‘Beware the Batman’ Opening Credits Sequence Looks Stylish & Promising

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Beware the Batman Opening Sequence Beware the Batman Opening Credits Sequence Looks Stylish & Promising

Beware the Batman has been inundated with criticism from Batman fans unimpressed by computer-generated animation or frustrated by the conspicuous absence of familiar characters (the boy wonder, a certain green-haired villain, etc.). Of course, it didn’t help that the sizzle reel looked plastic, weightless, and generally unfinished.

Now Cartoon Network has released a far more finished look at footage from the new show in the form of the very stylish opening credits sequence.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an embeddable version of the video on the Internet as of yet, but you can see the whole thing over at Entertainment Weekly:


The opening credits sequence looks far, far more interesting and well-crafted than the sizzle reel before it, which, again, looked plastic and unfinished (presumably,  that’s because it was unfinished).

The visuals are heavily stylized like something out of a Japanese samurai movie, using mostly black and red as a color palette with a few splashes of white. The general aesthetic seems to harken back simultaneously to Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams’ dark and gothic Batman comics of the late 1960s-’70s (particularly the logo) and Batman: The Animated Series (particularly the Art Deco architecture). Even the theme song by the Dum Dum Girls has an excellent ’60s spy vibe going on.

In terms of characters, the sequence focuses on Batman, his new sidekick Katana (who, in the comics, was a member of The Outsiders, a team founded by Batman), and Alfred the ex-secret agent showing off their various skillz. And before there’s an uproar about Alfred having a history of being a secret agent – in Batman: The Animated Series and some versions of Batman comic book continuity, Alfred was indeed a member of the British secret service.

Check out a gallery of screen capture grabs from the opening sequence below:

I don’t know about you, but I’m genuinely pretty satisfied with what I’m seeing here – that is, satisfied enough to watch the series premiere this month. What say you, Screen Ranters? Are you starting to come around to this new animated iteration of Batman, or are you still turned off by the CGI? Drop us a line in the comments.

For those on the fence, here’s the series synopsis:

A cool, new take on the classic Dark Knight franchise, ‘Beware the Batman’ incorporates Batman’s core characters with a rogues gallery of new villains not previously seen in animated form. Along with backup from ex-secret agent Alfred and lethal swordswoman Katana, the Dark Knight faces the twisted machinations of Gotham City’s criminal underworld led by the likes of Anarky, Professor Pyg, Mister Toad and Magpie. Produced by Warner Bros. Animation (WBA), this action-packed detective thriller deftly redefines what we have come to know as a “Batman show.”


Beware the Batman premieres July 13th, 2013 @10am on the Cartoon Network.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. Screen Rant sure loves any Comic-Book type medium. Oddly enough, I don’t remember any articles on the Young Justice TV Series.

    • hash tag “burn”… Nice one Ben

    • Troll Much?

  2. Doesn’t look too bad, I’m just hoping they add a couple more interesting villains and doesn’t lack in the story department. Would be really cool if there was a continued story arc through the season, maybe in the background at times, instead of the simple, take down one villain each episode.

  3. I got used to the CGI with Green Lantern, so I will definitely be tuning in to see how this goes.

  4. It looks ok I hope the show lives up to the hype. By the way on A lighter note I was watching Teen Titans Go and they showed A sceen with Batman and Comminsher Gordon. They were on the Batboat fishing.

  5. I give it two seasons just because it’s Batman.

  6. Cool intro… when does Arkham Origins come out?

    Ok, the CGI looks fine, but I can’t get over how terrible that character design for Batman is. And who the hell chose the roster of villains? I mean, I get that they want to use villains that haven’t been in animation before, but couldn’t they have used ones that are actually COOL? Like, I don’t know, HUSH?

    Because it’s Batman, I’ll watch the pilot. If it isn’t better than what we’ve seen so far, I think I’ll pass on this show (which is really depressing considering Batman is my favorite superhero).

    • Arkham Origins….October release. Pre-order for Deathstroke, Gordon and Catwoman as playable characters in the Blackgate DLC map.

      • The comment about Arkham Origins was just a joke. Thanks anyway, hehe.

        I was just talking about how uninteresting this show looks. I’m more excited for Arkham Origins and other Batman stuff. This show just looks “meh” to me.

        • Can’t wait for Origins, Black Mask looks badass. I don’t think this show necessarily looks bad so far, but they’re going to have to show a lot more before I’m actually convinced. Agree with you on Hush, this show looks a bit darker than the other tv shows, so Hush, Two Face, Black and a loads of others can fit perfectly in this.

          • *Black Mask

    • Hush might be the worst Batman villain of the past ten years, in my opinion, so I heartily disagree with you. I certainly don’t think he’s as cool as Ra’s al Ghul or Professor Pyg.

      • I don’t think Hush is a “cool” villain, but I do think he’s very interesting. I like the fact that he grew up with Bruce Wayne and that his personal vendetta is not with Batman; it’s with the Wayne family. He’s like the Venom of Batman’s universe IMO. Not as “cool”, but still highly interesting.

        He would’ve worked in the DCAU, but dark cartoons are hard to come by these days. I’d rather not have a PG influenced Hush, it undermines his potential as a villain. Why? He doesn’t have that much to begin with.

        • I meant “cool” as more of an all-encompassing term. I don’t find him particularly interesting, either, and for the most part, I thought his introductory story was a pretty low-grade mystery. Who’s this mystery villain with the bandages? I wonder if he has anything to do with the new retcon character that was just introduced last issue?

      • I would just prefer to see villains like Hush brought to the small screen than Professor Pyg and Toad. Yeah, Pyg is kind of cool in the comics. But in a PG rated cartoon show? Yeah, he’ll probably just be played for laughs.

  7. I’ve said this multiple times and gladly repeat it now: This iteration of Batman looks quite intriguing. I think the animation style, specifically the character designs, are very cool. I love the idea of seeing a drastically different (in terms of video presentation at least) rogues gallery, but I also have no doubt that other, more familiar and COOL (as Robert W. put it) villains will appear later in the series in SOME manner. I love the fact that Alfred has a more aggressive presence and that Katana (an extremely interesting character, I think, especially as I’m enjoying her New52 comic series at the moment) will be helping Bruce in his nightly endeavors…

    I found the sizzle reel fine but do agree that this opener is more polished. I enjoyed both.

    One thing that throws me off about others’ reaction to the character design is that some people are saying the figures are too smooth…have no texture to them, yet they praise the designs of the BTAS characters…? I truly loved BTAS. It was/IS a fantastic series, BUT batman was

    • …to finish…

      Batman was smooth, in fact DOUGHY, in that series. Here, he looks sleek and dangerous. I’m quite happy with both the difference…and the upgrade to his look.

      • Timm has admitted that he wishes he could go back and do over some of the character designs. Even Dini and others who worked on the show joked about some of the designs in commentaries. Everything else was brilliant.

        One of the many things I loved about “The Batman” was the fluid animation in Batman’s movements, and I see that coming in this as well.

      • Dont dig the head piece/low forehead of the batman model but otherwise agree with you, he looks sleek and dangerous.

    • It’s really just the design of his face that looks bad. It looks like they combined the looks from Justice League and The Batman. It looks… weird. Especially his lips.

      And I’ve never had a problem with the character design in BTAS. In fact, a poll was taken on what fans thought was the best Batman design and the BTAS version won!

      • It’s because that’s the Batman a lot of people grew up with including myself. It changed Batman drastically because it was that good, and so it’s hard for anyone to admit some of the flaws (really didn’t like Joker’s design until JL and Batman Beyond: ROTJ).

        I still enjoy the designs though, I’ve never EVER found them to be terrible or ugly. Just strange at times, and the same goes for “The Batman”

  8. no thank you. I dislike literally everything I’ve seen about this… especially Batman’s weirdly plump sausage lips.

    • Is it Thayer David on Botox?

  9. There is only two cool villians that i’ve heard about. They are Clayface and ANARKY!!!!!!. Oh yeah i forgot about the awesome Deathstrokenwho will appear!!!!!!

  10. There is only two cool villians that i’ve heard about. They are Clayface and ANARKY!!!!!!. Oh yeah i forgot about the awesome Deathstroke who will appear!!!!!!

  11. Oh yeah Ra’s Al Ghul will appear

  12. Bring back YOUNG JUSTICE!!!!

  13. Im gonna miss Young Justice. :(

  14. I still have not warmed up to it personally.
    I still think the animation of Young Justice was top notch along with Legend of Korra. This Computer animated just feels…empty.

    I mean if the animation was similar to the cut scenes of the arkham games then I will gladly look to it, but for now the animation still looks weak in my opinion.

    I will of course wait to see how it turns out.

  15. Ughhhhhhhhhh……..another Green Lantern type animation!!?!?!?!! Van they not just give me a Ben 10 style animation before the current one?! That TOOOOO much to ask?! Jeezus!

    • *Can

  16. I’m not even going to read this article, came here to say something…

    I quit watching Cartoon Network the day they decided to cancel Young Justice. I hope this show bombs….

    • 110% agree with you. This show looks absolutely horrid. I hope it goes no where and gets cancelled after the first three episodes. Also, that stupid Teen Titans Go looks even worse. Young Justice was one of the best shows on TV! And when I say one of the best shows, I literally mean one of the best SHOWS. Not just animated, but overall TV shows in general. BRING BACK YOUNG JUSTICE!!!

    • You too!!!!!! Ill never watch them again or their batman they will just cancel it anyway and teen titans go please. teen titans go away (still Bitter about young Justice)

  17. Why don’t they just give me the money they’re flushing down the toilet to make this crap-bomb. I’m sure I can find better ways to spend it than this.

  18. Personal opinion that it looks stylish and promising.

    I for one am still not sold on the show at all. The animation looks straight out of the sadly canceled GL animated series, the characters are really not interesting me and is that Speed Racer’s Mach 5 I saw???! o.O

    • I have my doubts as well, but it could be because I really don’t care for this style of animation (personal opinion only; some people really like this style).

  19. What? no dubstep intro in 2013?? Craziness.

  20. Very interesting. Still have to see it to like it. I’m approaching this with caution cuz the last time i was excited for anything batman was shown his credit card.

  21. So am i the only one who just gets a picture of batman running away from an explosion and no video???

  22. I really can’t stand the new CGI animation. When you look at Batman: The Animated Series compared to this theres absolutely no comparison visually.

    • Why? I ask with honest curiosity. I had no problem with (in fact, quite enjoyed) the BTAS designs, but they were, as I stated above, “doughy” and soft. These BtB designs are much sharper and sleeker…IMO, much more in line with a fast-paced, action-packed comic book hero show than the more “vaguely” drawn BTAS designs. I understand people will prefer one look over another…personal preference is perfectly justified…It’s the COMPARISONS between the two that I don’t understand. One might say BTAS has the PREFERABLE designs; I do not see how someone can say it has the BETTER designs.

    • …or is it purely the cgi vs. hand-drawn animation style, which I think adds a different (not better or worse) flavor to the character designs?

  23. Well, the music is great.

  24. I refuse to watch the new Batman show I will invest my time in it and yes more than likely love it only to have cartoon network cancel it like they did with Green Lantern and Young Justice so screw CN I’ll just watch my DVDs of YJ and GL

  25. I’m fine with the animation I just hope they have some better villains at some point

  26. I just hope it is good enough to warrant the cancellation of both Green Lantern Animiated Series and Young Justice. (which it most likely wont be) But yes I will tune in to watch.

    • its because hes gay

  27. It’s the wrong look in my opinion. Batman lives in a dark dirty grim and gritty world. This is too clean and plastic looking.

  28. That intro is just cgi crap.

    1 teenage boy could write that in 3months and it might even look better.

    whats with the song? jesus its total crap