Bill Murray Still Causing Problems For Ghostbusters 3?

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ghostbusters 3 logo3 Bill Murray Still Causing Problems For Ghostbusters 3?

To be fair, Bill Murray has never pretended to be much of anything but skeptical about the idea of rumored-sequel-that-will-not-die Ghostbusters 3 since the idea popped up over 20 years ago.  Even in a recent interview with Dave Letterman, Murray seemed to dismiss any passion left in him for the franchise as pitiable nostalgia than anything else.

Yet, as dedicated movie fans everywhere know all too well, Ghostbusters 3 is a project that just can’t make up its mind whether to live or die. Director Ivan Reitman may not want Columbia to replace him despite being past his prime, shooting might finally begin this year, Murray’s character Peter Venkman could die in the first few minutes and appear in the rest of the movie as a ghost- you’ve heard it all before.  Seriously, if it wasn’t for Dan Aykroyd’s religious-like devotion to the idea of a third entry in the hit comedy-horror franchise, the project would’ve probably died years ago.

According to the folks over at Bloody Disgusting however, Murray continues to be perhaps the biggest obstacle preventing Ghostbusters 3 from getting anywhere.  He has apparently not been answering phone calls from producers trying to get his approval on the screenplay.  Given that Murray is one of the four big names (alongside Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ivan Reitman) that has final say on the script, the long-gestating project looks to be held up once again.

ghostbusters1 Bill Murray Still Causing Problems For Ghostbusters 3?

Aykroyd is having none of that.  He reportedly called up his old acting pal Murray and told him to “stop acting like a jerk.”  Aykroyd has been pushing for this project since the beginning so it’s no shock that he’s less than willing to just let it die now.

What do you folks think?  Could Ghostbusters 3 potentially be worth all the trouble that’s gone on behind the scenes?  Is Aykroyd right to call out Murray for just causing more drama?  Or is it time to say farewell to the idea once and for all?

Ghostbusters 3 is still tentatively scheduled for Summer 2011 but I wouldn’t recommend holding your breath yet either.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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  1. That cameo in “Zombieland” is one of the funniest cameos I've ever seen in a movie. That could be a reason why he doesn't want to jump into “Ghostbusters 3.” He's getting to that age where funny cameos can make him accessible to a younger generation. I don't mind that Murray is holding out on the basis of wanting an epic script, but Bill, you have to actually read the script before dismissing it.

  2. I agree with Dan Ackroyd, Bill Murray needs to quit acting like a jerk about this. If Murray doesn't want in on a third installment then fine but don't frag it for everyone else who is interested in doing it.

    Sounds to me like Murrays prima donna side is coming out. I hate it when celebs act like this. Acting like their works are like some kind of prestigious classic art that centuries from now will be the Davinci Masterpiece of its time or something like that. Will someone please remind Murray that he isn't exactly top billing these days and should be thankful there is this kind of demand for a potential 3rd installment of any franchise that doesn't include the words STAR or WARS in its title.

  3. They cannot do a “Ghostbusters” movie without Bill Murray — and I am not talking about the legal issues. It would upset the fans too much if they ignored or killed one of the main Ghostbusters. I know it would upset me. Obviously the script was good or Bill Murray would not have okay'd it. I think the main hold out here is money — plain and simple. Bill Murray wants more then he is being offered. In the end, I believe he will come around…I don't think he will slap his fans or his friends, for that matter, in the face.

    @Scapegoat — I completely disagree with you here…about Bill Murray's film career. The GB franchise didn't make him a star…he was already a star before GB. I also have enjoyed many of his movies since GB…the problem some of his fans are having is that he turning to doing more dramatic roles and that is torking them off. The same thing happened to Robin Williams…he started doing dramatic roles and his fans got pissed. Obviously they aren't true fans. Bill Murray has been applauded for many of his recent roles…minus the elephant movie…he is a great actor. Of course, I also loved his cameo in “Zombieland” — what made it so great is the scene where the three of them are pretending to be ghostbusters with vacuum cleaners. Obviously, if Bill Murray had a real problem with “Ghostbusters” he would have NEVER been in “Zombieland” — he would have never voiced his character in the “Ghostbusters” game (which is kick arse by the way!) — he knows a lot of people liked him for being Pete. Again, I just believe he is holding out for more money — yes, that makes him somewhat of a jackass…but what can we do about it? We are simply fans and nobody pays any attention to what we say.

  4. Maybe ha was a star before Ghostbusters. But these movies made him a superstar. And I have no problems with him playing serious characters, as long as the movie doesn´t suck. Which was the case for almost every of his movies after GB. Groundhog Day was terrible. So was that elephant movie. And about his cameo in Zombieland… I don´t know. His acting there seemed really poor. Almost as if he was forced to do that.
    And if he doesn´t want to star in a movie like GB 3, which will grant him millions of Dollars alone with the merchandise… That´s like Axl Rose refuses to play Paradise City.

  5. “They cannot do a “Ghostbusters” movie without Bill Murray — and I am not talking about the legal issues. It would upset the fans too much if they ignored or killed one of the main Ghostbusters. I know it would upset me”…

    I couldn't agree more!

  6. On March 1st 2010 Bill Murray went on The David Letterman show and David asked Bill about Ghostbusters 3. Bill hurt his ankle and he was in crutches so Bill was in a bad mood because he was in pain from his ankle from skiing. Bill said from his own mouth “I told them that I'll come back if they killed me off in the first reel and the Producers found a way to do that”. Bill said that from his mouth and he wouldn't lie and make the GB Fans upset. You know Dam Well that The National Enquirer is a Hoax and False about everything. There still making up lies about Dr. Phil and his Wife Robin getting a Divorce and there not infact last year Dr. Phil and his Wife Robin talked about that in 2009 on his show. You belive them about Bill and GB3? Come on Get Help!!! There assholes for making up false lies about this!!

  7. Look The National Enquirer hasn't changed a bit!! There still the same making up false lies and there doing it again with Bill and GB3!! Bill confirmed on 2-8-10 that he's Gonna get killed off in the first reel and return as a Ghost because Sigourney said that in December 2009. Bill wanted to confirm what Sigourney said and she's right!! The National Enquirer still thinks that Sony wants to get rid of Ivan to get a younger director well that's also false from Vulture last month in March 17th 2010 because a real reporter Jim Dixon went to Sony and asked a source cloae to production and asked Him/Her if Ivan left or if he already left and the Source told Jim “Not True Ivan is Our Director”. This was printed up on the Internet on April 1st 2010 on April fools day. What Mike Walker is saying is false because they can't listen to phonecalls from people at all. You guys are falling for it from a big Phony company The National Enquirer!! Why?

  8. I agree

  9. The fact of the matter — and I don't care how upset you get with me — is the National Enquirer has changed…a lot apparently. They no longer make up most of their stories — they infact have broken a lot of stories weeks AHEAD of the real news. Now I don't read the National Enquirer anymore, because of what I said above, but that doesn't mean that I am wrong. As I said, responsible journalist are NOW quoting from the National Enquirer – because the National Enquirer has beat them to breaking stories. You are the only one that is falling apart here. None of us are. So knock it off…we are all “Ghostbusters” fans and we want what is best for the franchise. Killing Bill Murray in the first few frames of the movie or not having him in the movie at all…would anger too many “Ghostbusters” fans. Bill Murray NEEDS to be in this film for it to be a success…and I am not the only one who feels that way — just look at the people who agreed with my above post.

    By the way — this all started because of what Dan Aykroyd said about Bill Murray on Howard Stern's (I don't know why people still listen to this idiot in the first place — all he does is cause trouble) show. Why would Aykroyd lie about the situation — he wants this movie made. He has wanted it made for a very long time. All of them, including Murray, okay'd the script — so Murray obviously enjoyed it now it looks like he is holding out for money, plain and simple. He KNOWS fans will not go to a “Ghostbusters” movie unless all of the original members are in the movie. He is not a stupid man.

    Now — seriously CALM DOWN. You are the one who has gone way overboard about this. All of us have remained calm, have refrained from name calling, etc. etc. You should seriously think of doing the same.

  10. Murray needs to suck it up,it's only just for one more time.

  11. good, i hope this movie never gets made. because hollywood just gonna add some sex appeal (anna faris and eliza dushku) and ruin the movie anyway. just like they did with gi joe, transformers, blade 3, fantastic 4 and other movies.

  12. Patrick, get a grip. Besides, if there's anything solid to this dead Peter Venkman stuff, that's a terrible idea anyway. Either way though, and even if GBIII never happens, the world will still go on; I promise.

  13. Look Dan Aykroyd wasn't on The Howard Stern Show it was Mike Walker. Mike Walker made this up because I got the proof from a video last October 2009 on Halloween. The host asked Dan about Ghostbusters 3 and he said that a few years ago he would of said No Way but now he says that GB3 is a lot closer rthen it ever has before and Dan said that Bill likes the GB3 script just fine!! I got the video so if you want proof give me your email address and I will email you the Proof video from Dan himself. The National Enquirer hasn't repeat hasn't changed a bit because there still making up false lies about Dr. Phil and his Wife Robin getting a divorce and there not they even talked about it last year on the show. Is that enough proof or what!!

  14. You get a Grip because you fools belivethese false lies from a false source The national Enquirer. There Always making up false lies. Dan said that Bill likes the GB3 script just fine because he was talking about that last October 2009 on Fox Radio and the host asked Dan about GB3 and that's what Dan said that Bill likes the GB3 script just fine and GB3 is a lot closer then ever before!! I got the proof!!

  15. PATRICK — calm down!!! My goodness…you are acting like it is a life or death matter that “Ghostbusters 3″ gets made. Seriously, its not. If it gets made…great…all I am saying is it better have ALL of the original ghostbusters in it or I am not going to waste my time. By the way — if you actually READ my posts, you would have noticed that I, too, said I read that Bill Murray enjoyed the script. That does not mean he isn't acting like an ass now and holding out for more money.

    Again, and this is the LAST time I am going to say it, but The National Enquirer has changed quite a lot since I last read it. As I said, respected journalist now quote the National Enquirer because it has broken numerous stories before the “real” news has. I don't know why you keep bringing up Doctor Phil and his wife…seriously…apparently you love them as much as “Ghostbusters.” Even the “real” news makes mistakes now and again.

    As for your proof…I don't care…I have been looking up articles about “Ghostbusters 3″ through Google ever since you started attacking everyone. Sorry to tell you, but there are a lot of articles out there — not from the National Enquirer — that are stating Bill Murray is holding out. Whether it is true or not — I don't know. Seriously, calm down. As I said…if “Ghostbusters 3″ happens — WITH ALL THE ORIGINAL CHARACTERS — fantastic. If it doesn't — the world will continue to revolve around the sun.

  16. Who cares if the Enquirer is right or wrong? How will our own lives be affected in one way, or another if Bill Murray may or may not be holding up GBIII. If he were, he'd probably have a good reason. In any case, unless this is Aykroyd, Reitman, Ramis, or a screen-writer we've been talking to, then this should not have such a personal bearing that it would bring cause for offense. Stand back, and take a look. It's just a MOVIE, for Goodness sake. This shouldn't be anything to be taken so seriously. There are other prescious things in life that are far more worthy of our passion, and time. That's why this will be my last comment on the matter.

  17. While I think Patrick needs to take a gulp of Vodka and calm down, I think he does make a good point about The National Inquirer. But to others defense, Murray did say, according to what I have read, that GB3 was crazy and part of his nightmare (although he was on pain killers at that time). Regardless of which is right, it's inevitably up to Murray whether he wants to return or not. Let's just wait and see what happens.

  18. Seriously Patrick — CALM DOWN! I agree – you need to take a big gulp of Vodka…or something (and I don't even drink alcohol). I don't care what your proof is…my life isn't going to change if “Ghostbusters 3″ is not made. It just isn't…apparently your life depends on it being made for some reason. Also, I have read all the posts and none of us have said ANYTHING about getting rid of Ivan as a director — so I don't know why you keep bringing it up. We are talking about Bill Murray — no one else.

    Also…quit with your “National Enquirer” gripe. It has changed…I am sorry, but it is true. If respectable journalist are quoting from the “National Enquirer” because it has broken a story before they have — then obviously things have changed and for the better. While they still print an occasional lie…they have become a more serious entertainment magazine. Also, why do you keep bringing up Dr. Phil and his wife? So what if they aren't getting a divorce? Who cares? If this is the only proof that you have against the “National Enquirer” — then you don't have proof…even real journalists make mistakes sometimes.

    So once again…calm down…stop trying to convince us of whatever proof you have because none of us really care. All we are trying to say is if “Ghostbusters 3″ is made that we want the original cast…which includes Bill Murray…and we want an excellent script. I do not see why you are arguing with us over this. Once again, you are the only one who has brought up them thinking about getting a new director — read the posts — none of us have even mentioned it. We are only talking about Bill Murray. So seriously, calm the hell down before you cause your young self to have a heart attack.

  19. Why doesn't he just make another film where the orignals have to train a new generation to take over when they retire; like in the cartoon when they made “Extreme ghostbusters”

  20. @Benni — I actually agree with you. I loved the cartoon “Extreme Ghostbusters” — I still have every episode on a VHS tape somewhere in storage. Too bad it didn't last that long (I think only a year of originals…the rest was just reruns). I think it would be great to have the original ghostbusters training a new generation to take over. I would love to see Oscar, Dana's son, be one of the new generation — but he might be a bit old…I'd have to check on when “Ghostbusters II” first came out.

    As I have said in my previous posts, “Ghostbusters III” could be a good film IF they keep all of the original cast (and bring them back — no killing anyone off in the first few frames of the movie), have the original director and have a superb script. Also, no big names cast in the roles of the new generation…I don't want anyone to overcast the true stars, the original ghostbusters. If they can't do all of those things…I really don't think a good movie is possible. Just my opinion though!

  21. Maybe Bill saw how much of a bustBlues Brothes 2 was Dan and didnt want to be apart of sequel failure. I would love to see a third movie just for old times sake, but if not i will just wait 20 years for the first movie to be remade since thats the trend in hollywood. What did they all run out of fresh ideas out there?

  22. Patrick — seriously STOP!!! I don't give a crap about what you think the National Enquirer said or how bad of a magazine you think it is. None of us are disagreeing with you…we are however stating that if Bill Murray is holding out (notice the IF there) it is most likely due to money issues. We all want GB3 to be made…we just want it to be made properly. We keep telling you this and you continue to NOT listen. You are obviously seriously obsessed and need some treatment. You are acting like your life depends on this movie getting made…trust me, there are more important things in life then this movie. There are more important things for you to be doing with YOUR life then searching for OLD articles that tell us nothing about what is going on NOW, as in TODAY, as in this YEAR. Things may have changed since the article you are telling us to look up has been printed. That is what happens in Hollywood.

    Again, I am going to stand up for the National Enquirer. Obviously you did not read my earlier post nor do you check out real news sites or you would have read the article about the National Enquirer being nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. That is a HUGE step up from the way the magazine used to be. It is now respected. Maybe not be you…but by people that matter…fellow journalists, newspapers, and magazines.

    SO ENOUGH. You are going to get a heart attack before this movie is even in post production. Stop being an idiot. Grow up…involve yourself in something other then GB3. SERIOUSLY. You are now acting like an obsessed child who needs some serious therapy.

  23. Not surprised. A couple years back I tried to get my own GB3 screenplay to Dan and Bill. Now before you flame me, understand that I was a passionate GBer who like you all just wanted to see the old guys rack up one more time. When this didn't look like it was going to happen, I decided to write my own literally to see if I could. When I started, I simply wanted to write the movie I wanted to see (as all indications suggested it would never come to pass). I didn't have any intention to sell it – it was just for me. But when the dust finally cleared, my piece of fanfiction seemed to be something more, and egged on by a keen agent and some new friends in the industry I decided to try to pitch my screenplay to the powers that be.

    By coincidence I was able to meet Dan and talk to his agent. Dan by this time had his screenplay now committed as the premise to the video game and was actually receptive – his agent on the otherhand was the epitome of the worst you'd see on 'Entourage.' So no dice. An order of magnitude more difficult than that is Bill….

    Bill is impossible to get to. I retained a lawyer and tried to get to him through his legal (as he doesn't have an agent). Impossible. If you read about the anxiety Sophia Coppola had trying to get 'Lost in the Translation' made (she didn't know he was signed until he showed up on set) and you multiply that by me being a naive no name newb (though incredibly telented of course) – you can guess the result. Nada. Like multiplying by zero.

    Anywho, Bill doesn't like doing the 'third' of anything. He feels GB is the past and is pretty much just doing this for the cash. Being a ghost and doing a cameo is his way of digging his feet in. The rights are tied up 4 ways and Bill's okay is necessary for a launch. And that's just a damn shame. Fame creates blinders I guess.

  24. @mygb3 – At least you think you are a talented writer. I have been writing since I was 9 and I have numerous finished novels (too many to count) and 17 finished scripts. None of them will ever see the light of day. I personally think they are horrid…so if I don't like them, I don't see why anyone else would. Also…it is terribly hard for new writers to get noticed in this day and age — which really sucks. It is also quite unfair. But…onto the movie…

    Do you honestly want to see a GB3 without Bill Murray??? I know I don't. I want the entire original cast there or the movie will flat out suck. Sure, it will most likely have a huge opening weekend, then word will get out that not all the original ghostbusters are in it and it will flop. I know I am not alone when I say that we want ALL four GB in the movie. It wouldn't be right otherwise. As for Bill…I really think he is holding out for more money. It is sad but probably true. He did sign off on the script — so he had to like something about it. Now, for some reason, he is holding back…again, I am thinking money. He likes and is friends with the cast, he approved of the script, he loves the director…so what else could be stopping him except what he is going to get paid? As I have said to Patrick — who is beyond obsessed with GB3 — this movie will only work if they have the right director, the right cast and a superb script…otherwise there is no point in even trying to make it.

  25. It would totally sucko if Murray wasn't involved … BUT … it would suck even more if he was involved and just called it in. My fingers are crossed but I agree, it's likely about money.