Bill Murray Still Causing Problems For Ghostbusters 3?

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ghostbusters 3 logo3 Bill Murray Still Causing Problems For Ghostbusters 3?

To be fair, Bill Murray has never pretended to be much of anything but skeptical about the idea of rumored-sequel-that-will-not-die Ghostbusters 3 since the idea popped up over 20 years ago.  Even in a recent interview with Dave Letterman, Murray seemed to dismiss any passion left in him for the franchise as pitiable nostalgia than anything else.

Yet, as dedicated movie fans everywhere know all too well, Ghostbusters 3 is a project that just can’t make up its mind whether to live or die. Director Ivan Reitman may not want Columbia to replace him despite being past his prime, shooting might finally begin this year, Murray’s character Peter Venkman could die in the first few minutes and appear in the rest of the movie as a ghost- you’ve heard it all before.  Seriously, if it wasn’t for Dan Aykroyd’s religious-like devotion to the idea of a third entry in the hit comedy-horror franchise, the project would’ve probably died years ago.

According to the folks over at Bloody Disgusting however, Murray continues to be perhaps the biggest obstacle preventing Ghostbusters 3 from getting anywhere.  He has apparently not been answering phone calls from producers trying to get his approval on the screenplay.  Given that Murray is one of the four big names (alongside Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ivan Reitman) that has final say on the script, the long-gestating project looks to be held up once again.

ghostbusters1 Bill Murray Still Causing Problems For Ghostbusters 3?

Aykroyd is having none of that.  He reportedly called up his old acting pal Murray and told him to “stop acting like a jerk.”  Aykroyd has been pushing for this project since the beginning so it’s no shock that he’s less than willing to just let it die now.

What do you folks think?  Could Ghostbusters 3 potentially be worth all the trouble that’s gone on behind the scenes?  Is Aykroyd right to call out Murray for just causing more drama?  Or is it time to say farewell to the idea once and for all?

Ghostbusters 3 is still tentatively scheduled for Summer 2011 but I wouldn’t recommend holding your breath yet either.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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  1. I think it is all just a distraction to keep up the viral buzz on the fix. Either way this sheep is sold. I'd buy a ticket and stand in line today. Heck, just look at all of “us” fools who stood in line for the new STar Wars flix.

  2. Like I told these other fools who doesn't belive me because The National Enquirer are Always making up false stories because look what Vulture did last month in March 2010 lying about Sony wanting a younger director and see that's Not True either!! Ghostbusters 3 is happening and Everyone is in GB3 and on the GB3 Imdb they have Women GB's to be in GB3. It still says Rumored but one of them knows Dan Aykroyd and she would Love to be in GB3! Dan has said many times that GB3 is a lot closer then ever to make and he said last Oct. 2009 on the 29th that Bill Murray likes the GB3 script just fine! The 2nd draft is due next month in May 2011 and from 2009 Sony announced that they are making a Ghostbusters 3! I got the “Proof” Video on youtube! It says that Everyone is in GB3 Including Bill Murray! The movie is coming and I will buy tickets on that day with my Girlfriend/Wife! It will be made in 3-D Too!!

  3. Patrick — For the LAST time, you are NOT listening to ANY of us. None of us — besides you — has brought up the National Enquirer. I did state that I no longer read the National Enquirer, so I had no idea what was being said in the magazine, and I also said they were just nominated for a Pulitzer Prize…which means the magazine has changed for the better. Having said that though — NO ONE has even mentioned reading anything about GB3 in the National Enquirer, except YOU. Obviously this mean YOU read the magazine. Again, I doubt any of us care about your damn proof…how many times do you have to be told that? All we care about is IF/when they make a GB3 is that they have all the original Ghostbusters, don't kill off one of them in the first few frames, have a superb scripts, stick with the same director, etc. etc. We also said IF Bill Murray was holding out, because we all agree that he did INDEED sign off on the new script, would probably be because of money. So seriously, stop posting the same thing, over and over again. You obviously are NOT paying attention to ANYTHING any of us have said…you just want to talk about the National Enquirer and call us all fools. Also, most of your posts, don't make sense. You don't use proper grammar or punctuation. Just run on sentences…trust me, what you write makes no sense to anyone BUT you.

    Honestly, I don't think you should be allowed to watch GB3…you are way too obsessed with the movie. I would not want to be anywhere around you if the film ended up being horrific so that even YOU hated it. You would probably do something drastically stupid.

    So — AGAIN — actually read what other people are posting, stop repeating yourself and at least try to make your posts make sense.

  4. Melissa, For the last time that I'm saying this! Ghostbusters 3 is Happening and all of you guys who don't belive me are Assholes! If youu belive that Bill Murray is causing trouble for GB3 because of a false report from The National Enquirer then your fools for beliving it! “I Got Proof Information online that Ghostbusters 3 is happening because I printed out the Proof reports”!! On Youtube which I have there are Plenty “Proof” Video's that GB3 is happening with the Original GB's and Ivan Directing GB3! Dan,Harold and Ernie said that GB3 is happening and all of them are in it! Infact in Dec.2009 Sigourney said that Ivan is mailing her the GB3 script to look at it because she reconsider being in GB3 because before she didn't know if her part will be big and it is going to be a big part! She also said that Bill will be a Ghost in GB3! Is that enough proof or what! Don't be crying to me when Production starts because from ILM Pre-Production has already begun!

  5. Actually Patrick…because of you, I am not coming to this comment board again. You are acting like a child. You are the only one who keeps bringing up what the National Enquirer apparently said…none of us have. ONLY YOU. I want there to be a GB3…I honestly do. HOWEVER, I want it to be done right. With the original ghostbusters, the original cast, the original director, a superb script and no 3D. That is all any of, BUT YOU, are saying. Why would we be crying if production actually started for GB3??? We would be delighted. You are basically fighting with yourself and it is really sad.

    As I said before, I really don't think you should even be allowed to see GB3 — obviously you are having some sort of mental breakdown and it will only get worse if GB3 lets you down. You need to seek professional help…and FAST.

  6. Good! Because Your acting like a Retard and you say that I'm acting like a Child well I'm not a child I'm an Adult! How old are you 5 years old? Yesterday I Found Proof Info. From Harold Ramis and he said on 4-22-10 yesterday on a radio station that Ghostbusters 3 is coming and all 4 Guys will be in GB3 wearing there Jumpsuits! All 4 Guys means Including Bill Murray! See Like I told you before you belive a False Source and Harold Ramis said yesterday on 4-22-10 that GB3 is moving forward and it's in Pre-Production! Told YA!!

  7. I need Help Not at All! You need Help Major Help!! You need Professional help and fast because when Everyone says (The GB's) that GB3 is coming you will feel like a Fool because you again belive a False Source! Harold said on 4-22-10 on a Radio Station that GB3 is Happening and they will Train a new team and the Original GB's will be in GB3 in there Jumpsuits! Check it out yourself because I told the truth along with Harold Ramis and othere's. Dan said it that GB3 is a lot closer then ever along with Ivan and Ernie and Sigourney! Even Sigourney has the script and likes it a lot and that's why she reconsider because before she didn't know if she would have a big part well she will have a big part because she said herself on Dec. 2009 that GB3 is Happening and it is!

  8. OMG Patrick…I am actually thinking about reporting your posts. You seriously need help. This is no longer a joke. I fear for your safety – especially if/when GB3 comes out and it disappoints you. I have a feeling you will lose the rest of your sanity.

    For the LAST time, since you refuse to actually read and understand our posts…NONE of us are listening to any false sources. NONE of us…the only person who keeps bringing up FALSE sources is YOU. We all want there to be a GB3 — we all want it to be a good movie — we all want the original Ghostbusters back. I do NOT see how you can keep ignoring what we are saying. You are literally arguing with yourself.

    I highly doubt you are an adult. Your posts are rants that usually come only from teenagers. You don't use proper punctuation, nor do use you use good grammar. Your posts barely make sense. Again, you are LITERALLY arguing with yourself.

    As for me needing professional help, I don't think so. I am very sane thank you very much and I am not the one arguing with themselves over a damn movie. Just stop already…you are sounding more and more like an insane conspiracy theorist. With each post you make, you appear to be losing more of your grip on sanity. Just STOP!

  9. Why would you turn in my posts? I'm telling the truth because I read right Information about Ghostbusters 3 and you don't! Telling me that I need help I don't need help you need your Brain checked out because your acting like a Stuck-UP-b****! I don't give a dam if you don't belive me because it seems like I'm talking to a Brick Wall! Your head must be Stoned from Drugs! Your Crazy! The movie is coming and if you don't belive me fine because I got more things to do then repeating myself to a Stuck-UP b****! Screw You because your a lost soul and your faking about being a real GB fan!

  10. Yes Patrick — due to this last post I am reporting you. You have obviously lost your mind and need serious help. I am far from being stuck up. I am also a true GB fan — whether you want to believe that or not. I, nor any one else on this board, has stated that GB3 is not coming out…if you actually read and comprehended what we have said, you would realize that. Instead you continue to come to this board and harass us with your so-called proof. You have made yourself believe that we are a part of some conspiracy theory against GB3 not coming out. We have all admitted we would like to see a GB3 — if it is done right. I don't see how you keep on misunderstanding this. Also, I am not the one that is the brick wall…that is you. You are the pot calling the kettle black so to speak. One more thing, I do NOT appreciate being told that I am stoned or that I use narcotics. Never in my life have I ever used an illegal substance.

    Anyway, I am truly sorry — but I can't watch you self destruct anymore. Perhaps by reporting you, you shall be removed from this board and some of your obsession over GB3 will calm down. Seriously, if I knew who you really were and where you really lived, I would call the nearest mental health facility to attempt to get you help. You obviously have a lot of problems, your obsession with GB3 is just the tip of the iceburg.

  11. I think I have to give Bill the benefit of the doubt here, to be honest. I mean, of these four guys, whose career is still thriving and relevant? Bill's demonstrated an eye for good scripts and doesn't seem to be at a loss for work, while the other guys seem to be dry-humping the dream for one last victory lap. Just my impression. What if the script just sucks?? What if he intuits that it has the potential to become another abomination like Ghostbusters 2? Given Reitman's recent track record, that result wouldn't surprise me. I assume Bill doesn't want to do that to his career at this point and I don't blame him.

  12. Oh — you have just incurred the wrath of Patrick…seriously, you have been warned!

    As for Bill Murray being the hold out — it has nothing to do with the script. Apparently, he along with the others, approved of the latest script awhile ago. If he is holding out, I think it is for money — plain and simple. While I don't agree that EVERYONE who starred in “Ghostbusters” 1 & 2 has a career going south — Sigourney Weaver ring a bell??? — I do agree that some need their careers restarted. I happen to be one that enjoyed both “Ghostbusters” movies, heck — just watched “Ghostbusters 2″ on Comedy Central this morning, I agree the original is far more superior to the sequel. As a true fan, all I want if/when they do part 3 is that the keep the entire original cast, have the same director, and have a superb script…I don't want to be disappointed after all these years. I am not happy about it being in 3D — although that is just a rumor for the moment. I am so hoping the 3D trend dies…and soon.

  13. Melissa Guess what Your SOOOOOOO wrong about The National Enquirer. On the radio station K-earth 101 Dan Aykroyd was talking on the phone with the 2 hosts. The Host asked Dan about The National Enquirer news saying that he called Bill about GB3 and stop acting like a jerk about it well Guess what Dan Said ” FALSE COMPLETE FALE NOT TRUE”!! Dan said that Bill's back on board because the Office Writers wrote a Wonderful GB3 script for Bill and Dan said that when Filming begans Everyone will be there and yes Bill Murray. More crap has been going on and a person wrote down the radio station and he heard it too that Bill will be in GB3. Dan said so too! You say that The National Enquirer has changed well guess what they haven't changed one bit! You need Major Help because you belive a false source because Dan said himself that The National Enquirer is False Complete False! Told YA! Check it out yourself!

  14. @Patrick — Are you seriously going to make me continue to report you? You are arguing with yourself…AGAIN! I never said I read anything about GB3 in the National Enquirer…YOU DID. I only said that the National Enquirer has changed somewhat since I did read it — which was way back in the day — because it was recently nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Again, seek help…you badly need it.

  15. Melissa Listen please!!! All of this crap strated by the National Enquirer and Every newsreader belives it! There Wrong because Dan said from his own mouth that The National Enquirer is False Complete False! Telling me That I need Help NO I don't need help you do because you belive this false stuff coming from a false source then every news letter spreads it online! You are a Stuck-UP Person! You need Major help before your brain explodes! Telling me that I'm a liar which I'm not and telling me that I need help nope wrong you need help because I'm fed up with assholes and Bitches like you causing crap! Women like you are Bitches and you don't stop! Get Help fast because you need it not me!

  16. Patrick,
    Just shut the hell up, go outside, and get a life. You keep arguing that people believe a false source of information that is The National Enquirer, yet there appears to be no one here who has read the article to which you allude. Seriously, to make a non-sequitor argument would actually be an improvement for you.
    I haven’t posted on any forum in years, but your writing is so intolerable that I want to reach through the computer screen and smack you. I can only imagine what sort of state to which you’ve driven poor Melissa.
    Once again, go outside and get a life. Then when you’re ready, come back inside and pick up a dictionary. Seriously, do we need to start segregating people in forums based on their IQ and grammatical ability? Or is Melissa asking too much in her expectation that someone actually comprehend and intelligently respond to what she says?

  17. Hey someone write back please!This is my first time!