AMC Moving Forward with ‘Breaking Bad’ Spin-Off ‘Better Call Saul’

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Breaking Bad Spinoff Saul Goodman AMC Moving Forward with Breaking Bad Spin Off Better Call Saul

Fans of AMC’s critically-acclaimed drama Breaking Bad only have a few more episodes to look forward to before its highly-anticipated series finale, but they may still get a chance to enjoy the some of the characters and the world that Vince Gilligan created with a spinoff series based around Albuquerque’s favorite morally-bereft attorney, Saul Goodman.

We first heard about the proposed spin-off last year, but at the time, it was more of an idea Gilligan and the network were kicking around. However, two months ago, the project started to pick up steam, as Gilligan announced that the spin-off was moving “full speed ahead” as a possible prequel series to the Walter White saga. This week, the network finally confirmed it.

According to Coming Soon, AMC announced that it is moving forward with the spin-off, now tentatively titled Better Call Saul, which is the catchy slogan for Goodman’s shady law practice. Sony Television and AMC still need to iron out some of the details, but it appears (at least for now) that Gilligan will see his dream of a Goodman-centered show come to fruition, as will fans of the popular character.

While it hasn’t been confirmed, it is certainly assumed that comedian Bob Odenkirk will return to reprise his role as Goodman. In the past, Odenkirk has humbly shrugged off praise for his performance – often crediting the show’s talented writing staff – but there’s no doubt that his uniquely pronounced mannerisms, sleazy demeanor and signature line deliveries have helped craft one of Breaking Bad‘s (some would say TV’s) standout characters.

Saul Goodman AMC Moving Forward with Breaking Bad Spin Off Better Call Saul

The plan is still to have the spin-off exist as a prequel to Breaking Bad (a show about Goodman after his involvement with Walter White would probably be more tragic than fun), centering on the evolution of Goodman and (presumably) the beginnings of his sketchy practice. Gilligan and Breaking Bad producer/writer Peter Gould are expected to co-run the spin-off, so at the very least, it appears to be in good hands.

With Gilligan and Gould involved, viewers can probably expect the spin-off to possess a similar feel to its predecessor, but with the show centered on Goodman, they should also look forward to a show with a much lighter tone. In past interviews, Gilligan has noted that he has envisioned a much more comedic show with some heavy dramatic moments, as well, considering the criminal clientele Goodman often deals with.

Obviously, there’s still a lot of work to be done and some important details still need to be ironed out, but the premise is undoubtedly intriguing, especially for passionate supporters of AMC’s drug drama. We’ll just have to wait and see if the execution turns this idea into compelling and entertaining TV.

Will you watch Better Call Saul, Screen Rant readers? Let us know in the comments.


Breaking Bad continues its final season next Sunday with ‘Ozymandias’ @9pm on AMC. Stay tuned to Screen Rant for more Better Call Saul news as it becomes available.

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  1. It could be good, especially with Gilligan involved. The only thing that keeps coming to mind is “Joey”. Granted its a completely different genre, however, spin-offs have generally been unsuccessful. There is a slew of great shows that have attempted this in the past, ie; Family guy-The Cleveland show, as mentioned Friends-Joey, the Highlander: the Raven, and many more. On the contrary, there are a few that have been successful like Fraiser came from cheers or Angel from Buffy. For me, it’s a toss up. I’ll definitely watch it, but needless to say, I’m a bit skeptical…

    • There have been a ton of spin off shows that have been successful. Usually people forget that they are spinoffs: Maude, the Jeffersons, CSI spinoffs, NCIS (though spinoff is used loosely for these), knotts landing, the Facts of Life, Torchwood, private practice, Bodton Legal, etc. while its true there are a lot more failures then winners that is true for any new show.

    • Frasier. Nuff said.
      And just don’t watch it, if you don’t like the idea.

    • Those that are seeing the glass half empty should take into account the fact the Gilligan has raised the bar and broke the mold on so many fronts. His Breaking Bad creation is saturated with lifelike situations where sh*t happens in ways you don’t see it coming. The traces of comedy throughout the series has proven it time and time again. And, he didn’t have to use sex to get there, like ‘Thrones’. Always remember, you cannot go backwards from your best move and Gilligan knows this. I can’t see him putting his name on something that resembles anything else on TV today. AMC took some risks that paid off which in my opinion removes all traces of the stale Hollywood regime, creating a whole new foundation of acceptable TV entertainment in America today. We’re finally catching up to European TV which has never had an issue with censorship, and finally telling the fossil moguls to back off and allow us to proceed with the 21st century. I commend AMC for their bravery, and wish the ‘prequel’ 100% success. I for sure will be a big viewer and fan. Can’t wait to see some feature films from these writers soon. If anyone has any info, please pass it on.

      • And one more thing. Because of the allowed content in BB, it has opened doors for my stuff. I shelved so many scripts that contain inspirations of real life scenario’s and all of their ironies saying ‘why bother, they won’t let it in anyway’. Now I can test drive some and see what could happen. We’ve been in a lockdown from creative freedom and some awesome ideas got canned so many times. I know we are supposed to learn from the past so as not to repeat mistakes in the future. But that never meant abandoning new ideas based on general conjecture of what might be. And it certainly doesn’t mean avoid taking moderate risks. The worst they can do is say no. I for one am extremely challenged by Gilligan and his writers, because I have to step up my game asap. He’s a tough act to follow but I’ll love trying. Good luck Gilligan and thanks for opening some doors for me.

  2. I like the idea of a prequel better. That way Mike can be in the show.

    • Oh snap, I forgot about that! Yes, yes yes! Resurrect Mike!!! Or is it Presurrect? :-)

  3. Saul is a fun character .. he can mess with cops and not get arrested … should be a fun Watch

    (has this person been in other shows ?)

    • Think of any comedy show or movie since the early 90s and Bob Odenkirk’s more than likely been involved in some way in most of them.

    • He co-starred in a sketch comedy called “Mr. Show” on HBO with David Cross (Arrested Development) for about four seasons back in the late 90′s.

    • He has been on several episodes of How I Met Your Mother

      • Bob also was a writer and actor on The Ben Stiller Show. He and Cross have appeared on several of the same shows, Newradio, Just Shoot Me, Arrested Development and etc…This is what I can think of without referring to his imdb profile and whatnot.

  4. I’ve got mixed feelings on this; I want breaking bad to finish on a high with nothing that can tarnish that, I can’t imagine it having a happy ending which I’m fine with, we have come to care about all of these characters and their personal stories, to have a spin off which would really be a comedy feels like a cheap way of carrying on a story that is supposed to be resolved in the final episode!

    I love Sauls character and he is comedy relief in a series that can be pretty intense, but I’m pretty sceptical about a series being made about him

  5. The show will definitely work if they make it similar to this:,_Great_Job!

  6. Bad idea. Remember Joe Tribbiani.

    • remember angel? frasier? etc..
      if done right, it’s not a bad idea.

      • Frasier was a spin off?!

        • …Dude :o
          I just looked it up, you’re right!
          How have I never heard of Cheers?

          • wut! cheers was awesome

          • Wow…either you’re really young or not from America. In its day, Cheers was one of the biggest, if not “the” biggest, show. Although Frasier was good, I don’t know if it ever reached the popularity of Cheers.

  7. I love Goodman. He is my second favorite on the show. And if they bring back comedians Bill Burr and Lavell Crawford, without the tense drama, it could be a fun show.

    I think the tone has to be completely different from BB and only the most subtle of hints should be included that this is taking place in the same universe. But Gilligan is a great writer and I think he can come up with something good.

  8. hes a great character and could be really funny because Saul always knows a guy who knows a guy, whos brother knows a guy.

  9. I think it’s a bad idea. It’s too soon especially since we are just finishing BB. If it was a couple of years after then maybe but spins offs for the most part do not work. There has been a couple that have but it’s also AMC with a limited budget. Also I love Saul but can Bob Odenkirk carry a series like a Walt and Jesse(Aaron Paul & Bryan Cranston) did. We shall see though but right now I am very sceptical.

  10. It will be funny to say the least and I hope it will also be entertaining.
    Spinoffs are about a 50/50 ratio. Happy Days shot out Laverne and Shirley and Mork and Mindy and The Jeffersons spun from All in the Family, but then you also have the horrible After Mash to match the not so bad Trapper John MD.

  11. I love Saul but completely agree with Dr. Kenneth. I want the show to end on a high note.

    I have no doubts that this show will be funny, intense and entertaining. I just think that Vince is such a pioneer for this type of show that he needs to spend his time developing new characters, plots and story lines. Because we all no he can deliver the goods. Let’s not call Saul and start up something new and fresh :)

  12. I find spinoffs have a much better chance of succeeding if they are made because there is a good idea behind it. A lot of spinoffs that failed were just made in order to feed off of the success and popularity that the original show had.
    I feel that ‘Better Call Saul’ is more of the former rather than the latter. Saul is an amazing character, and if the show is made as a quirky comedy I think it will be amazing. And of-course the perfect way to end the series would be Saul’s first call from Walt and Jesse.

  13. Great idea, keep the BB universe going.

  14. Probably won’t be as good as Breaking Bad, but I’ll watch it. Saul’s an awesome character.

  15. It’s going to be a continuation. The only reason they’re saying “prequel” is because they don’t want to give everyone confirmation that Saul survives. It’s about Saul going to Vegas, running for Mayor.

  16. When this was first being tossed around I wasn’t to thrilled but a prequel could work…
    I just don’t want random cameos by Walt or Jesse forced in.
    Mike is a no-brainer because we already know Saul has a history with him and maybe Skinny Pete and Badger. ;)

    • dont forget gus frings backstory

  17. We all want this to be good. Its got a great lead , top show runners. great writers. Oh s*** its gonna fail big time,

  18. Such an awesome idea. Saul goodman is awesome funny and dramatic. Can’t wait to see that show. And i think after breaking bad is a better time to do it. But also make it a prequl to with a lil of sauls story b4 Walter. And also some stuff when breaking bad was on but Saul wasn’t around in. He always had something going on so i think it would be perfect

    • I like this idea. Start of sans walt and Jessie but in the later seasons mention them in an off hand way. Like just getting off the phone with them or an offhand comment about needing to go to the jail for a client that was busted or beaten up by a cop etc. nothing too heavy just a little side mention.

  19. Can I get a Mr. Show revival instead?

  20. I got just three words for ya…Better Call Saul !!!!

  21. The more I think about it the more I think it could work. The Practice was mainly a serious show and the. Boston Legal spunoff which was quirky and funny. So they could do something with Saul getting involved with his weird clients a d Huell and Burr doi g missions that go wrong.

  22. Um…..Frasier? Laverne & Shirley? Angel? The Facts Of Life? Daria? Spin offs can be successful.

  23. i think the most important factor at play here, is that we’ll have to hear AMC’s over-dramatic announcer saying the phrase “previously on ‘better call saul’…”. not loving that.

  24. Yeah i’d watch! Saul is sleazy but somehow likable. There’d be a hundred directions the character could go and that many angles to the character, with Gilligan and the writers of BB they could not miss.

  25. Prequel would be better. BB characters like Walter etc. would make some great cameos.

  26. Yep. Waiting to see Mike around :)