Huge Iron Man 2 (and 3!) Movie Update

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Did you think Iron Man was awesome? Although Iron Man 2 is still a year and a half away are you dying to find out what we have to look forward to?

Yeah, me too, and luckily thanks to the good folks over at C.H.U.D. there’s a TON of info about not only the next film but some hints about Iron Man 3 as well!

  • Director Jon Favreau has been working hard on the script with writer Justin Theroux. Robert Downey Jr. is also involved in the scriptwriting process.
  • Terrence Howard gets to play War Machine in the next film.
  • Favreau will have more time on screen as Tony Stark’s driver/bodyguard Happy Hogan.
  • The series is being planned as a trilogy (which I’ve reported here quite a while ago).
  • Although classic Iron Man villain “The Mandarin” is the behind the scenes villain across the trilogy, Favreau is being very careful with the transition to the big screen. He doesn’t want him to seem goofy or introduce “magic rings” into the movies.
  • While he wants to keep the next two movies very character driven, he is aware that the action was lacking in the first film, especially in the final battle scene. He plans on upping the action quotient in Iron Man 2.
  • Now this one’s a bit confusing… He wants to leave the dark superhero thing to The Dark Knight and keep the Iron Man franchise more simple and fun – but he is planning on bringing the “Demon in a Bottle” storyline into the films. This is the story where Stark succumbs to alcoholism and loses everything. How you keep a movie “fun” while showing the destruction of Tony Stark due to alcoholism seems like an oxymoron to me.

Speculation Alert: From what I know of Iron Man‘s history in the comics, I’m betting that Iron Man 2 may be The Empire Strikes Back of the Iron Man trilogy: It will be the film that shows the downfall of Tony Stark, necessitating Rhodey stepping up as War Machine to fight some adversary. We may also be treated to scenes of Stark wearing the armor while drunk.

Iron Man 3 would be the “return of the hero” and the final, face to face showdown with a technology-driven Mandarin.

Paramount, please send your check to Vic Holtreman, care of Screen Rant.

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  1. Cool stuff. Thats exactly what I thought would happen with the second film, in regards to Rhodes taking over dawning the Iron man armour then getting his own. Or maybe he’ll just get his own.

    In the last thread about this, I was also confused about Favreau’s remarks. That’s cool how its light and comical but the stories require dark tones, it cannot always be comic relief. Most especially with the alcholism storyline, that must be dark for it to be effective. I think Favs is just saying that to be anti-Dark Knight, anti-DC or something.

  2. Yeah, I agree wit you Rob K., I think Favreau is just going along with RDJ with the last comment made.

    It was discussed in the last Iron Man post, but just to reinstate it– can anyone really see Terrance Howard as War Machine? Maybe the suit will significantly change his voice.

    It’s also very cool that Favreau realizes when something needs to be changed slightly for the big screen and when not to. The fact that he’s aware and taking precautions with The Mandarin certainly puts me at ease about seeing him in the Silver Screen Marvel Universe.

    And for the Star Wars / LOTR formula to work, they would’ve had to broad-spectrum character build the first movie–then narrow it down in the second to our protagonist and he get the help of characters build upon in the first one. Then in the last film he rise up ( not leaving said friends behind ) to become the hero.


  3. Well, they can delve into a dark and serious topic without it setting the tone for the entire movie, and I think that’s what he means by that. I hope he keeps his word, because that’s what I liked most about IM. Watching TDK made me feel like the director wants us all to slit our wrists from depression after watching it since Batman is being “the hero he needs to be.” Oh no, I am hearing that crazy speech again… lol

    I think TDK could have easily been my top movie this year if it didn’t try so hard to be depressing at the end there… I honestly don’t think it added anything to the film.

  4. I bet there is going to be a fight between iron a war machine. That would be awesome.

  5. If there’s a War Machine/Iron Man smackdown that is going to ROCK!


  6. @ andres and vic

    I agree, but I doubt Tony Stark would build a suit for someone else that can defeat him, so it might be a short fight, lol.

  7. In the comics Stark built it for himself, but eventually it went to Rhodes.


  8. Vic I bet, like me, you never saw “Arthur”(1981)and if you did, I suspect you didn’t like it. If I was a Bettin man, I bet your praying now; Oh Lord please don’t let Favreau turn Tony into Arthur Bach! ;)

  9. I’m pretty confident that the Demon in a bottle road is one that RDJ wanted to take the character down.

    All this sounds good, let’s hope Fav’s leaves the 3D aspect behind with the Dark influence as well….

  10. @ Vic

    Yah, but I think that will have to be changed for the movie. Since in the movie the suit requires that “arc reactor” in his chest to power it. So since Rhodey doesn’t have that, his suit will have to be specially made with its own internal power source. Which implies that Stark intentially makes the suit for Rhodey. But we’ll see.

  11. @the old man

    Sorry, I have seen it and I liked it (at the time). :-)

    @Ken J

    Good point, but remember that Stane used it as an external power source for the Iron Monger suit. :-)


  12. Hm…. you know, that COULD work… perhaps after the incident of the first one, Stark will have “back up” power sources stashed around his lab, and I suppose someone trusted by Stark (such as Rhodey) would probably know how to get access to them. The only obstacle there for Rhodey being able to use a suit not meant for him is the interface of the power.

    Stane’s suit was built specifically to take that power source externally since Stane knew he didn’t have it in his own chest. But I’m sure Rhodey could possible be able to mimmick that by having the power source attached “face first” on the inside of the suit like it would be when Stark wears it…

  13. Iron Man rules. Is Favreau directing the Avengers?

  14. It’s late, and I’m tired so I don’t recall the details, but I believe there was a scheduling conflict between the release of an Iron Man sequel and the Avengers movie. The productions will overlap and he won’t be able to do both.


  15. Memo to Paramount and Marvel from the Desk of Tony Stark…

    I’m more than ready… bring it on! I may even have a few Armor surprises for you later. I do need to show off a bit more, so the fights need to be pumped up more. Also, ‘Note to Marvel’… PLEASE don’t drop the ball on the Marketing end this time. Every time I try to find my stuff in stores, it’s not there! A few figures a talking version of me and a mask and Nurf gun (Just WHAT were you thinking!?!) is it?!? I should be selling at least as much as that Green ‘Linebacker’ and whoever that other guy is with the dark suit and the pointy ears! (Not even Repulsors!) Try to do a better job this time around. Pepper wants me to get a cool bedspread and Plushy (whatever that is)… So step it up in the Retail area will ya? If not, I’ll have to buy the Marketing arm of Marvel and close it.

    ‘Nuff Said.

    All the Best! -Stark

  16. RDJ and Favreau may feel they have to bring Tonys alcoholism into it ,
    But its not neccessary to the success of a sequel as far as I am concerned .

  17. Well all great superheros have their inner demons.
    Stark has to have something that takes him down, so he can build himself back up and save the day in style. 8-)

    I’m sure RDJ wants to take this on to prove to himself that he’s in charge of his demons.

  18. So, we won’t see Armor Wars as the plot for either movie then? Bummer. Nothing says “anti-superhero” then hunting down people who stole your technology. Maybe that’s the purpose the “tech-driven” Mandarin? If you think about it, the arc power is nothng but a jumbo sized ring… Shrink it down and wear ten of them for a multiplier effect.

    Vic, I think I just stole your check. :)

  19. I still don’t see Terrence Howard as Rhodes. If there were to be anyone else donning the Iron Man armor, I’d rather it be Happy Hogan.

    Happy Hogan donned the red-and-gold armor once to help deflect attention away from the possibility that Stark is Iron Man after he was hospitalized for some heart complications.

    But then again.. I guess in this movie triology, Iron Man doesn’t have a secret identity, does he? Especially not after how Stark concluded that press conference..

  20. While I do think that Howard is a very good actor, his voice as Rhodey was just too soft. Favreau may have his voice changed when he donns War Machine (hello Lawrence Fishburne :-)).

  21. “Oh Lord please don’t let Favreau turn Tony into Arthur Bach!”

    Old Man -
    That was my first thought too regarding “keeping it light” and “demon in a bottle”

    however, I CAN see a druck Stark hitting on Pepper, and oh the hilarity that follows.

    I’d rather just have Stark lose Stark Industries or something, and it drives him to the ditch (instead of drinking itself being the cause). We could get really grown up and make a stock thing. Shares plummet with Stark thinking “why oh why didn’t I cash in my options last week?”