do read it. It would also be fair to everyone else involved.

    Now, that doesn’t mean he must be in the movie. Beyond simply reading the script, he has no obligations to the project. He’s well past the point in his career where he simply needs to do something for money and can’t be choosey. If he doesn’t think it’s worth doing and can’t be salvaged, who is anyone to pressure him into doing it? Frankly, as much as I love the Ghostbusters franchise, I’d rather no third movie than a lousy third movie.

  17. There gonna make this without him.

    And that’s fine, the first Ghostbusters was fun but I don’t get the super legendary statis it seems to generate here. It was an above average 80s comedy. The sequel was forgettable.

    • Oh bite your tongue 79Ø. The Great Outdoors was an above average 80s comedy. Ghostbusters was a legitimate phenomenon. It continues to affect people today much the same way as Star Wars does. I mean I haven’t met anyone in this country who hasn’t seen it at least once and it’s what now twenty-six years old? It also launched a successful cartoon series, toy line, and comic book series.
      In all one of the few iconic movies of the last century of my opinion and you know after more than a quarter of a century it still holds up. But of course that’s just my opinion. So come on Mr. Murray do it for the fans.

  18. I’m all for a Stripes 2!!

  19. Decisions decisions

  20. According to these extracts, he still seems to have dodged the question of what the hell his problem is!

    Why is he being a dick? “I’t not in the forefront of my mind so I don’t think about it” – WHY??

    • Well, for one, he doesn’t HAVE to think about it. He’s past that part of his life.

      • I’m with you. If it’s not on his mind, it’s not on his mind. (I’m probably biased because I don’t think we need another ‘Ghostbusters’, but then again, we don’t need a lot of sequels out there that actually turn out great. Heh, again, I’m biased.) It’s his call; they can’t force him into it unless he happens to be contractionally obligated or something.

        • No he’s being a dick.

          He has an obligation to his friends and collegues. He holding up the entire project for some BS reason. Sign on and make it, take the big-ass paycheck home, then they will be able to make a new Ghostbusters franchise with younger actors and you can go be miserable somewhere else.


          • I don’t understand how it’s simple?? It’s hard enough to catch lighning in a bottle once. Catching it twice using the same property, that’s a real challenge. 80% of the cartoon series was better than the second movie IMO, that’s got to weigh heavy on the decision making process. If he reads it and he doesn’t like it then he runs the risk of hurting peoples feelings, some, longtime friends. If he likes it and it turns out bad for ANY reason the first one will be considered a fluke of chance or worse put a wrench in his own career which quite frankly doesn’t need bad press. How many good years does he have left? He’s closing in on 61…

        • How can it not be on his mind?? Seriously. He gets asked about it EVERY FREAKING DAY. I that were ME, I would be ready to get that crap over with, so I COULD put it out of my mind.

          • “IF THAT WERE ME”

    • first one is genius and the second film i ever saw in the theater but have you seen part 2? i would avoid this like the plague.

  21. Honestly, if I were in his position (ah, what a life that would be), I’d do the exact same thing. And that’s the truth; no bull. It’s not really sequels themselves or even the time that’s passed between them. Although I do notice how time affects a franchise, like ‘Godfather’ or ‘Toy Story’, but that’s not to say this threequel doesn’t have a chance of living up. Nevertheless, I’m with Murray. It’s nothing to get over-excited about. We’re not rebooting the ‘Star Trek’ series here.

  22. Just sign a check that Bill and Co cannot refuse and please have a solid script!!!

    • Yeah he does like sequels cough*Garfield 2*cough

  23. Yeah, you know, the folks in Ghostbusters … Ramis, Danny, Bill, Annie, Moranis… and nobody mentions the black guy (Ernie Hudson). Ever. Kinda sad.

    “I have seen S**T that will turn you WHITE!” -Winston

    • LOL. Yeah Ernie had some choice lines, 27 years this June and that still cracks me up. The comedic mountain this film sits on would be hard to climb indeed, little lone attempting a higher place on the summit…

  24. Murray did an interview last year and he said he won’t even read that script because of who wrote it.

    It was the same guys that wrote “Year One”, so I don’t blame him.

  25. Well your Wrong about that!!! Bill said that he Owe’s Ivan and he knows that Ivan wants to make a GB3 and the Fans wants a GB3 Too and Bill’s GB Pals wants to make a GB3 as Well!!! It Will Happen! Bill knows that the Script is Awesome because he has a Comic Role of a LifeTime for GB3! Production will began this May 2011! Bill has a Heart because he heard the Fans and he feels bad that he hasn’t read it yet and he will because Bill Confirmed that he Owe’s Ivan and that means that Bill will Love the GB3 Script and Production will began this May 2011!!! Filming will began this Spring/Summer for a Christmas Day release in 2012!!!

    • You know, it’s possible to construct a sentence without it ending WITH AN EXCLAMATION MARK EVERY TIME!!!!! OMG!!!

      … But seriously, If Ghostbusters 3 is in fact made, it will suck. Bill Murray knows this, so I (keyword being ‘I’) think he’s avoiding the script for that being one of the reasons. Also, I don’t think he owes any of those guys-especially Reitman-a thing. He pretty much blossomed an entire cinematic cult (or two) and if GB3 is made, this cult will sink, leaving only the murmurs of, “Remember when Ghostbusters didn’t suck?” in its wake. After all the crappy unnecessary sequels out there, people still crave more but still manage to walk out of the theater with a big, “Wow! I totally didn’t see that suck-salad coming!” on their face. It’s a bad idea. I love Ghostbusters, even the game wasn’t half bad (okay, maybe it was). But GB3? You’re killing me, Smalls…

      • You forgot to add that keyword of yours and the word -think- in front of “it will suck.”

  26. Here’s what’s been eating at me:

    *Amy Poehler offered a guest role to Bill Murray on “Parks and Recreation”, but offered to let him sit during taping. Why would he need to do that?

    * In an interview with DA Points (on Youtube) after winning Pebble Beach, he a comment about quote: “…when I can walk.”

    * For part of that interview (part 1 of 3), his voice sounds different (like Ray Romano) like it did on Letterman after his knee surgery

    * Bill Murray is still handsome as ever, but has not been looking well lately. He’s skinny as a twig, and looks like he’s aged rapidly the past couple of years.

    * As part of the activities with Pebble Beach, he visited some charities…among them, hospices. What’s bugging me is: Was he visiting, or shopping?

    * Announcer for Pebble Beach said he “hopes Bill Murray can be back next year). Why, wouldn’t that already be a given?

    * Early on in discussions about GB3, Bill Murray said he’d do the movie if he got to be a ghost. Was that because he wanted to portray a ghost, or was that a sarchastic response because of possibilities he could be a ghost by the time movie is out?

    Bill Murray is a very private guy. If he were ill (Boy, I really hope that’s not the case), I am not sure he wouldn’t be very hush-hush about it. That would break my heart, but I am seriously wondering if an unofficial reason he’s not doing Ghostbusters is because he’s ill and just isn’t able to do the work. If that’s the case, I hope he’ll be honest enough with his fans to say so.

    Hope none of this offends you Mr. Murray.