10 Superman Tales to Read, Watch, and Hear Instead of Man of Steel

When a character’s been around as long as Superman, it’s hard even to continue to think of them as a single character—changing cultural and media landscapes make for a kaleidoscopic range of iterations. Still, even among those, there are always a handful that endure and stand out as definitive—even if that, itself, is a subjective concept.

Pacific Rim Action Figures

NECA has unveiled the first series of three 7″ figures from the movie. There are two jaegers (the good-guy robots), Gipsy Danger and Crimson Typhoon, and one kaiju (the bad-guy monsters), Knifehead.

Double Sided Spider-Man/X-Men Canvas Room Divider

The 6 ft. Tall Double Sided Spider-Man/X-Men Canvas Room Divider is available for $79 (reg. $129) at Oriental Furniture, $149 at Kmart.com, $149 at Walmart.com, $99 at Overstock.comand $99 at Ebay.com.

25 Greatest (and 5 Worst) Superheroes

As Man of Steel opens, EW counts down the best versions of beloved (sometimes) caped crusaders — and name-check a quintet of super-zeroes

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