Top 10 Movie Moments of 2013

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Top 10 Movie Moments of 2013

Header - Top 10 Movie Moments of 2013We've waited until the general public had a chance to catch all the big films that hit theaters last year - now it's time to once again look back at the year in movies that has passed us by, and highlight the top 10 moments that we will forever carry in memory.Let's Be Clear: This list is not just comprised of movie moments that we would deem "the best"; it is comprised of moments that may have shocked, awed, frightened, disappointed or otherwise did SOMETHING to make a lasting impression. With that said, let's start the countdown...WARNING - MAJOR SPOILERS FOLLOW!!!!!!!!!

Pistol Throating - Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers Pistol Scene Deep Throat

Aside from the half-naked former Disney gals and exploitative sequences of teenage debauchery (set to dubstep tunes), there's a moment somewhere in the middle of Spring Breakers where two of the girls (Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson) flip the script by forcing James Franco's character, Alien, to deep-throat a couple of loaded pistols.Filmmaker Hormine Korine certainly likes to push buttons (see: KidsGummo) and this (brilliant? Disgusting?) reversal of gender roles certainly did that. We'll never look at Franco the same way again...

The Forgot-Me-Sword - Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim Gypsy Danger Sword Scene

Look, we could talk about all the plot holes and poor storyline, the inconsistent (or incomprehensible) accents of the lead actors, or the overall silliness of this "Monsters vs. Robots" popcorn blockbuster......But come on, when the Gypsy Danger crew finally remembered that they had a big ass sword up their sleeve, popped that sucker and cut that flying Kaiju monster in half? Yeah, that's pretty much the epicness that fanboys paid to see.Pacific Rim wasn't perfect - but that moment surely was.

Round of Applause - The Conjuring

 The Conjuring Hand Clap Scene

People claim that horror movies aren't scary any more, but director James Wan pretty much murdered that theory with his throwback horror flick The Conjuring, yet again proving that good horror just requires creativity and precision, not CGI monsters and viscera.Using a simple children's game based on sound location and handclaps, Wan led Lili Taylor's Carolyn Perron on not one, but two rounds of clap-game frights, culminating in a chilling moment that required no blood or gore to make everyone in the theater nearly mess their pants.

Hangin' Around - 12 Years A Slave

12 Years a Slave Hanging Scene

While some may be scarred from the brutal scene of favored slave Patsey (Lupita Nyong'o) being beaten by a coerced Solomon Northup (Chiwetel Ejiofor), the scene that stands out to us is when Solomon is left partially hung from a noose for an entire day -  his "salvation" from death arriving on the technicality that he is still his master's property.Director Steve McQueen let the camera linger on the scene so long it eventually made us feel like WE couldn't breathe. The sight of Solomon desperately dancing on his tip-toes as onlookers pass by (either too indifferent or too scared to help) pretty much encapsulates the ugliness, absurdity and injustice of American slavery in a way we will never forget.

Reverse Khaaaaan - Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Darkness Khan Scream (Spock)

Personally, I predicted that this would happen long before the movie was released - but for those who didn't see it coming, the reversal of Star Trek II's most iconic quote was quite a doozy.Some people loved it, others really, really, REALLY hated it - and some people didn't know what the hell all the commotion was about. Regardless, the filmmakers behind Star Trek Into Darkness chose to boldly go where others had already gone, and the reaction was a strong one - for better or for worse.

Smaug Alert - The Hobbit Pt. 2

Smaug (Benedict Cumberbatch) in The Hobbit the Desolation of Smaug

Between Game of Thrones and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey it seems like we've been waiting (im)patiently for some popular fantasy series to deliver some kick-ass dragon action. While The Desolation of Smaug didn't quite deliver as much dragon fire as we would've liked, getting to know Smaug turned out to be quite a joy.The design and CGI rendering of Tolkein's iconic dragon/menace/hoarding addict was impeccable - as was the choice to have "New Khan" Benedict Cumberbatch provide the villain's smoky baritone. A dragon who is as cunning as he is fierce? Daenerys Targaryen better take some parenting notes...

Super Quaaludes - Wolf of Wall Street

Wolf of Wall Street Quaaludes scene sequence

Thanks to the unexpected onset of some powerful quaaludes, Jordan Belfort's (DiCaprio) short drive home becomes a grotesque struggle to stop his inebriated friend Donnie (Jonah Hill) from spilling the beans to the FBI over a tapped phone.Even Hithcock would be proud of Scorsese's creation of dramatic tension using a telephone, a short distance, and two characters who are bat-**** crazy on drugs. It's arguably one of Wolf of Wall Street's grossest and most depraved moments - but it also happens to be a hilarious, horrifying and clever sequence - and one of the most impressive bits of physical acting we saw all year. The Popeye reference was just icing on the cake.

That's Not the Mandarin - Iron Man 3

 Iron Man 3 Mandarin Reveal as Trevor Slattery

It's been talked about so much we're nearly sick of saying it now, but once again it demands acknowledgment.Ben Kingsley wasn't the real Mandarin; it was all just a subversive fake-out by director Shane Black and writer Drew Pearce; and depending on your level of experience with Iron Man comics, it was either a deal-breaking betrayal by Marvel Studios, or a hilarious twist that made the movie more enjoyable.You've probably already debated ad nauseam with friends and enemies alike - all we're saying is that if nothing else, it was memorable.

R.I.P Zod - Man of Steel

Man of Steel - Zod Death Neck Snap Scene

The climatic moments of Man of Steel had a profound effect on viewers, and started a debate that has extended well beyond the borders of the cinematic or comic book zeitgeists.It doesn't matter if it happened the same way in Superman II or in Superman comic books; seeing the Man of Steel kill General Zod challenged people's core beliefs about who this character was, is, and will be going forward into modern times.And that debate is still ongoing...

Opening Sequence - Gravity

Gravity Opening Shot Sequence

Nothing this year even comes close to matching the awe-inspiring opening sequence of Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity. One-take tracking shots have become the director's signature, but a nearly twenty-minute, one-take 3D sequence set in outer space pretty much out-classed anything we've seen in cinema for the last few years.It is so very rare these days that we see something that makes us remember the magic of movies as opposed to a checklist of technical tricks and cliches - but right from the outset (and on through the conclusion) Gravity had our jaws drooping as we kept asking ourselves, "Howhedodat?"

Honorable Mentions

Best Movie Moments 2013 - Honorable MentionsWhen making this list, we found there were quite a few moments that stuck out in mind. Here are a few that fell just short of the Top 10:
  • Evans as Hiddleston - Who didn't love that little Avengers Easter egg in Thor The Dark World?
  • Cruise vs. Cruise (Oblivion) - Maybe you saw the clone twist coming, maybe you didn't. Either way, it was cool to see Tom Cruise kicking his own ass.
  • Train fight (The Wolverine) - The trailer made this sequence look bad, but in the finished film it was pretty sweet (even in 3D).
  • Awkward Dinner (Only God Forgives) - Kristen Scott Thomas' monologue in that scene seared our brains and probably helped clear the room at Cannes.
  • Rusty Interrogator (Olympus Has Fallen) - Gerard Butler made stabbing a man through the face a LOL moment. We're not sure that's a healthy thing.
  • "Fly a Kite" song (Saving Mr. Banks) - This catchy and iconic Mary Poppins tune is showcased twice in the film; first it'll bring a smile to your face, later, tears to your eyes.


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  1. “The Airbend”, “Can you stand the Rain” Dance Scene in “The Best Man Holiday!!! :)
    Sandra Bullock trying to get up an Walking foward at the end of “Graviy”. :)

  2. Id go with the airplane scene in-im3
    Supes’ first flight or the pa kent tornado scene or the smallville battle for-MoS
    Bathroom scene from-the worlds end
    Mother russia takes out the cops-kickass 2
    The portal hopping-thor 2

    I wouldve preferred Spock just speak Khans name and repeat it 3 times, each time with more anger and lastly yelling it to show his growing emotion.

  3. A person is “hanged” a picture is “hung.” If a person is “hung” then the girls will want him…

    • “They said you was hung.”
      “And they was right.”

      -Wisdom directly from Blazing Saddles.

  4. Great list!
    I haven’t seen some of these films but I definitely want to catch them soon.

    Man of Steel had a lot of great moments with a good amount of impact on me personally:
    - Kal-El’s first flight
    - Jonathan Kent’s death scene
    - “Goodbye my son” scene along “You are my son”
    - The moment Superman destroys the World Engine
    - When Kal comes out of nowhere and starts pummeling Zod while yelling “You think you can threaten my mother”

    Man of Steel was not without flaws but of the films I have seen on this list, this film provides many impactful scenes.

  5. I would have definitely put the infamous crash scene in Rush… They recreated it perfectly, watch the original footage and you’ll see, impeccable. And watching it on the big screen you really have that feel of urgency as you watch the guy burning inside the car…

    • Great pic.
      I have noticed Rush doesn’t get much love on this, or many other, site(s)

  6. What about the surgery scene in The Wolverine and the fight right after??

  7. Oh come on, “Gravity”‘s opening sequence? That’s just a 20-minute CGI film, it’s like saying “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within” the entire film was an amazing sequence.

    It wasn’t a take, it was CGI, there’s nothing amazing about a 20-minute animated film. True it was spectactular, but calling it an amazing how’d you do that single take is going apeshit stupid in the brain. It was an animated sequence. If you say it was an amazing sequence and it deserved #1, that’s one thing, if you thought that was a single take goodness when everything was CGI except for the shots of the actor’s faces, then Reservoir Dogs must be your god.

  8. I’M SHOCKED!!

    I can’t believe WB/DC lover boy Kofi Outlaw didn’t pick all top ten from his favorite movie of all time, Man of Steel.

    Guess you didn’t want to be to obvious there did ya, with your Henry Cavil man crush.

  9. That problem with Pacific Rim WAS that they forgot they had a sword. If you pilot a giant robot to fight monsters, you lead with the sword until you don’t have a sword anymore.

    • Not necessarily. The whole reason why the built those giant robots in the first place was the toxicity of the blood. When possible they wanted to kill the Kaiju by pummeling them to death with blunt force, without breaking the skin and spilling the blood. Because of that the sword is only a last resort weapon.

      Yeah, I’m aware that this logic is somewhat negated by Charlie “checking the pulse” by blasting the Kaiju to bits, but that’s movie logic for you. ;)

    • Sorry for the late response. Just came across this article….

      For the record: Raleigh was unaware Gipsy had been equipped with the sword. Mako’s father was a sword-maker and added it to the arsenal when she was restoring it during the time he was on his walkabout. He had the only training session that ended early and abruptly so that was the first he knew about it. In defense of Mako, she was in the heat of her very first actual Kaiju fight and largely letting the more experienced Raleigh lead the way so it’s reasonable to suggest it slipped her mind until then.

      The “checking the pulse until the area is flooded with Kaiju Blue” is also easily explainable. The last time Raleigh turned his back on a Kaiju he thought was dead it killed his brother and trashed his ride. Considering there was still a Cat IV to be fought and they were in the last functional Jaeger at the moment his getting a little cathartic release/ revenge while making sure the thing wasn’t getting back up was (imo) understandable.

      All in all I still find it disappointing that people are more willing to pick apart plot holes in movies done for fun and entertainment and then choose to ignore them, if not outright defend them, when movies take themselves more seriously. I think it should be the other way around, personally. I will admit though, GdT could have used 5 more minutes of screen time on maybe a dozen additional lines of dialogue throughout the movie and 3/4′s of the so-called “plot holes” would have disappeared entirely.

  10. Kofi, stop spreading misinformation. Superman did NOT kill Zod in the comics. He killed an ALTERNATE REALITY version of Zod, not the “real” one. Also, the fate of the Kryptonian villains is left ambiguous in Superman II, so it’s misleading to outright claim that Superman killed him. Please make the appropriate corrections to the article.

    • @Motorhead

      Seriously, stop with this stick flowers into the barrels of guns BS. Superman kills them in Superman II. They were made mortal, then thrown into a bottomless pit. Let me ask you, can you survive a fall into a pit where you can’t even see the bottom? Please tell me there’s a chance you survive it. And even if they survive, they would be in such bad shape that they will die eventually. Do you think there is a hospital down there and they can order take-out pizza to keep them alive?? Come on…

      And it doesn’t matter if he kills “the” Zod or an “alternate universe” Zod, he still kills that INDIVIDUAL when it became necessary in that comic, and in the movie it was necessary, so yes, he kills Zod, which in my opinion is a great thing. If he had let him cut that family in half with the lasers just so he can save himself from feeling guilty, I would stop watching any superman movie made in that same movie universe…

  11. I have to ask, did nobody on this site watch Rush? I mean, did you figure it’s just a racing movie so you’ll have to be a racing fan to like it, so why bother? Trust me, go watch the movie…

  12. My most memorized movie scenes of 2013 (that I’ve watched), for good or bad:

    - Plane-pulling scene in Fast and Furious 6: so illogical it’s logical.
    - Crimson Dynamo’s pose: where I go HELL YEAH the loudest.
    - Riddick killed a guy by kicking a machete: the theater fell silent.
    - “I AM THE MANDARIN!!” *thunk!* : where I realized that Iron Man 3 is a clever satire.
    - Mother Russia single-handedly killed 10 police officers: make her Amazonian please!
    - Logan crisped by atomic bomb and healed himself shortly after: I was speechless.
    - Storm of debris in Gravity: scarily beautiful, beautifully scary.
    - Tom Hanks breaking down at the end of Captain Phillips: I cried.
    - Keller being buried alive: NOOOOOOO!!!
    - “What was I supposed to do? Just let them die?” “Maybe.” : WHAT??!! So infuriating.

    Actually, despite I left the theater with mixed feelings, Man of Steel is the most memorable movie I’ve ever watched, from start to finish.

    And many more. Such memorable year.

  13. Pretty much agree with you Kofi. I would included the Sups v Zod battle in outer space. WOwww. Such great action choreography and special effects in MOS