‘Beverly Hills Cop 4′ Set to Premiere in March 2016

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Beverly Hills Cop Eddie Murphy Beverly Hills Cop 4 Set to Premiere in March 2016

Thirty years ago, acid-tongued comedian and Saturday Night Live veteran Eddie Murphy (Tower Heist) proved his prowess as a cinematic leading man in Beverly Hills Cop. Though he had already shown those chops in previous roles, Beverly Hills Cop provided Murphy with a hit large enough to buoy a promising career and a pair of (increasingly dire) sequels.

These days, Murphy is known largely for the gross-out comedies and family-friendly fare of his more recent career. Nonetheless, the enduring popularity of Beverly Hills Cop – not to mention its motor-mouthed detective hero, Axel Foley – has led to many years of work on and speculation around another sequel to the franchise.

At long last, it looks as if that speculation can be put to rest. Recent reports confirm that producer Jerry Bruckheimer (Pirates of the Caribbean) has helped push Beverly Hills Cop 4 into the release pipeline, setting it to debut in the spring of 2016.

Deadline reports that Beverly Hills Cop 4 will premiere in theaters on March 25th, 2016. Murphy is set to reprise his role from the original films, with Brett Ratner (Hercules) overseeing from the director’s chair. Screenwriters Josh Appelbaum (Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol) and Andre Nemec (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) will provide a script.

For the uninitiated, the Beverly Hills Cop series follows Axel Foley, a Detroit police detective who follows a lead in a major case out to the eponymous California enclave. Foley’s acerbic manner and loose approach to the rules ruffle the feathers of the effete cops of Beverly, but his keen instincts prove invaluable in solving the case (as well as the cases presented in the film’s sequels).

beverly hills cop 4 release date 570x294 Beverly Hills Cop 4 Set to Premiere in March 2016

While nothing solid is known about the current iteration of Beverly Hills Cop 4, the announcement mentions that the movie will take Foley back ” … to his Detroit roots.” Does this mean that the “Beverly Hills” portion of the title will be less than literal? More importantly, will the movie’s screenplay incorporate elements from the now-moribund television adaptation – including Axel Foley’s grown son?

Only one thing is certain: We at Screen Rant advise our readers to gird themselves for 2016′s inevitably ubiquitous cover/remix of “Axel F.”


Beverly Hills Cop 4 will amble into theaters on March 25th, 2016.

Sources: Deadline

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  1. Given that Detroit is basically pre-Delta City from RC, having Axal back in Detroit could be amazing.

    • *Given that Detroit is basically pre-Delta City from RC TODAY,

    • Can,t wait for EDDIE to return to Detroit. I was born there&have 32+ year living&working.Hopefully we can meet Eddie there.

  2. Hollywood ran out of ideas
    But i will go and watch it

  3. Dun-Dun-DunDunDun-Dun-Dun.

    That’s how the theme goes.

    • Not very subtle, but effective.

    • Did you know that a group of Law & Order episodes is officially termed a “dundun”?

    • Are you sure that isn’t the theme to DragNet?

    • Please don’t copy Ashens. Thanks.

    • Sorry to do this but…


  4. Alex is now working in Beverly Hills solves case in Detroit.

  5. So basically, Eddie’s finally recognised that his career has been dead for a long time and figured he’d go back to what he’s best known for while Hollywood decided that everyone wants to see an older Axel Foley trying to cope with modern policing and stricter rules since he’d get away with far less these days.

    I’ll watch eventually when it’s on TV so I don’t have to pay for it but I still think the first is the only good one (the second was only watchable because of Brigitte Nielson).

    • When was the last tie Eddie made an R-rated comedy where he was the lead? It has been awhile. His kids are older now, this could be good.

      • If he used the “I want my kids to see my films” excuse then I could buy that and good for him. Just can’t get excited yet, need to see a trailer and then hope it doesn’t fall into the trap all American comedies tend to do these days and have all the best jokes in the trailer (saw a review of Seth Rogen’s new film Bad Neighbours an hour ago and the people on the movie show that reviewed it said the airbag scene was the only funny thing about it yet they’d seen it twice in the trailer, which annoyed them).

      • LOL!!! Who says it’s gonna be rated R?

        • First one was, second, third. Oh wait, all of them were.

          • Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection, Predator and Predator 2 were all rated R… Alien Vs Predator was PG-13.

            Terminator 1,2 and 3 were rated R… Terminator Salvation was PG-13.

            Die Hard 1,2,3… Rated R… Die Hard 4… PG-13.

            • And what is you point. We are talking about BHC movies. All were R. This will be R.

              • lol. he just listed three different franchises that all had rated R films in years prior and then ultimately made pg-13 flick. what do you mean what is his point? clearly his point is just because a film franchise’s earlier entries are rated R doesn’t mean the newer ones will. I guarantee you this won’t be rated R. When was the last time Bruckheimer produced an R rated film? and plus pg-13 movies make more money and get away with a lot these days.

                • Again, so what? Other franchises are other franchises. Your logic is flawed.

    • Actually Eddie Murphy produces his own films. So even if his recent genre of films don’t make money, he does! From DVD sales, & syndication he cleans up. The guy owns 2 private jets & is worth more than $300 million. You would kill your mom for his life!

      • Actually according to celebritynetworth.com he’s only worth $85 million… Not that that isn’t a whole crapload of money itself.

        I mean, the guy should be set for life just on the role of Donkey from the SHREK films alone.

  6. If they are really doing this then , it should be called ; Beverley Hills Cops and be the story of two cops from Beverly Hills { preferably played by Key and Peele ,story written by them also since they are dam funny ! } who come to Detroit on and investigation, where they meet and have to deal with Lieutenant Axel Foley and his way of doing things in todays Detroit .

  7. In 2 yrs from now I’ll want to see this even less!

  8. Donal Glover to play Eddie Murphy’s son

    • they’ll probably just bring back brandon t. jackson who was gonna play his son in the show.

  9. I don’t understand why things like this get greenlit. Well, actually i do (lack of ideas, fear of originality etc) but still no one was asking for this movie.

    The last one was terrible and Murphy’s career has been dead in the water for years now. I’m quite surprised they didn’t go for a reboot with someone like Kevin Hart in the role. Murphy could’ve got a small cameo but guessing he still looks ‘young’ enough for the lead.

    Another 80s classic ‘reinvention that’s ready to flop just like Terminator Genesis.

    • The last wasn’t terrible. It just wasn’t as good as the first one. Personally, I thought it was better than the second one. The first one had an edge to it. It was a gritty cop drama starring Eddie Murphy in his prime. Delirious came out in ’83, BHC in ’84. If Eddie is serious, he should do some stand-up again and get his swagger back. Even if it just random unplanned stuff. If Eddie showed up at any comedy club with new material and said he wanted to go on, they would put him on.

      • “If Eddie is serious, he should do some stand-up again and get his swagger back.”
        Absolutely, I’ve been saying that for awhile now he should tour for stand-up go back to what he`s known for instead of focusing on BHC franchise knowing how the last one sucked and I think the BHC2 was funnier than the 3rd one in my opinion

        • How long has it been since you have seen the 3rd one? It isn’t that bad, it had some good moments. The first one was by the best. 3rd was a new direction, it was very much a John Landis movie. I liked it.

    • I will say that one thing that has me worried about this. The screenwriter is the guy who turned Master Splinter into April’s Dad in the upcoming TMNT. Also, according to Variety it will be set in the worst Winter in the history of Detroit.

      On the plus side it has Brett Ratner at the helm. He has made some good cop/crime movies.

      • So wait.. they turned Master Splinter into Aprils dad ?
        Any links to confirm this… cuz my mind is bein blown… that sounds like a s*** idea..
        So what now her an the turtles are brothers ?

        • Meh, its not terrible, think of april’s dad as the lizard in spiderman or something to that effect… But he’s a good guy. And apparently studied alot of ka-ra-tay.. In his formative years? Kinda beats seeing a little rat in a bird cage duplicating his owners ninja moves in the original movie. Splinter to April (original film) “.. And then i saw shredder kill my master and from there swore to avenge him..” Ummm no, you were a rat. You are not self-concious. You’re little rat brain could never have formulated such an abstract thought. True story.

          • Yup. But, this way is worse imo. It isn’t as if anyone complained about the old origin.

  10. Didn’t Murphy do such a thing before? Wasn’t it called “Metro” ?

  11. 48 Hrs.. made Murhpey movie star

    • I agree. They should do another 48 hours sequel and dig up Nick Nolte where ever he is.

  12. Only interested in this if Judge Reinhold,John Ashton and Paul Reiser with a clever script that takes pot shots of modern day Beverly Hills as the original two films did blending with some good action sequences. But knowing this we have Ratner involved meaning we will a rubbish plot,and an unwanted soundtrack from either P diddy or worse Kanye West and an appearance of his no talent wife/girlfriend…

  13. while he’s at it, let’s get a “Coming To America…Again” where his foolish son runs away from Zamunda with a gold digger and Eddie gives chase starting in LA and ends in Queens LOL

  14. Not interesting.. Too long wait for the sequel waste my time and now this ? Nah, They are after our money. I will wait for the blue Ray, thats it. The movie theater’s ticket and food are ridiculous expensive. No bother. Sorry about my English.

  15. I loved the first Beverley Hills Cop movie. It would be cool if they got this right.

    • O.T Good move on removing the option to add a website link when posting comments.

      I did the same thing on my site around 18 months back and it cut down on spam substantially.

  16. Hmm interesting. They should keep the 80s setting like no time has really passed. Think about it, murphy doesn’t actually look any different now, being that he’s in his 50s. The sad thing is that they will make it pg13. If there’s no boobs or Axl saying f@!k, it’s not a BHC movie.

    • “They should keep the 80s setting like no time has really passed. Think about it, murphy doesn’t actually look any different now, being that he’s in his 50s.”

      That was sarcastic, correct?

      Why would it be PG-13? All three BHC movies have been R. Ratner has directed some good R rated movies: Red Dragon, Horrible Bosses, Money Train.

  17. They need to bring Bronson Pinchot back as Serge. That’s all I’m saying. If they don’t, I really will have no desire to watch.

  18. If done right, this could be a really good film – but chances are it will be a trainwreck.
    I think it might be a decent concept to have Axel start the film as a cop in Beverly Hills, having moved there “years ago”.
    The case, whatever it might be, would require Axel to return to Detroit.
    In a paralell to Murphy’s carreer, the now softened Axel, a Beverly Hills Cop who has clearly lost his edge, will need to rise the the challenge and rediscover his tough, gritty roots.

    • Sounds like I nialed this one on the head with my guess as to the overall structure of BHC4.

      “The newest installment of Beverly Hills Cop, from the ultimate “fish-out-of-water” franchise, takes Axel Foley, who has been living a cushy life as a Beverly Hills Detective, back to Detroit during the coldest winter on record to navigate the new rules and old enemies in one of America’s most tenacious cities.”

      The above synopsis can be found on a press release from the Michigan Film office at:

  19. I hope Beverly Hills Cop 4 is as good as the first two and now that Jerry Bruckheimer is back as producer again since he produced the first two anything is possible. The third Beverly Hills cop sucked because of Bruckheimer not producing, Taggert not returning same with Bogamil and Jeffrey as well. Also the Harold faltermeyer music was missing and replaced by some other guy’s music and it sucked big time. I also hated that inspector todd got killed in the third one. So I hope they make a better sequel to an 80s action comedy like Beverly Hills Cop. I say go for it.

  20. Eddie Murphy is Robo-COP!! LMAO

  21. I think they should bring back good old Chevy Chase as “Fletch” in the new Beverly hills cop, it could be worked into the movie so well.