Top 10 Movie Moments of 2013

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Top 10 Movie Moments of 2013

Header - Top 10 Movie Moments of 2013We've waited until the general public had a chance to catch all the big films that hit theaters last year - now it's time to once again look back at the year in movies that has passed us by, and highlight the top 10 moments that we will forever carry in memory.Let's Be Clear: This list is not just comprised of movie moments that we would deem "the best"; it is comprised of moments that may have shocked, awed, frightened, disappointed or otherwise did SOMETHING to make a lasting impression. With that said, let's start the countdown...WARNING - MAJOR SPOILERS FOLLOW!!!!!!!!!

Pistol Throating - Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers Pistol Scene Deep Throat

Aside from the half-naked former Disney gals and exploitative sequences of teenage debauchery (set to dubstep tunes), there's a moment somewhere in the middle of Spring Breakers where two of the girls (Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson) flip the script by forcing James Franco's character, Alien, to deep-throat a couple of loaded pistols.Filmmaker Hormine Korine certainly likes to push buttons (see: KidsGummo) and this (brilliant? Disgusting?) reversal of gender roles certainly did that. We'll never look at Franco the same way again...

The Forgot-Me-Sword - Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim Gypsy Danger Sword Scene

Look, we could talk about all the plot holes and poor storyline, the inconsistent (or incomprehensible) accents of the lead actors, or the overall silliness of this "Monsters vs. Robots" popcorn blockbuster......But come on, when the Gypsy Danger crew finally remembered that they had a big ass sword up their sleeve, popped that sucker and cut that flying Kaiju monster in half? Yeah, that's pretty much the epicness that fanboys paid to see.Pacific Rim wasn't perfect - but that moment surely was.

Round of Applause - The Conjuring

 The Conjuring Hand Clap Scene

People claim that horror movies aren't scary any more, but director James Wan pretty much murdered that theory with his throwback horror flick The Conjuring, yet again proving that good horror just requires creativity and precision, not CGI monsters and viscera.Using a simple children's game based on sound location and handclaps, Wan led Lili Taylor's Carolyn Perron on not one, but two rounds of clap-game frights, culminating in a chilling moment that required no blood or gore to make everyone in the theater nearly mess their pants.

Hangin' Around - 12 Years A Slave

12 Years a Slave Hanging Scene

While some may be scarred from the brutal scene of favored slave Patsey (Lupita Nyong'o) being beaten by a coerced Solomon Northup (Chiwetel Ejiofor), the scene that stands out to us is when Solomon is left partially hung from a noose for an entire day -  his "salvation" from death arriving on the technicality that he is still his master's property.Director Steve McQueen let the camera linger on the scene so long it eventually made us feel like WE couldn't breathe. The sight of Solomon desperately dancing on his tip-toes as onlookers pass by (either too indifferent or too scared to help) pretty much encapsulates the ugliness, absurdity and injustice of American slavery in a way we will never forget.

Reverse Khaaaaan - Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Darkness Khan Scream (Spock)

Personally, I predicted that this would happen long before the movie was released - but for those who didn't see it coming, the reversal of Star Trek II's most iconic quote was quite a doozy.Some people loved it, others really, really, REALLY hated it - and some people didn't know what the hell all the commotion was about. Regardless, the filmmakers behind Star Trek Into Darkness chose to boldly go where others had already gone, and the reaction was a strong one - for better or for worse.

Smaug Alert - The Hobbit Pt. 2

Smaug (Benedict Cumberbatch) in The Hobbit the Desolation of Smaug

Between Game of Thrones and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey it seems like we've been waiting (im)patiently for some popular fantasy series to deliver some kick-ass dragon action. While The Desolation of Smaug didn't quite deliver as much dragon fire as we would've liked, getting to know Smaug turned out to be quite a joy.The design and CGI rendering of Tolkein's iconic dragon/menace/hoarding addict was impeccable - as was the choice to have "New Khan" Benedict Cumberbatch provide the villain's smoky baritone. A dragon who is as cunning as he is fierce? Daenerys Targaryen better take some parenting notes...

Super Quaaludes - Wolf of Wall Street

Wolf of Wall Street Quaaludes scene sequence

Thanks to the unexpected onset of some powerful quaaludes, Jordan Belfort's (DiCaprio) short drive home becomes a grotesque struggle to stop his inebriated friend Donnie (Jonah Hill) from spilling the beans to the FBI over a tapped phone.Even Hithcock would be proud of Scorsese's creation of dramatic tension using a telephone, a short distance, and two characters who are bat-**** crazy on drugs. It's arguably one of Wolf of Wall Street's grossest and most depraved moments - but it also happens to be a hilarious, horrifying and clever sequence - and one of the most impressive bits of physical acting we saw all year. The Popeye reference was just icing on the cake.

That's Not the Mandarin - Iron Man 3

 Iron Man 3 Mandarin Reveal as Trevor Slattery

It's been talked about so much we're nearly sick of saying it now, but once again it demands acknowledgment.Ben Kingsley wasn't the real Mandarin; it was all just a subversive fake-out by director Shane Black and writer Drew Pearce; and depending on your level of experience with Iron Man comics, it was either a deal-breaking betrayal by Marvel Studios, or a hilarious twist that made the movie more enjoyable.You've probably already debated ad nauseam with friends and enemies alike - all we're saying is that if nothing else, it was memorable.

R.I.P Zod - Man of Steel

Man of Steel - Zod Death Neck Snap Scene

The climatic moments of Man of Steel had a profound effect on viewers, and started a debate that has extended well beyond the borders of the cinematic or comic book zeitgeists.It doesn't matter if it happened the same way in Superman II or in Superman comic books; seeing the Man of Steel kill General Zod challenged people's core beliefs about who this character was, is, and will be going forward into modern times.And that debate is still ongoing...

Opening Sequence - Gravity

Gravity Opening Shot Sequence

Nothing this year even comes close to matching the awe-inspiring opening sequence of Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity. One-take tracking shots have become the director's signature, but a nearly twenty-minute, one-take 3D sequence set in outer space pretty much out-classed anything we've seen in cinema for the last few years.It is so very rare these days that we see something that makes us remember the magic of movies as opposed to a checklist of technical tricks and cliches - but right from the outset (and on through the conclusion) Gravity had our jaws drooping as we kept asking ourselves, "Howhedodat?"

Honorable Mentions

Best Movie Moments 2013 - Honorable MentionsWhen making this list, we found there were quite a few moments that stuck out in mind. Here are a few that fell just short of the Top 10:
  • Evans as Hiddleston - Who didn't love that little Avengers Easter egg in Thor The Dark World?
  • Cruise vs. Cruise (Oblivion) - Maybe you saw the clone twist coming, maybe you didn't. Either way, it was cool to see Tom Cruise kicking his own ass.
  • Train fight (The Wolverine) - The trailer made this sequence look bad, but in the finished film it was pretty sweet (even in 3D).
  • Awkward Dinner (Only God Forgives) - Kristen Scott Thomas' monologue in that scene seared our brains and probably helped clear the room at Cannes.
  • Rusty Interrogator (Olympus Has Fallen) - Gerard Butler made stabbing a man through the face a LOL moment. We're not sure that's a healthy thing.
  • "Fly a Kite" song (Saving Mr. Banks) - This catchy and iconic Mary Poppins tune is showcased twice in the film; first it'll bring a smile to your face, later, tears to your eyes.


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  1. Superman’s first flight in Man of Steel is my all time favorite moment of 2013. I also really liked the scene in Star Trek Into Darkness with Benedict Cumberbatch revealing himself has Khan. And Gypsy Danger dragging that ship through the streets of Hong Kong was awesome.

  2. Just got the Man of Steel on DVD around Christmas 2013 and I enjoyed watching it. The whole origin of Superman has changed.

  3. Supermans first flight is for sure one of my favourites, also Prisoners when Hugh Jackman brings out the hammer very intense stuff and also The Wolverine bullet train sequence was awesome.

  4. Superman killing Zod, without question. Good call, Kofi.

    I went in knowing that Zod was going to die, but now HOW it would happen.

    It was very moving and emotional. The music, the framing of the shot, Superman’s anguished scream.

    And it was perfect that Lois be there to console Superman. It made the connection between Supes/Clark and Lois that much more poignant and human.

    • My thoughts exactly. Well said.

      • +100

        Thanks bro.

        • The Zod moment was def a huge and powerful moment. I agree with you guys.

          The Pa Kent tornado stuff however, was for me, weak. It didn’t work IMO.

    • Yup.

  5. Nick Lauder gets his lungs drained in RUSH ! Horrific and inspiring all at the same time !

    • And again, Rush gets completely ignored on this website…

  6. Did you just make a “Hangin’ around” pun with the slave abuse scene in 12 Years A Slave? Wowwww….

  7. I would have chosen a diffrent scene from many of the movies you chose. Smallville fight in MOS, barrel scene in the hobbit as example.

  8. And to give Kick Ass 2 some love, since it doesn’t much, I really dug all the action scenes and Dave building a armored Kick-Ass suit was a nice tease.

    • That move was a major disappointment! But, I really enjoyed Jim Carrey’s scenes and Night B$tches scenes.

      • I really enjoyed it. Of course, of course its not as good as the first, thats obvious. Its ultimately what I wanted from the sequel: The characters, crude humor, cool action scenes and crazy costumes. Its really fun, I enjoyed it a lot.

  9. Still have most of these movies on my backlog but Spring Breakers and Man of Steel definitely deserve to be on this list. SB was a roller coaster ride and absolutely loved it. James Franco was fantastic as Alien.

    Even though I knew the death of Zod was coming it was still shocking in a sense. Hopefully the impact of this act carries over into the next film.

  10. And pretty much every moment of Man of Steel are my favorite 2013 moments. Minus the kiss at the end. Lol.

    • + 1000000000000000000000000000000

      (Although I didn’t have a problem with that last kiss. It was the FIRST kiss that left me feeling so-so. Kinda corny. But it WAS in a Smallville cornfield, so….)

    • one of my favorites was his first flight scene…with the fist on the ground starting to shake the stones, then the sonic boom over the water

    • My thoughts exactly!

    • Ughh…that kiss…talk about lame. She was quivering and it was almost inappropriate lol!

      Also, my wife and I laughed when Lois, while on the ship on the way to destroy the machine, says something like “It wont fit in there.”

      Man of Steel really was a good movie all around. Loved the Christopher Reeve “cameo” and the throwback homage scene when Supes is being sucked into the pile of human skulls while reaching out his hand. Reminded me of the trash compactor scene from superman with Reeve

  11. For me its the first fight in Man of steel and the opening scenes of Wolverine.

    • Right on.

      The Battle For Smallville was something never envisioned before.

      Faora rocks!

      • Faora was the thing I originally had on the list…

        But Zod is the thing that had the MOST impact.

        • Faora is my favorite secondary character of 2013 for sure.

        • Right on, Kofi.

          Like I commented up above, the last scene with Supes killing Zod most certainly merits the emotional and powerful scene in MOS.

          But I adore Antje Traue. Hard to say “no” to Faora.

          She OWNED the whole “Battle For Smallville” sequence.

          “A good death is its own reward.” Faora HU Ul

  12. I’ll never forget the scene in MoS where Superman destroys the world Engine. It really shows Superman as an Icon, to stand up and face your fears.

    • @ Nick !!!

      YES!! That was amazing.

      The sequence that begins with Superman’s FIST rising from the torrent of the World Engine. Just that one shot of his FIST RISING up above the fray. And then Supes mustering all of his powers to rise up and fly straight up to destroy the machine. You could see that Supes summoned everything he had to defeat the juggernaught of the world machine.

      Henry Cavill nailed that scene even more than the visual effects.

      That was magnificent.

    • The “Chris Reeve” moment was something really special.

  13. i would add Danny McBride in This Is The End waking up to a joint and Cypress Hill bumpin

    • Oh and that Jonah Hill rape scene was really memorable too… it scared the hell out of me

  14. Totally expected both Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel on the list.
    I mean… people just can’t stop talking about it, like they have NOTHING else important to do. Like it or not, is done and over with MONTHS ago, still discussing about it means you’re basically acting like a child whose candy got taken and replaced by a cookie.
    To all those who is still angry or annoying other people and filling news site with hate comments (which means this doesn’t go for ScreenRant and this article, great work Kofi!), I have one message, harsh but logical and true:
    Please grow up, no use bringing that up over and over again. You probably didn’t like it, but many other people are perfectly okay with it. So please move on with your life before you get Panic Disorder or thinking about snapping the neck of the directors of these movies *sigh*

    • Actually I see way more comments by people like you demanding anybody who disagree with their opinion should shut up. It’s like you have nothing more important to do.

      • You must be reading a different Screen Rant than I am then because most of the comments about those movies (especially IM3) are ridiculous hate-filled comments about the twists. So yeah, AverageMovieGoers is the only correct one out of the two of you.

        My brother saw IM3 for the first time today by the way, the only thing he hated was the Extremis thing, especially how some of the soldiers died easily and others didn’t. Otherwise he, like myself, found the Mandarin twist to be brilliant, smart and well done.

        I guess I just read betweent he lines in Kofi’s article when he appears to claim that comic book fans hated the twist and clueless people in the general audience loved it when actually, as a lifelong comic book fan and an Iron Man fan, I loved what they did with it.

        It’s only whiny children with no brain capacity who seem to hate it.

        • Guys, it breaks our hearts behind the scenes reading lines like “still discussing about it means you’re basically acting like a child whose candy got taken and replaced by a cookie” or “It’s only whiny children with no brain capacity who seem to hate it” on the site.

          The point of the comments section – and us encouraging discussion – is for people to freely be able to share their thoughts and continue talking about if they want. Let’s cut out attacking or labeling groups of fans. Please.

        • “It’s only whiny children with no brain capacity who seem to hate it.”

          See comments like these are what I was talking about.

  15. i also thought the airplane rescue in Iron Man 3 was cool but not as good as his first flight in IM

  16. Nice list!!

    All of those moments were very memorable.

    Personally I would have switched out 3 of the scenes…

    MOS: the Smallville fight

    Pacific Rim: the entire city fight LEADING UP to them slicing the kaiju in half

    12 Years a Slave (MILD SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!)

    Ejiofor beating up Paul Dano with the whip, just as a personal choice cuz its more of a crowd pleaser. In Kofi’s defense his choice scene was also very memorable. It really hurt to watch him standing/hanging there.

  17. My top ten moments:

    10. Cool Synth soundtrack before the “fight” in ‘Only God Forgives’.
    9. Any scene with Antje Traue. The film as a whole left me a little indifferent, but she nicked every scene she was in with storming confidence.
    8. Rosario Dawson in ‘Trance’. Oh, come on…
    7. The Metal Gear Solid ‘!’ in ‘Wreck-it Ralph’. But that is purely a nerd thing.
    6. The whole Hong Kong set piece in ‘Pacific Rim’. Where utter nonsense met popcorn fist pump.
    5. Whitehead leaving the tent in ‘A Field in England’. Terrified me. You listen for a minute, then watch in silence for a minute, both occasions unaware of what happened.
    4. The whole of ‘Blackfish’. Good lord.
    3. The piano sequence in ‘Stoker’.
    2. The look Lucas gives his friend in church in ‘The Hunt’. That one look should, in my ludicrously biased opinion based primarily on my Mads Mikkelsen man-crush, get him an Oscar nomination.
    1. The opening 10 minutes of ‘Gravity’. We are in complete agreement here. Nothing like that will be seen for another 5/10 years. Soundtrack was extraordinary.


    • “9. Any scene with Antje Traue….. she nicked every scene she was in with storming confidence.”

      + 10000 Kryptillion.

      Antje Traue rocks!

      Kneel before FAORA!!

  18. Great list. Honorable mention: The “don’t cut your arm off, you little b*tch!” scene from Evil Dead.

    • Ooooh!! I forgot about Evil Dead. I actually prefer the chainsaw to the face moment a few seconds later. Epic bloody awesomeness :)

  19. What about Thor’s mother Frigga vs. Malakith and the funeral that follows? Personally that funeral scene and the music “Into Eternity” blew me away and that whole fight sequence was something special.

  20. Remember when the Enterprise was shot out of warp? That was my fav scene of 2013.

  21. Here are some moments that stuck out for me in some movies besides what has been said

    Evil Dead- Dude with glasses getting stabbed with the needle over and over and then in eyeball!

    Desolation of Smaug- Dwarf barrel riding down river sequence AND the feast and bees at the house of Beorn (shapeshifter)

    Star Trek into Darkness- Kirk punching Khan til he is tired and Khan standing there unharmed. Kirk looks up in a weak and defeated way.

    This Is the End- Channing Tatum cameo, Backstreet Boys in Heaven

    We are the Millers- Emma Roberts and Jennifer Aniston teaching the kid to kiss back and forth and back and forth while acting like sister and Mom (respectively)

  22. That qualudes scene in Wolf was clas-sic! And as soon as I saw Popeye on the screen I knew what was coming! The clap scene in Conjuring too, I won’t forget that anytime soon!

  23. The hanging scene went on far to long for me. Nothing in that movie matches the pure raw emotion of the final scene of that film.

  24. I don’t agree with your criticisms of Pacific Rim,AT ALL. Guillermo Del Toro made the perfect live-action tribute to Japanese giant mecha anime,from his childhood,and I think most people will agree (myself include),he succeeded perfectly. Pacific Rim was a great sci-fi film.

    • Yep, it was the best movie I’d seen throughout 2013 (and that includes seeing Oscar contenders and such like Gravity).

      The thing is, I was never a fan of giant mecha fighting giant robots as a kid and avoided anime and videogames that feature similar themes but I was excited about Pacific Rim purely because it looked like amazing fun and went on release, walking out completely satisfied by the end result.

      People say “there were many plot holes” and maybe there were but personally, I didn’t see any because I was too busy enjoying what was happening on screen.

  25. Yeah…for me it was probably the first flight in Man of Steel. Or maybe the reveal of Smaug. (Although while on topic, I have to ask – who was wanting/expecting more dragon fire in the Hobbit?)

    Regarding Iron Man 3, all I will say is that Thor: The Dark World wishes that it had something half as genuinely entertaining as the Mandarin twist.

    Regarding Pacific Rim, I would expand the summary to say that all of the Kaiju/Jaeger scenes were everything that I hoped for, and just about perfect. The rest of the film was comparatively quite weak, I agree, but all of the real action was fantastic, not just the sword thing.

    Regarding Star Trek Into Darkness, I am one of those who HATED that. Everyone responsible deserves to be immediately and permanently blacklisted from ever working on Star Trek again, in my personal opinion. I generally don’t speak in such absolutes, but the Khan yell was the most cringeworthy thing I have seen in a long time. Utterly horrible.

    • That was harsh of me, about Star Trek. And I feel kind of bad. Not that I don’t hate that seen as much as I said…but I should have been more diplomatic about it. The franchise could really benefit from some new blood, though. Writers, director. We need new ideas and genuine understanding of the material.

      • *scene

      • Well, I look at it this way: Star Trek had hundreds upon hundreds of hours to tell smaller and smarter stories on TV. The big screen is a good place to really go all out on epic space action, using the budget and the means that the TV shows never had at their disposal. But I agree that, along with the grand action, we could really use some stories that require at least a shred of intelligence. That rules out Orci, Kurtzman & Lindelof. They really need to bring in some GOOD writers, and drop the HYPED writers. Loved Abrams directorial style, though. Unfortunately he is busy with Star Wars now, so there needs to be someone else.

        • Oh, I agree about the TV/movie thing. But as you say, even though film is a medium that lends itself to more self-contained, visually-driven stories (simpler, more fun) a film still can be and should be well-written. And it’s Star Trek – I realize that from a studio perspective, it’s all about making money, but from a franchise integrity perspective, Star Trek whether film or TV should always be theme-driven. And please, new themes people.

          As for Abrams, I do like his visual style in general, but he could have used a little restraint with the repeated Star Wars references in his Star Trek films. Again, new ideas are better than recycled old ones. Also, having the Enterprise parked underwater just because it looks cool when it surfaces…to me, things like that seem unbalanced, with the visual appeal overriding the logic of the story. But hey.

          • Yeah, that’s a general problem with these movies. Why send Kirk on an ice moon with monsters where he can conveniently meet Spock Prime AND Scotty instead of just locking him up in his quarters or that great quarantine chamber that they seem to have in the medbay? Why would a supernova threaten the whole galaxy? Why would a giant hangar have only one tiny door that barely is wide enough for three people side by side? I could go on. The new Star Trek movies have great character moments and humor, amazing visuals, sound and music, and spectacular action, which I love them for, but the contrieved stories and their inner logic are completely braindead. It should be possible to combine all those great elements AND a great story.

      • Yeah, if ONLY we could find someone to tell stories that weren’t built upon the concepts of Quantum Mechanics & MWI…i.e. Science, then Star Trek could go back to being……dead….instead of returning to theaters for the 2016 50th Anniversary year.

        • Interesting comment. A bit hard to decipher. Anyway, I don’t have any problem with the alternate universe thing. I just think that the whole point of it should be to wipe the slate clean and tell new stories.

          Beyond that, whatever the basic plot idea, the execution should be well-thought-out. That does not have to exist only as an “either or” alternative to being exciting.

          • But that’s not how “Alternate Universes” work. You don’t just get a Universe that bears no resemblance to it’s sister Universes. Both Quantum Mechanics and MWI a very, very clear on this.

            So, if you want to just “wipe the slate clean”, you’re aren’t bothering to stay true to the science, something that Star Trek (with the exception of things like transporters and Star Trek V) has always tried to do.

            Explained waaaaaaay back in 2008:

            To tell completely different stories with completely different people that bear no resemblence to the people and the universe that the other parallel universes of Star Trek exist in. Data explained this in the ST:TNG episode “Parallels”.


            For further info on Parallel Universes, I recommend MIT’s own, Prof.Max Tegmark:


            It is for these reasons that in all of the various Parallel Universes shown in Star Trek have ALL been similiar. The only difference is that we actually got to witness this Parallel Universe being born (i.e. the Quantum Event of Nero’s 24th Century Borg Tech enhanced Romulan Mining Ship destroying the USS Kelvin).

            So just as the Trek Prime Universe has guys like Gary 7, the Organians, etc. floating around in them, so does this Parallel Universe. The interactions between the Enterprise crew and these people according to the MWI, MUST be very similiar in some ways and radically different in others.

            Before 2009, Star Trek was a dead property. These two films resurrected it. That means we’ll get a 50th Anniversary film for Trek just like we did for James Bond, or a 50th Anny episode for Doctor Who that we got in November.

            This is thanks to Orci & friends writing a story based as much as possible in actual science. Science that dictates that the people and events in the Trek Prime Universe must interact very similiarly in this Trek Parallel Universe.

            I then go back to Data’s explanation of the concept which was clear and easily understandable.

            • Well, if it is all based in sound science (which would truly shock me), then that is really depressing. Who knew that science was such a wet blanket on good storytelling?

              The franchise was indeed dead before, and these new films have resurrected it. But that does not mean that they are high-quality films.

              • Sorry, but Quantum Mechanics is what it is. Like I said, read the info from the MIT website, read the article I posted from Trek where Bob Orci sources the science discussed on said MIT website as the basis for this parallel universe they created. It only “shocks” you because you aren’t familiar with the science, however, not being aware of a science does not negate said science. Again, Commander Data’s definition of Parallel Universes is very clear (and scientifically true):


                Nero destroying the USS Kelvin created a Quantum Event that began a parallel universe. The most radical difference from the newly created universe to the Trek Prime Universe was the later destruction of Vulcan, other than that many of the differences were subtle (mostly due to the technological advances gained from the Kelvin’s scans of the Narada). The stories may evolve differently, but physics demands that the energy in one universe will not radically move in a different direction from its sister universe.

                Star Trek films, with only a couple exceptions, have never been known as “high quality films”. If we take Star Trek (2009) or Star Trek Into Darkness and compare them to Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Star Trek: The Search for Spock, Star Trek: The Final Frontier, Star Trek: Generations, Star Trek: Insurrection or Star Trek: Nemesis……….ESPECIALLY when compared to Star Trek: The Final Frontier….these past two films are as “high quality” as Star Trek films have ever been.

    • I started watching Star Trek earlier today but stopped 40 minutes in because I was cold and tired.

      The thing is, 40 minutes into the movie and so far, nothing much has happened other than high ranking officers being killed by Khan. Kirk being stripped of his captaincy and then reinstated not long after seemed like a complete waste of time just to expand the running time slightly.

      So far, I’m not enjoying it but I’ll finish it tomorrow (I’ve got Sunday’s episode of Sherlock to watch too so I should hopefully have enough time for both).

  26. Good list, although I have somewhat different favorites.

    First of all, I really liked the Mandarin twist in Iron Man 3. Mixing up worn out cliches like that really deserves some praise, even if it leaves an army of butthurt comic fans in its wake. :D

    I can’t really pick a favorite moment in Gravity, because the whole movie was great from start to finish. I don’t want to isolate any of that. Hence here is my Top 3:

    1: My favorite moment was probably in Star Trek Into Darkness, whe the Dreadnought plowed into San Francisco. That looked utterly insane and left me with my mouth wide open in astonishment.

    2: My second favorite moment was the epic zombie attack on Jerusalem in World War Z. How that avalanche of zombies spilled over the walls and then plowed through the streets (apparently I like scenes that involve plowing) and how they flung themselves off rooftops with complete disregard for any injuries was something I’ve never seen before, and it was awesome to behold!

    3: I loved the drone attack on the survior camp in Oblivion. How that drone relentlessly bounced around in there and… gotta say it… plowed through the defenders was a real edge-of-the-seat moment for me. Loved it.

    • Ewww…You like dirty movies….


  27. The Worlds End, bar fight and bathroom fight.

    • They were probably the only good moments that happened in that movie. The end especially was a load of old twaddle about what it means to be human. I sat in my seat cringing and glad to be on the back row so no one could see how badly affected I was by that speech.

    • Drunk Nick Frost trying to come up with a name for the enemies: “Smashy Smashy Egg Men”

      Biggest laugh I had all year!

  28. American Hustle, science oven haha.

  29. “the ugliness, absurdity and injustice of American slavery in a way we will never forget.”

    Yeah, because the countless millennia that slavery existed globally before being imported to the Americas didn’t exemplify the ugliness, absurdity and injustice of it in a way we would never forget….wait, what?

    • Might sound cynical of me but it does indeed feel like these slavery movies are focusing more on America-centric stories while seemingly ignoring all others.

      That’s not me hating America, in fact, I’ve always loved the country and still want to call it my home before I get too old and die first but it’s just disappointing that the only slave-based stories that were released as movies that I can think of right now that weren’t set in the US are Spartacus and Dogtooth (albeit for a slightly different reason for the slavery).

      Django Unchained, Oscar contender, US based slavery tale.

      12 Years A Slave, Oscar contender, US based slavery tale.

      I think it’s about time filmmakers looked at the subject worldwide throughout history (and still ongoing) and point the spotlight onto those stories so we can get a balance. Maybe a film about the Asian gang of Pakistani descent who kidnapped young white girls as young as 11 and turned them into sex slaves in the north of England (that gang was jailed last summer after a lengthy trial). That’s just one example.