‘Beware the Batman’ Cartoon Being Retooled Due to ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Shooting

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Beware the BatmanTV Beware the Batman Cartoon Being Retooled Due to Dark Knight Rises Shooting

In light of the recent tragedy at a showing of Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado, Warner Bros. Animation has decided to take steps to tone down some of the violent imagery in the upcoming Cartoon Network animated series Beware The Batman. Following the Colorado massacre and subsequent public outcry, Warner Bros. Animation VP and executive producer Sam Register has reportedly ordered a complete review of the entire animated series.

While Warner Brothers has declined to make an official statement as of yet, it’s reported that alterations to the new Batman cartoon will include the changing of the shape of gun barrels from a more accurate rounded shape to a square, more stylized sci-fi-like weapon. In addition, certain situations depicted on the show that have been deemed “too realistic” will equally be changed to appear more sensitive to viewers.

Also receiving a major revamp is the representation of the gun-toting Alfred Pennyworth. The normally tranquil butler is usually depicted as a supporting character in the Batman franchise, but the Beware The Batman ex-secret agent version of Alfred is thrust into the foreground as one of the Dark Knight’s primary in-the-field sidekicks, along with the sword wielding ‘Katana.’ WB is expected to tone down the look and new personality of the Beware version of Alfred.

It should be noted that the decision to scrub down the violent imagery of Beware The Batman appears to be a proactive choice made by Register, and not the request of the Warner Bros. higher-ups, or as a result of a new overall policy. It remains to be seen if all the changes will push back the 2013 airdate of Beware The Batman, but as the series employs cutting-edge CGI, (like that of Green Lantern: The Animated Series) it is expected to cost a serious sum to retool.

Beware the BatmanTV 2 Beware the Batman Cartoon Being Retooled Due to Dark Knight Rises Shooting

Expected to premiere next year as part of Cartoon Network’s “DC Nation” animated block, Beware The Batman takes a slightly different look at the Dark Knight, pairing him with swordstress Katana and ex-British secret agent Alfred Pennyworth to fight crime on the mean streets of Gotham City. The series was expected to take a darker more realistic tone, and will also side-step some of the more well-known Bat-villains in favor of more obscure comic-based enemies like Anarky, Professor Pig, Mister Toad, King Kraken and Humpty Dumpty – but it has been confirmed that Ra’s al Ghul will appear in the first season.

Beware The Batman is not the only Warner Bros. project feeling the backlash from the catastrophic Colorado shooting which left 13 dead and an additional 58 injured; DC Comics has also delayed the release of Batman Incorporated #3 by a month, as the issue features a teacher who threatens her students with a gun. Along with Batman-related ventures, WB has pushed back the release of the upcoming Ryan Gosling film Gangster Squad until January 11, 2013, to recut a scene depicting a movie theater shooting.

Keep your eye on the main page for more info on Beware The Batman that might arise.

Source: Variety

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  1. Sigh. I can’t even say what I really think.

    • So the coward that shot are follow citizens wins-This is crap Warner should not change things because of what this idiot did- he cant win!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great more political correctness. Then again no harm done if it’s just like That terrible green lantern show.

    • Im not even going to watch it now. Too many idoits always ruin good cartoon shows.

  3. From the looks the show it was so stylized it is hard to believe anything looked realistic.
    This may be the greatest over-reaction of all the unfortunate decisions made thus far.

  4. Such a shame..

  5. Art should not be compromised because of an incident. As sad ad it is, it’s giving into fear that art influences violence. Violence has been around since the dawn of time. Nothing influenced this guy but his own personal issues. Even though I find it strange a broke college student could afford $10k worth of military grade gear. But let’s avoid that topic.

    • Can’t really avoid something like that. While it is possible that this guy somehow found funds another way, I find it ironic that the shooting occurred the night before a UN resolution about gun control standards…. and that the media made a spectacle of the gun control issue the next day… It’s like 911 all over again with no wing holes in the pentagon etc etc etc.

  6. It would be nice to see the entire Batman Family in one of these animated series.

    • @ Steven

      Closet animated series that done that would be Batman:TAS.

  7. This is stupid. Political correctness like this is wrong. The shooting was wrong but dont let it change your life. This is just letting the shooter win.

  8. *Sigh*

  9. I wish we could just hand over this guy to the victims’ families and be done with it. Let them kill him, torture him, maim him, whatever. Set a precedent for mass murderers and be done with it so we can all just move on with our lives.

    • Thats probably a really really bad idea =/

      • or a really really good one

  10. seriously f*** that guy. that guy is gonna be the reason another batman movie by nolan wont be greenlighted (didnt make enough $), this show is gonna be toned down and they probably gonna put metal detectors at movie thatres. Seriously, f*** that guy

    • Of course I agree, F*#k that nutcase for what he did to those poor people, but also the knee-jerk reactionaries who take one incident (that had NOTHING to do with the movie) and use to it push an agenda. Political correctness is ruining everything that this country should be.

    • Not to take away from what you said but… Since when is $160 million in the opening weekend not enough money? I’d say that alone warrants a sequel, not to mention when it’s yet to make.

    • @Belize – Seriously? Eff that guy because of what may happen to a movie franchise? Come on, eff him because he killed 12 people and ruined hundreds more lives.

      People need to get their priorties in order. Dang.

      Paul Young – Moderator

      • smh…u need help man

    • There isn’t going to be another movie by Nolan anyway. He and Christian Bale have already said that this was their final Batman movie. There should be metal detectors in most public places (if not all). It could prevent things like this from happening.

  11. Man why so serious? !!! I mean come on its come to this now? !!!

  12. Though their hearts might be in the right place, this sets a dangerous precedent. Toning down violence is fine but this is treading close to the WB accepting responsibility for someone else’s actions and making it okay for guilty parties to shrug off accountability. The tragedy was the result of one person and that person should be held responsible.

    As for the cartoon, the idea of a gun-toting Alfred made little sense to me anyway. Still, catering to people who cannot distinguish between real life and an animated cartoon is, for lack of a better word, absurd.

    • I agree. With this kind of decision one wonders if it doesn’t open up lawsuit, however idiotic they may be, against WB.

      • I believe that’s already started. I read a report earlier in the day about someone in the theater suing the theater, the gunman’s doctors…and WB, for making TDKR. (I’m not familiar with the site I read the report on, so I can’t speak to the validity of the report.)

    • I couldn’t have said it any better, Jason. This is the definition of overkill.

      What’s next? Nerf guns being banned? People can’t wear masks on Halloween? Where does it stop when you let one seriously deranged individual dictate things??

      • If nothing else, they missed a tremendous opportunity to teach children. They easily could justify having a beloved character speak of the dangers of guns, hurting people or responsibility. Regardless of it being in an animated forum, the message is still being delivered. Undoubtedly it’s more complicated than that from the WB side of the equation.

          • Imagine how sick it would be to have one of those from the Bat! It would be like watching the Thing from FF saying “Don’t do drugs.” to the little kids.

            • @ Roguedork19

              During a episode of Batman:TAS,Batman has gave a message to two kids. Batman: “You play chicken long enough, you fry”.

    • Out of all the comments I’ve read on this yours is one of the most sensible\tactfully worded. I agree that changing things, while well intentioned only makes it seem like the WB did something wrong in the first place. The blame goes squarely to the deranged shooter and those who helped him to see people as less than human by treating him as such, NOT the media.

  13. WTF why give in to what happen.

  14. The Colorado shooter “Holmes ” may just may have killed the bat franchise a little.

  15. The only saving grace this show had, for me, was the realistic and serious tone but I guess that just went out the window. I’m just… not really feeling it.

  16. Should a mad gunman control how tv shows are made or what´s in them?

    If so.. he´s won.

    • DIng. DIng.

    • Agreed!

    • Absolutely. It’s ridiculous how just because an insane gunman picked a Batman movie theater to shoot up now Warner is acting like it was their fault. Political correctness up the wazoo…

      Same reasoning that says that video games cause murders, not the people who actually commit them. It’s irresponsible and the blame needs to be put on the people actually doing the deeds, not the movie genres or games that they frequent or play.

  17. Sigh…and the winner of the dumbest thing today is THIS.

  18. Ridiculous! One crazy person does something terrible and the rest of us have to suffer for it so that WB can’t be seen in a bad light

    • … while I do agree with you (this whole thing is being taken WAY out of proportion), I don’t think the word “suffer” is right.
      It is a shame that future mvoies and tv shows will be influenced by this just because of “political correctness” (and instead of WB spending money on changing shows or changing movies, they should rather spend that money on building a memorial for the people who lost their lives because of this madman IMO), but suffering? Kids over here in Africa suffer because they have no roof over their heads, no food, no clean water, etc. People “suffering” because the new Batman cartoon won’t have realistic weapons? I don’t think so man…

  19. So suppose someone decided to shoot up a candy store, would be band candy altogether. This is a bunch of crap. If you can’t express yourself artistically, why even bother?

  20. Anyone see the pattern yet? First we had the Tim Burton Batman movies, which while successful proved too violent for some at the time. So they brought in Schumacher and he made…let’s face it crappy Adam West remakes. It broke Batman worse than Bane. Then comes Chris Nolan who brought the franchise a sense of realism that hadn’t been done before. His movies were far darker than Burtons. They proved highly successful. And now because of the shooting, we’re going right back to Adam West-ness. yay?

    • @ Mike

      Yes, i do but didn’t wanna say it outloud as people would blast me all to heck,lol. It’s like the killers from the Scream films. Holmes took the concept of a film he most likely seen & took it one step too far. I remember reading about parents taking their kids outta the theaters during both Batman Begins & TDK. Ive seen parents do it myself & shake my head because if they complain about their kids got scared, they only got themselves to blame. Burton,Schumacher & Nolan’s Bat-films all been posted as PG-13 for parent’s attention. I get sick of hearing their excuse that their kids were with them though,lol.

      I just hope WB/DC make the next Batman reboot similiar in tone to any of Marvel Studios/Disney solo franchises like Ironman or like the Amazing Spider-Man reboot maybe.

  21. Thank you, you gun toting crazy Liberal! I watched Scarface when I was 12 and I never put a horse head in someones bed, or used a chainsaw on anyone or snorted cocaine! Its an excuse by the Liberal media and Liberals period that think these kind of people can be rehabilitiated. They can’t. Lock them up and steralize them so they cannot populate…

    • Your post makes no sense, whatsoever. You contradict yourself with the “gun-toting-crazy liberal” line then talk about how “liberals” would rather try to rehabilitate people than sterilize them. First, I have NEVER heard of a gun-toting-crazy liberal. That’s an oxymoron. Faux News likes to make it seems that the word “liberal” is akin to “terrorist” and “traitor” when the truth is that it was liberal politics that freed the slaves, gave women the right to vote, strengthened laws to protect workers and the environment among other things. I’d proudly call myself a liberal before a neo-con who thinks it’s their “God-given” right to tell people what to do in the privacy of their own homes (or to their bodies) and that the profits of a corporation are more important that the health of the planet and the health of the population.

      • @Andy and Anyone else – I’m letting this post stay up but this is the end of the political debates. Our movie site is not the place to discuss politics. There are plenty of other sites out there for that kind of debate.

        Thank you for your cooperation.

        Paul Young – Moderator

    • The horse head is in The Godfather.

  22. So are we going to have to put up with more changes to things because of an incident involving one idiot with guns? I feel for the people effected by the shooting, but come on. I got beaten up as a kid, does that mean I’m expecting movies to take scenes of school bullying out of television and movies because it offends me? No, because one has nothing to do with the other.

    Just because they were shot or shot at by a guy with a gun doesn’t mean that those people should get personally offended by the sight of a gun on tv or in movies. Because a gun on tv has nothing to do with the gun held by the shooter in Colorado.

  23. Not to sound cruel or coldhearted, but we need to let it go. yes people died, their families have my deepest sympathy for their losses. the nutcase that committed the crime can go to hell for all I care. but we can not let this incident dictate the way others live. I didnt know anyone who was at that theater that night. Does that stop me from moving on with my life, and not try to enjoy my life and be thankful for what I have? No. then if thats the case for everybody else. then it shouldnt be changed. no movies scenes should be cut from films relating to it at all. What about 9-11-01? what about Pearl Harbor? Hurricae Katrina? Columbine? the shooting at the church earlier this year? what about those, did those stop us from watching movies? No.? if people really want to go this route, then we might as well cut everything from the movies. Personally I would like to enjoy the films as they were originally created to be and not be rewritten and destroyed by one incident. but thats my personal opinion and I stand by it.

  24. I wanted to rant about this being stupid but this show look stupid af

  25. professor pig?… i’ll pass. guy in a tux called the penguin i can let slide but professor pig? thats just… silly

  26. Art imitates life, not the other way around. There are tragedies that happen daily all over the world, but to shackle our lives and how we live them based on these tragic moments is pointless. Guns exist, murders exist, bad people exist, so why do we try to act like they do not? Then when one of these tragedies occur we all reconstruct our thoughts of what is right and wrong, when in fact these are all matters of perception. Hard truths exist, but perceptions are diverse. Being honest with ourselves will only improve our own perception of situations. Taking a gun out of a cartoon, or delaying a comic book a month will do absolutely nothing.

  27. Anarky, Professor Pig, Mister Toad, King Kraken and Humpty Dumpty. I WAS excited about “Beware the Batman”, now it sounds just stupid. I wonder how is this going to affect the live action movies. WB/DC don’t let the actions on one stupid, evil man take us back to the Joel Schumacher days. And please don’t RETOOL “Man of Steel”.

  28. Beyond stupid.

    Others have said what I would have so there is no need to repeat it.

  29. I don’t approve much of this cartoon since i’m a huge comic fan. But i guess it’s good to see more of grant morrison’s villains like prof. pyg being introduced to the public more.