‘Beware the Batman’ Cartoon Being Retooled Due to ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Shooting

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Beware the BatmanTV Beware the Batman Cartoon Being Retooled Due to Dark Knight Rises Shooting

In light of the recent tragedy at a showing of Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado, Warner Bros. Animation has decided to take steps to tone down some of the violent imagery in the upcoming Cartoon Network animated series Beware The Batman. Following the Colorado massacre and subsequent public outcry, Warner Bros. Animation VP and executive producer Sam Register has reportedly ordered a complete review of the entire animated series.

While Warner Brothers has declined to make an official statement as of yet, it’s reported that alterations to the new Batman cartoon will include the changing of the shape of gun barrels from a more accurate rounded shape to a square, more stylized sci-fi-like weapon. In addition, certain situations depicted on the show that have been deemed “too realistic” will equally be changed to appear more sensitive to viewers.

Also receiving a major revamp is the representation of the gun-toting Alfred Pennyworth. The normally tranquil butler is usually depicted as a supporting character in the Batman franchise, but the Beware The Batman ex-secret agent version of Alfred is thrust into the foreground as one of the Dark Knight’s primary in-the-field sidekicks, along with the sword wielding ‘Katana.’ WB is expected to tone down the look and new personality of the Beware version of Alfred.

It should be noted that the decision to scrub down the violent imagery of Beware The Batman appears to be a proactive choice made by Register, and not the request of the Warner Bros. higher-ups, or as a result of a new overall policy. It remains to be seen if all the changes will push back the 2013 airdate of Beware The Batman, but as the series employs cutting-edge CGI, (like that of Green Lantern: The Animated Series) it is expected to cost a serious sum to retool.

Beware the BatmanTV 2 Beware the Batman Cartoon Being Retooled Due to Dark Knight Rises Shooting

Expected to premiere next year as part of Cartoon Network’s “DC Nation” animated block, Beware The Batman takes a slightly different look at the Dark Knight, pairing him with swordstress Katana and ex-British secret agent Alfred Pennyworth to fight crime on the mean streets of Gotham City. The series was expected to take a darker more realistic tone, and will also side-step some of the more well-known Bat-villains in favor of more obscure comic-based enemies like Anarky, Professor Pig, Mister Toad, King Kraken and Humpty Dumpty – but it has been confirmed that Ra’s al Ghul will appear in the first season.

Beware The Batman is not the only Warner Bros. project feeling the backlash from the catastrophic Colorado shooting which left 13 dead and an additional 58 injured; DC Comics has also delayed the release of Batman Incorporated #3 by a month, as the issue features a teacher who threatens her students with a gun. Along with Batman-related ventures, WB has pushed back the release of the upcoming Ryan Gosling film Gangster Squad until January 11, 2013, to recut a scene depicting a movie theater shooting.


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Source: Variety

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  1. Come on are you serious. I did agree to take out the scene of Gamgster Squaad but this is b*******!

    • Indeed.

  2. Seriously? What cowards. What some psycho does should have no bearing on this show for any reason.

  3. Ummm, what did the Batman have to do with the tragic shooting in Colorado? So, the guy made the choice to do this during a screen of the new batman movie for one reason and that because it would be crowded, not because it had anything to do with Batman.

    Lack of proper gun regulation is what led this to happening, along with mental illness, NOT BATMAN.

    Batman is Darkness. Gotham is Darkness. If you don’t want to do a dark show, then just scrap the entire series rather than turning Batman into something that it isn’t.

    • +1

    • i agree with you man. Plus, he claims he’s joker. The joker would not, could not, and should not think this is funny . Even himself might shoot the shooter because the shooter is interrupting a movie about the joker’s favorite partner.

  4. I was also gonna check this show because of the darker tone. NOT ANYMORE!

  5. That’s a real disappointment to me, I was hoping this show would have more edge to it. I’m so sick of censorship and sensitivity, Beware the Batman should have a dark story to it.

  6. This news makes me so mad I could shoot up a theator. Got it pisses me off why couldn’t he shoot up the Katy Parry. At least those people dont have taste.

  7. I’m glad their retooling it, I’m just hoping they get rid of the character katana, besides being a ripoff of venus demilo from teenage mutant ninja turtles, she is weilding the most deadly weapon there is besides a gun ; a kitana sword. One can decapitate an enemy with one swoop. Batman has been outspoken against lethal force since his inception, hence his many gadgets. He has a strict rigamarole that he puts his junior partners through so that they don’t have to rely on deadly tactics. Now, all of a sudden, he has a sword weilding accomplice ?! Even in the Dark Knight Rises, he chides Catwoman for using a firearm. And can the villains not be taken from fairytale land, i.e. mister toad, prof. pig, humpty dumpty?!

    • venis is the ripoff ass kitana was created in 1983

      • meant to say as

  8. wasn’t really looking fowards to this show from the beginning since im not a huge fan of CGI animation but after watching green lantern and the new tmnt i was starting to look fowards to it but now that they’re making the guns look fake i probably wont even bother i know its just a little thing but it starts with this and next thing you know we get pg characters. if you ever want to make a cartoon or film based on a comic please read it first and do it properly. god i miss the 90′s

  9. What’s this going to change? Tell me, what will making the guns look “More Sci-fi” like or toning down Alfred’s character do to help matters (Which I was looking forward to, by the way)?

    Will this prevent horrible accidents from happening? Will it put viewers at ease? I don’t mean to come off as a jerk, but these changes are not just a waste, they won’t amount to anything. What difference would it be if they kept this stuff in, would it really torment and offend fans giving the fact theirs FAR MORE MATERIAL out there that have MOST LIKELY looked at? And even if they still do this, other super hero kids cartoons have guns, the comic incarnations have guns, the movies have guns…

    What happened in July was horrifying, and I can understand and respect what the people behind gangster squad did to their film out of respect for those who were effected by the accident… But what exactly do the people here expect to accomplish by “changing the shape of gun barrels from a more accurate rounded shape to a square”?

    It’s still. A. GUN. It’s not a meaningful change, it’s a waste of time… AND AT THE END OF THE DAY, IT’S STILL A DANGEROUS WEAPON that does exactly the same thing it was meant to! OH! But this one looks more fake, that will ease everyone and remind them it’s just a cartoon…

    The whole thing is just… stupid.

  10. I agree with Ryan, this isnt fair because it is not batman’s fault, it’s some a****** who thinks he’s joker and FYI, joker wouldn’t shoot up in a movie theatre that shows a batman movie because his favorite dance partner is on the big screen.

  11. Young Bruce Wayne learns a hard lesson when his parents are gunned down in front of him.
    He is traumatized by the event.
    So much so he dedicates his life to ensuring such things would never happen again.
    In light of more recent and more horrific events- perhaps we should remember:

    Batman HATES guns.
    He would and does ( even in the Nolan Dark Knight) avoid lethal choices in favor of non lethal ones-
    The whole point of the Joker’s explosives on the ferries scheme as well as Joker trying to push Batman to kill-
    was for the Joker to show that humanity was as bad as he is. That they would do despicable things out of fear or anger. The big criminal dude on the ferry and Batman know better.

  12. Why change it? I never tought that it will be a good show. First I saw GL and then TMNT and I was suprised that they used this for Beware Te Batman.
    If you check the story of Bruce Wayne becoming batman, it is a dark story so it needs a dark twist in my opinion. Not like Brave and the bold. Not that is was a bad show, but it was all happy face (except ‘chill of the night).
    And what about the Justice leauge movies, Wasn’t that scarry for some people. Watching people get killed and hurt and everywhere blood?? But I hope that the populaire villans will come (like joker, dr freeze ect.)