‘Better Call Saul’: Aaron Paul Has Had ‘Serious Talks’ for ‘Breaking Bad’ Spinoff

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aaron paul better call saul Better Call Saul: Aaron Paul Has Had Serious Talks for Breaking Bad Spinoff

One of the more anticipated shows set to debut this year, AMC’s Breaking Bad prequel, Better Call Saul, continues to add to its cast, with former Breaking Bad alum Jonathan Banks joining series star Bob Odenkirk to reprise his role as Mike Ehrmantraut. However, now it seems as though the long rumored Jesse Pinkman cameo could be inching closer to fruition.

According to actor Aaron Paul, he has had “serious talks” with Breaking Bad creator and Better Call Saul producer Vince Gilligan about a role on the series, something that seems to appeal to Paul’s sense of loyalty and a want to revisit the version of Pinkman that was unspoiled by Walter White’s “empire business.”

Here’s a quote from Paul, featured in an interview published by the AP:

“Anything Vince is involved with, I’m there, [...] I owe him my entire career. And the idea of jumping into the skin of Jesse Pinkman again in his lighter days — because it’s all a prequel — it would be fun.”

You’ll recall that, in the days before Walter White (Bryan Cranston, whose own possible interest in a cameo is still only a rumor) morphed into Heisenberg and took Pinkman for the ride of his life, Jesse Pinkman was a slacker small time meth dealer who went by the street name, Captain Cook. A reappearance by Pinkman would seem to make returns for Badger (Matt Jones) and Skinny Pete (Charles Baker) seem possible, but right now that is just speculation.

Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad Blood Money Better Call Saul: Aaron Paul Has Had Serious Talks for Breaking Bad Spinoff

While revisiting Jesse and potentially his friends would be a hefty dose of fan service from Gilligan and showrunner Peter Gould, one has to wonder if it’s really right for the series and the actor. Better Call Saul is already going to be saddled with a heavy load of expectation as viewers clamor to see how closely it will resemble its enviable predecessor; trotting out a parade of familiar guest stars won’t help the show create that space and its own identity.

The same can be said for Paul, who is going to be closely associated with Breaking Bad for as long as it takes for him to find another signature role – something he is trying to do with Need for Speed and his upcoming role in Exodus - and that’s to say nothing of the argument that a return might somehow minimize the impact of Paul’s final, cathartic scene in Breaking Bad.

That may be what’s behind Dean Norris’ decision to shoot down any possible return for his character, Hank Schrader, who exited the show in a memorable fashion. To refresh your memory, here’s Norris’ previous remark about leaving the past alone:

“I think that experience was that experience. I’m not a big fan of kind of revisiting something that has already been done. But I think it’s going to be awesome. So I can’t wait to see it.”

What do you think? Is Aaron Paul smart to be open to an appearance on Better Call Saul as Jesse Pinkman? Is Dean Norris right to move on? Let us know in the comments section.


Better Call Saul is expected to begin airing November 2014 on AMC.

Source: US News

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  1. For me, Jesse was not a very charismatic or interesting character in Breaking Bad. I didn’t like him. I didn’t dislike him. Thus, for me, it doesn’t really matter if he makes an appearance(s) in Better Call Saul or not. I’d rather have some of the other characters, though, like Mike and Gus, and of course, it would be neat to see Walter, perhaps in the periphery, from time to time.

    • Jeff – I agree.. Jesse is not a very endearing character. He’s a hot head junkie who would’ve been killed and forgotten about long ago in the REAL world of high stakes drug movers. I keep trying to find how his character adds any value to the story. Maybe he’s there to showcase the struggles people have with addiction.

      • Madness, Jesse was integral and would have been killed but for Walter…… Jesse struggling with addition, his parents, self importance and loneliness were some of the highlights of the show….

        • Thank you! You’re so right. Jesse not only added a lot to the show.. He was ESSENTIAL.

      • Shutup Jesse was a crucial part of the series.

  2. In all honesty I’d much rather see a prequel about Mike Ehrmantraut than Saul Goodman, just imagine all the damage he can do (or clean-up), but I’d be lying if I said I won’t be watching Better Call Saul, Bob Odenkirk totally owns that character and is fun to watch.

  3. If they’ve written something interesting for him, and if it’s as a cameo, or cameo arc, I don’t see the harm in that. I do agree with the writer however, the show needs it’s own identity and Paul wants to prove he’s not a one trick pony, so he as a regular would probably be a little silly (Not to mention, we’re all getting older. If the show does even reasonably well, say 2-3 seasons, he’d be ten years older than he was at the start of breaking bad, and even if he ages well, ten years still show).

  4. It’s crazy seeing this article as I’ve been watching the entire series of Breaking Bad on Netflix. I totally slept on this show during its production run, but now I can’t get enough.

  5. For anyone who remembers the early episodes of Breaking Bad, please remind me, is there any mention of Saul having any contact with Walter or Jesse prior to the Meth biz? Because I don’t remember it. Feels to me like it would kind of mess with the continuity of the two shows if in the prequel all of a sudden Jesse is a huge part of Saul’s life.

    I’d love a cameo, but I think anything more than that would be unnecessary. Even Mike doesn’t seem to make all that much sense as a series regular. Here’s more tied to Saul, but I remember his entry point into Breaking Bad as being part of Gus’ team.

    • Saul came into the picture when he was hired to represent one of Jessie’s friends/dealers after he was busted on the bus stop bench.

    • If I rememvber correctly, it was implied that Saul and Mike already knew each other before their first on-air appearance together in Breaking Bad, and I believe they knew each other pretty well. It will interesting to see how they became acquainted, and how deep their ties ran.

      • Yeah. As I remember, Mike is that “someone who knows someone” in Breaking Bad.

    • Saul knew Mike prior to Walt’s intro.
      Jesse also knew Saul, but not Mike.
      Saul knew of Gus, but probably never met him, as Mike is Gus’ man but Saul does use his help.

      I guess they could use Saul involved in Gus and Mike’s plot about beginning a war with the Cartel.
      Plus Saul could be involved with Krazy 8 and the show could explore how Krazy 8 sold out Jesse and Emilio.

      There’s ton of potential for this show. I think they should keep Aaron Paul as a guest actor for a few episodes.

      And please bring back Saul’s goons, Kuby and Huell. Those two are hilarious!

      • Also, they should end the show with a flash forward of Saul after the events of BrBa. They never did show how and where he ended up, and that was my only disappointment regarding the finale.

        Or maybe they’ll start from there, and the entire show will be a flashback. Who knows?

      • Are you certain Jessie knew Saul? Jesse knew Saul successfully defended Emilio twice, but knowing of someone doesn’t necessarily mean ever having had a run in with them directly.

      • Agreed! Not familiar with the actor/comic who played Huell, but he was great, and Bill Burr is a favorite. More of Kuby and Huell, please!

    • Mike as a series regular actually makes a lot of sense. If you watch the episode “Better Call Saul”, you’ll see Saul for the first time. And, I believe it’s four episodes later, Mike comes in to clean up Jane’s murder and says he is one of Saul’s guys. But no, Saul had no personal activities with Walter besides (maybe) a few run ins. As for Jesse, in the episode Better Call Saul he acts as if he’s been treated by Saul before, but it is never actually stated.

      • Saul was the one who got Emilio off after he was busted and Jesse escaped in the pilot episode of Breaking Bad. Jesse knew of Saul before the show even started…. not just when Badger got caught like most of you are claiming.

    • They’ve mentioned that the stories may not be solely in the past but actually show event after the fallout from the last episode of the show. Would imagine Pinkman would pop up there as you are correct, no previous interaction that I can ever remember anybody mentioning.

  6. It might as well be a follow up because he survives in the end.

    • Not many others do……

    • lol do you hear yourself ? and what do episodes of jesse in therapy trying to rebuild his sanity back the fact that its a prequel makes the show all the more worth watching 100X more alone … they can basically give us alot of back story on gus jesse and saul and possibly and more then likely going to add new characters that we never even knew about but possibly somehow still tying into the breaking bad series even though we never got the chance to “meet” or see them onscreen on breaking bad .. that comment you just posted is the reason why sequel shows dont last .. may as well say dexter should come back lol .. anyways prequel idea is the smartest thing they could of done point blank period .. as for walt making a cameo or watever i find that highly doubtful considering his career was the most benefiting out of the series therfor he’ll prolly be to busy doing actual motion picture films but regardless even if he wasn’t i still doubt hed do more then a 2 second cameo of him possibly driving by jesse or someone at a redlight he was a simple normal school teacher ..

  7. i hope they bring back Gus…i remember one flashback episode of him when he was a lot younger meeting the cartel and his partner getting smoked, leaking in the pool.

    i wouldn’t mind seeing how he built his empire and his background being very mysterious….something about him being a Chilean national

  8. I mainly just don’t want Jesse being a forced-in role on the show. Like many, my memory is a little fuzzy on how well Jesse knew Saul before him and Walt became acquainted. I certainly don’t want them messing with continuity of BB just to get Jesse onto the show. I absolutely love Aaron Paul, and Jesse was always my favorite character, so of course I’d love to see more of him. But not at the expense of the quality kind of writing we’ve all come to expect from Vince Gilligan. I could definitely see Pinkman coming on for a few cameos, but I definitely don’t see how it would work having him as a regular.

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  10. I was hoping for one season before the cameos started. Saul and Mike are interesting enough and could carry the show on their own. We know most of Gus’ backstory, the poolside murder of his partner when he met with the cartel, so I don’t feel a need to revisit Gus. He had a glorious exit from the show, even if that was the ONLY thing that bothered me about the whole series (avoiding spoilers for anyone who still hasn’t seen it). So, much like Hank he doesn’t need to re-appear. Unless it’s a tie in with Mike.

    Like another poster said, this show can’t have much time before it catches up with the timeline of BrBa. It’s going to have to have a limited run from the start. The whole series could end with Saul getting Jesse out of trouble and back in school where “Mr. White” greets him at the door and walks him to class, “So Jesse, are you finally ready to learn some chemistry?” – Cut to black.

    And if Skinny Pete and Badger appear in this then Combo has to be in this too.

    • I disagree on the having Gus back, if only b/c Jonathan Banks/ Mike Ehrmantraut is slated to be a series regular and key player on Better Call Saul, perhaps a secondary protagonist, and given that the former beat cop was on Gustavo Fring’s official payroll (Head of Corporate Security at Los Pollos Hermanos), the two of them are logically going to need to cross paths at some point as Better Call Saul progresses toward the Breaking Bad timeline.

  11. Jesse was a drug addicted mess who was dealing on the side…… Of course he knew Saul, Saul would have represented Jesse….

  12. I loved Jesse in breaking bad. In fact he was my favorite character, I really want him in “better call Saul” as the same jesse pinkman as he was. It was amazing and yet heartbreaking at times, to watch him struggle to change and get over the many deaths of people he loves. I also love his soft spot for kids it’s so awesome. But not only do I love jesse as the character I also think Aaron Paul is a great actor and hec yeah he better be in better call Saul!

    • In a later interview Aaron Paul argumented his statement to say that neither he nor Bryan Cranston will be series regulars and will not be in season one of Better Call Saul, but acknowledged that they may appear in subsequent seasons. Vince Gilligan made much the same statement and noted that many BB characters would make cameos throughout the series.

  13. Jesse has to appear on better call Saul. I was pleased to find out he survives and the suspense kills me, not knowing what happens.

  14. i would deffintly love to see Jesse in the show. He was a favorite of mine. I want another season of breaking bad. My favorite show of all time and I need MORE!!! maybe something in the effect of walt not being dead, but in prison maybe… I just need more! i hope “better call saul” is good!!

  15. it would be unrealistic to watch dead characters come back such as gus, Walter White eventhough is love to see them again. Bringing Mike back is great can’t wait! I hope they bring Jesse back he was my favourite character and he didn’t even die! So it would make sense if he returned. YO!

    • The show takes place before breaking bad

  16. I would like the entire Breaking Bad cast in Better Call Saul. A random scene with Walter White in a grocery store saying hello to Jesse would be clever. Having a friend of Jesse using Saul as their attorney, with Jesse sitting in the waiting room would be neat. I miss Breaking Bad, so the more I can have, the better.

  17. I realy liked the character Jessie Pinkman to but in the interview with the hoffington post Aaron Paul he said “there’s rumors floating around that I’m going to be appearing on Better Call Saul, but that’s simply not the case,” adding “to be honest, it’s not gonna happen.” That seems pretty open-and-shut, so it looks like we have definitive proof that Jesse Pinkman won’t be on Better Call Saul.

    • In other interviews Aaron Paul argumented his statement to say that neither he nor Bryan Cranston will be series regulars and will not appear in season one of Better Call Saul, but acknowledged that they may very well make cameos in subsequent seasons. Vince Gilligan made much the same statement, adding that many BBB characters will in fact have cameos throughout the series.

  18. I WANT Jesse Pinkman to appear on “Better Call Saul”! Love his character and his kind heart at loving children. Please put him on the show even if only once! Also like Badger and Skinny Pete!

  19. No pinkman, no wallter, rediculous

  20. For myself when the reports that Matthew Fox hit that women came out ……. I didn’t believe it!
    Then when Dominic Monaghan said he does it frequently it was hard not to believe!!!!
    However Matthew Fox saved 6 children I’m my neighbourhood from a burning tree!!!! ….. I would tell the world it’s time to forgive Matthew Fox but he ran over one of those rare pandas when driving off

    Still got a bit to make up for Matthew Fox

  21. i hate when people paint jessy as such a nice guy in… he was a meth cook and dealer, that hung out with gangbanging thugs when walt reconnected with him. infact at least 3 of walt’s body count are directly because of Jesse or were done to save or correct a mistake Jesse made. aka crazy 8 and his cousin plus the gangster who recruited kids. Sure he wasnt as cold as walt but his actions exacerbated a lot of situations walt eventually had to fix with force.

  22. Yo man, If Pinkman aint gonna be on the show what point is there in even watching. He’s like the best character ever you guys. My hero

  23. Every episode of “Saul” is just making me miss Breaking Bad more and more. I think it would be super cool to have Walt and Jesse appear somewhere in this prequel. In my opinion, it does not seem right to not have them. Getting a glimpse into their much earlier life would awesome. I sure hope this is something the writer do.

  24. Better call Saul is not going too well. Ept 7 really sucked. Show is too slow stories unrealistic I just hope tool boy Jesse doesntbshowup next week. I like Saul but the show sucks. Stories don’t make sence White collar criminals don’t keep millions of cash in there house or tent. Please don’t write Jesse into the show to save iit. Lol

    • Just watched #7. Sorry but this sucks. I almost fell asleep. Bad acting. That b**** crying when her money was gone wow. Ever hear of 1 hit wonder. That’s because of Walt. Sorry Saul. Writing sucks. Acting. Sucks Mike is a d***. Won’t be watching next week.

      • Uh, I’m sure they’ll be losing a ton of sleep because you ‘wont be watching’. In case you havent figured it out by now, you’re in the minority if you think this show ‘sucks’. It’s EXTREMELY well written and acted, and continues to get better as the story develops. Just because you dislike it, doesnt make it fact. Especially given that the majority of the population LOVE the show.

        Go back to watching “keeping up with the kardashians”, I’m sure it’s a bit more your speed.

        • The show sucks end of story

  25. My wife and I viewed every episode of Breaking Bad . We enjoyed it immensely . Thank you. With anticipation that Better Call Saul would be as ‘riveting’ we are disappointed .