How To Go Bigger With Transformers 3: Unicron

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transformers 3 unicron How To Go Bigger With Transformers 3: Unicron

You Transformers fans know what I’m talking about when you see the name “Unicron.”

That’s right. If you thought Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen was a massive convoluted mess of nonsense and wasted… well, everything, coated in a big pile of explosions and sometimes-awkward visuals, then you’ve seen nothing yet. How can you introduce and misuse even bigger characters for Transformers 3 after what happened with Devastator and many others in Revenge of the Fallen?

Well, you introduce the Death Star Transformer!

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, Unicron was the antagonist character introduced in the 1986 animated Transformers: The Movie. He’s so big that he transforms into a mechanical planet, or as Obi-Wan Kenobi would describe, “that’s no moon.”

I’ll try to be as brief as possible in describing Unicron’s role in that movie and how it could tie into Michael Bay’s film series. In the 1986 cartoon movie, Unicron made a deal with the dying and betrayed Megatron (betrayed by Starscream) and offered to give him a new body (becoming Galvatron) in exchange for his efforts in destroying the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. Sound familiar? That Matrix was in Revenge of the Fallen and was the device that The Fallen sought out and sent Megatron after to destroy humanity with that big-ass machine.

In Transformers lore, The Fallen worked for Unicron so perhaps that’s the pattern of the movies: We think Megatron is the leader, we then find out The Fallen is his leader. We think The Fallen is the leader, we then find out Unicron is the leader?

The reason I bring this up is that videos have been popping up online for bonus features that were included on the DVD and Blu-ray releases of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen on October 20th, one of which (Thanks to Cinema Blend for the find) was a hidden Easter Egg featuring Michael Bay joking around about Transformers 3 with pictures of Unicron in the background.

Note the cliches and Bay making fun of himself: doesn’t have to be all “action action action,” could be more emotional, darker?

The video is meant as a joke and a tease for the hardcore fans. It is also already dated as Bay refers to making a slower and smaller movie first then come back to the Transformers franchise? That’s what was originally the plan with Bay seemingly set to work on his personal passion project “Pain & Gain” but then he met with Steven Spielberg to discuss the project in September and shortly thereafter, it was announced that Transformers 3 would be over-rushed into production like its predecessor and that it would be out in 2011.

This Unicron thing could probably happen. Hasbro needs more toys and what better way to do it (in addition to having 100 no-named random background characters) is to kill off the majority of the Cybertronian cast and bring them back with new bodies! Don’t expect them to talk or even be introduced though. They just need to be shown once or twice.

What do you want from Transformers 3? Do you think Michael Bay will go bigger and bring out Unicron the next time around?

Transformers 3 is scheduled to open July 1, 2011 and I hope it gets delayed a few years.

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  1. i think they should include unicron they should some how find away to awake him and find. then they should for once have the decepticons win at the end by awaking unicron and show like a whole army of decepticons following him to earth and along the way have him like suck up jupiter and some other planets and then end the movie there for a real cliff hanger if they are thinking about making a fourth movie.

  2. Everybody KNOWS they will use Unicron. Bay pretty much gets hard thinking about Giant Robots that eats planets.

  3. Okay, I don’t understand why people hate the Transformers movies SO much. I really enjoyed both of them and thought they were cool. The second one was definitely my favorite. I loved the action, and the characters.

    Rob maybe you could help me out.
    I don’t understand why you didn’t like Transformers: ROTF. You mentioned how he, “misuse(d) … Devastator and many others in Revenge of the Fallen?”

    I don’t quite understand what he did wrong in ROTF, especially to Devastator and likely The Fallen.

    Please explain if you get a chance. Because I personally found this statement (How can you introduce and misuse even bigger characters for Transformers 3 after what happened with Devastator and many others in Revenge of the Fallen?) very biased. Because I am sure not everyone believes that this statement is true.

  4. Why is my comment not showing up?

  5. Woops my bad lol

  6. “I don’t quite understand what he did wrong in ROTF, especially to Devastator and likely The Fallen.”

    Both of those characters were WASTED. The Fallen just sat on some throne and started ripping off lines from Emperor Palpatine and he was killed EFFORTLESSLY and had 10 whole minutes of screentime. Devastator was even worse, all it did was get its tail kicked by the dumb and dumber, I mean Skids and Mudflap. And don’t even get me started on the whole issue of him having testicles. Seriously I thought that was Orci or Kurtzman’s idea, but then found out on the special features that it was Bay, and have really lost a lot respect for that man after that.

    I’ll admit that I enjoyed ROTF enough to buy it on Blu-Ray, but it wasn’t as fun as the first film.

  7. Why not have Cybertron show up in our solar system? You could then still have an excuse to have humanity involved and Bay would have a super trump for the third film. He could give Roland Emmerich’s “2012″ competition. Who’s end of the world looks better?

  8. This is a joke, right?

  9. @ caroluzz,

    heh. I’m not sure there’s a limit on what can be done with/too Transformers 3…

  10. Thought Bay had made a substance-fuelled admission or a Freudian slip of colossal proportions for a minute there. The part where he says “I should give you a cash reward” I actually misheard as “I should give you a casual wart” and had to replay it in disbelief. Twice.

  11. @sin
    these stupid giants cant see through walls!!!!!!
    how stupid is that!!!!!!! how stupid can someone (bay) be????????????????????????????
    and this is just a very small giant plot hole that is like a pain in the ass when ur watching the movie

  12. I just hope when they reboot this franchise in 10 years or so, the next director won’t be an ego-tripping ass and make the movie right. The only good Transformer movie is the animated one. Bay and (Uwe) Boll should learn a lesson from a good director like Cameron or Scott………. Seriously these movies are like bad video games based off of movies. People recognize the names, but it’s nothing like they were expecting, and a BIG let down to many fans.

  13. This franchise should be stomped on by Grimlock and then thrown in Mixmaster and buried by the insecticons forever. Michael Bay has had millions to work with and, TWICE NOW, has given us a crappy poorly constructed movie.

    Ii’s like oceans 11, 12, 13… all over again. Why? why bother?

    I grew up with the transformers and saw The Transformers: The Movie in the theatre when it first came out. The live action films were terrible in every way and the reigns should be handed over to a new team.

    Bay/Speilberg are not at fault though, not really… its the millions of theatre goers that slapped down their money for the Fallen after the horrible first movie.

    AND IN FALLEN… what was the deal with transforming behind a curtain? Where’s the mega budget? At least lets see them transform!

    And as far as unicron goes, I never want to see Bay taint the memory of the animated film.

  14. I still haven’t seen “Transformers 2″, but from what I’ve heard and read recently it sounds like I don’t want to. I bet Michael Bay will bring in Unicron for the third installment, it’ll be released in a year, and it’ll be much bigger and much worse. Hasbro doesn’t care if the movie sucks, they’ll sell millions of tickets and thousands of toys. Here’s what they’ll probably do: Brand new line of Transformers toys for the third movie. Each figure comes with a body part of Unicron! Bumblebee comes with his arm, Optimus comes with a leg, etc. and to build Unicron you have to buy ALL of the Transformers figures, even though you bought an Optimus Prime action figure just a few months ago when the second film was released. Basically these aren’t movies anymore and they shouldn’t be taken seriously, and it saddens me that Steven Spielberg would work with someone like Michael Bay on a project like Transformers.

  15. I am not sure what the plot of T3 will be, but one thing is for sure, the people that moderate this site will dump all over it just because Michael Bay’s name is on it.

    Good work guys!!!

  16. @conbot

    I edited your comment to remove the s-bomb (I don’t get how people don’t understand the “no profanity” rules here). I can tell you that if Bay makes a decent movie, we’ll say it’s decent. We don’t have vendettas against directors, we judge their films on a case by case basis.

    Personally I’m a huge fan of Bay’s “The Rock,” so I don’t hate everything he’s ever done just because his name is attached.


  17. What was wrong with TROTF? Let’s see:

    1. Only a prime can kill a prime: How did Optimus die?
    2. Devastator taken down by 2 idiots? Need I say more?
    3. 2 robot idiots!
    4. Megan Fox had no role, except for the 2 reasons oversexed teens look at her
    5. A Transformer turning into a human?
    6. Idiotic mother

    What was good:

    1. Special effects were great
    2. Optimus was finally Optimus; he kicked robot butt!
    3. The military

  18. Unicron can’t be done right IMO. Going bigger isn’t always better.


  20. First of all, I think there is some truth to when Michael Bay said he doesn’t want to go BIGGER, but find a way to go sideways. I think he does want to make a better movie for those of you who find the current movies not good.

    Second of all, I really don’t understand why people trash Michael Bay so much. I happen to have liked plenty of his movies. (Bad Boys 1 & 2, Pearl Harbor, Armageddon, The Rock, and of course I like the Transformers series).

  21. I think when Optimus referred to Megatron as “Brother” in the first film, I don’t think he meant they were related. I think its more “Brother from another mother”(as “The Twins” would have said it). Because in the prequel comics(and stated in the first film) both of them were Co-Rulers.

  22. I think using Unicron would be a nice move for TF3. Since the 1984 animated movie that introduced him he has been around transformers and is someone several generations of fans can relate to. Since the Fallen in the comics was a servant of Unicron, it can be a logical next step in the story. (see Transformers:The Ultimate Guide and War Within: Dark Ages).

  23. He could be in the 3rd and not the 4th if he attacks Earth, and his history can be flashed back, we all know the general history of him just like we did of Cybertron for the 1st movie.

  24. Sin says: “I really don’t understand why people trash Michael Bay so much. I happen to have liked plenty of his movies.”

    Well compare the stories of “The Rock” and “Armageddon” to “ROTF.” Has Bay grown any in his story telling? If you watch “Armageddon” and then “ROTF,” which is the more well rounded story? In my opinion “Armageddon” is the more well rounded story. The man is actually going backwards or certainly not growing very much as a story teller. Both of the earlier films mentioned didn’t have a strong following prior to being made into films. Bay should have taken into greater account what the fan base wanted. It’s not hard really to find the many dissatisfactions the fans see in these movies.

  25. I agree. Bay needs to just slow down and take his time on the film. I bet he could make another film as cool or great as “The Rock” if he just took his time. Hell, he has 1 year and 9 months to come up with story for this film, do the casting, shoot the film, do the CGI, and edit the film, and still make the release date. No need to rush, QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.

  26. Oh, and I do enjoy most of Bay’s films.

  27. Believe me I enjoyed Unicron in Transformers Armada, but have him in an actual live action movie…?