From Page to Screen: The 6 Best & Worst Superhero Costumes

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George Clooney, Chris O'Donnell & Alicia Silverstone as Batman, Robin & BatgirlNot every superhero outfit drawn in the pages of a comic book looks great on screen. Some can be replicated exactly from the printed page to movie or TV set and look great with not a hint of cheese to be found - others, not so much.Should costume designers take liberties when replicating a superhero's outfit, as they did with Elektra? She would have looked pretty funny (albeit sexy) running around the city wearing just a red bandanna cap and straps covering her womanly parts.Or should designers stick to replicating a superhero outfit as faithfully as possible to honor the comic book, as they did with Supergirl? Her outfit was almost directly copied from the comic book page - but somehow the end result looked... less than great.While all of us at Screen Rant worked together to compile this list of superhero outfits we felt were the best and worst to make the leap from page to screen, some of us didn't entirely agree with every choice. So we created a “Special Mentions” section at the end with the superhero outfits we felt could go either way.

Best #6: Batman (2005)

Christian Bale as The Dark KnightWhen director Christopher Nolan decided to make a more realistic, dark and gritty version of the Caped Crusader, the look of the crime fighter’s costume was very important.It had to be both aesthetically appealing and at the same time remain faithful to the world his story had created.While not an exact duplicate of the original comic suit, Nolan’s Batman looks close enough to snag our #6 spot.

Best #5: The Watchmen (2009)

Malin Akerman, Billy Cudrup, Matthew Goode, Jackie Earl Haley, Jeffery Dean Morgan & Patrick Wilson as The WatchmenAdapting Alan Moore’s graphic novel was a risky move for director Zack Snyder; even if he managed to coherently tell the story of Watchmen (which many believed was impossible onscreen), if he wasn’t able properly replicate the individual superhero outfits, then the whole movie would have been rubbish.Fortunately for fans, the outfits for The Comedian, Nite Owl, Dr. Manhattan, Silk Spectre, Ozymandias and Rorschach all turned out looking great, while managing to avoid the dreaded “Cheese Zone.”Personally, I thought Rorschach’s outfit was done the best, but I could have used a little less of Dr. Manhattan’s “big apple.”

Best #4: Hellboy (2004)

Ron Perlman as HellboyWhile not technically a suit, the look of Hellboy was absolutely essential to the film. If he wasn’t the proper shade of red or his trench coat didn’t look right, then the whole character would be garbage.Lucky for us, Guillermo del Toro and his design crew were able to replicate the character's look exactly.His cool, awesome and overall bad-assery lands Hellboy squarely at #4.

Best #3: Captain America (Avengers version)

Chris Evans as Captain AmericaDirector Joss Whedon had to handle the modern version of Captain America's outfit very carefully. Done wrong it would look silly and out of place.Fortunately, he managed to achieve the iconic look from the comic books without crossing over into the realm of cheesy.All the pieces of the classic Cap outfit are present - the emblazoned star on his chest, the stripes on his on his uniform, the "A" and wings on his helmet and of course, the nearly indestructible shield in his hand.

Best #2: Iron Man (2008)

Robert Downey Jr. as Iron ManTaking its cues from the Adi Granov post-Extremis version of Invincible Iron Man, as opposed to the original Tales of Suspense version, the Iron Man movie armor was made of individual pieces instead of being "micro-mesh" armor that would have looked like a red and gold Oscar statue on the screen.Considering how bad the Iron Man armor could have looked and how well it actually turned out - while at the same time remaining faithful to the original - makes it all that more amazing.For those reasons, the Iron Man armor easily takes our #2 spot on the Best Outfits list.

Best #1: Spider-Man (2002/2012)

Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire as Spider-manSpider-man has had an unfair advantage over the other superheroes on this list. Other than Superman, he has had the most chances at having his superhero costume properly recreated.The first few attempts fell woefully short - and if the attempts had stopped there, then Spider-man would be spinning his web in our top 6 worst outfits. However, both Sam Raimi and Marc Webb managed to take full advantage of their opportunities and did not disappoint fans (as far as the suit goes).They were able to make Spider-man look like he walked straight off the comic book page and onto the screen - and for that reason, Spider-man crawls his way into our #1 spot.

The Worst Superhero Movie Costumes

Nicolas Cage as Superman and Helen Slater as SupergirlLike spotting Leonid Stadnyk (the world’s tallest man) in a crowd of Oompa Loompas, recognizing bad and often silly recreations of superhero outfits on screen is easy to do.There are, of course, some really bad outfits from characters that never actually existed in comics, such as Hancock, Blankman, Meteor Man and Handi Man; but we aren’t talking about those.Check out our list of the worst superhero outfits replicated from page to screen.

Worst #6: Hawkman (2010)

Michael Shanks as HawkmanWhen the CW network announced last year that Hawkman would be joining Clark Kent on an episode of Smallville, the whole fanboy universe giggled in anticipation. When the first picture of Hawkman finally hit the web, the whole fanboy universe groaned with disappointment - and with good reason.He had the wings, he had the helmet, he even had the mace - but then they gave him a chest piece to wear under the straps and that’s where they lost it  (apparantly he didn't even NEED the wings to fly, they were just decorative).Poor Hawkman, he’s supposed to be a bad-ass alien-being feared by evildoers; instead people just laughed at him (and maybe that's why he was always so angry).

Worst #5: Fantastic Four (1994/2004)

Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Michael Chiklis, Alex Hyde-White, Jay Underwood, Rebecca Staab, & Michael bailey Smith as the Fantastic FourThis was a case where following the comic outfit too slavishly turned out goofy and not even close to cool. Sure they opened up Invisible Girl’s neck piece to show off her cleavage and The Thing’s “rock suit” was pretty darned good but honestly, all the characters in their sleek blue accessory-less jumpsuits just looked silly.The outfits could have been so much better but instead suffered from lack of designer imagination.Of course, Roger Corman's version of the outfits wasn’t any better (bottom right pic).

Worst #4: The Phantom (1996)

Billy Zane as The PhantomThere’s not really much to say about The Phantom’s outfit except that it’s very, very purple which makes it look very, very silly on screen. On page, the costume pops to life as he gallops through the jungle driving off poachers, illegal treasure hunters and all-around bad guys.This is another case where the exact replication of the superhero’s outfit does not play well on screen.The Phantom should have been a seriously cool character to watch, but instead most people just thought it was Barney wearing a mask and wielding some pistols.

Worst #3: Batman/Robin/Batgirl (1997)

George Clooney, Chris O'Donnell & Alicia Silverstone as Batman, Robin & BatgirlThere have been many attempts at bringing Batman and Robin’s superhero costumes to life, going back as far as the 1940s. Although the early renditions were very campy, they pale in comparison to the replicas in modern movies.Tim Burton’s first two films had the Caped Crusader dressed in a simple black outfit with a yellow bat symbol on the chest (cool),  but when Joel Schumacher got his hands on the outfits, it all went downhill (big time).Not only did he give us the ridiculous-looking “Chrome Knight” but he will forever be known as the guy that gave the world the infamous “bat nipples.”

Worst #2: Green Lantern (2011)

Ryan Reynolds as The Green LanternWe once pondered the question "Would Green Lantern's all CGI costume ruin the movie?" While a lack of cohesive story telling was this movie's ultimate downfall, the suit certainly didn't help.The green hued digital skin suit made Reynolds' athletic frame look anemic. Then there's the mask - oh the mask! - it could win a "Bad Award" all by itself. Apparently $200 million dollars doesn't buy what it used to.Let's hope the inevitable reboot is better.

Worst #1: Steel

Shaquille O'Neal as SteelThere are so many things wrong with Steel’s outfit it’s hard to figure out where to start. His armor looked like a cross between Robocop and a medieval knight. It could have been a really cool look if the costume designers didn’t have to make it fit around Shaq’s gargantuan body.To make things worse, they made him wear a ridiculous non-fitting helmet and turned his hammer into a laser rifle with a scope.There are dozens of bad superhero outfits brought to life onscreen, but in our opinion Steel’s is the worst offender of the bunch.

The Fence Riders

Spawn, Ghost Rider, Kick-AssThe following 7 superhero outfits are ones we just couldn't agree on.Should they be considered good or bad replications? Arguments can be made for either case.Take a look at our choices, then tell us what you think.

Special Mention: The Flash (1990)

John Wesley Shipp as The FlashThis is one of my personal favorites and if I had my choice it would top the "Best" list. The Flash TV show itself from the 90s didn't last more than one season, but when you compare the two outfits side-by-side, is there any doubt that the designers nailed the replication from comic book to screen?Since we all know that Michael Cera has NOT been cast as The Flash (heh), it will be interesting to see what direction Greg Berlanti and DC go with the next Flash costume.

Special Mention: The Tick (2001)

Patrick Warburton as The TickThe Tick was one of those superhero outfits that just shouldn’t have worked in real life. Bright blue and skin tight with two big antennas on his head, no one would have thought twice about listing it as one of the worst costume replications of all time.However, when The Tick made his first live-action appearance on TV, most everyone was extremely pleased with how it turned out.The only real complaint was the lack of a mask on the superhero, but that’s a minor gripe.

Special Mention: Daredevil (2003)

Ben Affleck as DaredevilThe Daredevil movie stirred up a lot of controversy for making the costume out of leather and not the traditional spandex.Although the big screen version of the outfit was a darker shade of red and had the logo in a different place, the actual replication of the suit and weapon were fantastic.Too bad the designers didn’t put as much effort into replicating Bullseye’s costume.

Special Mention: Thor (2011)

Chris Hemsworth as ThorThor's outfit should have been really dumb but director Kenneth Branagh succeeded more than failed in his replication of the God of Thunder's costume.While he is in Asgard, nothing about Thor's costume really appears to be silly. The red cape, magical chain mail armor and even the pants, all worked great on screen.The best part about his outfit, though, is his hammer the mighty Mjolnir.

Special Mention: The Punisher (2004)

Thomas Jane as The PunisherThe Punisher’s costume doesn’t have whole lot going for it to begin with; all you need is some black tights, some guns and the familiar white skull with long teeth on the chest and you’re all set.The problem with the movie’s replication of the outfit was it used a t-shirt to show off the skull and the addition of the trench coat is also a little off-putting.In Punisher 2 both problems were fixed by spray painting the skull onto his body armor and ditching the trench coat.

Special Mention: Superman (2006)

Christopher Reeve & Brandon Routh as SupermanIs there anything more iconic in the superhero movie world than the blue tights, red briefs and cape of the Man of Steel? I don’t think so. Any director wanting to make a movie based on the legendary hero absolutely must keep to the original concept of the suit.Any deviation, like making the cape green and the tights purple, or dropping the cape altogether, would make the character, well, NOT Superman (are you listening, Tim Burton and Zack Snyder?).Just like Schumacher gave us bat nipples, Bryan Singer gave us the Calvin Klein Superman outfit.  The blue tights were fine and the darkening of the red in the outfit really wasn’t enough to make the costume bad.What really made this replication bad were the low rise briefs, short boots and small raised “S” on his chest and belt. Take away the blue tights and it would look like Superman was ready to swim the freestyle medley next to Michael Phelps. 

Special Mention: X-Men/X-Men: First Class (2000/2011)

The combined casts of X-Men and X-Men: First ClassIn 2000, Bryan Singer had the opportunity to make the superheroes from comic books accessible and popular to the mainstream audience with X-Men. It was a chance for him and the studio to show the general public (other than fanboys) that superheroes could be cool and not cheesy.Putting them in their traditionally recognized yellow, blue, green and black spandex costumes would have not been the proper way to go. While he was able to achieve the goal of reaching a wider audience and set off a trend of superhero films, the look he went for replicating the outfits was way off of the original X-Men costumes, except for Professor X.However, director Matthew Vaughn proved that colorful and somewhat "comic-correct" X-Men outfit were possible in X-Men: First Class.

The 6 Best & Worst Superhero Costumes

Ozymandias, Silk Spectre II, Rorschach, Nite Owl, Comedian, Dr. Manhattan from The WatchmenWell there you have our recommendations for the Best and Worst superhero costumes brought to life on screen (big and small), as well as a few where we had both good and bad votes behind the scenes.There are quite a few superhero costumes that we didn’t mention - Ghost Rider, The Green Hornet, The Shadow to name a few - that you might think deserve to be on one list or the other. Feel free to tell us about them below.Remember though, we are talking about SUPERHEROES and not SUPERVILLIANS. That is a whole different argument. :)Follow me on Twitter @MoviePaul
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  1. I didn´t like Silk Spektre costume, and those wollesters (suspenders with packs) Capitan America wore in his solo movie were ridiculous. But I was happy that they gave Thing pants (well, spandexes but oh well) instead of undies.

  2. Adding more comments…

    You said it all about Phantom´s costume: The Phantom should have been a seriously cool character to watch, but instead most people just thought it was Barney wearing a mask and wielding some pistols.” The fact that everyone knew he´s gay made it just worse. It would have worked better if his costume was red – in Brazil, Spain and other lands, Phantom´s comics are published with him wearing red.

    I would add Hit Girl and Kick Ass´ costumes for the Worst list. Kick Ass is faithful to the comic yes, but what´s the sense of that mouth-hole in his mask? To make him eat hamburguers in public? And Hit-Girl´s mask look like Zorro´s – in the comics, the mask covered her nose.

    And I always found ridiculous all those veins over Green Lantern´s costume.

    • Well, to anyone who’s seen the movie should understand all too well that Kick-Ass ordered his suit off of Ebay. It’s a scuba diver’s suit, more or less [well, it's a wet suit]. The reason there’s a big hole for the mouth is because the mouth is where one breathes when using scuba gear.

      Also, Hit girl’s mask in the comics covers most of her nose, and from pure speculation on my part, maybe the costume people didn’t want an eleven year-old actress wearing something that might be uncomfortable or hard to breath in. Hit girl stole the whole movie anyway, and I doubt anyone at all cares that her mask is inaccurate at that point.

  3. Captain America is probably the most stupid superhero ever. And his costume is as ridiculous as him. I think for an “American” superhero a really big fat burger would be more appropriate than a shield. And he should look like a burger himself too, of course.

    • f*** you

    • You sir, suck.

    • f*** you, honestly not that many Americans are like that.

    • Hmm… I don’t think much of Captain America myself, but why a burger? That’s like saying a British superhero should look like a flying bit of fried fish, a French superhero should look like a crepe, a German one should look like a schnitzel, and a Japanese one should look like a piece of sushi. That makes you sound STUPID AS HELL, you know?

      Is that your intent? To be STUPID AS HELL, as representative of your home country? Because you’re doing them proud in that case, bucko.

    • if you think Cap is the most stupid evr than you seriously need to hit the bins at your local comic shop, if youre going only off hte movies you dont have a right to an opinion

  4. How could you forget about The Phantom’s costume from the 2009 TV miniseries which was extremely cheesy, at least the costume from 1943′s & 1996′s costume were a lot closer to the comic!

  5. Spider man should not have been number 1, I’m a fan of the movie and comic but his costume wasn’t amazing.

  6. I think Christopher Reeves superman costume should be there . He didnt have the benefit of a armoured padded costume that Tim Burton introduced back in 1989 and he still looked believable ( well in the first 3 films anyway ) See Dean Cain ( post tv pilot ) for an example of how NOT to wear a superman costume. As for Spidey – i think the 70′s tv pilot was fairly faithful but then the warped minds of 70′s television decided mess around with a white utility belt , cheap boots and gloves and some very strange mirrored eye-patches.

  7. I disagree on a few of these.

    Captain America (in Avengers): should be on the worst list. They should have kept the same outfit from his solo movie. The Avengers Captain America outfit was very cheesy to the degree it had to be written in the script that the uniform was “old fashioned”.

    Green Lantern: I actually think this costume was awesome. Very sleek and looked great. Exactly what a superhero is supposed to look like. Too bad the movie itself sucked. As for the costume – I loved it.

    Fantastic Four: Don’t think they belong on the worst list. Not saying they belong on the best list either but the costumes were fine. Thing & Human Torch were excellent. Sue Storm & Reed were fine in the standard FF uniforms too.

    Hawkman: Another one I think is in the middle. In some angles I agree it looked cheesy but in some it looked okay. Given the bare bones budget Smallville ran on I think it could have been a lot worse. Other than the harness looking out of place I give this costume a C.

  8. oops when i mentioned superman before – i couldnt see the special mentions section – however i still think reeves superman costume is totally faithful – looks good ( without CGI. padding ‘darkening’ etc )
    the current zack snyder superman costume looks padded/armoured to me – why would someone totally invincible need armour . I havent read any superman lately – is there a reason or is it just a demographics/marketing/trend-style thing

  9. I think the green lantern’s suit is one of the best because it’s so damned accurate, If only it had the white gloves to top it off!

    • and also if the mask was a little longer

  10. I didn’t really find anything wrong with the Hawkman costume. The chestplate was something that they had to use to cover the harnesses that the actor had to wear.

  11. I can agree with a lot of the picks and pans but how come The Crow is constantly forgotten. I think it’s one of the best comic costume adaptions as well as comic to movie adaptions. I think only Sin City has been as or more faithful to it’s source in both instances.

    • Best observations I’ve read here.

  12. Again, Nolan’s Batman gets praised for every damn thing. His look for Batman in his movies is pretty identical to Burton’s look. Burton’s should be up there on The Best list before or with Nolan’s. Burton did the all black Batman costume first

    • That’s like my bitching that Grant Morrison is the one who put the X-Men in black leather like they are in the movies. NO ONE IS LISTENING!!

    • Burton’s Batman shiits on Nolans batman.
      Nolans batman was so stiff and bulky and the mask was horrible.

      The First batman will always be the best

      • So, that would mean you really love the Batman costume from 1943, because it was the FIRST!

      • He has a different suit in every Nolan film and your comments only apply to the ‘Begins’ version.

      • What the hell is the Green Goblin not doing in the worst list?

        • green goblin would be on the villains list not the heroes list

      • Nolans batman evolves the suit over time

        Pay attention, even the character complains about how stiff and bulky the mask was. The design flaw is later corrected and each time the suit is damaged he redesigns and upgrades it

        What you are pointing out as a flaw is actually purposely written into the script: he doesnt come out of the gate with perfect equipment, but he keeps improving it

        It makes more sense that way as an origin story, especially for a super hero with no “super powers”, his equipment has to come from somewhere and the first few prototypes are not likely to be perfect

        Iron man worked for many of the same reasons, in fact in iron man you watch him fail even more often than batman before everything starts to work correctly

  13. You forgot X-Men. X-men movies have provided the worst costumes of all time.
    Leather? really.

    F**K You Brian Singer.

    Where the hell is Wolverines mask? Wheres Gambit? Wheres Rogues green uniform and brown jacket? wheres wolverines costume and cyclops costume?

    Could you imagine the outcry if Superman was in a movie wearing leather and not the famous uniform.

    or if spiderman was put in a jacket and jeans because a red spiderman outfit sounded far fetched?

    how bout the avengers. would the avengers have been the same if none of them were in costume?



    And Professor X in his proper chair.

  14. I actually loved hawkeye’s costume

  15. Actually the original batman was good. But obviously I’m talking about Burton’s batman since I mentioned him by name.

    Michael Keaton will always be the best Bruce Wayne and jack Nicholson will always be the best joker.

    80s batman was just done better. And don’t get me started on the bat mobile…..

    Nolan did a great job especially the joker and the first and second movies storyline and everything. But the bat mobile was disgusting.

    • sorry man but hate to break it to you im a avid fan of burtons but to me the overall best joker hasnt been done yet in the live action noone NOT A SINGLE one can come close to hamils joker from B:TAS granted burtons costume i felt had more connection to the comics idk why it just felt more like the gotham from the comics dark gritty and well portrayed

  16. Unfortunately, for all of the reasons stated earlier in this presentation about how “any director wanting to make a movie based on the legendary hero absolutely must keep to the original concept of the suit,” a “worst” award lies in waiting for Zack Snyder and the “Man Of Steel” version of Superman.

    For those who are aware of more than 70 years of Superman’s legacy, with more than a half century spent in a sharply defined form (thanks to artists like Curt Swan and Alex Ross), MOS is simply too extreme a diversion for this to be a memorable film, no matter how good the script, casting or special effects.

    As Young has so prophetically stated, “Any deviation, like making the cape green and the tights purple, or dropping the cape altogether, would make the character, well, NOT Superman.” Well, guess what, fans? They dropped the iconic trunks, too often incorrectly called “briefs” or “underwear” which were an important splash of red providing division and interest to the costume’s design.

    Worse yet, wristlets have been added along with hideous tendrils wrapping around Superman’s body and trailing down his thighs, with a billowing, altogether-too-large cape which also drops the iconic yellow symbol that was always there. What could have been done with texture and subtle color intensities were instead translated into a rubbery looking suit being passed off as armor — something that more than one comment has judged as not necessary for an invulnerable man.

    What will be going through my mind as my 30-something son (who is also a purist) sits through this film with me is that it would have been just as easy to compromise and reach out to the traditionalists with a costume that really looked like Superman, instead of opting for an image that appears to be Superman only in the respect of having a cape and an “S” in a shield on his chest. That’s where the similarity ends.

    Whatever chance that “Man Of Steel” had to build on the legacy of the most legendary superhero of all time was squandered in the arrogance and egotism of thinking that major changes could be made and accepted to an image that already permeates American culture at every generational level. Change for the sake of change is not good. A Superman imposter will be on hand for this film, and if we can ignore the dreadful costume that DC and Snyder insisted on, we might be able to marvel at the special effects. Otherwise, the costume will be too much to get over to enjoy the film at any other level, I believe.

    But MOS cannot do anything to Superman. From blanket wraps to lunchboxes, from Halloween costumes to Chris Reeve DVDs, the legend is safe from any extremely modified versions. We have our memories, and we have the good work that has been done before, in comic books and movies. In time, we can always hope that a director and filmmmaker who shares the vision of Superman we refuse to release will come along, and eventually make a great and memorable film true to the character, and his costume.

    “Man Of Steel” in all of its revisionist absurdity is almost here. The lesson will be learned soon, just as Singer learned his own lessons from Superman Returns. Paul Young definitely gets it. Maybe others will follow.

    • You’re post is very ill-informed, because if you and your son — more like gay lover — knew any better, then you’d know they modified the suit to somewhat follow the one in the new 52!

      • “Mouse” is an appropriate name for someone who compares the son of a man he does not know to a “gay lover.” Your classless comment is typical of what I hear from mindless revisionists. As to your somewhat (though not altogether accurate) observation that the reboot suit seems to follow the “new” DC version (only in the respect of deleting the trunks and belt), that move was also to DC’s loss.

        The “change” has had no effect whatsoever on the character in modern culture. Little or no surfacing of this convoluted version of the costume has appeared in any merchandising, which still focuses on the iconic, established image of Superman.

        We’re all aware of what DC did. What is in question — much like the remark you posted — is why. What works doesn’t need to be fixed.

  17. waohhh,, man of steel is WORST, PERIOD!

    • I agree, Ronny, but then after all, we’re just expressing our opinions, aren’t we? Unfortunately for the Mouse, there seems to be a growing number of fans who agree with us.

      Mr. Young said it best, when he wrote that any deviation, like making the cape green and the tights purple, or dropping the cape (or the trunks) altogether, would make the character, well, NOT Superman.

      So I think you and I, and millions of fans, can safely conclude that the character being portrayed soon by Henry Cavill in a costume made of rubber, lacking the trunks, lacking the belt, substituting some kind of weird waist and thigh trim, with wristlets at the ends of the sleeves and no emblem on the cape makes the character NOT Superman.

      During the Superman Returns debacle, I got wind of reports of Mattel test groups of new SR merchandise noting kids as young as five years old looking at an SR/Brandon Routh version of the character and commenting, “That’s not Superman.” They noticed the changes and some of them didn’t like them.

      I was in a Walmart store when the first SR costumes showed up, side-by-side with “traditional” Superman costumes at Halloween. I watched two boys, about 10 years old, looking back and forth at the two costumes. They looked at each other, shook their heads, and reached for the iconic Superman suit, rejecting the SR version.

      Those moments of realization are waiting for DC, Warner, Snyder and multiple merchandisers as the movie-product connections don’t happen for this film. The worst is yet ahead, and you read it here first.

      • “Mr. Young said it best, when he wrote that any deviation, like making the cape green and the tights purple, or dropping the cape (or the trunks) altogether, would make the character, well, NOT Superman. ”

        Oh God. So you think Superman is equal to…so he is a trunks.. This is really sad to read. You should know this guys. Not the cloth make the man.. And everyone is instantli recognize he is SUPERMAN..even without the trunks. I guess some people have some kind of fetish with trunks. Get over is already

      • “no emblem on the cape”

        WHAT??The first, the original Superman from 1938 also dont have “s” emblem on the cape, like many version of Superman costume.

  18. I welcome all responses to my commentary, but it might be appropriate to remind readers that the nice people at Screenrant have one simple rule that needs to be followed, just as a reminder: No profanity or personal attacks, please. We’re expressing opinions here, some of them even informed ones. Let’s not make it personal, and respect the site.

  19. I looked through the list of the best and the worst and I agree with some of the choices and disagree with others.

    Personally, I liked how they did the uniforms or the look for Spiderman, Captain America, Black Widow, Green Lantern, Thor, Captain America and Ghost Rider.

    Not all the films were necessarily great. Avengers, Spiderman, Iron Man and Iron Man 2 were my favorites of the recent hero films along with Fantastic Four and its sequel. X-men was a great series.

    Daredevil and Elektra were not so great. I prefer the original Batman series with Michael Keaton to the later and more recent films.
    Superman with Christopher Reeve was preferable to the “reboot”.

  20. I disagree with the rating of Capt America’s suit which is something that has Never been done right and has always looked cheesy and in the Avengers looked the Worst.It looked like a patch work quilt of plates with even worse placement of the plates.Why in the world would you place a giant white zipper next to a red stripe IN THE FRONT of the COSTUME? DUMB,making it look THE CHEESIEST.Cap is supposed to be be Muscular and his uniform is supposed to be form fitting,they missed the mark completely.I mean they make form fitting stuff for the women all the time in movies,with all that money they spent on the Avengers ( a movie baby bomers have waited all their lives for)they give cap a chessy b movie costume. Marvel I hope j.Kirby isn’t turning over in his —–.I won”t EVEN get started on Hawkeye.

    • “Won’t even get started on Hawkeye”?

      Dude, have you SEEN the purple monstrosity he wears in the comics?

      His outfit in the movie is mostly practical, and while it doesn’t stand out as “special”… well, he’s a sniper. You don’t always WANT to stand out as a sniper…

      I think Cap’s outfit was mostly okay in the movie though the headpiece… there’s no way to make that headpiece not look awkward. On the other hand, one of the inside jokes in the movie was that, since he was literally from the ’40s, his costume really looked like it. Which was a clever way of not having to alter it to unrecognizable extent. Because for God’s sake, he’s WEARING THE AMERICAN FLAG WITH HIS INITIAL ON HIS FOREHEAD. That is inherently cheesy. :)

      Black Widow’s costume was also pretty good – I know mainstream reviewers have weirdly focused on ZOMG CATSUIT, but it’s very practical and not as stupidly fanservicey as it could have been. The wedge heels she wears are also rarely seen on screen and were probably meant to bring her closer to the heights of her costars, so I can’t even complain about that.

  21. YES! GO CAPT!

  22. No Judge Dredd?

  23. Please discribe. How you would make ff suits better… kind of a lost cause

  24. I only agree with a few of these…but yeah they nailed the worst ones

  25. slight error on your description of thor. the armor he wears in the movies insn’t chainmail. chainmail is made of metal rings that interlock, the movie armor is made of tiny overlaping metal plates, which is refered to as scalemail or scale armor.

  26. I actually preferred Captain America’s solo movie outfit to the “Avenger’s” version. The outfit looked very professional, like that of a real professional soldier in a special forces unit, and it was much more rugged. And I much prefer the brown gloves and boots (solo movie outfit) over the bright red boots and gloves (“Avengers” outfit). Also, his outfit looked like it could carry some gear in small packs, which is basically what all real soldiers do.

    I just feel like the “Avengers” outfit for Captain America was a little too spangly. And it got rid of his pistol!

  27. I don’t agree. I wish they would have kept Thor’s costume exactly as it is in the comics. Cap didn’t look like Cap:( And Nolan’s Batman was ridiculous! I want comic book batman. His interpretations was no where close to the real dark knight… yuck yuck yuck. He didn’t need to make any changes. Bats is dark and gritty on his own.

    • Nolan’s Batman was Frank Miller’s Batman as per illustrated by David Mazzucchelli. Before that, Bats was as flamboyantly gay as a parade of drag queens.

  28. ok so the firt ghost rider was good not great but good the second one was horrible,spawn was flat out amazing

  29. Why do you credit/blame the directors but not the costume designers?