How To Go Bigger With Transformers 3: Unicron

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transformers 3 unicron How To Go Bigger With Transformers 3: Unicron

You Transformers fans know what I’m talking about when you see the name “Unicron.”

That’s right. If you thought Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen was a massive convoluted mess of nonsense and wasted… well, everything, coated in a big pile of explosions and sometimes-awkward visuals, then you’ve seen nothing yet. How can you introduce and misuse even bigger characters for Transformers 3 after what happened with Devastator and many others in Revenge of the Fallen?

Well, you introduce the Death Star Transformer!

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, Unicron was the antagonist character introduced in the 1986 animated Transformers: The Movie. He’s so big that he transforms into a mechanical planet, or as Obi-Wan Kenobi would describe, “that’s no moon.”

I’ll try to be as brief as possible in describing Unicron’s role in that movie and how it could tie into Michael Bay’s film series. In the 1986 cartoon movie, Unicron made a deal with the dying and betrayed Megatron (betrayed by Starscream) and offered to give him a new body (becoming Galvatron) in exchange for his efforts in destroying the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. Sound familiar? That Matrix was in Revenge of the Fallen and was the device that The Fallen sought out and sent Megatron after to destroy humanity with that big-ass machine.

In Transformers lore, The Fallen worked for Unicron so perhaps that’s the pattern of the movies: We think Megatron is the leader, we then find out The Fallen is his leader. We think The Fallen is the leader, we then find out Unicron is the leader?

The reason I bring this up is that videos have been popping up online for bonus features that were included on the DVD and Blu-ray releases of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen on October 20th, one of which (Thanks to Cinema Blend for the find) was a hidden Easter Egg featuring Michael Bay joking around about Transformers 3 with pictures of Unicron in the background.

Note the cliches and Bay making fun of himself: doesn’t have to be all “action action action,” could be more emotional, darker?

The video is meant as a joke and a tease for the hardcore fans. It is also already dated as Bay refers to making a slower and smaller movie first then come back to the Transformers franchise? That’s what was originally the plan with Bay seemingly set to work on his personal passion project “Pain & Gain” but then he met with Steven Spielberg to discuss the project in September and shortly thereafter, it was announced that Transformers 3 would be over-rushed into production like its predecessor and that it would be out in 2011.

This Unicron thing could probably happen. Hasbro needs more toys and what better way to do it (in addition to having 100 no-named random background characters) is to kill off the majority of the Cybertronian cast and bring them back with new bodies! Don’t expect them to talk or even be introduced though. They just need to be shown once or twice.

What do you want from Transformers 3? Do you think Michael Bay will go bigger and bring out Unicron the next time around?

Transformers 3 is scheduled to open July 1, 2011 and I hope it gets delayed a few years.

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  1. *forgot to add this… what was the deal with the Cybertronian tattoos on Starscream? yeah i know they look cool.. but isnt the idea of an Earth alt mode to blend in? nothing like a tatted up jet that says “look at me!! decepticon here!!!” again… i love Starscream and i hate to nit pick my favorite movie franchise of all time.. but i dont think it added anything to the movie.

  2. I think the reason for the tatoos on Starscream was explained in the prequel comic(Typical Orci and Kurtzman).

  3. BlueCollarCritic

    Well said!

    I second your view on Soundwave. Yes i think that it was brilliant enough as i don’t really want to see him as a transport vehicle as he was rumoured in pictures but that would have been another alternative.

    a spy satelite in its ultimate form. Precisely appropriate for the present technology.

    this could also suggest that satelites could send a probe unit that could also mimic the form of animals or anything stealth…like ravage..though i’d would have prefered in the movies if ravage was sent down to earth as a protoform that lands in nearby jungle, scan a neighbouring wild cat and transform instead landing into the ocean and jumps out as a mechanical jaguar…that really didnt make any sense heheh

    i’d hope to see soundwave in action and introduce lazerbeak or buzzsaw, but i am begging for Rumble….that lil dude will be much significant add on.

  4. Some may disagree with the prequal comic books (er Graphic Novels) but I personally like the idea of expanding the story outside of the movie so long as its done in a way so that you don’t have to read/see the aditonal content in order to understand the movie.

    I think it would be great if for T3 they did a prequal consisting of a CGIO based movie (striaght to DVD or on the internet) that was anywhere from 30 min to a full 90 min full length feature that provided a bridge between 2 & 3. If they did do something like bring in Unicro in Pt3 then this prequal could serve as the back ground priomer for how we get from the end of part 2 to the start of part 3. This could be done without compromising the movies story line too.

  5. Ok, what would make Transformers 2 great is to have more screen time for important characters instead of bad characters like Skid and Mudflap – Horrible characters. Make Starscream a stronger 2nd in command. Whats up with two of each Constructicon? That makes no sense. Each Constructicon should have been 1 character each. Jetfire an old man with a cane? Come on now. Stop all the cliche-ness. Make Jetfire the strong character that he is. Have more G1 Megatron’s personality into movie Megatron. Show more character personalities (not racist idiot bots like Skids/Mudflaps). I personally think RoTF was a good chance to turn Megatron into Galvatron (and with a few words the public would get it) and have a Fallen/Galvatron 2-villain movie – like Spiderman or Batman having several villains. Then in TF3 – lets have Galvatron having a larger role and then Unicron is introduced – this would be perfect. In TF3 lets have Skids/Mudflaps killed off quickly. Lets focus on more character development, and more screen time to more important characters.
    However, despite these issues, I liked RoTF as well as 07 movie. Both have their major pros in it that makes me look at the glass as half full. The toys are overall decent (some great, a few bad), the soundtracks are greatness. I cannot wait until Transformers 3.
    And, its very possible that these three movies are just an appetizer to the big meal (a future reboot of the movie franchise) in order for everyone to make more money on both. Its a high possibility. The first three movies will be designed to suck people in to increase Transformer fans – so later on in a reboot – more money will be made due to the newly made TF fans of the first three movies. This is just my opinion on this possibility.
    Welp, time to go.

  6. *sigh… this was heading in a positive light until we started the multiple villain crap. Because 2 villains worked out so well for Spiderman 3 right? (insert sarcasm)and not to start a war here… but the multiple villains didnt work for Batman either (two-face got really short changed). but back ont topic, we arent ready for Galvatron yet. i do agree that multiple constructicons of the same guy was a mistake.

    Idea for Soundwave. He is a huge Satelite dish… spying on us from the ground and communicated with his satelite bots in space **(they need to look like earth satelites)** During the movie we could hear Soundwave say “Lazer Beak Deploy”… and then he shoots a projectile into space the earths atmosphere that unfurels into a satelite… that satelite then scans the earth from on high and in turn takes the form of a bird of prey and descends to the Earth in pursuit of Sam……

  7. sorry for the broken grammar… i didnt proof read. lol

  8. We need Soundwave sounding like G1 Soundwave. Why not? And Reedman should have been “Razorclaw” or perhaps better – Rumble. From Soundwave we got Ravage, from Ravage barfs Rumble – but we get Reedman, even though I do like the character.

  9. Chivas says:
    November 11, 2009 at 8:28 pm
    We need Soundwave sounding like G1 Soundwave

    Yesss!!! i strongly agree!!!…the voice is as significant as peter cullen for optimus prime!

    i beg of Bay to ensure this is fullfilled.

    BlueCollarCritic says:
    I think it would be great if for T3 they did a prequal consisting of a CGIO based movie

    you are thinking like a business man…i would want to see that….its like we would be entertained on the side while waiting for the big picture…making the story move along.

    keep the fans busy and promote anticipation.

    it kinda make ways for hasbro to keep selling toys.

    while they are at it at the same time improving the designs and upgrades from our views of new characters featured.

    i wouldnt mind if it is animated from the movie. that way…kids get roped in and this creates pre amped marketing.

    Tsaur: yes..i share your griefs on the twins.. if i were bay..i’d still maintain their character looks BUT…make them communicate in their native robotic language… like R2D2 you know. we can read their dialogue through subtitles in the movie…and then only i will start laughing my head off ….subtitle comedy always work. :) just my 2 cents worth.

  10. I know I’m gonna catch a lot of grief for saying this but the comments about the twins being racist is way off and I can prove it. If the movie had instead featured a set of human twins that were played by 2 black comics like Chris Rock and another similar actor then we would not be hearing all the cries of racism. It’s not the character portrayal that is causing the decree of racism but the actor or in this example the character who is portraying this character type. If anything is racist it’s the fact that the type of character portrayal is apparently the sole property of black comedic actors only.

    The Chris Rock analogy is not my own but came from a co-worker who just happens to be black and who also found nothing offensive about the robot twins character portrayal. He did find them to be offensive over all because he felt they were not appropriate to the story but not because of their personalities but because they just seemed more like a distraction then even a comic relief which was more than likely what Bay was actually going for. The twins purpose was to serve as comic relief for the movie and do so without having to use any of the main or secondary robot characters. This allowed the robots to keep a dark look and feel to them.

    I don’t believe Bay’s intent was to make fun of or be insulting to any particular segment as doing so would not only be out right stupid considering a movie with this kind of budget but would also have never made it past the cutting room floor because the sensors would have certainly said this is too questionable/problematic and must go. I understand why peoples instinctive response to the twins is to say “racism”, because we’ve all been programmed to believe that this type of character portrayal is only allowed by a very specific type of actor. That being said we need to see past this and point out racism when it is genuine and does exist instead of mislabeling things as racism that are not for when we do that we water down the effect we have when the time comes to point out true racism regardless of what race said racism is being aimed at.

    I’m getting off my soapbox now.

  11. Maybe they arent racist. However, the major point is both Skids and Mudflaps are in my opinion “horrible” characters that deserved much less screen time than important characters, like Arcee, Sideswipe, Jolt, Ironhide, Ratchet. They should have made it where Bumblebee picks them up and toss them in the garbage 😉 I know, harse, however it goes to show my personal dislike for those two bumbling idiots. Without these two characters (and old grumpy cane carrying Jetfire) the movie would have been so much better. Instead in 2011 we have to look forward to more Skids/Mudflaps. Sad. Jetfire could have been perfected to be an old but strong character. Starscream should have been shown “why” he is 2nd in command of the Decepticon army – make him stronger and ruthless. Again, show more character development in the Transformers, more personality. Much of the humor was not good either, some was. Dev’s nads I thought was funny only becausse the very thought of Transformers with nads I thought was cute. The humping nonsense wasn’t needed however. The movie goes too far in showing how hot Fox is – of course she is hot, thats common sense. The girl who plays Alice also goes to show that Transformers can be hot to 😉

  12. I think the twins were awesome. If they sounded racist to you.. then i say you are a racist person. Optimus Prime sounds like an old white guy… so am i racist? who cares… i think its cool they all had their own identity… i loved the twins a hell of alot more than “alice” or the stupid cybertronian fodder at the end of of the movie. If it doesnt transform into an earth alt mode… leave it out of the Transformers movie. Except Megatron he should be the only exception.

  13. True enough if you looked it that way..

    reading what you said only made me look back to the G1 cartoons.

    Jazz and Blaster were the brothers that were super cool

    Skids and mudflap were place there just to entertain the little viewers but somehow got in the way to the grown ups which for some were iritating.

    i too personaly thought that they were not wasted characters but could have done better with their dialogues.

    the only part that really gets to me was when they out of no sense started sqwabling at the location of the matrix which led BB to take the trash out (figures) other than that..they were harmless throughout.

    i would like to share abit of what i thought could be a splendid way to show starcream who he really is..

    After Wheelie transmit information. Soundwave commands ” Ravage..Morhpin(i just made that up for the sake of a female decepticon) eject..mission…infiltration” ejects pretender drone and Ravage……Ravage lands in a nearby zoo, scans a jaguar and continues mission to infiltrate Diego Garcia to get the shard… pretender lands nearby the witwickys…acknowlege wheelie. hack into the network after hearing sam is heading to college scans a profile of a girl named ‘Alice’, transform and pursue Sam.

    The ransom anouncment by the Fallen scene

    Soundwave commands the Decepticons to mobilize …

    Decepticon troops arrives on earth some who has been hiding starts to transform and show themselves performing a bit of terrorizing and people panic and screams for their lives….Megatron commands Rampage to capture Sam’s Mom and Dad.

    The Battle scene

    When Starscream acknowledge the location of Sam.. starts attacking the convoy…. Not far away the NEST team along with the other Autobots securing Primes body notices starscream..and fires a shot at him……Starscream gets hit and and whails for Megatron….at the same time Megatron arrives with his Troops of Decepticons “You are hopeless Starscream!!!…and commands ( Decepticons!!! Show no mercy!!!) to attack the Autobots and NEST army….

    The fallen arrives on the pyramid and summons Megatron….he tells Megs that the Star harvester is beneath the pyramid…Megatron summons the constructicons to form Devastator “ Devastator!! Tear down the pyramid…the Star harvester is ours to proclaim!!!… Devastator – “ Prepare for demolishion!!!!!” …Skids and Mudflap comes around and starts to beat Devastator but gets flick off like fleas….the scene continues as it is..

    Battle continues with the Autobots and Decepticons……….Starscream attacks from above and hits a target….Ironhide …takes aim at Starcream while he is making a turn for another attack and hits him….sending Starscream …Screaming for his crash….scenes continues as it is…

    additional scene…sideswipe in shooting postion transforms and charge at the decepticons transform and leap into the air knocking down a dececpticon “lets party!” and starts a gang fight with his blades. iron hide and jolt joins in …jolt zapps a decepticon

    Bumblebee vs Ravage & Rampage

    After BB takes down both of them..BB starts to dance in chorus of Micheal Jacksons “ Bad” with a cool finish..”Whos Bad?!”,,,

    Reviving Optimus

    Arcee and chromia locates Sam…”Sam hop on!” Arcee and chromia transform into her bike mode brings sam and mikaela to Optimus……this is where megatron appears and blast arcee and sam gets flung into the air. Ratchet and Army assist by opening fire to megatron.

    the scene where Sam goes into the realm of the matrix continues…

    Ratchet opens Optimus chest…Sam slowly inserts the Matrix…and the reviving takes place….in this moment the fallen appears and steals the Matrix…

    Prime Jetfire combo continues…

    Jet-Prime kicks The Fallen and shoots megatron out from the Harvester….

    Steals back the Matrix…and destroy the Harvester…

    hehe this is may favourite part…

    After megatron gets beaten up and calls for starscream..

    Starscream transform and lands next to megatron and says…
    “how does it feel ‘o’ mighty megatron??…kicks megs in the belly..

    at this point some surviving decepticons called out ” starscream we cant win!!…”

    Starscream thinks aloud…” we shall see!!” ..transforms and takes off..

    Megatron who is trying to get up swears to Prime “This is not over Prime!!!!…..Decepticons!!. Retreat!!!!……Megatron flies off with surviving Decepticons into outer space……..

    Autobots and human alliances cheer victory!!!

    Optimus thanked sam and the team….ends his speech ” its been a rough day for everyone…let head for home.. Autobots!….transform and roll out!!!..and we get to see optimus transforming and one by one transform into their vehicle modes ..

    During the credits rolling …a tease scene ….Damaged Megatron recuperating on his ship ‘nemesis’ …cursing and plots for his return..with his new army…..then suddenly….megatron hails in pain….A very Dark much more sinister voice speaks and calls megatrons name……*end*

    I believe my version will rock the house down!!;)

  14. The whole issue of “The Twins are racist” is idiotic if you ask me. People act like all the time and of all races, not just blacks. When I was in High School there was this kid who talked the same way and acted the same way, does that mean he is racist too? NO. To say “The Twins” were acting “black” is racist, b/c its not just black people that act that way white people, Asian, Hispanic, etc. Its only because the character weren’t well accepted that people complain about that. If people liked the characters this wouldn’t even be an issue

  15. The only thing I hated about the characters was that they were the ones who fought Devastator and they were pretty much kicking his ***.

  16. Well said Gigan!

  17. Here is to hoping that Devastator isnt really gone (they certainly had enough pieces running around to make another). i would love tor the sequel to explore the components of Devastator deeper. Give Mixmaster and Overload some dialogue maybe. Have Hightower and Scrapper have a dispute..

  18. I sit & type corrected. No one has yet to give me grief about my comments about the twins. In fact several have re-affirmed my statement. And even when there was somewhat of a dissenting comment (by @chivas) the poster was professional and merely presented their side and did not resort to name calling. This is a good sign in a time when we see too little of this kind of open & adult like debate. Too often it seems like threads turn into a bunch of script kiddies name calling each other.

    Well done ScreenRant members; well done.

  19. I thought both Transformers movies were great!
    I say make part 3 the big finale!

  20. NO… We are not letting this franchise end… no finale… thats loser talk. sorry… couldnt let the thread end on something like that. If its so awesome… why does it need to end? keep this going.

  21. i sleep better at night knowing the future holds more movies with Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime…. dont end this franchise on the 3rd one.

  22. Bud says:
    November 17, 2009 at 10:09 am
    I thought both Transformers movies were great!
    I say make part 3 the big finale!

    How in the world would you end the entire franchise after the third movie. I can see the Transformers franchise going 4 maybe 5 movies at least.

    I can see you bringing in both of them however, you bring them in gradually. Like you hear Unicron in the middle to the third movie changing Megs to Galvatron. Then toward the end of it you see a distant image of Unicron in plant mode heading to earth and say some epic line at the end.

    Then start the 4 the movie with a brief background on what/who Unicron is and commanding Galvatron to prepare earth for its final distruction. Use the remaining time of the 4th movie having the Autobots doing everything in there power to stop Unicron and Galvatron just to find out at the end the Galvatron did some sinister trick to defeat Unicron and punish Galvatron by changing him back to Megs for the final epic battle for the 5th and final movie.

  23. hell yeah… there is definitely no need to rush this franchise… there are no movies out there like our beloved Transformers movie. keep this thing going… leave this 3rd movie open to more sequels. ultimately i do believe that is what makes a good movie great… you know – the movie you leave the theatre with your buddies and you cant stop talking about the possibilites of future installments.

  24. once bay is done with TF3 …im just thinking…
    1. have we heard or read postings somewhere that other directors had given a wishfull thinking that they would like to take a shot in this franchise?

    just wanted to know if anyone heard of it?

    2. If G.lucas were to be directing transformers, what would you think the quality of the movie would be like?

    i’m just pondering that i feel starwars is one of the best epic movies ever existed and i may think that lucas could have created a marvelous impression of planet cybertron and maybe unicron ……i don’t know.. if bay and lucas were to join forces in transformers…what could we get?

  25. @robotics

    I don’t think Lucas would be a good fit for the Transformers franchise. Not because I do or do not like his films but merely because it’s just not a good fit.

    If at some point Bay does hand over the directors chair for a T movie then I’d say give it to either Nolan, Cameron or Faverau.

    C Nolan(Batman Begins; Dark Knight): I imagine an alternative Dark side of the Transformers world would come from this pairing.

    J Cameron(Titanic; Avatar): The only logical directing choice for a movie about large robots when Michael Bay is not on board.

    J Favarua (Iron Man 1 & 2): This may sound like an odd choice at first but I have picked him because of what he has done with Iron Man 1 and what I anticiapte (from pre-release bits & pieces) him to have done with Iron Man 2. Faverau would be the wild card of these 3 directors.


    If you believe in a higher power of any kind please pray to that power that under no circumstances does anyone allow Uwe Boll to even come as close as consulting on a Transformers film let alone direct one. If this should happen I fear it is the end of the wolrd.

  26. I hope Michael Bay doesnt do the cliche’ thing and only make a 3 film trilogy. Curse you George Lucas for starting this trend!!! lol In all seriousness though… i do not wish to see only 3 Transformers movies from Michael Bay… I hope he doesnt do the expected trilogy and stop… he should do like 10 of these movies.

  27. Leaving the theatres after Transformers 3… i hope i do leave with the feeling of “wow… its over… =*(

  28. hope i dont*

  29. Like wise I hope that Bay does 4 – 6 of this movies. He is the perfect fit for this Franchise. In anyone elses hands it will end up with a completely different feel and then all the ubber fans such as all of us here at will want the franchise to just die all together and you can’t do that with transformers it sucked with the G1 Movie they killed Optimus just kill the series. Bay almost did the same thing with the ROTF. So we liked that Bay brought him back at the end. If he were to just kill off Optimus in the secont movie no true Transformers fan would continue to condon Bay doing more movies. So Bravo to bay in skirting that edge of the Transformers lore and killing the leader but bringing him back.