How To Go Bigger With Transformers 3: Unicron

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transformers 3 unicron How To Go Bigger With Transformers 3: Unicron

You Transformers fans know what I’m talking about when you see the name “Unicron.”

That’s right. If you thought Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen was a massive convoluted mess of nonsense and wasted… well, everything, coated in a big pile of explosions and sometimes-awkward visuals, then you’ve seen nothing yet. How can you introduce and misuse even bigger characters for Transformers 3 after what happened with Devastator and many others in Revenge of the Fallen?

Well, you introduce the Death Star Transformer!

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, Unicron was the antagonist character introduced in the 1986 animated Transformers: The Movie. He’s so big that he transforms into a mechanical planet, or as Obi-Wan Kenobi would describe, “that’s no moon.”

I’ll try to be as brief as possible in describing Unicron’s role in that movie and how it could tie into Michael Bay’s film series. In the 1986 cartoon movie, Unicron made a deal with the dying and betrayed Megatron (betrayed by Starscream) and offered to give him a new body (becoming Galvatron) in exchange for his efforts in destroying the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. Sound familiar? That Matrix was in Revenge of the Fallen and was the device that The Fallen sought out and sent Megatron after to destroy humanity with that big-ass machine.

In Transformers lore, The Fallen worked for Unicron so perhaps that’s the pattern of the movies: We think Megatron is the leader, we then find out The Fallen is his leader. We think The Fallen is the leader, we then find out Unicron is the leader?

The reason I bring this up is that videos have been popping up online for bonus features that were included on the DVD and Blu-ray releases of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen on October 20th, one of which (Thanks to Cinema Blend for the find) was a hidden Easter Egg featuring Michael Bay joking around about Transformers 3 with pictures of Unicron in the background.

Note the cliches and Bay making fun of himself: doesn’t have to be all “action action action,” could be more emotional, darker?

The video is meant as a joke and a tease for the hardcore fans. It is also already dated as Bay refers to making a slower and smaller movie first then come back to the Transformers franchise? That’s what was originally the plan with Bay seemingly set to work on his personal passion project “Pain & Gain” but then he met with Steven Spielberg to discuss the project in September and shortly thereafter, it was announced that Transformers 3 would be over-rushed into production like its predecessor and that it would be out in 2011.

This Unicron thing could probably happen. Hasbro needs more toys and what better way to do it (in addition to having 100 no-named random background characters) is to kill off the majority of the Cybertronian cast and bring them back with new bodies! Don’t expect them to talk or even be introduced though. They just need to be shown once or twice.

What do you want from Transformers 3? Do you think Michael Bay will go bigger and bring out Unicron the next time around?

Transformers 3 is scheduled to open July 1, 2011 and I hope it gets delayed a few years.

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  1. And also for anyone saying “only a prime can kill a prime”…

    not once does it say that in the movie. It says only a Prime can defeat the Fallen.

    And even if it did say that, Optimus is a “great decendent” of the Primes, not an actual bad boy Prime. Get what i’m saying?

  2. “not once does it say that in the movie. It says only a Prime can defeat the Fallen.”

    And The Fallen IS a PRIME. Hes just referred to as “The Fallen” because he became evil, but he was one of the original Primes.

  3. @SIN couldnt agree more buddy. i love bay all of his movies are awsome.

  4. Sin

    don’t worry about the haters. they hate Transformers so much that they spend time commenting on these posts.

    The first Transformers movie wasn’t bad. ROTF I can understand why people didn’t like it but I enjoyed it for some great action scenes with giant fricken robots that transform. Expecting a good script from a movie about a cartoon about transforming robots (with the writers strike cutting down the time tremendously) is asking too much imo.

    Plus, Bay doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He knows people hate his comedy and his spinning camera and zoom in style and that only makes him do it more.

  5. @ KantStandYa

    i see your pic there is the star of the cowgirls. I’ll see you this weekend Sunday night baby it’s on!

  6. @ Rob Keyes

    You are so critical of Bay’s transformers movies I would love to see what you could do behind the camera. And we thought Uwe Boll was bad…

  7. @ M-Cat,

    If by “Bay’s Transformers movies” you mean only Revenge of the Fallen, than ya, I and the vast majority of moviegoers out there over the age of 8 was critical of it. For movies of that budget and that much hype, moviegoers need to expect more to get more. These lowering standards and idea of quantity-over-quality aren’t good for anyone.

    What kind of defense is “let’s see you do it” – that means it’s a fail. And Bay doesn’t do stuff out of spite, he does what he thinks would look cool.

    And for your info, I dug The Rock, Armageddon, Bad Boys 2 and The Island.

  8. @Rob
    You liked Bad Boys 2?! I thought I was the only one on this site that liked that movie. Loved Armageddon; and I will admit, I did get misty. :-D

  9. Rob

    I didn’t mean to imply you dislike everything bay. I just think people are critical (justified) of transformers but go over the top about it. All good though, we all have likes and dislikes but doesn’t mean it’s a fail..

  10. Well, I don’t know if anyone goes on the IMDB boards and looks at various movies and actors. But, it is horrible how badly those guys go off on movies they dislike. I recently posted something on IMDB about Saw 6 and how I really did not like it. But, I wasn’t one of those people who totally went off and I did say that it was just my opinion.

    You say that “I and the vast majority of moviegoers out there over the age of 8 was critical of it”. I am 19 years old and love movies. I watch movies constantly (watching Apollo 13 as I type this), but I loved BOTH of the Transformers movies. This is because of the entertainment value and I thought that the story wasn’t as bad as it could have been. There are a lot of other directors who could have taken this film and destroyed it.

    I personally NEVER listen to the critics, because I think they judge movies way too much. Trust me, I’m not one of those naive people who will like almost anything movie. I believe the best time of the movies was back in the 40s when seven movies wouldn’t be coming out in one week. With the likes of Jimmy Stewart (who is one of my favorite actors ever). But, I am not as critical with movies an most people.

  11. We dont want Unicron yet…. if that happens the franchise will end. =*( No more Transforming humans…. just because they exist in Transformers doesnt mean they are good… like those stupid alien tentacled Quintessans are whatever they are called. DUMB! stick to robots that have earth vehicles modes!! Bring back Devastator and show the constructicons transforming into their smaller pieces. No more Cybertronian Jets.. and no more Cybertronian Robots with no alt modes as fodder…. when those guys died… did anyone care or think they were cool? because they werent!!! when jazz died it meant something… when optimus died it meant something….. the audience cared… when those ridiculous Cybertronian guys were dieing at the end i thought… wow… how anti climactic can you get? And save the robotic humans for the Terminator franchise… our series is above those cheesey robots.

  12. @ Tsaur

    Did you just dis Terminator? Saying their robots are “cheesy”?

  13. He did just dis Terminator! I think he’s trying to set up the Terminator vs Transformers movie haha!

  14. Hahahahahaha. That’d stupid as hell!

  15. I don’t think it’s that far out there. They did make an Aliens vs Predator movie so you never know. Would it be dumb? Yes. But that doesn’t mean they won’t think about making it. Money talks…

  16. Honestly, I hope to god that they wouldn’t make this though!

  17. Dang it M-Cat don’t be giving them any ideas before long they’ll be making a movie about Slinky and Super Ball…

    Dang it, see what you made me do… ;)

  18. hmm after TF3….i would say i might be up for TF and JiJOE franchise…cobra comander and starscream would make a great team…hehe

  19. hmm… bay once said that when he does TF movies..he wants to make them unrelated like saying the sequel would not be like a bridge to the third isntallment…however..after watching ROTF like 30 times since the dvd got out…im begining to see that it is a bridge to this comming third…

    i can see why many wanna take a piece on the tomato throws…but i really do enjoyed the movie…

    i think many were overhyped with the characters…that when they didnt get any screen time or a dialogue even…they jump.

    to me i strongly feel that they will have a bigger role to play in TF 3.

    Bay really kept it true to the TF universe…

    like in the cartoons…such loop holes were everywhere…but no body seemed to care cause we loved to see our charachter in motion….story was not the factor..
    it is what comes next in the scene and what our favourite robots were capable of doing…

    in TF2..there is a reason for megs being brought back…he is non then less the main villain…and optimus..killing him and bringing him back to life was really nescessary…im not really keen to see rodimus any time yet…and beside the dude is weak leader…

    so now that megatron is functioning…i can really see the becomming of TF3…

    i am definately will trail until this movie is out…

    we will watch how it will redeem itself..and by then everyone will relate to ROTF…then they will say..ok now i know why TF2 is like that.

    bay you are the man as how spielberg said it..he was never wrong!!!…

  20. i think were gonna see Ultra magnus this time arent we?

    Ravage is dead…can we see lazerbeak and rumbble?

    now that “more robots” demand being met…can we at least see more transformation sequences since it is the core of”Transformers”…like more of optimus transforming into his truck mode..and bring back that magical dissapearing and reappearing trailer…i love that….and when the movie ends…let the autobots in formation..and the ever classic..”Autobots!…transform..and roll out!”..that all drive off into the sunset…hehehe

  21. i completely agree with showing more transformations. as for the Terminator comments… i honestly enjoy the Terminator movies, but i think Transformers are way cooler robots… more realistic. skin that transforms is just weird. i can accept a transforming car…they have seams. but humans… they are squishee. seems weird for a robot to be soft…? but moving past “alice” as i really disliked her, the 3rd movie – does anyone else agree that cybertronian modes are boring? those robots that were dieing in the pyramid battle.. i mean… while the action and graphics were awesome, i didnt connect with those robots. and i am a huge decepticon fan but damn! we need more earth alt modes. the recognizable alt modes are the major attraction to these movies i believe. isnt it fun to think your car might be featured as a bot in the sequels? also i think less robots in the next movie will defintely make for a better movie. and focus on the transformations. and better yet… work in Grimlock! and dont make him a car.. this movie is like our only shot at really awesome robot dinosaur… i dont think we will see mecha godzilla in the near future =*(

  22. They don’t even need to show the robots in the background to make toys of them. How many times have we seen toys based on a movie in which the toy item was never even in the movie?

    I personally love T1 & T2 because they allow us to all be kids even if only for 2 – 2.5 hours. They give us the excuse to enjoy things that are normally reserved to kids because on our world its not always OK to have fun as an adult when that fun is associated with kids.

    That being said I hope Bay’s need to over shadow in sequels doesn’t result in an over the top movie that has gone over “Over The Top” if that is even possible. If they introduce Unicron then it will need to be scaled down for the most part. Do soemthing like have Unicro start off as this planet sized entity that thru some process is reduced down to at least the size of the larger of the Autbots/Decepticons. If the All spark can be reedcued from it’s larger then life size to something that can fit in Bunblebees hand then surely it’s not unreaosnable, in as far as what is rasonable in the world of Transformers, for Unicron to also reduce its size to something more managable.

  23. BlueCollarCritic says: “for Unicron to also reduce its size to something more managable.”

    Sort of creates an Avatar of himself. This would be a practical way because you get around the fact that he would need to shed mass to do what your saying.

  24. i will be very disapointed if this is the final film in this franchise… i want more!!! and dont cram it all into one film… the more quantity thats in… the less quality we get. just say no to transforming humans and cybertronian alt modes.

  25. Amen to the “No transforming Humans”. That whole bit with the human female decepticon in T2-ROTF was in my opinion a big mistake/flaw in an other wise great film. This was just not realistic. Now I know that my comment of not being realistic about something in a movie about giant robots that morph into vehicles sounds a bit contradictory but its not when you look at what is realistic within the content of the story or movie.

    In the Transformers movies there are certain things we accept as being part of that relaity like the ability of any Autobot/Decepticon being able to transform into any vehicle so long as the vehicles relative size is close to theres so you don’t have a 50 foot tall robot morphing into a toaster and so long as its a vehicle they have recorded or whateveryou call it when they scan a vehicle prior to transforming into it.

    And so within the relaity of the Transformers movie world we accept these morphing abilities within a flexable set of criteria like relative size. It’s not considered unrealistic for an autobot to transform into a different vehicle so long as they have scanned a copy of that vehicle they are going to imitate and so long as the size difference is not to excessive. What is not realistic in this relity is that a machine can transfomr into a human that is so convincing that a human who knows as much about the tarnsformers as anyone else on the planet is unable to tell that this is not a human female but a robot in disguise.

    I want to clarify that its not an issue of the technical extent of the transformation; the massive number of rotations and moves needed to morph from the human female to the Decepticon robot that is unrealistic but that the human female form is so realistic that the character Sam can not tel it is a robot even after it has kissed Sam.

    A more realistic example of massive morphing/transformations in the movie that is believable, within the reality of the Transformers world is the Microcons combining to form the Decepticon Reedman. While this morphining of hundreads to thousands of Micro robots into one large one is a bit of s taretch it at least stays within the realm of Machine or at least Machine-Like.

  26. BTW – Just curious if the general consenses here is that it was a mistake to potray Soundwave as a communications sattelite in T2? I personally think it was brilliant considering there was no realistic way to keep soundwave as a boom box and still allow for the use of Ravage.

    Seperate from being a boombox, what would you have set Soundwave to transform as?

  27. I actually didn’t mind how they used Soundwave in the film.

  28. Well, the “Dr. Claw” voice got pretty annoying at times, though.

  29. I completely agree with your assesment of transforming humans 100%!! in an otherwise amazing movie “alice” is out of place. i didnt mind the mustache man in the first movie, as i always just assumed he was a hologram to help with the illusion. which brings me to my only other issue… cybertronian modes… the thing that makes Transformers so damn cool is that they can TRANSFORM!! big shock there right?! and watching them transform into Earth alt modes makes them freakn AWESOME! honestly what is cooler than that? my only issue with Soundwave is his alt mode… the concept of what he was is perfect.. but i would have gone a step further… i would have had him assume the identity of the satelite and not simply attach himself to it. I hope he comes to Earth and takes on an actual Earth alt mode… he is so damn cool.. hell make him a satelite dish on Earth.