‘Beware the Batman’ Trailer Recalls ‘Batman: The Animated Series’

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Beware the Batman will be the fifth animated Batman series since, well, Batman: The Animated Series in 1992, but it’s the first to employ the much-maligned CG animation recently utilized in Green Lantern: The Animated Series.

While we’ve previously seen two teaser posters – one more preliminary, the other more official – today we’re finally getting our first look at footage in the form of a teaser trailer.

The thing that immediately stands out about the trailer is its blatant resemblance to the aforementioned Batman: The Animated Series. Computer-generated imagery aside, the dark, moody aesthetic (vaguely akin to “dark deco“) and the tall, thin, and elegant font are both quite clearly an attempt at harkening back to that beloved series of yore.

Beware the Batman Teaser Trailer Beware the Batman Trailer Recalls Batman: The Animated Series

Yes, the trailer is essentially just a clip of the Batmobile driving down a tunnel, but more than that, it gives us a pretty excellent idea of what we can expect from the show both visually and tonally.

It’s telling you — in no uncertain terms — to forget the purposefully goofy Batman from Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Forget the anime-inspired Batman from The Batman.  This Batman lives in the darkness and says things like, “Beware my wrath,” which is only a slightly less cool than, “I am vengeance! I am the night! I – am Batman!”

In fact, the entire teaser trailer almost seems like a beat-for-beat visual callback to the opening sequence of Batman: The Animated Series, particularly the part where the Batmobile is driving down a tunnel. Check it out below (starting at 0:20):

Sure, the show is computer-generated, and that’s sort of annoying because traditional 2D animation is becoming a thing of the past, despite how beautiful and interesting it can be. If it were up to me, the majority of animated projects would be traditionally animated.

However, being computer-generated doesn’t automatically make a TV show bad. 3D animation isn’t even inherently worse than 2D animation – it’s just easier to be lazy with.

Furthermore, the animation and the models in Beware the Batman, unlike  Green Lantern, actually appear to be detailed and drenched in shadow, reflection, etc. The point I’m trying to make is: lets not condemn this show a year away from its premiere, solely for the reason that computers were used in its design.

What do you guys think of the teaser trailer? Let us know in the comments.

Beware the Batman will likely premiere in 2013.


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  1. Looked good. I’m in, CG or not.

  2. “I am vengeance! I am the night! I – am Batman!”

    One of my FAVORITE episodes from the series. When you watch an episode of Justice League when the TEAM fights against the Joker, for instance, everything feels a bit less edgy. It feels less dangerous. The characters in the Batman series were all very personal. You always felt the effect they had on Batman as a person.

  3. no Robin or Joker n Alfred with a gun ,i’ll pass

    • hang on… is that official?? No Robin I can understand if it’s going from the beginning… but NO JOKER??? Since WHEN???

      • That’s not official at all, he just wasn’t in the first image.

    • Just because Joker wasn’t in the teaser trailer or in the original teaser images for the show doesn’t mean they aren’t going to include Joker into the show.

      For all we know this cartoon will have Red Hood in it and then have an episode where Batman causes him to fall into the vat of chemicals that tranforms him into The Joker. So don’t be too quick to pass judgment on something that only has 2 teaser images and 1 teaser trailer. It’s far too premature at this point.

    • check tha comics man. alfred has always used firearms when he needed 2 and most versions of alfred portray him as having military experience. he’s just so polite and dapper that people tend 24get. n even i hav 2admit that trailer was cool and i know that voice just cant place it yet…

  4. I dont like the CGI style of animation. It would probably be better if they did the young justice style.

    • Agreed

  5. Nothing will ever top Batman: The Animated Series. No Robin? And secret agent Alfred? You kidding me? Why not just do a CGI Batman: TAS? Hell, why not just a new show animated like TAS? This sucks.

    • Kel, Alfred was a secret agent in the comics. He was in MI6 — that organization that James Bond works for — before he became Bruce’s butler. He was a secret agent in Batman: The Animated Series. There was a whole episode that revolved around his history coming back to bite him. So if this new show sucks so bad because Alfred is a secret agent, then I guess B:TAS sucked pretty bad, too?

      Also, I guess you’ve hated all the movies that didn’t feature Robin? Your favorites were the one from the 60s, Batman Forever, and Batman and Robin? Because if you liked Tim Burton’s and Nolan’s Batman movies, wouldn’t that prove that a Batman story can be a-okay without Robin?

      • Oh come on, dude, you know what I mean, since when do we need Alfred slinging pistols around on the streets with Batman?

        “Gee, who was that well dressed elderly gentleman in the top hat with guns fighting along Batman last night?” * visits Bruce Wayne – Alfred comes to the door…DUH.

        And I never said any of that, that’s you projecting, sir. I would just rather have Robin as Batman’s sidekick over Katana if they’re going to have an additional recurring protagonist.

        With that in mind, apart from the animtion (possibly), it’s still hard to judge an entire show based off 40 seconds, so I will withhold any further critique.

        • You didn’t say you had a problem with him slinging pistols. You said you had a problem with him being a secret agent. What you’re doing now is called revisionist history.

          That said, I agree, if Alfred’s blasting away at the bad guys, that’d be stupid. I don’t think that’s going to happen — you’re basing that on a pre-pre-pre-preliminary image that was shown at a panel, not even officially released.

          • My problem is not with him having a past as a secret agent but being some type of action hero on the show. That was what I meant with my comment. I will remember to spell everything out next time.

            Who gives a damn if he was a secret agent? If it helps him perform his role as butler and aid better, great, but I don’t want to see action hero Alfred. I’d rather see Alfred: Armchair Detective than that. I don’t believe anyone’s lasting impression of Alfred or Batman: TAS is that he’s a super badass secret agent in the vein of 007 or Ethan Hunt.

            • Mine was….

  6. I must say, the only reason why I’m giving this a go is because it’s Batman. I’m not a fan of CG animation. I will always love the traditional animation (Batman: TAS, Justice League, heck Young Justice has great animation) over CG. There’s just something about CG shows that doesn’t doesn’t really give something heart, that traditional animation shows can. It’s too simple and clunky, almost like a prototype animation for a film. That and the drastic changes in story (with Professor Pyg allegedly being the main protagonists) make it all the more harder to really tell whether or not this is going to be a good show. Honestly, I’d rather have “The Brave and the Bold” on. Oh well, I guess only we’ll just have to wait and see/

    • I cannot fathom why Professor Pyg being a main antagonist — not the main antagonist, no one anywhere has said that — would be a bad thing. You pretty much have to be completely unfamiliar with the character to think it would detract from the show’s quality.

      • When Grant Morrison first introduced Professor Pyg in the first issue of “Batman and Robin” in 2009, I first thought he was ridiculous. But as the issues went along, I saw how much potential the character had.

        So I’m not too worried about Pyg being the main antagonist.

  7. I agree with Kel heartly. Till this day. Batman:TAS been my favorite Bat-show outta all of them. Even though he’s known as the voice of Batman, Id choose Kevin Conroy over both Michael Keaton & Christian Bale anyday as the perfect portrayal of the character aswell as Mark Hamill as The Joker. If they made live-action films the way they made the Timm-verse animated series, then i would die a very,very happy CBM geek,lol.

    I don’t watch the CG animated Green Lantern series. I always thought they should try having a live-action Batman series again. No, not like the 60′s series, im talkin about live-action films. The idea came to mind ever since the pilot episode of Birds Of Prey i watched. Lois & Clark was a good Superman show that ran for 4 seasons. But of-course Superman film was goin thru developement hell.

    Id like to add that Batman:TAS was the show got me interested in Robin as i never knew of him till i saw reruns of the 60′s show sometime afterwards on another channel. I already seen the first 2 Burton Batman films & didn’t know of Robin then aswell. Loved how they introduced Batgirl on the animated series & show how smart she was in Heart Of Steel 2 parter episode before she became Batgirl in Shadow Of The Bat Pts.1&2.

    I loved episodes “Heart Of Ice”,”Robin’s Reckoning Pts.1&2″, “Two-Face pts.1&2″, “I Am The Night”, “Almost Got Im” & ” Joker’s Favor”.

  8. I just cannot get behind this look, it ruins it for me, it really does. The whole cg thing just looks terrible. It makes too hard to get into the story.

  9. I HATE the way Green Lantern looks and this looks just as stupid IT SUCKS it must be cheaper to do it this crappy way SAVE MONEY WARNER BROTHERS.

  10. There’s just something “off” about this CGI. It has no weight to it like the DCAU cartoons. If they go the CGI route the characters should at least have some feeling or depth to them like The Incredibles (yeah, I know that was a movie and this is a tv show, but still).

    Also, WHY doesn’t WB do MORE with The Flash? That character lends himself to animation. We have yet to see Barry Allen’s origin and how The Flash came to be done yet. I think kids would love that. The Flash, in every animated appearance he has had, has been the most popular character with kids. Why hasn’t there at least been a direct to DVD feature?

    (Yeah, I know Bruce Timm said he’d never do a Flash show for some narrow minded reason, but that doesn’t mean someone else couldn’t….c’mon, WB)

    • @ Kel

      I know it hasn’t been done in animation but you can see Barry Allen become The Flash in the live-action series.

      I remember Bruce Timm stating in one of dvd box sets when asked which show he’d like to go back to work on. He mentioned it would probly be Superman:TAS because they had ideas on another season before the series was cancled. He & everyone would like to have the season pick up where Legacy Part 2 left off by Superman gaining back the people’s trust. Which he mentioned took years to work on doin in the Justice League pilot.

      • Yeah, I’ve seen the tv show. It’s not bad for its time. One of the better superhero tv shows, IMO. But I think an animated series or at least a movie would be great. The Rogues, Thawne, Grodd, all would be great in a cartoon show.

        And I wish they would have done more of Superman: TAS. That was a great show. I’d love to see what Timm and CO had planned. We probably never will now. :-(

  11. That said, the batmobile looks cool. And I’ve watched very little of the GL show. It’s funny, to me, it’s like there’s not even a Green Lantern “cartoon” series, lol, so all the pent up enthusiasm one would expect upon hearing about a new GL cartoon show isn’t there. :-/

  12. Would rather see the Plastic Man show than this. Haha…CN should have picked that up.

  13. 2 huge mistakes with any new Batman animated show: Not casting Kevin Conroy (the ultimate batman) and Mark Hamill (the ultimate Joker). TAS should have never stopped production. One of the finest animated shows of all time.

  14. I’ll probably watch the first episode to see what it’s like. I didn’t think I was gonna enjoy green lantern: TAS but I gave it a shot and I’m glad I did

  15. In what possible way does that awful looking nonsense recall the greatest animated tv show of all time? Please tell me.

    • How about you read the article, DrSamBeckett?

      • Read the article and watched the footage and other than MAYBE the style of lettering it doesn’t remind me of Batman: TAS at all. “Beware the Batman” is also a stupid name for the show, IMO, but that’s cool. Hell, there’s only a whole generation of kids that are going to grow up thinking that Batman’s head looks like an inverted pyramid.

        • I can tell you’re pretty upset about this whole inverted pyramid thing.

          • It’s a conspiracy, man! Upside down triangle = inverted pyramid. :P

        • Agreed.

  16. I hate to judge from so little material, but… I gotta say that this doesn’t really impress me. I think they’ve got the mood almost right, but the design for the character does nothing for me. And the CGI? Well, profanity isn’t allowed here at Screen Rant, so I’ll just keep that little nugget to myself.

  17. Just want to say i am die hard batman fan. Loved the original animated series and all of the other ones. I’m willing to give this one a chance because we will get to see the lesser known villians in Batman’s Rogues Gallery. Hope we do get to see Robin at some point and The Joker as well. So I am anxiously awaiting the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises as well as The Dark Knight Returns animated dvd. It’s gonna be a fun year for all the Batman fans.

  18. Is that Dark Knight Returns DCAU movie confirmed or is that just on your(as well as my) wish list. I just picked up Year One on BluRay and it was a fantastic interpretation of Frank Miller’s work. The whole time I was watching I was thinking “this is great, but I wish it was The Dark Knight Returns”. Man, I hope your right. The thought of a DKR animated movie gives my a bit of a geek chub. 8^)

    • Pretty sure it’s confirmed.

  19. If any of you think that traditional animation exists now a days, you are sorely mistaken. Mr. Moore is correct and traditional animation is a thing of the past. By it’s every definition, even what many would claim is “old school” animation (like Young Justice for instance) is also CGI. While they might not do actual computer modeling and animation, almost everything is done in the computer; from base drawings, to inking and colorization. That’s why it looks so crisp and clean with no slight misalignment from frame to frame that you might see in older, animated shows. They even manage to work computer modeling into the traditional format when dealing with complex objects because it’s less work than trying to accurately figure out the perspective frame by frame.

    I will watch it just like I’m watching the Green Lantern animated series but I have to admit I am not thrilled with the style thus far. Why would they give Batman a weak, triangular face? He has always had a strong, square face/chin for a good reason. That was something that always bothered me a bit about, “The Batman” and now they are carrying it to an extreme.

  20. I havent watch a batman series since the animated series but this sounds interesting but def will be good but not animated series

  21. ive not condemmed the show for its art design although in the very first poster it would appear that everything is very jagged and pointed. ive condemmed it because of the surprising lack of Robin, Joker, or really of Batman’s core ensemble characters aside from Alfred. I know the point was to bring attention to the lesser known villains and to Katana but it takes away from the over all experience for me. Will i watch the show? Oh Hell yes, i love Batman! but im weary, confused, and extremely sceptical.

  22. The Animated series opening from Fox brought back some great memories:) Epic opening. They don’t do them like that anymore..

  23. Awesome

  24. Am I the only one sick and tired of the Bruce Timm art style? I hate how they used it on Green Lantern much less the Justice League, Thank the Light they chose to use a more modern look on Young Justice.

    I mean I liked Batman TAS and how it was a throwback to the original Batman. But enough already, why not use the Dick Giordano art style or Jim Aparo, or Neal Adams. That’s the only true Batman style that really captured Bats. and the Joker. Brian Bolland anyone?

  25. On the Wiki page, one thing fills me with dread…. “a gun toting … Alfred…”

    Seriously? Alfred is not only the new Punisher, but one of Batman’s actual sidekicks on missions now?

    Satan save us…..

  26. I watch the cgi star wars series and its not bad but the green lantern is horrible. I think in this series they should have designed batman to look differently than he did in the trailer. He just doesnt look good. I do like the old fashioned yellow on the batmoblie though.

  27. I think in this series they should have designed batman to look differently than he did in the trailer. He just doesnt look good. I do like the old fashioned yellow on the batmoblie though. And cgi isnt horrible but its not great.