‘Beware the Batman’ Hi-Res Poster & Plot Summary

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Beware the Batman Poster and Plot Summary Beware the Batman Hi Res Poster & Plot Summary

While DC Entertainment’s most recent foray into live-action – Green Lantern – was a bit of a failure, their animated work, especially on television (Young Justice, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, and the DC Nation shorts) has been, for the most part, consistently entertaining and well-received.

Now comes the announcement – along with a brand-new, high quality poster and a series summary — that Beware the Batman will be joining the DC offerings on Cartoon Network.

First, check out the poster below (click to enlarge):

Beware the Batman Poster 280x420 Beware the Batman Hi Res Poster & Plot Summary

Computer generated imagery aside – which, we’ll agree, is probably being used to save time and money – the design of this poster looks top-notch. The simple, art deco, aesthetic they’re going for (even the font used for “Beware”) has a distinct Batman: The Animated Series vibe, only, uh, skinnier.

And whereas the CGI in Green Lantern: The Animated Series‘ looks weightless and shadowless, to its detriment, it seems that Beware the Batman is going to be all about the shadows. That is, if this poster is to be believed.

Now, read the series summary below:

A cool, new take on the classic Dark Knight franchise, ‘Beware the Batman’ incorporates Batman’s core characters with a rogues gallery of new villains not previously seen in animated form.

Along with backup from ex-secret agent Alfred and lethal swordstress Katana, the Dark Knight faces the twisted machinations of Gotham City’s criminal underworld led by the likes of Anarky, Professor Pyg, Mister Toad and Magpie.

Produced by Warner Bros. Animation, this action-packed detective thriller deftly redefines what we have come to know as a “Batman show.” Featuring cutting-edge CGI visuals to match the intricate twists and turns of the narrative, Batman steps out of the shadows and into the spotlight for an entirely new generation of fans.

With WBA’s Sam Register executive producing, and Batman Beyond’s Glen Murakami and Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated’s Mitch Watson producing, Beware the Batman, based on characters from DC Comics, is coming soon to Cartoon Network!

I’m all over this if it’s going to be genuine detective thriller. While many a fan has complained about the intended use of CGI, it’s a paltry complaint if the rest of the show is on-point. And since neither “detective” nor “thriller” (nor any combination thereof) are the sort of artificial buzzwords typically used to lure young, sugar-addled, minds into watching, color this Screen Rant writer optimistic.

For those questioning the reference to Alfred Pennyworth as an ex-secret agent, the idea was taken straight from the comic books – or at least, the pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths comic books. Even Batman: The Animated Series revealed that Alfred was a former MI-6 agent at one point.

Of course, that doesn’t explain why he’s double-fisting handguns, John Woo-style, on the previous teaser poster, but I suppose the producers have to get those sugar-addled kids onboard somehow!

Are you guys looking forward to this show, Screen Ranters? Or has computer-generated animation turned you off to the whole thing? Drop us a line in the comments.

Beware the Batman will likely premiere sometime in 2013 on the Cartoon Network.


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  1. Seems like they are really reaching to pull ANOTHER series out of the Bat-craze. I can do without this one.

    • It looks interesteing looks like adult show then a kid show..

    • Would you prefer Young Justice instead?

  2. Green Lantern A Bit of a Failure? There has been a total of ONE episode in the series released other than the initial one hour(which was later shown again as two)episode and they call it a failure? I’m sorry, they continue to show absolute CRAP like that One Up “live” series and immediately try to declare another series a “failure” if it doesn’t explode immediately(especially when they insist on RERUNNING the initial premiere)….
    No wonder there is so much CRAP on there.

    • Allow us to look at the words directly before Green Lantern and a bit of a failure. “Live. Action.” I even go on to specifically cite the Animated Series as being fairly successful, like, five words later.

  3. Nah idk doesn’t look like my type of animation

  4. The description sounds good except for the CGI, but as you said the words they use make it sound more adult than for just kids. So, i am looking forward to it. But i do hope the CGI is much better tan either of those posters. I don’t think any cartoon has been as solid as Batman TAS except maybe some of Justice League during their longer story arcs.

  5. As long as Kevin Conroy is voicing Batman/Bruce Wayne, I might consider watching…

    • I doubt it.

    • there are some others that will still do justice. So don’t pass cause of a voice over.

    • I’ve enjoyed Bruce Greenwood’s work voicing Batman too.

  6. well i’ll give the show a chance at least the first few episodes but im totally not digging the CGI nor how the characters look, im pretty sure i wont like this but atleast i’ll beable to say i gave it a chance.

    • I am so not digging the artwork. I hope that the cartoon is not this bad. If it is, i will not watch it. I would not be able to get past the visual.

  7. I like the use of different villains. I also agree with you, Ben. If it’s done as a detective thriller, count me in.

  8. Fix his ****ing face.

    Guy looks like a car.

  9. Ooh! Ooh! I can’t wait until we get a Batman cartoon where EVERYONE looks like stick figures! That’s what kiddies want, cuz they keep drawing them all the time. Do it WB! Make ‘em all to look like stick figures! :D

  10. blech. Hate that artistic design. They went from ‘blocky’ Batman (and Superman) to pointy. What’s next, stick figures?

    • Obviously.

  11. No animated TV series has come close to the quality of the 90s Batman TAS… with a few exceptions like the 90s Spiderman, Justice League or Spectacular Spiderman…Based on what I’ve seen thus far “Beware the Batman” certainly won’t even meet that standard, far less beat it.

    I’m very disappointed by the way the ‘Ultimate Spiderman’ animated series is shaping up as well (looks too cheesy imho…) To me it seems right now it’s a contest between DC and Marvel to see which of their new animated series will be worst – lol.
    At least we have ‘The Legend of Korra’, to look forward to…

    • “Based on what I’ve seen thus far “Beware the Batman” certainly won’t even meet that standard, far less beat it.” But what have we seen to indicate that that’s the case? Are you merely referring to the art style? Is that really most important?

      • For a cartoon, yes IMO, the art is very important. Cartoons are a visual medium, if you can’t get into the look, then you can’t get into the show.

        • You’re basing your judgment on two images. While we agree that the art style is very important in a cartoon–just as the visual style of anything is, really–it’s obviously just one important part of many. There are a lot of elements that come together to make a cartoon good, the writing, the acting, etc.

          And like I said, you’re pretty much saying this show has already failed, and you’ve only seen two images for it, one of them preliminary and not meant for public consumption.

  12. Am I the only one who doesn’t know who that chick is? Since noone else seems to be commenting on that.

  13. Magpie? Profressor Pyg? WTF! That’s crap! And who the heck is Katana? And Alfred is an old gent, not an ex-secert agent. This is a waste of what little resources where put into it. Sad.

    • Those are all from the comics. Professor Pyg is considered by many to be the best new Batman rogue in decades. Look up Katana on Wikipedia. Yes, Alfred is an old gent, but he was also an ex-secret agent in the comics — and in B:TAS.

  14. the use of cgi is lazy and often spoils the asthetic and judging by these posters this has been proven correct the design for “the” batman (a monicer not used for years) he has been given a very odd shape the rest of the shows asthetic and storylines would have to be the best seen ever even better than the comics to compensaye for this jarring design for the lead character

  15. Are there no other DC comics characters to make a series out of other than him?

    I want WonderWoman dammit!

    • Yes, they had the whole Justice League; before that, they had Superman and have had Shazam, Static, Plastic Man, and Aquaman. Currently, they have Green Lantern.

      So, yes.

  16. I said it in the previous thread for this show, and I’ll say it again: I think the animation style being shown looks great and interests me in terms of the kinetic forms that (I think, based on the sleekness of the design) will populate the screen. I am wholly on board with the villains being touted and look forward to seeing which others make appearances during the show’s run. I love the fact that (apparently) Alfred will again get to show just WHY he is so crucial to Bruce’s ambitious mission (and I already talked about the presence of his firearms in that other thread). I’m excited by the possibilities inherent in having such a dynamic and DIFFERENT character as Katana as Batman’s field support and second.

    I can’t wait to see how this show develops…and the new poster simply heightens my anticipation.

  17. I’ll probably give it a shot and at least watch the first episode. I’m wondering who these new villains are and will they even be spending any time on the classic villains? Because I don’t think I’ll be satisfied with the pig and frog men from the teaser poster

    • Professor Pyg is one of the best / most horrifying Bat-villains in ages. I’m actually not sure how they’ll adapt him to anything that’s not airing on HBO.

      I’d love to see the whole Black Glove / Club of Villains story adapted out over a season or two, though, even with cuts-for-content.

      • Listen to Komissar Keen, his words are Batman gospel.

      • open mouth, insert foot. As you can tell I’m more of a Marvel guy. But thanks for correcting me

  18. batman hates guns why would alfred use them! that right there goes against everything batman stands for!

    • While it’s true the modern Batman is against guns, his earlier version actually carried a gun, and killed people on a fairly regular basis. I do agree that with the Batman mythos being anti-gun for something likelike 50 years now, and the fact it is (presumably) a children’s show I find it strange that Alfred packs a couple of pistols.

  19. there’sprobably reason no ones used the characters of that pig and toad kind. cause they seem… stupid. unless they can portray how they are mirrors of batmans psyche then i don’t think they’ll work. that’s how villains like two face, hush, mr freeze, bane and the joker work so well they’re reflections of how close batman is to being crazy. unless they can pull of mister toad all mad hatter style and magpie (who i’m guessing is a thief of some sort) like catwoman then i don’t know how it’ll work. why not use black mask, bane, hush, deadshot, or hell why is there katana now,is robin somehow not kool enough with the kids these days? or where they going for the female demographic, why not use batgirl? just these things plus the CGI design is making me very skeptical about this show. but i’ll wait and see if it’s good. i’d love to be proven wrong and shown it’s the best adaption yet

    • Ugh…they were created two years ago. That’s why they haven’t been used. You don’t know anything about them, so how can you arbitrarily decide they’re stupid?

  20. Im not a fan of CGI animation. Too blocky for my taste. Im not liking sword wielding Katana and Gun totting Alfred as non lethal batman’s accomplices.

    They should have just created a new DC animated universe built off the Young Justice universe and animation style. Cancel this Batman & Green Lantern while you at it and re-do them Young Justice style.

    • Nooo, don’t cancel the GL show. While I admit I’m not a fan of the simplistic, “Reboot” animated style, I would like to see where the story is headed. My only concern is they will stay out on the rim for 18 months and thus keep the GL Corps to just our 2 main characters, the ship and the occasional other GL encounters.

      I do admit though that I would like to see the whole Green Lantern Corps done in a more traditional animated style (ala Young Justice) and to see it done similar to Justice League Unlimited where we would see different GLs on a weekly basis and them operating from Oa.

      • Im not really a fan of it. I gve it a fair 3 episodes. Too cheesy for me. I swear 90s cartoons had a larger audience appeal.

        Im not really a fan of War of the lights thing either (or this corny buddy cop thingy) so that has much to do with it. The frontier space concept is cool tho.

        • I agree. I wish they had stayed with the traditional animation and stop being so worried about money. I would rather see a show that resembled BTAS in animation style because there was so much more detail put into the characters and sets. I was disappointed even back then when they redesigned the show originally in 97. The only character redesign I liked was Scarecrow. He actually looked badass. I truly hated Joker’s redesign. The 92-95 seasons were where Joker looked the best.

          Personally, I’d rather like to see a series using the anime styles from Gotham Knight; preferably, the style seen in the Deadshot short story seen at the end of that dvd.

    • Ignur, I completely agree…

  21. So does the use of Katana as an integral part of the show mean that Batman will be creating the group, “The Outsiders”? If so that could be interesting and different enough from the other Batman shows to make it interesting.

  22. where is the Joker?

    • We’ve seen exactly … let me count … yeah, two preliminary images for this show. The Joker may be in it down the line.

      • I’m just thinking that if they’re showing a picture of a guy in a pig mask and a frog-person (seriously, who are those guys?! ;)), instead of the freakin Joker, or Riddler or Penguin or Freeze, then it’s a little unnerving IMO.
        Guess only time will tell…

        • What do you mean, unnerving? Unnerving how? Unnerving good? Or unnerving as in, “How dare they not use well-known villains, that’s so unnerving!”

          Professor Pyg is a fantastic villain, regardless of whether or not he’s known to the non-comic book fans. He’s more interesting than Freeze. He’s more interesting than half of Batman’s well-known rogues. It’s actually a relief to me that the showrunners are seemingly unconcerned as to whether or not the fans know who the guy is. Does it really matter that fans are confused about a couple of characters if the end-product is excellent? Especially when the real draw is Batman himself?

          I think the answer is “no.”

          • “Unnerving” as in I’m losing confidence in the new series.
            Guess that wasn’t the best phrasing: worrisome, upsetting, cause for concern, etc – those words should better define what I meant

            I like to think I’m quite the Batman comic fan (not the biggest mind you, but I think i know quite a bit about the character, his stories, allies and his villains), and I’ve never heard of this weird frog guy.
            Thinking back, I do remember a guy that dressed up in a pig mask and robbed banks (I think it was on Batman: TAS tv show), but even so, “Professor Pyg” doesn’t really ring much of a bell.

            My point is: why show a PROMO picture (that’s meant to attract viewers) of characters they’ve never heard about? We know Batman, we know Alfred, but not everyone knows “Professor Pyg” or the guy who looks like a frog – they do, however, know the Joker, Penguin, Freeze and Riddler quite well – I’m just asking, why not include those guys in the promo material?

            • No offense, but if you were a big fan of Batman’s comic, wouldn’t you have read the best run the character has had in decades (if not ever)? Where Professor Pyg showed up and was awesomely unnerving? (The “frog guy” is one of Pyg’s henchman and wasn’t very important in the comics, FYI.)

              We’ll see if young viewers are attracted to the show sans The Joker. My bet is that they will be — that Batman himself is more than enough. Like I said, what’s more important to you? That they utilize villains you’re familiar with? Or that the show is good? Because they’re not mutually exclusive things, you know.

              • Like I said, I’m not one of the biggest experts on Batman, but I do know a thing or two…
                And I know for sure that Batman’s villain are just as important as Batman himself – without his villains, Batman has no meaning, he has no reason for existing (which has been emphasized so much in the comics and the movies) – and I think (after reading these comments and discussing the poster with my buds), these villains they’ve selected for the poster, won’t be so good for attracting potential viewers – that’s just my opinion.

                I’ll definitely try to get my hands on that Batman arc featuring Professor Pyg, I haven’t heard about it yet, but I’ll take your word that it’s good.

  23. What I noticed about the press release, was that there was no mention of Bruce Wayne or the timeline that this show falls in. The villians that they have shown could point to a future timeline. Could this be Damian Wayne as Batman? In the “Batman and Son” story line in the comics, the future is shown where Bruce Wayne dies, and his son Damian takes up the Cape and the Cowl. Just an idea.

    BTW, Alfred with guns?! Gimme a friggen break!

  24. When did this style of animation catch on? It’s like everything went Thornberry/Rugrats. Doing this to comic book icons will only drive future generations away from the books imo. Sucks, on the other hand, with the way movies and television has groomed them they’re all lost as it is.

  25. honestly the cgi looks worse than the GL series and thats actually a bit entertaining. i really hope they do a better job than what the poster is offering

    • What?! How can you determine the quality of the CGI from two preliminary images? Hilarious.

  26. I’m actually really interested at how this show will turn out. Initially, I found myself to be really critical of both “The Batman” and “Batman:TBatB”, but I eventually found myself to enjoy each series for different reasons so I’m hesitant to judge this series too harshly based on a few promo images. Even though I’m a huge fan of villains like Joker, Two-Face, and Bane, I love the fact they are utilizing other villains from Batman’s rogue’s gallery that haven’t really had the time to shine outside of the comics. Also, I love how they are fleshing out Alfred’s back-story as an agent. As for Katana, I honestly don’t know a hell of alot about her, but I’m definitely interested in the idea of having her in place of Robin and what the dynamics of their relationship will be like. Overall, I’m thoroughly interested in how this series will shape up. (just hoping the art style will grow on me eventually)

    • Wesley…

      Wonderfully stated…I, too, am looking forward to seeing how this series plays out.

  27. Probably won’t be as good as the 2004-2008 series. I wonder if Robin or Batgirl will be in it like the older show? I hope so.

    • Yeah it be nice if Robin and Batgirl were in it but I’m still really looking forward to this show. I hope its as good as The Batman series or better which will be really hard for anyone to do.

  28. The graphics do look a little strange I hope I get used to it real fast while watching.