Bill Murray Talks ‘Ghostbusters 3′

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Coming Soon caught up with Bill Murray at a press day for his latest indie flick Get Low and managed to get some information concerning the long-gestating Ghostbusters 3 sequel from the man who’s long been rumored to be the main culprit responsible for holding up development on the project.

Murray – along with Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and director Ivan Reitman – has to sign-off on any potential Ghostbusters 3 scripts before production can get underway.  So far it seems that Murray is the one member of the original Ghostbusters team whose approval for the sequel has not yet been attained by Columbia Pictures – something that Aykroyd in particular is reportedly a bit peeved about.

But how much of the halabaloo surrounding Ghostbusters 3 – whether it’s the rumors about Reitman being too old or the fate of Murray’s character Peter Venkman – is real?

Well, here’s what Murray had to say:


“You know, it’s really the studio starts this stuff.  They start saying ‘Ghostbusters.’ They want to do [it] and it’s really the world of sequels and bringing these things back again, and then some wiseacre said, ‘Hey, we got a couple of new writers who are gonna write something.’ And I thought, ‘Oh, well, maybe there’ll be some writers’ and there was always this joke, sort of a half-true, half-joke thing like, ‘Well, I’ll do it if you kill me off in the first reel.’ That was my joke, you know?”

Well, according to Murray, there was actually a draft of the Ghostbusters 3 screenplay written up that killed his character off early – a move that he admits was “kind of clever anyway.” However, he made no mention of whether that is still the case with the script in its current form.


But what light does Murray have to shed on the state of the project now?

” So it’s just a kind of a dreamy thing. They want to create a new generation of Ghostbusters, you know? They’d just like us to pass the torch.”

ghostbusters1 Bill Murray Talks Ghostbusters 3

Out with the old, in with the new?

But would making Ghostbusters 3 be the “nightmare” that Murray referred to it as on his Letterman appearance a few months back?

Well, here’s his simple – albeit ambiguous – answer:

“Well, it’s true, but we made a great movie and then we made another one, you know? So we went to the well twice and it’s almost impossible to do the second movie as well. Only horror movies get better as they go along because they have more money to spend for more crazy effects. I actually thought the other day… ‘You know, maybe I should just do it. Maybe it’d be fun to do.’ Because the guys are funny and I miss [Rick] Moranis and Annie [Potts] and Danny [Aykroyd]. Those people are some people that were really, you know, I miss them. I think that’s really a big part of it.”

So yeah – Murray sounds less like a curmudgeonly old-timer and more like someone who wonders if making a return to the Ghostbusters franchise is indeed worth it in the end.

What do you think?  Should Murray give his approval for Ghostbusters 3 – assuming everything looks good, that is?  Or should he just say no and let the project be laid to rest at long last?

As always, we’ll keep you posted on any Ghostbusters 3 related news as it comes in.

Source: Coming Soon

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  1. Please Mr. Murry…….I am almost begging you Sir!

  2. He doesn't seem sold on the idea to me.. and I'm not sure I would want him to go ahead with it without conviction y'know!

    I guess if they can get the old gang back together AND sell it as something that'll be fun to make as well as watch THEN they'll have him.

    Otherwise I think it'll just be bumming around in the back of everyone's minds as a kind of 'what if?' notion that, while having a bit of a wistful nostalgia to it, is weighed down with the feeling of a missed opportunity.

    Personally I think Peter Venkman was a driving force in the first one and I'd like to see that Bill Murray energy again… and while I feel Bill still has his best work to give..

    .. I'm not holding my breath.

  3. Murray has been nothing but trouble for the project, he's got an attitude that no one wants to work with. That's been the problem for the 3rd sequel.

  4. I hope he does the film, Especially if they plan to pass the torch to a new team of Ghostbusters because that could leave room for the original guys to maybe make a small cameo in further sequels if any are made. It would be better that way instead of seeing the franchise get rebooted. Plus not only for Murray, but for the rest aswell this could be one film of their's that could end their careers with a bang. mainly Murray & moranis if he's coming outta retirement and anyone else. Id like to tell him, go for it before their franchise gets the reboot one day.

  5. DO IT! PLEASE! I've been a fan since I was a kid, would love to get to see a new one.

  6. I have to wonder if at this point he's just thinking about the legacy of his work? His career has had its ups and downs and no matter what decision he makes he figures he'll live to regret it. So if it's true that they can't make another unless he signs off on it then you folks will just have to wait until, ahem, he no longer matters, whenever that may be…

  7. “—Only horror movies get better as they go along because they have more money to spend for more crazy effects.”

    What is he talking about??— The Second Ghostbusters didnt have something called CGI. This movie would have much better production, and the monsters would be really cool and interesting there's been enough time that passed that there could be something really fresh! It would be a like a glorified Fan-Reunion of the old classic characters. Totally think it would be a good idea to do a third film. If he gets killed off early then he wont be in the movie that long right? Or will he be a big part of the movie. Maybe he should just have a cameo if he dont want to invest that much time on the film? Or the studio should pay him some good money,, or promise backing him on a project he wants to do or something along those lines! I dont know but as a fan I want the film to happen! It's kind of rough seeing a guy that dont want to be in a movie being forced to do the movie cause he is so important to the franchise.

  8. Well Bill Murray says that he misses his Ghostbusters Pals and he wants to do a Ghostbusters 3. Look if you Guys recall from Feb.8th 2010 Bill said himself that he'd only return to GB3 if he gets killed of in the first reel and return as a Ghost and he said that they agreed on that. I just don't know why Bill keeps changing his story around. I'm thinking that he wants to surprise the GB fans so that we can be Happy when the 2nd draft comes in next Month in May 2010 because Production will began then filming. Dan wouldn't lie either because Dan said many times that Bill likes the GB3 script just fine and that was last Oct.2009. It's Gonna Happen because I have the Proof youtube video's and Everyone has signed on infactt dan said in March 2010 that Everyone has signed on to make a Ghostbusters 3 and Harold said last week on 4-22-10 on a radio Station that all 4 Original GB's are in GB3 and they will be wearing there GB3 Jumpsuits and they will be Training a new team to help them out. See it's Happening!

  9. Bill Murray will star in Ghostbusters 3 if and when it goes into production
    and I never really bought into the whole killing off Peter Venkman in the first reel,
    that would totally ruin the movie. A Ghostbusters movie without Peter Venkman
    live and in the flesh, forget it, its not the Ghostbusters without Pete. What made
    the first one so good was the chemistry Murray,Ramis,Akroyd,Moranis,Hudson,Potts,
    Weaver had together. It was the perfect mix. The new movie should be in the vein
    of the original, not to over the top in special effects, needs to stick with the blue
    collar feel of the first. Whoever the new Ghostbusters are there needs to be a
    perfect balance between the older and “new” Ghostbusters. Also Venkman and Dana
    need to be married now, as should Louis and Janine, also shouldnt Oscar be grown up
    and have some sort of role. Oh yeah Slimer also needs to be back. Curious as to if
    the guy who was the Mayor in the last two films could return, also some cameos from
    Reginald Veljohnson(Carl Winslow), the guy named Yonish from the 2nd film, and it
    would be cool to see the Walter Peck character again. Anyway hope Ghostbusters 3
    goes into production soon, enough with all the delays, its time to bust some Ghosts.

  10. I think he may eventually say okay- but he's surprised me in the past.

  11. Trust your gut. In the immortal words of Hall and Oates, “Say 'no go'”.

  12. Dear Lord,

    Please make a third Ghostbursters. If you do I promise to be good.

  13. They should do it. So the triology os complete. And then: nor more sequels of this frnachise, please! A new group of Ghostbusters just doesn´t seem right to me. It has always been Murray, Akroyd, Moranis and Hudson. Period.

  14. i just heard a interview from Dan Aykroyd on k-earth 101 that he said that (billy) was on board for the movie and that it was a role of a life time and that there ready to go now- check it out

  15. Is there anyway you can post that on this webpage because we all know that Ghostbusters 3 is Happening and Bill likes the script just fine because Dan said that Bill likes the script from Oct.29th 2009. They have 2 different stories from the Bill Murray GB3 News yes he wants it done and no he doesn't. But there all are in GB3 and Everyone signed on to make a GB3 so Bill is in like Everyone else and Bill will be a Ghost in GB3 because he confirmed that on 2-8-10 and there saying that's a Joke from Bill but it isn't because there are Proof reports that Bill will be a Ghost in GB3 after he gets killed off in the first reel and Columbia/Sony IS making a Ghostbusters 3 with Ivan Directing because Sony DIDN'T fire Ivan again Vulture made that up in March 2010 so it's Happening! Please post that video so that we know that Everyone is in which I know but others don't know yet!

  16. Bill, come on, the onscreen chemistry you guys have is rare to find nowadays in movies. I miss the Mel Gibson/Danny Glover tandems of the world. I enjoy seeing great actors that have fun making a movie and as an audience member, you can tell by watching how much fun it must be making movies with your friends. The old school days are slowly slipping away and before I’m forced to watch new generational actors, I want to watch what warms my heart and smile before I turn to leave the room and shut off the light. Good night Bill. I guess I’ll be left with memories, that with age. slowly slip away as well. Just make the movie……