Big Change Of Direction For Spider-Man 4?

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spidey head Big Change Of Direction For Spider Man 4?A writer has been hired to pen the screenplay for Spider-Man 4: James Vanderbilt.

Who’s that? He’s the guy who wrote the screenplay for Zodiac, the movie that dramatized the Zodiac killer mystery from the 60′s and 70′s. It received excellent reviews, but not too many people turned out to see it (admittedly, myself included… guess I’ll have to rent it).

In addition the studio is targeting 2009 (no doubt, summer) as the release date for the movie.

No word on whether any of the principal actors (Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, etc.) will be in the fourth film, but I’d be very happy to see Mary Jane relegated to a very minor part of the story.

Source: Cinematical

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  1. I have a feeling that they will indeed switch gears on Spidey 4… at least I certainly HOPE so!


  2. I liked 4, but it still amazes me that Superman Returns was criticized for having too much romance (I didn’t think so), yet all three Spidey films were drowning in romance. YECH!


  3. Whoops, I meant to say, I like Spider- Man 2.


  4. Adrian,while I don’t see how it’s possible to have a descent Spider-Man movie again without completely rebooting the franchise,it’s not like it hasn’t been done before,take Rocky Balboa for instance. I just want them to do whatever they have to do to make a good Spidey film again,whether that means a reboot or not.

    And Heath,there isn’t THAT much romantic crap in SR at all between Superman and Lois(at least I didn’t think so anyway),they didn’t really kiss at all if you think about it (well,at least not a Spidey-MJ type smooch)the love story there wasn’t over played and didn’t take up the whole film. But that wasn’t my problem with the movie,my biggest problem was Superman’s bastard child (kid’s a great actor,I just don’t like that idea of Superman being an illegitimate father at all). Yeah,I wish it had more action (like Superman fighting a superpowered villain) and that there wasn’t any connection to the Donner films (minus the John Williams’ Superman theme),like Brando as Jor El,which was a bad idea,IMO,cuz now they can’t do any new scenes with Jor El or flashbacks cuz the actor who played him is dead. But anyway,i agree with what you said,Heath. I wonder who’ll play Superman in JLA? it certainly doesn’t sound like the SR sequel/revamp is filming anytime soon,so that could mean that BR could play Supes in JLA after all.

  5. I’m hoping too, Vic. Just can’t believe Sony would let something this good become a train wreck.

  6. Hey,Heath. What was missing in SR was a new and unique villian and more action. If SR possessed both, the movie would have been excellent! IMO, just me

  7. Kel, Superman’s bastard child= Suits of WB saying,”make it hip and modern”.

  8. Wow. Although not quite to the point of hating it, I agree that Spiderman3 was very forgettable. Entertaining and cool in parts, but it was like watching Ang Lee’s Hulk again.

    Zodiac. Wow. Vic, I have seen a movie you HAVEN’T seen. Although, I only got it because it was on discount. It was interesting, but I don’t see any reason to get excited over it’s writer writing spiderman4. Nobody saw Zodiac, because, well… it had no ending. No closure. Anyone who can use google can find out the real life events ended. Which is probably a reason to NOT guess how the same writer will do with Spiderman4. When I finished watching Zodiac I asked myself, why was this movie even made?

    Robert Downey jr is in it. Goes from a cocky jerk to a humbled has been when he faces his own mortality. Hmmm…

  9. From whati read spiderman 4 is gong to have carnage? How can you have carnage and not venom?
    Spiderman cannot kill carnage by himself and that is why spidey and venom team up. Why did they kill venom in 3? I liked 3 other than them killing venom.

  10. From whati read spiderman 4 is gong to have carnage? How can you have carnage and not venom?
    Spiderman cannot kill carnage by himself and that is why spidey and venom team up. Why did they kill venom in 3? I liked 3 other than them killing venom.

  11. Yeah,ya got that right,Adrian. Them giving Superman a bastard child was stupid. It just makes Superman look soooo bad,it’s out of his character,IMO.I agree the movie would’ve been better with a new villain and more action too,hopefully there’ll be more of that in the next Superman movie,and hopefully they’ll find a way around the bastard child thing from SR,whether it’s a revamp or not.

  12. Hey Zipper, where have you been? :-)

    Regarding Carnage: I have a feeling that all bets are off on Spidey 4 as far as any previously mentioned story ideas.

    I don’t think you have to reboot the series, either, although it’s a possibility that Macguire won’t return. And the idea of a reboot is usually associated with a previous film that didn’t make money, which is NOT the case with Spidey 3.

    BTW, Rocky Balboa wasn’t a reboot… they just re-visited the same character many years later and we found that his situation had completely changed.


  13. Perfectly said, Vic.

  14. I think the reason why Superman Returns wasn’t a new
    one and they decided to make it take place 5 years later was because of Smallville. Any origin story Bryan Singer did would have been next to nothing, an ant compared to what the producers of Smallville was doing. And he had no way of knowing how Smallville is going to make Lex evil or how many other characters of the DCU they are going to bring.
    I however like the idea of Superman having a son. In the comics there is Superman form the 200000 century or something,his heritage is going to have to start at some point.

  15. “his heritage is going to have to start at some point.”

    Yeah, but with an out of wedlock child?

    Typical 21st century B.S. thinking, right up there with “Truth, justice and all that stuff.”


  16. Vic,sorry,what I meant to say was that it’s usually not possible to get a descent sequel after a franchise starts to fail,which is why most of the time when the franchise starts to go downhill they’ll do a complete reboot,al la the Batman movies. But sometimes after the last few films in a franchise sucked it is still possible to do a sequel that’s better than the previous films without doing a reboot,like Rocky Balboa (which wasn’t a reboot,I know that,sorry,guys) did.

    I completely agree with everything you said regarding Yaseen Hamid’s comment on SR,Vic. Took the words right outa my mouth.

  17. I could not believe how they blew it in Spidey 3. I do have the DVD because, hey, it is Spiderman but I think I will fast-forward through all the soap opera and dancing crap.

    I think Carnage could be in the next one without Venom but they will have to pair Spidey with someone who could help him, like Daredevil (not Affleck, please!). Personally, I would like to see Rhino or Electro fight Spidey.

  18. I don’t know if the Smallville Superman is in the same universe of Superman Returns, just like I’m not sure the Justice League Superman will be in the same universe. SHEESH! WB is totally shooting themselves in the foot.


  19. Smallville is COMPLETELY outside both the comic book and movie continuity/universe.


  20. I agree. Smallville is a good show but should not be considered when producing a movie, unless it is a Smallville movie.

  21. Also guys, IMO, there weren’t too many villians like lots of fans complained, just to many introduction of villians.

  22. Same here,adrian,I just think they weren’t done (for lack of a better word) right. Batman Begins had 3 villains (Falcone,Scarecrow,and Ra’s Al Gul),and the film was excellent,living proof that you CAN make a descent movie with more than one villain.


  24. Milo Ventimiglia!! That’s the guy i mean!!
    Will Spider-man ever go back to totally being made by Marvel like Hulk & Iron Man?

  25. they should replace tobey maguire with either drake bell or jake gyellenall if they were to hire me to dierect i have crazy ideas for spiderman for me it directing it would me more web slinging action less drama

  26. i will see spiderman 4 i like tobey magiure he’s cool and awsome and two thumbs up i love you tobey magiure you are cool and awsome i will see tobey magiure on spiderman 4 in theatres may 6th 2011 see ya.