‘Big Bang Theory’ Gets Three Season Renewal; Will this be the End?

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big bang theory renewal Big Bang Theory Gets Three Season Renewal; Will this be the End?

Though The Big Bang Theory has its share of detractors who love to hate it, you can’t deny that the Chuck Lorre created a laugher – about a quartet of intellectuals (or nerds… I guess) and their significant others – that has earned the right to be called a juggernaut for CBS; now the network is showing its appreciation with a nearly unprecedented commitment of three more seasons for the show. Those seasons will cover The Big Bang Theory into its 10th season, but will that be it for Dr. Sheldon Cooper and company?

No one has publicly commented on if this deal is meant to be a bridge into the syndication filled hereafter for the show – with ratings up 4% this year and the show pulling in nearly 20 million viewers per episode for CBS, it’s easy to imagine the comedy series continuing on for quite a bit longer.

How long is too long, though? The practical answer is that The Big Bang Theory will go on for as long as it makes sense for the principals – the network, the creatives, and the stars – but the track record for live-action comedies after their seventh and eight seasons isn’t exactly confidence-inspiring – and the desire to say “enough” on the creative side can be strong.

big bang cast renewal Big Bang Theory Gets Three Season Renewal; Will this be the End?

Legacies matter more to the ones who are being judged for the quality – not just the success – of these shows and The Big Bang Theory has a legacy of consistency that needs to be respected and, at this point, admired and protected. Yes, Chuck Lorre is in the empire business over at CBS where he is king of the comedy castle, overseeing Mike and Molly, Mom, and Two and Half Men as well as Big Bang, but despite all of those other projects, Lorre’s “brand” would be damaged if the show ran itself into the ground.

The same thing can be said for the actors, particularly the show’s leads: Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki. Both have taken on other work occasionally, but while security and a booming bank account mean a lot, years of success can free an actor to want to do more than just hiatus side-work. It can make them want to see how green the grass is elsewhere because few actors want to spend their entire lives playing a character or trying to not play that character over and over again.

The counter-argument to that thought is Two and a Half Men with regard to Lorre and whether he’d want to push Big Bang past its natural expiration (whenever that is). That show isn’t what it used to be in the halcyon and headache days of Charlie Sheen’s residency, but it’s comparatively brilliant when you judge it against the field. Is that level of “mediocrity plus” something to aspire to?

It really depends on what Lorre, producer Steven Molaro, Parsons, Galecki, and the rest of the cast are comfortable with, what their motives are, and whether they still believe in the project. For right now, though, we know that Big Bang Theory isn’t going anywhere anytime soon – and that’s good news, for both the show’s fans and love-to-haters alike.


The Big Bang Theory airs on CBS @8PM ET

Source: EW

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  1. I admittedly enjoy the show overall. Mainly for the geeky references which they often get wrong. Its definitely a guilty pleasure for sure.

  2. They should leave while they’re on top.

    I don’t know about everyone else, but it’s just not as funny as it was in the earlier seasons. The show is too Sheldon focused, and Sheldon’s schtick is getting to be tiresome now.

  3. Holy Cow, 3 More Years!!! That’s a minimum of 66 more episodes. Also considering the contracts Parsons, Galecki and Cuoco have signed neither they nor their childrens children will have to work again.
    I used to avoid the show like the plague but after watching reruns I have to admit that it can be funny.
    Speaking of reruns,TBS must be thrilled knowing that they’ll be able to air them forever.

    • Yeah, TBS has three shows that have REALLY long running times. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Big Bang Theory, and Family Guy. American Dad is on there too and if that one lasts as long as Family Guy is then TBS is hitting the jackpot.

  4. I do like the show but it is losing what made it good in the first few seasons.

    • The change was needed because what started it was becoming old. New freshness. Now they need to change it up more. Like Leonard and Sheldon having career struggles while everyone else does extremely well. Let Penny get some real acting work and introduce a leading actor as a threat to Leonard.

      • +1

  5. I think the show went to crap after the end of season two. The pop culture references are forced and unfunny, the humor is something realy simple and repetitive, the show jumped the shark the second they introduced Amy, not to mention Raj’s new hability to speak to women. The way the show focused completely on the character’s relationships instead of their friendship or at least in geek stuff changed it from “The IT Crowd wanna-be” into “Friends Wanna-be.”

  6. This show has the worst laugh track ever.

    • ^^It’s filmed in front of a live audience. Look up any season bloopers then you will see the actors mess up and interact with them sometimes.

      • Which makes it even worse then because seriously, that audience must find everything funny and be constantly laughing every 10 seconds outside the studio too.

        I dunno, my brother watches it, I saw a few episodes, didn’t find it funny. More like another Chuck Lorre piece of crap that just happens to be written about geeks with the most cliched BS ever and at first, I assume the popularity was ironic but then since being a geek somehow became a mainstream thing to try and associate with, the herd of sheep followed until the next show becomes popular and they all flock to that instead.

        None of the characters are likeable or funny either.

        • Says you

  7. The show stopped being great starting with season 6. Now every joke is about Raj being feminine/borderline, Sheldon and Amy’s lack of a sex life, and Leonard saying stupid shi* to Penny which gets him in the doghouse. Now that they all have girlfriends, its no longer as funny and they haven’t changed the dynamic to reflect that change. It’s not BAD yet but its just cheap jokes and stuff we’ve all heard already. They need to take a new direction. Another Penny and Leonard break-up is imminent.

    • Three more season, Penny and Leonard can break up 2-3 more times. At least.

      The show just runs in circles now. They are going to be stretched thin in two more seasons. The final season should be okay. I think knowing when it will (should) end they can wrap it up in proper fashion.

        • I dont think they should get married. I think they should end up back to where they were at the very first episode. Sheldon breaks up with amy because of some rediculous reason. Penny leaves leonard for her career, raj has a mental break down with his girlfriend and cant talk or deal with women anymore and bernadette leaves howard because hedoesnt get over his moms death. The very last scene should be a hot girl moves in but all of them ignore her and walk into sheldon and leonards apartment closing the door and avoiding the last 10 year cycle…

  8. Ha, “Big Whang Theory” is more like it. I may be a minority of one, but I watched a couple episodes, and thought it was stupid! Sorry, but I will have to leave the rest of the world to enjoy this one by themselves.

      • im pleased someone else pointed this out, i watch this show and older episodes of Two and a Half Men, yet ive never seen a black actor i think on either show.

        • Just the other night I watched a rerun of Two and a Half Men with Michael Clarke Douglas playing a cameo. it was actually really funny, one of the best episodes I’ve seen from that show. Just telling of a time I saw this.

    • Yes,more Penny is always good and more Bernadette aswell:)

  9. Not many TV comedy series make it pass the 10th season mark.
    How I Met Your Mother is a good example.
    In 3 years from now, people will grow tired older and tired of Big Bang.

  10. I don’t even know why I continue watching this. The humor is dull, and the live audience laugh at every single thing, despite it not being genuinely funny.
    The pop culture references and geek talk are so overused, convincing the viewers who understand them that they’re smart.
    And the story keeps going around in circles. It’s so repetitive.
    3 more seasons, and I can expect more Penny-Leonard breakups.
    Sure, I don’t expect clever and witty dialog like Arrested Development or Community, but it doesn’t achieve the same feel as HIMYM or FRIENDS either.
    The first few seasons were pretty good, but now it’s lame and repetitive.

  11. I quite enjoy the pop culture references they make, and occasionally this makes for great jokes on the show, but on the whole I feel like it’s nothing special. Lorre just took a bunch of stereotypes and made a series around them. I don’t really find it offensive but it’s just not very inspired and most of the jokes based on the premise get stale after a while. That said I do sometimes tune in randomly.

  12. Big Bang has gone downhill over the past few years. I still think that adding more women to the cast was a good thing. As others have mentioned the show is too centered on Sheldon. There should be more side characters such as Stuart. He always makes me laugh the limited time he appears on the show. This is probably just a money play on everyone’s part. These actors will never have to worry about working again.

    • IT is centered on Sheldon because the others try to understand him and that’s what the show is all about, take him out what do you have?

  13. I couldn’t care less about BBT at this point. Ever since it went fully anti-geek, the show hovered from one disaster to another. Nowadays it’s almost exclusively about sex/relationships, fart-jokes and “how can we make geek lifestyle look extremely bad in the most offensive way possible”.

    It says a lot that the best episodes don’t deal with any of these. The best episodes deal with the guys doing what they enjoy, just being geeks. However, even that got dragged into thew gutter.

    For reference, watch the Bakersfield episode. That was, by far, the lowest point they’ve reached so far. It started off well enough, only to devolve into the most offensive piece of “comical” drivel i have ever witnessed. They could have easily skipped those 20 minutes and put up a fat sign reading “Geeks should die”.

  14. midway into season 7 that see penny’s spirit
    getting crushed after being deleted from the hit
    series ncis and finally realises that her acting
    career is not going places after being in couple
    of play’s like the dairy of anne frank above the bowling
    ally and a streetcar named desire including a contemporary
    low budget horror film and a feminine cream commercial featuring
    stacy travis from scifi shocker mark 13 (hardwhare)and leaves
    her shattered in resulting of leaving her dead end job at an restaurant
    and starts up fresh but the nice happy touch was her teaching Sheldon
    yoga after what he did for her past seasons like help her with the bills
    teaching her about what Leonard does and her accessory venture so it’s time she returns the favour including appearing on his series about flags and yoga which
    it’s nice of her I hope she has an happy ending with her acting career .

    Frankie Smales


  15. I love this show to death, never end please, do the same jokes, I don’t care. Every show that all of you above have mentioned, is utter trash, don’t even compare it to TBBT.


  16. best show on air. no doubt!I would not mind them extending the show for how long it takes. =)

  17. I love big bang theory. Dont ever want to see it go away

  18. Used to be funny but lately terrible, writing has gone down the tube and show is not funny anymore. Just like 2 and a half men, the show should go out with a bang before it is too late.

  19. I love tbbt! I hope it never end but in reality, i’s going to have an end but i hope it lasts around 12 seasons or more because I just lovee the shoowwww

  20. oh god please end on top. its the simpsons season 3000 spectacular, don’t go out like it. jon