The 12 Best Movie Sequels Ever Made

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Best Movie Sequels The 12 Best Movie Sequels Ever Made

Before I begin with this list of our favorite movie sequels, I want to stress this is strictly opinion and not fact. I hope the following will incite discussion and debate, but let it be known that no list is definitive. Having said that, let’s get it on!

In honor of Iron Man 2 releasing this weekend, it seemed right to come up with a list of cinema’s top sequels. Not to mention, there are endless movie sequels in the mix for the upcoming years.

While the top three picks on our list seemed obvious, setting even them in order was a tough task. More difficult was rounding out a top ten. So, instead of just going with the standard ten, we’ve extended our list to 12. Included are four costumed heroes, a couple evil empires and some computer-generated classics.

There is a little bit of a difference between a sequel that tops its predecessor in terms of quality, and one that is a self-contained stroke of genius. These twelve films on our list fit both qualifications. While we’d love to explore what made every fun sequel a hit – like Wayne’s World 2 and its Jurassic Park spoof – it seemed more efficient to stick to the sequels that may have come second in order, but are first in our hearts.

Honorable Mentions:

Honorable Mention Best Movie Sequels The 12 Best Movie Sequels Ever Made

A dilemma cropped up in creating this list. Silence of the Lambs is a cherished masterpiece of cinema, yet many don’t realize the story is technically a sequel. Michael Mann’s underrated film Manhunter, starring Brian Cox as the infamous Hannibal Lecter, tells the tale you may recall from Brett Ratner’s Red Dragon. Silence of the Lambs explores the events that follow Manhunter, but it is generally considered the original of its own trilogy. So does it belong on this list? Instead of letting that debate take over, it takes an honorable mention spot.

Also on the honorable mention list is Desperado, the quasi-sequel to El Mariachi. Both films, created by Robert Rodriguez, follow the same character (El Mariachi), but also overlap in story. With only $6,000, Rodriguez made the legendary El Mariachi and eventually acquired a budget to shoot his concept with Antonio Banderas as the lead in a wide-release film. So, Desperado both is and isn’t a sequel. For that we’ll keep it off the main list, but it has earned the right to be mentioned.

Ironically, all but the top two picks on our list are still running franchises or properties in the midst of a reboot. That just goes to show you the creativity and lasting effect the following narratives have had, and the captivating stories they tell.

#12) Mad Max 2, a.k.a. The Road Warrior

Mad Max 2 The 12 Best Movie Sequels Ever Made

“My life fades. The vision dims. All that remains are memories. I remember a time of chaos. Ruined dreams. This wasted land. But most of all, I remember The Road Warrior. The man we called “Max”. To understand who he was, you have to go back to another time…”

The first lines of Mad Max 2 give me chills every time. The first Mad Max was enjoyable enough, but it seemed to leave a young Mel Gibson in over his head. Only two years later, the Australian star showed up brilliantly in the sequel. The film felt more like the apocalyptic madness the first one missed at times. Don’t get me wrong, the first film has some great moments and feels like a revenge flick more than a Western, neither of which it claimed to be directly.

Maybe the first suffered from a limited release, while the second got wider exposure. Yet, when you watch the movies back-to-back there is a sensation that the first one can only prepare you for the sequel. The entire Mad Max franchise is a bit too B-movie to find its way higher on the list, but the second film deserves recognition as a vast improvement over the first.

#11) Toy Story 2

Toy Story 2 The 12 Best Movie Sequels Ever Made

It is extremely difficult to convince yourself the second Toy Story is better than the original, but sometimes you just need to bite the bullet. Alone, the first is one of the best animated films ever, and was pivotal in ushering in the era of CGI animated features. Toy Story 2 improves upon the first in a number of ways, most impressively the animation. In only four years, from 1995 to 1999, the abilities of the Pixar artists to create their unique look while maintaining a level of total realism improved vastly.

More importantly, the story of the sequel deepens our relationship with the oddly relatable toys. The first shows how great life as a toy can be in a world where humans have a blind love of their toys, despite destructive lunatics like Sid. But in Toy Story 2, we get a sense of the uncontrollable lives of toys, which are so dependent upon people. What happens when maturing interests leave our toys helpless? It is more a second chapter than an extension of the first, which makes it a brilliant film in its own right.

With the quickly approaching Toy Story 3, the second film may not even end up being the best. But Toy Story 2 was evidence of an animation studio hitting its stride as one of the most formidable and dominating in its field. Thanks to the glory of the Toy Story franchise, Pixar has become as legendary as any studio in Hollywood.

Continue to the top 10 sequels…

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  1. I’d rather see T2 and TDK in slots #1 and #2, but other than that this list is pretty good. I’m not a Godfather fan at all, so I’m ‘meh’ on that sequel being mentioned.

  2. I’ve never rated Godfather II quite as highly as everybody else. What’s great is, in fact, great, but you leave out the weak subplot: Hyman Roth. Take him and Cuba out of the story completely (and find some other way to get across Fredo’s betrayal), and the movie would be much stronger. But with it in, I keep checking my watch, wondering when the movie will get back to DeNiro’s brilliance, or the non-Hyman Roth stuff, which is all much more interesting to me.

    (Also, Lee Strasberg’s performance was weak, at best. Saying which might just get me banned from SAG for life.)

    • I agree, Godfather II has alawys been a good but overrated sequel to me. The original is one of my top ten movies of all time too. I think the change in setting and alternating timelines really hurt the movie, whereas you care more about the original and aren’t as aware of what will happen.

    • The story in Godfather II does drag a bit, but considering what it had to follow, it’s as good a sequel as I’ve ever seen.

  3. This is a great list. Thanks for sharing this with us. I agree with a lot of what you have here, however for me “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” is my #1. The characters, the story, the humor, the dialog, etc., etc. is just all GRADE A!!!

  4. Okay, this is where I recommend that everyone also see these other five better-than-the-original sequels: After the Thin Man, Bride of Frankenstein, Decline of Western Civilization II: The Metal Years, Gremlins 2: The New Batch and 7 Plus Seven.

  5. For the record, though I may have to repeat this later…we decided Kill Bill, Vol. 2 is not a sequel, but a continuation of one story, split up by the greedy/evil studio…

    It may sound like it belongs in the Honorable Mention list, but it’s better off the list, considering I like the first more anyway

    • I thought both Kill Bill’s were retarded, so I’m glad it wasn’t on the list, lol.

      • I agree… but if I had to pick one at gunpoint… I liked the 2nd one better.

    • If being part of one continuous story disqualifies Kill Bill, shouldn’t The Two Towers also be disqualified? I, and I think most people, tend to think of Lord of the Rings as just a solid 10 hour epic. I actually can’t even watch the films individually.

      That being said, does “sequel” necessarily have to be the second movie, because I would argue that Return of the King is the best of the LOTR films. ;)

      • ooohh….. good point. And if you Believe Lucas the same thing applies to ‘Empire’. He said it was always part 1 of a story.

        • Here’s how I see it, and you may disagree…

          Many sequels are continuations of stories prior to it, but Kill Bill was filmed as one film and cut in half. The intention from the beginning was one story, and when they decided to split it up, Tarantino kept it lengthy enough to last.

          I don’t have definitive source on that, but I have heard it a number of times from people I trust.

          LotR and Star Wars are each individual films, even if LotR was filmed very close together.

          • I can see your point about Star Wars, but I really don’t see Lord of the Rings as individual films. You can pull any Star Wars movie off of your shelf and enjoy a great stand-alone story. The same cannot really be said about Lord of the Rings.

            • I disagree. I really only like “The Two Towers” and can pull it off the shelf and watch it with no inclination to watch “The Fellowship of the Ring” or “The Return of the King.”

    • shoot, thanks Raven…i actually knew it wasn’t Luke, I am your father. But I must have had a Freudian moment. it’s fixed now.

      • on the Nicholson thing, I didn’t say it wasn’t good. But Ledger’s Joker turns Nicholson’s to much. I’ve always LOVED Nicholson’s. It’s brilliant. But in comparison, nope.

      • S’all good… I am just a hopeless Star Wars fanboy. One of those sleeping on the sidewalk over night just to buy the tickets kinda guys. lol

    • Unless he wants a ton of hate mail and clammering fanboys, he HAS to say how much better Ledger is to everything else ever made and ever will be made. I’m surprised we don’t have a bunch of the fanboys tearing this comment section up because TDK isn’t number 1…

      Personally, I would have had Terminator 2 as number one, but maybe I’m biased because that’s my favorite movie, lol. :-P

      Good list, go Star Wars!! :-D

      • ordering that top 3 was the most difficult thing i’ve ever had to do in my entire life and ever will do for the rest of my existence.

        but i didn’t say the Ledger stuff to please the fans, I genuinely believe it myself. i’m a fan too *sniff *sniff *tear

        • I think you nailed the ordering of the top 3. I love Star Wars as much as the next fanboy but I think the Godfather 2 has the widespread appeal that gives it that extra oomph.

          • Im with Ken J
            The first time I saw Dark Knight I was excruciatingly bored ,and I strongly believe it only did as well as it did because heath died
            As a big batman fan I also found Heath’s joker to be quite weak… in that HE DIDNT ACTUALLY PLAY THE JOKER.. there is next to no similarities with TDK’s joker and the comics

            As far as jokers go Nicholsons was MUCH better than Ledger’s but the king of joker performance’s is Mark Hamill

            As for the list: pretty solid, I love spidey but dont think the sequel deserved to be so high, mostly because Doc Ock wasnt nearly as maniacal enough for me. X2 is probably ,my favorite sequel of all time, followed by godfather 2. And I consider LOTR to be one big movie… saying that LOTR is a sequel to the hobbit so it still has a place in there (in terms of source material not movies obviously)

            • are you sure you weren’t watching Black Knight with Martin Lawrence?

            • I waited until all the hype for TDK died down before seeing it. In fact to the very last week of screening at the cinema I frequent.

              There have been several versions of the Joker in the comic books over the decades and Heath Ledger as an actor had the guts to take ownership of the character and make it his own whilst still retaining some of the character traits that makes the Joker such a fascinating villian.

              The graphic novel “Arkham Asylum” was referenced in production of The Dark Knight, although Heath Ledger used “The Killing Joke” as a primary reference for his portrayal of the Joker.

              Heath Ledger bought an intense allure to the character with his realistic characterization of the homicidal anarchist.

              Jack Nicholson was a great Joker but he was acting from a script. Ledger actually put in the research utilizing the comic books and the graphic novels.

              i really don’t care if TDK is better or not than “Batman Begin”. I enjoyed both films.

              • Good one.

      • Hell yeah, dude. Terminator 2 is one of my favorite movies ever. I was disappointed to see it only at number 4, but there are so many movies to put there that I can see why. All of those movies were amazing. Of course, I think I would have put Spiderman a little lower on the list. There’s no way that any of the Spiderman films are better than any of the Lord of the Rings films, in my opinion. I love comics to death, but I wouldn’t put the Spiderman flicks anywhere near LotR, personally.

  6. What, no love for Transformers 2? LOL, jk.

    • I don’t believe in the history of moviedom I have ever been more disappointed in a movie.

      Now don’t take that the wrong way…. I HAVE seen worse movies (not by much mind you) but Transformers was the most disappointing because the first was good, and how can you really mess up this concept? well… RoTF showed us exactly how.

  7. Great list, Mike – I completely agree with all of that. Also worth a mention, I reckon, are Blade II, Tetsuo II: Body Hammer, Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence, Beneath The Planet Of The Apes, and Quatermass 2 (aka Enemy From Space).

    • You know another sequel always over looked. “Poison Ivy 2″. I mean c’mon… It had Alyssa Milano’s boobs in it.* lol

      Actually… Not sure if the movie was any better or not… I don’t really remember either of them.

      Also…. “Tommy Boy 2″ was good… no wait… that was called “Black Sheep” ;)

      *My apologies to any S.R. ladies out there… but the truth is… I’m a dude and therefore I like boobies! :)

  8. Spiderman 2 better than Superman 2, is that some kind of joke???? Absolutely insane, Spiderman 2 is definitely the best of a bad bunch of movies, but putting it the greatest movie sequels of all time is insane on a level I didnt even know existed.

    • What would you replace it with? Why does it not belong even int eh top 12? Just curious, not attacking

      • Alternatives.

        Hellboy 2.

        Batman Returns

        Blade 2

        And those are just comic book sequels that are better than Spiderman 2. And then there are regular movies like;

        Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

        Rocky 4

        Star Trek First Contact

        Die Hard With A Vengeance

        Back To The Future Part 2

        Dawn Of The Dead

        Return Of The Jedi

        The Bourne Supremacy

        Evil Dead 2

    • @ Quantum leap man…

      I’m sorry… but how is Superman 2 even on this list? Yeah Zod was good. and this movie gave Superman some real villians to fight… but then he fought them with made up powers. He’s freakin’ Superman!! like he doesn’t have enough powers already… you got to give him the infamous cellophane ‘S’ and the even more bewildering ability to disappear… reappear in 4 place… with 3 of the being fake? huh? And don’t give me that “well he was in his fortress of solitude” crap… because that is exactly what the fortress of solitude was… A place for him to go be alone. It wasn’t the “Fortress of whatever power he needed at the moment”. Yes… his parents conciousness was somehow there… but not a genie. :rolleyes:

      • I dont even know what to say to that comment. Oh yes I do, watch the Donner cut.

        • does the Donner cut remove the ending? lmao

          oohh… there’s another thing…. the ending. Yeah it was cool for the audience to see Clark go back to that bar and mess those dudes up… That is exactly what you and I would do…. but that’s the problem. Superman is better than us. He would NEVER behave that way.

          • yeah the ending is different, a lot of the film is, only about 50% of the original movie is used.

            • You sir have piqued my interest. I will rent it. ;)

  9. I was sadden by no inclusion of Rocky 2 or Evil Dead 2(which was FAR superior to the original).

    • you mentioned Rocky 2 before, and to be honest it wasn’t even a thought for me…my order goes as follows:

      Rocky IV
      Rocky II
      Rocky Balboa
      Rocky III
      Rocky V

      Rocky II is great and in honor of Iron Man 2, it is interestingly the exact same scenario experienced by somebody on the opposite end of the spectrum as Tony Stark. It is heart-breaking and a great story, but the original is far and away better, and the 4th is just awesome…You may hate me for that.

      • Why would I hate you for disliking a movie that I like? I’m not a woman…ZING! :)

        We just have different tastes and yours happen to be bad hehe. :P Rocky 1 for me is very hard to watch. Takes forever to get anywhere and the dialog was painfully slow IMHO. Rocky 2 took it up several notches.

        Still think Evil Dead 2 needed to be on there…perhaps instead of Toy Story 2. Unless Woody used a chainsaw for his arm and then he would win hands down.

        • Evil Dead 2 would have been a good choice. I would have knocked off The Two Towers which ISN’T EVEN A SEQUEL.

          • Evil Dead 2 isnt a sequel, its more of a remake
            no Army of Darkness THAT should be on the list probably in place of spidey

      • Your “Rocky” list is almost identical to mine! I have “Rocky Balboa” and “Rocky III” switched.

  10. First of all Spiderman should not be on this list. The whole series was terribly done. The only good parts were in fact Molina and Dafoe’s performances. And if your looking for better sequels how about Russian Dolls or Pusher II:With Blood on My Hands, even M:i-2 is better than Spiderman.

    • I have to respectfully disagree. Mission Impossible 2 was a huge pile of steaming cow dung. I hated that movie. In the first movie Ethan Hunt was a great spy but a real human…. he was knocked out by a 68 year old man with one punch… and in the sequel he has a 42 minute ninja fight in the sand after being the greatest human being to ever touch a motorcycle. WTF? consistency… that’s all I’m asking for.

      • “In the first movie Ethan Hunt was a great spy but a real human…. he was knocked out by a 68 year old man with one punch… and in the sequel he has a 42 minute ninja fight in the sand after being the greatest human being to ever touch a motorcycle. WTF?” – quite possibly the single best quote on this stie lol.

        • :)


      • @Raven

        I have to agree, Mission: Impossible 2 was retarded. I don’t really remember the first one, but really liked the third, but the second was just retarded, thanks to John Woo and his slo-mo-trench-coat-cool gimmicks. And those damn white doves…

    • M:I 2 deserves recognition. It is one of my personal favorites, but it’s a tough call. It is on the cusp for me for this list because it takes away the beauty of the first for flashy, awesome Hans Zimmer scores and visuals and action. But the plot suffers a bit for it.

      • Absolutely agree, MI2′s score is one of my favourites, and Dougray Scott was fantastic as the villain.

      • Let’s be honest here… John Woo needs to be removed from Hollywood. He ain’t alone. *cough* Uwe boll *cough* Hell, I’ll even admit my man Lucas has gone certifiably insane. lol

        Now I’m sure Woo has his place… But if so.. it is definitely firmly placed in the ultra high-octane action (slow motion dove) category. And the problem was the M.I. series should not have been in that category.

        • I especially agree with your last sentence: that was one case where a director fearlessly stamped himself all over a franchise to the detriment of the initial concept.

      • @Mike

        I can’t believe you’re even considering MI2. That was one of the biggest piles of dung to ever hit the silver screen. Every one of John Woo’s action films are exactly the same. The protagonist must wear sunglasses most of the time, his guns never run out of ammo, he shoots all cool and hits everyone, everyone else looks like they’re trying harder but never hits him, the protagonist has to wear a trenchcoat because it looks “cool” flowing in the wind, he has to have long hair for the same reason as the trenchcoat, he has to shoot two guns at once at least 50% of the time, 80% of the movie will be in slow motion, there has to be white doves flying somewhere in the movie (in slow motion of course), and 90% of the bullets fired by the protagonist must be from a motorcycle or while flying through the air (in slow motion).

        It gets old after the first time he does that in my opinion… I basically have a rule to never watch anything directed by that moron…

        • LOL Ken, can’t argue with that!

  11. I hate to sound like a fanboy, but how could you leave out Rambo? This was actually the sequel to First Blood, and remains one of the best action movies of all time.

  12. I wanted to add Shrek II to the list. Being the dad of three kids, I always look for movies where the humor works on different levels. The scene with Pinnochio needing to tell a lie to make his nose grow was one of the funniest scenes in any kids movie!

  13. Oh wait….. just thought of another…

    Back to the Future 2. I know the first one is nigh impossible to top… but the 2nd had so much going on. It was so much more complicated and MASTERFULLY well crafted that it could weave back into the first movie. That is a feat of writing genius in my opinion. Just an excellent film…

    Plus… It gave us hoverboards. only gotta wait 5 more years people… lol

    • Agree with you there Back To The Future part 2 was amazing, such a clever film, best example of time travel paradoxes I have ever seen.

      • yeah… I just saw you listed that up above… I had to check which one of us posted first. beat you by 3 minutes. ;)

        I was afraid I had missed your comment. and since there is no way to edit now…. lol

        But it’s all good. I’m sure we were probably typing those comments at the same time. :)

        • I was too busy writing my list of films that are better than Spiderman 2.

    • I love “Back to the Future Part 2″ but it could quite possibly be the worst sequel… ever. It is exactly the same as “Back to the Future” (which is my #2 favorite film of all time). I don’t want to be back in 1955 – - I was just there! Take me back to the future! That place was cool and one of the only mildly realistic looks at Earth’s future (where humanity isn’t on the run from robots they created as slave labor).

      This movie doesn’t build on the characters at all but puts them in the exact situations they were in in the first movie. I have childhood nostalgia when it comes to this movie, so I love it, but objectively, it’s a horrible sequel.

      • What?!?!?

        It added the addition of Marty’s character flaw that could lead to him living a lesser life then he wanted. He ultimately overcame that in part 3. It dealt with 3 different time periods. the alternate 1985 was brilliant. Obviously it set up part 3 brilliantly. (not a big accomplishment since those two were written together) The story was clever. and I disagree about being upset about going back to 1955. Seeing different parts of that day were cool, like where Biff got his car back and hit on Lorraine.

        It showed a new twist on the dangers of time travel. I think it had a lot more going on it then part 1 or 3.

        • Why should Marty care what some punk ass kid from the future thinks of him? We need to know that even after everything Marty went through in the first movie, he has self-esteem issues??? Heaven forbid someone call him a chicken? Ouch… yeah good one Griff…

          That Biff back in 1955 is completely out of character from who we saw in the first movie. He was just a bully that was sexually harrassing Lorraine, but now we are supposed to believe that he thinks he loves her and wants to take her to the dance? That he’s genuinely hurt when she wants to go with Calvin Klien?

          How long did the writers sit around before deciding to have Doc ruffie Jennifer and put her in a corner for half the movie? How many times did they explain alternate 1985? At least three: Ok, we get it. The timeline has been schewed. Doc told us once, we don’t need to hear it explained two more times. And why does it look like the Hell’s Angels rule Hill Valley?

          Does Marty’s daughter really look like she likes her brother enough to attempt to get him out of jail? You can feel the disdain radiating off of her and I’m sure she’d just leave him there.

          This is the weakest movie in the trilogy. It doesn set up nicely to three, but you really don’t have to watch two to get there.

          • I have to agree, it was the weakest. Another thing; how was Biff able to get back to his version of the future since he had gone back and gave himself the almanac? Doc himself said that if they went to the future, it would be the altered future, so how was Biff able to get back?

  14. I KNEW there was something missing and Drsambeckett nailed it.
    Dawn of the Dead! Best zombie movie of all time and the best installment in Romero’s Dead series

  15. The Two Towers isn’t a sequel.

    • @ Eric

      You said that already…and as a film, YES. IT. IS.

  16. I liked Superman II as a kid; but when I saw what Donner had in mind with the special cut I liked it a little better. The only thing I missed WAS the cellophane S. I thought it was dumb, yes, but I loved it back then. I hated Lester’s jokes. But here’s the thing. As more films are being made, such lists have reason to be updated.

    That said, Superman II should be lower.
    Aliens should have a higher ranking.

    I never got into the Toy Story films. Call me fickle.

    But it’s far from a bad list. Would I replace Toy Story II with anything? You bet.

    Color Of Money.

    • Uh Mike? We have spam.

  17. “Aliens” would have replaced “The Dark Knight” for me. That movie is just amazing! It should definitely be in the Top 3.

    I would add “Batman Returns” to the list…probably replacing “Toy Story 2.” That is my favorite Batman movie to date and Tim Burton just knocked it out of the park.

    “Empire” would definitely be my number one with “The Godfather Part II” coming in at 2nd. And personally, I enjoyed “The Mummy Returns” more than “The Mummy” – - but wouldn’t necessarily put it on a great sequel list.

  18. What? No, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer? It was way better than the first one. :D

    Then again, it didn’t take much and I am seriously kidding.

  19. I think that Road Warrior should have come before Toy Story. The rest I agree with whole hardily. I remember black and white. rofl(yes, I’m that old). rofl

  20. I can never get passed the 1st 20 minutes of the Godfather Pt. II… I’ve seen the 1st. one 20 time and love more each time I watch it but It just bugs me that Brando is not in part two.

  21. they only thing stupid about superman 2,was lois able to take the artic weather.

  22. You pretty much got all the great ones on here. Awesome list. BUT I would put Evil Dead 2 on here also.

  23. star trek 2 gave birth to the vcr it should be #1 it changed the way we watched movies (in our homes)no other movie did that

  24. I think these titles are great sequels too:

    The Bourne Supremacy
    Magnum Force
    Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (not kidding, that movie cracks me up!!)

  25. Couple of my favorites, RoboCop2, Hell Boy2, Chronicles of Riddick,,,

    Couple of the worst, Tremors 2, Speed 2, Heavy Metal 2,,,

    I disagree with the order of your picks and also disagree with LOTR, and Toy Story2.

    Toy story is a kids movie, and LOTR’s is more of a trilogy.

    I did like your comments on X2, and the similarities between DeathStrike and the T-1000.
    Classic scene when Mystique flips the General the bird!

  26. im just wondering how they are ever gonna try to reboot batman after these movies seems like these ones are so good that anything else is just crap. I hope Bale stays batman for many years to come.

  27. AI, is a great film. Most that hated it didn’t understand it.

    Also check out the Directors Cut of THX-1138. Amazing!

    • THX-1138 Yes! absolutely with you on that one. :-)

    • @790

      Robert Duvall was young in that movie, lol. Pretty interesting. What was different about the Director’s cut?

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