12 Best Super Bowl Commercials 2013: Budweiser, Samsung & More

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best super bowl commercials 2013 12 Best Super Bowl Commercials 2013: Budweiser, Samsung & More

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After a lengthy power outage and a brief Destiny’s Child reunion, the Baltimore Ravens took home the win at Super Bowl XLVII. But after spending 3.8 million per 30-second-spot, the thing most companies are hoping for today is for their expensive ad to be considered one of the best - not just one of the many.

Out of all the commercials that aired during the 2013 Super Bowl, there were more than a few that stood out - good and bad. From a touching tale of a baby Clydesdale (Budweiser) to the surprising adventures of the delinquent elderly (Taco Bell), this year’s ads managed to bring laughter and tears to the most watched event on television.

To help save you time from having to watch all of the 50+ commercials, we’ve collected the 12 best ads from this year’s Big Game. And no, GoDaddy’s creepy “Big Kiss” ad is not included in this list – so you don’t have to worry about looking away or covering your ears.

Which ad do you think was the best?


Budweiser – “Brotherhood”


Dodge – “God Made A Farmer”


Doritos – “Fashionista Daddy”


Doritos – “Goat 4 Sale”


Hyundai – “Team”


Jeep – “Whole Again” 


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  1. Worst year for commercial ever lol

    • Agreed. To think it cost almost $4 mil for a 30 sec spot is crazy

  2. I guess I was the only person who liked the M&M’s commercial where Red is singing Meatloaf’s “I would do anything for love (But I won’t do that)”.

    • You were not alone.

    • I stand with you.

    Mercedes: Soul
    Axe: Lifeguard
    TIDE: Miracle Stain

    WORSE (on your best of list):
    Taco Bell
    Doritos: Fashionista Daddy

    This year had a few chuckles but nothing stood out and there were more lame ducks than most years

  4. For those of us with daughters, Fashionista Daddy was hilarious.

  5. That Jeep commercial was a bit heavy on the propaganda. Did they really have to use the theme from The Pacific, a show about a war that makes every single one of today’s “armed conflicts” look like a highschool brawl?

    • Yup. Nothing works better than using the troops to sell jeeps.

    • Where I do agree that I could be seen as quite heavy on the propaganda, the fact that this company gained its notoriety during World War 2, not to mention that Jeep actually has the program about bringing troops home. It may have been over the top, but between the very emotional music (I recognized it but my family never saw The Pacific) and the sight of seeing families reunited, there were numerous wet eyes in the room.

      • Yeah, I would by lying if I’d say that it left me cold, and I appreciate what they are doing, but they could have been a little more subtle (or less ham-fisted) about it. ;)

  6. I really digged the audi commercial where the kid walks in prom and just kisses the prom queen (much to her enjoyment) in front of everyone. takes a punch from the prom king and leaves happy. it had #win written all over it

  7. I was very disappointed by this year’s commercials, as were everyone else it seems. But no VW commercial? Or did you guys find the white guy doing the Jamaican accent racist?

    At first, I didn’t catch the link between a German company and the Jamaican culture. But then I remembered the 60s and 70s in America when the drug scene was heavy. What did all the hippies smoke in and what was seen during Woodstock? Beetles and the VW bus. So those 3 guys go for a ride and come back all speaking with a Jamaican accent and the ad closes with #GetHappy. That was the most subliminal ‘get high’ ad I’ve seen and well done by VW to get that aired.

    • Wow…all tinfoil hats aside, I thought that seeing a person who is incredibly happy and positive at all times made me smile, even though I would never consider buying a VW.

  8. Saul Goodman!

    • That was the point of it. If you thought that was bad, you’d lose your lunch over the online version. I know I almost did.

  9. Taco Bell’s was a win-win for me. :D

  10. I thought the Dodge Farmers commercial was amazing and very well made. The Audi commercial was stupid and could have bee an axe ad. I also thought the mercedes ad with Dafoe as the devil was pretty good.

    • Is it just me, or as Dafoe gets older, he becomes more and more evil looking. The dude just freaks me out!

  11. The NFL commercial with Deion Sanders aka “Leon Sandcastle” was my favorite by far.

    • That was my favorite also.
      I think it’s getting lost in the conversation because only football fans got what it was really about. Most non-fans don’t know what the NFL Combine is.

      • @DT: I thought it was funny too… but really wasn’t a commercial in the sense of product as it was advertising for the NFL Combine and NFL Draft (which it did effectively).

  12. nobody liked pistachio style? seriously? I mean out of this list I would have to go with the Milk “morning run” but it was pretty freaking awesome when Psy exploded out of that giant pistachio in a neon green suit coat. I was laughing pretty hard

    • @movieDude:

      Sorry… Psy’s 15 minutes of fame is done.

      • whether or not the dude will stay famous is another conversation entirely, but the commercial in and of itself made me laugh harder than the oreo one or the milk commercial. its just my honest opinion, pretty dang funny

      • I hope Psy gets hit by a bus so we don’t have to be put through the same joke over and over and over and over and over and over and over again like we are now…

        Oh wow, he does a stupid dance, soooooo funny… ha… ha… ha… /sarcasm

  13. Non American here, What the hell, some of those commercials are so cringey it’s unbelievable, the dodge and jeep one’s especially, using God and War and troops to sell cars, really?? Throw in some sentimental music for good measure, it’s just nauseating stuff. Dorito’s one’s were kinda funny though.

    Here’s what I don’t get about American football, I’m here in Europe, the Superbowl was on during the night over here so I woke up this morning and out of curiosity I searched on Google to find out who won the game and what score it was etc. All I got was articles and headlines about Beyonce and some show at half time, and then lists of commercials etc etc, all this nonsense before I actually found out the result of the game.

    What’s up with that? I can imagine it drives proper US sports fans nuts

  14. I am a Canadian n we don’t get most(if any) of ur commercials here.. but that bud one was great.. made a little tear come to the eye.. I am a sucker for animals I guess

  15. Really? So Samsung pays for 2 minutes to tout about how they are the “next big thing” when the Galaxy is already out and it’s using an OS that a million other phones already have… How exactly is that the “next” big thing? Not to mention, the entire commercial doesn’t say a single thing about the phone’s capabilities. It relied 100% on the celebrity endorsement. I know that’s “part of the joke” but how was that really supposed to convince people to buy the phone unless their target are really stupid people who are easily impressed upon???

  16. Yeah, I really thought the VW commercial was fantastic. Best commercial I’ve seen in a long time. I loved the irony of it being a white guy from Minnesota and the whole commercial is quotable.

  17. I am a Bulgarian but I started taking interest in SuperBowl commercials since last year, when there were so many great ones. I just watched these now and… they’re so lame! And are you kidding me? God made a farmer on 2nd place? That must be the lamest commercial I’ve ever seen. Out of the whole bunch here I only liked the two Doritos videos – I voted for the goat.