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Star Wars Invades 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

New footage of this year’s Olympics may help explain as to why some skiers have wiped out during runs.

Mark Hamill’s Favorite STAR WARS Fan Moments

Luke Skywalker’s Adoption

A bad idea in a galaxy far, far away.

Seven Meets Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld writes and directs the movie Seven.

NEXT: Dexter Lost Episode

DEXTER: Caught – The Lost Episode (A Dexter Parody)

Deb and Masuka catch Dexter mid-kill in this unreleased episode (somewhere between Seasons 1 and 5).

Buy the Sexy Sounds of the Cinema

For a limited time only, get the SEXY SOUNDS OF THE CINEMA, exclusively from Ron Cugle Records!!

Don’t Wait, Act NOW!! Through this special TV (er… YouTube) offer, you can get the sexy sounds of: “Audible Chewing,” “Marlon Brando Washing his Head,” “Leonardo DiCaprio Drawing Nipples”… AND MORE!

For the first time ever, you can listen to these sexy, sexy sounds without the obtrusive movie soundtrack getting in the way!!!

A Tribute to the Awards Season

Awards season is finally upon us, and to put you in the right mood, here’s a montage of Film3Sixty’s favorite nominated films for the upcoming BAFTA and Academy Awards, as selected by their editorial team.

Wolverine: The Epic Split

After being amazed by the Van Damme Epic Split and 3D animated Chuck Norris, we had to come up with our own with action figures of course! We at Reckless Abandonment Pictures extremely pumped for X-Men DOFP to come out this summer, and felt like this would be a fitting response!

Top 10 Greatest DC Supervillains

They’re the very best of the super bad.

Top 10 Worst DC Supervillains

Their best hope is to have the hero die laughing.

40 Infamous Villain Hideouts You Wish Were Real

villain hideouts SR Geek Picks: Star Wars Attacks Olympics, Best and Worst DC Villains & More

Source: Which Villain Has The Best Hideout? created by: Movoto.com

Dr. Evil’s Lair? The Technodrome from Ninja Turtles? The Death Star? Which villain’s lair is the biggest and best?

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