The 25 Best Supervillain Movie Costumes

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grundroth thor The 25 Best Supervillain Movie Costumes

There have been some really BAD super villain movie costumes over the years, but not every bad guy costume has been a dud. Some costumes have been both spectacular and memorable, blending the actor and character into one seamless, cohesive unit.

To be considered for this list we’ve judged the costumes based on the following criteria:

1. How faithful is the costume to the source material? – The costume is allowed to deviate from the original design, IF the original concept is still present (i.e., no hooker Catwoman in ripped pants).

2. How does it come across onscreen? – The costume should be visually appealing and look realistic (i.e., no Riddler in a spandex onesie).

3. How well does it hold up over time? – The costume needs to be worthy of staying on this list for years to come – and not be subject to passing fads (i.e., no Lex Luthor from 1978).

4. Is it cool? Because it HAS to be cool. – Nothing will make a super villain less scary than a goofy costume (i.e., no Hector Hammond from Green Lantern).

Let’s take a look at the 25 Best Super Villain Movie Costumes


25. Lady Deathstryke – X2

lady deathstryke The 25 Best Supervillain Movie Costumes

Lady Deathstryke is a beautiful and deadly cyborg and enemy to the X-Men. She has the same adamantium-laced bones as Wolverine, but instead of six blades in her arms, she has long, razor-sharp “claws” that extend from her fingertips.

Her backstory was changed considerably for the film (to the point of almost being non-existent), as was her actual costume – but her deadly fingertip “talons” remained and they looked cool enough to at least get her on the bottom of the top 25…but not any further.


24. Plaster of Paris – The Spirit

plaster of paris1 The 25 Best Supervillain Movie Costumes

The Spirit has many women trying to kill him, and the sexy French belly dancer known as Plaster of Paris is no different. The Spirit’s deadliest foe, The Octopus (who didn’t make our list), hires the midsection-shaking assassin to use her feminine…ehem…”attributes”  as well as her three-pronged throwing daggers and sword to kill the hero.

Plaster of Paris isn’t in the film very long, but as you can see, her outfit is a direct copy of the comic version – sans the white hair. Regardless of that minor change, her costume makes her easy enough on the eyes to dance her way onto this list.


23. Jigsaw – Punisher: Warzone

jigsaw The 25 Best Supervillain Movie Costumes

Billy “The Beaut” Russo was a charming and handsome guy until he tangled with the Punisher and was thrown through a plate-glass window. The encounter left his face horribly disfigured, earning him the nickname “Jigsaw.” He has no special powers, but can go toe-to-toe with the Punisher in a fist fight. Jigsaw is one of those characters that could have turned out really, REALLY goofy on film – but didn’t.

It’s easy to draw random lines on his face in the comics, but onscreen, the makeup job had to be spot on or audiences just weren’t going to take him seriously. Fortunately, they were able to pull off the look and make him an interesting (looking) villain – one who actually looked like he’d been through a meat grinder.


22. Venom – Spider-Man 3

venom6 The 25 Best Supervillain Movie Costumes

Venom is technically an alien symbiote who bonds with a particular host (Peter Parker, Eddie Brock, Ms. Marvel, Flash Thompson) to give them superhuman abilities. It also gives the host an uncontrollable urge to assert their power and has a VERY bad attitude. This choice will be slightly controversial in the fanboy universe, as most Spider-Man fans didn’t like the inclusion of Venom in the film and therefore hate his look as well.

Truth be told, though, Venom only needed to be in an all black outfit (check), have large white “eyes” (check), a mouth full of sharp teeth (check), sharp, claw-like fingers (check) and the ability to “spin” webs like Spider-Man (check).  For those reasons alone, we consider this costume to be a success. The only drawback is when his mask pulls back to show Eddie Brock’s (or rather, Topher Grace’s) face while he is speaking – that just looks dumb.


21. The Lizard – The Amazing Spider-Man

the lizard alt2 The 25 Best Supervillain Movie Costumes

Dr. Curt Connors caught a tough break losing his arm during wartime, but he thought maybe luck was going his way when he discovered a way to splice reptilian DNA with his own, giving him the ability to grow back his lost appendage. However, a side effect of this “cure” was a violent temper, superhuman strength, speed, and oh yeah…he turns into a giant lizard! A film version of The Lizard could really only be pulled off with the help of CG and motion-capture technology, as a man in a suit would probably look too Godzilla-esque.

Fortunately, the filmmakers were able to successfully achieve an old-school comic book look for The Lizard, and it pays off onscreen. Even though he’s missing the purple pants (another famous Marvel character already wears those), The Lizard looked and moved as we always pictured he would.


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  1. Well i was looking forward to Zod(mos Cgi suit) was pretty impressive.
    and loki(with horns). And some others too but was not satisfied with this list.

    still you take time to write so thanks.

    • yeah i forgot about zod and shannon did a great job in that part, i dont understand why some people are bitching about the cgi villains there’s a reason we didnt see some of these movies til recently without cgi they would have been laughable and really unbelievable im didnt want to see the lizard in a big rubber suit but you shouldnt discount it because of cgi

      • Yeah but it’s bad cgi
        You seriously don’t understand why so many people hate the green lantern movie?

        • oh yeah i can understand green lantern but i thought they did a great job with the lizard in spiderman. i thought Zod was perfect somebody said his hair was stupid but thats how it is in most comics. call me crazy but to me zod was a definite highlight in the movie better than fairy in the 80′s movie

    • I hated zod
      His armor looks like it was straight ripped from Raam in gears of war
      And his hair is stupid

  2. Good List & topic

    Agree with:
    Prince Nuada
    Frost Giants (Possibly higher than 10 – best thing in Thor)
    Joker (DKR)
    Dr. Octopus

    Disagree (not even in top 50):
    Red Mist
    The Mandarin (nothing to do with the character)
    Doctor Doom (did not like this costume)
    Red Skull (see Dr. Doom – wasn’t feeling it with this costume & too rubbery / fake)

    Good Costume but not top 25:
    Lady Deathstryke
    Plaster of Paris
    The Baroness
    Yellow Bastard
    Emma Frost (nothing outstanding & hundreds of actresses could have pulled it off)

    Would have added to top 25:
    General Zod (MOS)
    Future Sentinels (X-Men: DOFP)

  3. Where is Magneto?

  4. I find the addition of cgi based characters like lizard and many others a bit silly. Costumes to me mean practical, cgi is a design. But great list!

    • Was gonna post a solar comment. I who your thoughts on CGI

  5. No one from x-men should ever be on any list when discussing costumes.

    when it comes to costumes there is nothing worse then the x men movies.

    not one member of the x men team wore there proper costume.

    for me mystique would be top 5 if she didn’t have those scales.

    Mystique had smooth blue skin. not reptilian skin. and she wore a white dress to probably hide her lady parts.




  6. Such a pity the author “forgot” to gave credits to the authors of fan-art he used. Good practice, a virtue obsolete in the times when everyone can think of is “me”.

    • @Lydia – I didn’t forget anything. All these images were pulled either directly from the pages of comics, trading cards, promotional art or video games. Unless you have specific information to the contrary?

      Paul Young

  7. The Winter Soldier?

    Think they’re pretty good than Red Mist, Lady Deathstryke and Yellow Bastard.

    Agree with Dr. Ock as Number One, even if his costume is just a long jacket and Glasses, the portrayal of the character and the octopus arms effects is what makes him amazing. Also, he is used correctly in the movie, making him the most dangerous and greatest nemesis of Spidey’s film universe.

  8. Damn.. no winter soldier.. :(

    • yep winter soldier looks like they pulled him out of the pages of the comics. and that poor dr doom needs to come off the list

  9. How is CGI not a costume? The final product doesn’t look like a mocap outline of what the character initially looked like does it?
    If Superman had a cgi cape for most of MoS then people should be complaining about him not waring his full costume.

  10. I thought Red Skull was horrible.
    There is at least a few villains from the MCU I’d go with over him.

  11. Good list but i would add Jared Nomak from Blade 2

  12. That Skeletor costume was a joke.

    Magneto should have been on this list as his was the most faithful costume in the X-Men films.

    • Skeletor costume was a classic and one of the best.

      2nd best on screen villian after darth vader.

      Frank langella killed it. And the skull mask was brilliant. Thank god no cgi.

      Magneto costume wasn’t good. Like I said before no x men character should be on any costume list.

      The movies did not use any of the comic or animated costumes at all. Disgraceful.

      And it depends on which magneto. Michael fasbender magneto was ok. They were slowly getting it right.

  13. I believe that The Joker’s real name is Jack Napier.
    And as for Emma Frost, she is now firmly in the X-Men’s camp (and Cyclop’s paramour).

    Other than that–good article!

    • In the comics they have never said his real name or background. The Jack Napier story was made up for the 89 Batman movie.

  14. The Winter Soldier looked great in the movie!

  15. While Joker in DK was fantastic in every possible way, the look loses out to Burton/Jack’s if you’re talking iconic Joker simply for the hair. Joker was always primping and grooming to make himself look perfect, or at least as perfect as a white skinned freak with green hair can look, and would never allow a single hair to fall out of place for long.

  16. Venom? Really? A little scrawny don’t ya think? I mean, these aren’t all winners but that one needed a LOT of help. Well, to be fair, that movie needed a lot of help. Kinda just mailed it in on us didn’t they

  17. How is Mark Strong’s SINESTRO not on this list?

    • He looked great but Sinestro wasn’t the villain in that movie. I thought The Winter Soldier looked perfect but I guess an argument could be made that he’s not a villain either…even though he was in the movie. And I liked seeing Skeletor on the list. I always thought he looked really bad ass. But I thought Venom looked terrible. Haha…nothing organic and fluid about him. Just a stiff, angry clone of the Spiderman costume with clunky CGI.

  18. Plaster of Paris is not just missing the white hair, but the curves as well!

    While I accept live action films can’t be expected to always match the outlandish curves of many female comic characters, this one should have tried – curves are darn near a pre-requisite to be a belly dancer.

  19. Darkness from Ridley Scotts Legend should be a top 3 design.

  20. Good List however I think Abomination from the Incredible Hulk was very well done….should be in the top 10. I also liked Bane from TDKR even though it was not the traditional look…Winter Soldier from Cap 2 also looked solid.

  21. Number ten, the frost giant on the right seriously reminds me of the creeper from Jeepers Creepers.

  22. Agree with just about all of these but January Jones is on the wrong list – she deserves to be on the worst list. Putting her in white skimpy clothes doesn’t at all capture the menacing, ice-cold edge to the White Queen.

    Also, small error, Emma Frost didn’t use her telepathy to cheat at school, her powers didn’t begin to surface until late in high school – she did use them to attempt and seduce her favourite teacher though.

  23. Emma Frost ran the Massachusetts Academy.

  24. I stopped at Venom. Topher Grace was bad enough…and while the costume was at least good, Sam Raimi defiled one of the greatest villains in comic history. And that alone destroys the cinematic costume itself. Waiting for the new one…

  25. this is amazing review thanks a lot

  26. This list seems more like 25 comic book villains in movies. There’s way more cool costumes out there than what’s on this list. C’mon!!!!

  27. Whoever came up with this list is an idiot! This is based on YOUR stupid opinion!

    • @Mark – Thanks for reading! You caught me though – this list IS based on my opinion. I thought for sure I’d get away with generating a list without anyone calling me on it. You’re obviously WAY too observant though. Good catch!

      Paul Young

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