Bob Odenkirk Says ‘Better Call Saul’ is Not ‘Breaking Bad 2.0′

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Bob Odenkirk Saul Goodman Bob Odenkirk Says Better Call Saul is Not Breaking Bad 2.0

Breaking Bad withdrawal is no fun, but at least creator Vince Gilligan and AMC are making amends by moving forward with the Breaking Bad spinoff, Better Call Saul, a primarily comedic show about everyone’s favorite eccentric criminal lawyer, Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk).

Just recently Gilligan confirmed that even though Better Call Saul will have a noticeably different tone, it’ll keep in line with Breaking Bad by shooting in Albuquerque and bringing back as much of the crew as possible. However, while talking to Odenkirk about his upcoming release Nebraska, he insisted that even though Saul is part of the Breaking Bad realm, Better Call Saul will be a fresh experience.

“Here’s what I told Vince and Peter – Pete Gould is also writing that show –we’re gonna make it fresh. It’s not gonna be Breaking Bad 2.0 or whatever. It’s a different show and it’s gonna have a different energy and we’re not gonna try to just extend Breaking Bad. That can’t be done. That show is great, it’s done, it’s all wrapped up and delivered, and now we’re gonna do something fresh and new with a character that is rich and funny, and everyone’s excited about it. And we wanna make sure the audience sees right away that it’s not a continuation of Breaking Bad, but rather its own thing that hopefully is gonna be entertaining on its own terms.”

As reported by THR, Better Call Saul will be a Breaking Bad prequel and that means all of your favorite characters, regardless of their fate, are still in play. Both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have expressed interest in returning while Gilligan highlighted, “I could definitely see a version of this where Mike Ehrmantraut (Joe McCormick) is an important part of this series.”

Bob Odenkirk Breaking Bad Bob Odenkirk Says Better Call Saul is Not Breaking Bad 2.0

Despite the abundance of show crossovers, Better Call Saul will mark a major opportunity for Odenkirk in terms of expanding the character. Saul will likely be the sleazy, criminally savvy lawyer we’ve come to know and love, but as the heart of an hour-long series, Saul is bound to reveal more layers. When asked about what he’d like to do with the character in this show that he couldn’t do in Breaking Bad, Odenkirk noted:

“I said I wanna have a little more sympathy for this guy. I wanna understand maybe how he’s a human being and not just a hungry hippo trying to get all the money.”

Gilligan and co. are aiming to have Better Call Saul ready to debut sometime between August and October, so Odenkirk should know whether or not he’ll get this wish soon enough.

Check back for Better Call Saul updates as the project comes together and keep an eye out for our full chat with Odenkirk on Nebraska coming soon.


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  1. Jonathan Banks played Mike. NOT Joe McCormick.

    • My immediate thought. I mean, the dude was nominated for an Emmy, you could at least get his name right…

    • I was just about to mention that.

  2. If it’s as engaging as Breaking Bad, I say: “Bring it on.” Hopefully, characters such as Badger, Skinny Pete, Combo, Huell and Kuby will have cameo appearances as well

  3. At first I wasn’t interested, now I’ve warmed to the idea, I just don’t see the point in making it a prequel, prequels suck and it doesnt give it much scope for future seasons, I’d rather have seen Saul return to Alburquerque after smarming his way out of all the Heisenberg hoopla, if anyone could get out of that it would have been him!

    Yes to Saul, no to a prequel!

    • Cant really prequel Breaking Bad, cant imagine that Walts life prior to his diagnosis was that interesting……

      • But the show won’t be revolving around his life anymore, remember? It’s not BB 2.0 and it’s going to have new characters not just Walt and Jesse.

    • Prequel is the best way to go because most of the characters are dead now and continuing any form of a story would be difficult unless they maybe did an occasional comic. With prequels, we have a clean slate and anyone can return, for the most part.

      • Hmmm, thanks for the spoiler for those that have not finished BB, I have tho :) Saul goodman has been moved by the guy from Jackie brown to a new state, no need for prequel as he has a while new customer base.

        • Whole

        • You’re kidding right? He can’t ever be a lawyer again. He’s basically in a hardcore version of the witness protection program.

          • I’m not kidding, the only people who knew of his involvement (hank & Steve) are not around, Saul could easily return to his former practice or start again in another town. No one knows (other than Skyler) of his involvement with Walter White.

            • Uh, hello? Jesse?

              • Badger and Skinny Pete, too. There’s other people who know Saul worked with Walt. Like Huell. We never saw what became of him, but he didn’t die.

  4. Well, if nothing else, this show has the huge advantage of dealing with a character that wasn’t really explored all that much in Breaking Bad: there’s a whole dimension relative to Saul’s private life and background (like where he comes from in terms of social class and upbringing, and how he made all his connections) that wasn’t touched upon in the previous show.

    Also: if that’s a thing that is happening, I’m definitely looking forward to Mike’s return. He was hands down my favourite side character.

  5. Might work. Might not. But Bob Odenkirk has earned his due. It will take a while for the masses who bunny-hopped onto the show late on to understand that Walter White is not going to walk through the door (although I can easily picture a scenario where the last scene of the entire show has WW doing just that), but I feel optimistic because of Vince and Peter Gould (who wrote and directed ‘Granite State’, an episode I consider the absolute peak of the ‘Breaking Bad’ power).

    Whatever the case, even if it turns out to be an utterly heroic level of fail, not one shine will be stripped from the show that first gave us Saul Goodman. That itself is already part of television history.

  6. i would hire Saul as my lawyer…pure weasel

  7. It won’t be anything like Breaking Bad! Get it through your skulls. The fact that it’s a prequel is only significant because Saul’s life hadn’t gone to complete s***. In Breaking Bad’s world I highly doubt Saul could ever return to ABQ. I think Bob O is a great comedian, there is tons of funny with Sauls character to explore. Breaking Bad was my favorite show of all-time, who cares about cameos of Breaking Bad characters, it would take away from the comedy of the show. Unless the cameo was the comedic characters like the aforementioned Badger and Skinny Pete. I’m stoked for the Vince and his team to give comedy a shot. AMC is full of drama already.

    • I’m not sold that Saul could not return to ABQ, pretty much all of his situation has been taken care of. WW told the cops it was all him, all evidence is gone, only that big boy bodyguard and the ginger trickster are still around with skyler, none of the final series of BB implemented Saul, he was running because of what could have happened if Jessie or anyone else grassed him up. It’s my thinking that once the news broke of WW’s demise he would be back from his ‘holiday’ to start up again as a criminal defence lawyer, his personality is such that he could not stay away as there really is no risk to him if he returned. Just my opinion tho :)

  8. I want to see Bill Burr and Lavell Crawford as REGULARS! And I would be thrilled to see Jonathan Banks again, too!

  9. Hey, in Season 5 part one Todd is brought on because Saul has his connections to him. I’m all for more Todd. Also, I know Sauldoesn’t know him, but more Tuco, who is my favorite character besides Walt, is always welcomed.

  10. Beautiful explanation, I’m sold. This show will be different and great.

  11. Mike was played by Johnathan Banks, not Joe McCormick

  12. At first I wasn’t too excited about this cuz I generally don’t like spinoffs, and I mean I could see where it seems like a prequel might be boring considering Walt’s life wasn’t exciting or for whatever reason, but you’ve got to remember this show is more than likely going to have its own identity, its not just going to play off of Breaking Bad. Also Im sure if its coming from Gilligan and Gould itll be worth watching lol, for me at least.

  13. Great news as Saul was the most entertaining character for me. Stunning, how many commentors don’t understand the meaning of the word prequel by making ignorant comments like, “Saul wouldn’t go back to Albuquerque.” The writers will come up with a stream of Saul’s clients whose disfunctions will be highly entertaining. it will be haunting to see Walt, even in a cameo scene, cross pass with others in the new show, as it would be Walt, happy, pre-cancer, with no idea of what the future held.

  14. in other words, odenkirk, got paid too much not to do this piece of s*** show.

    it’s terrible. save yourself the time and don’t bother.

  15. So I don’t understand what’s so bad about adding a few elements from breaking bad. I mean the characters are great, and I’m mean maybe introduce more back-story for some major breaking bad events later on like maybe news coverage of crazy s*** like the air crash or Walt and Gus being discovered as major drug leaders.