Last night, the 2014 Golden Globe Awards kicked off this year’s award season with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler returning as the hilarious hosting duo!

Jokes were made, awards were won, and some down-right odd things occurred. Check out what the best moments from this year’s awards were. (Hint: Emma Thompson is included.)

Check out the complete list of winners HERE.

Breaking Bad may be gone but its legacy lives on, and creator Vince Gilligan made sure that everyone knows it!

With as playful of a personality as its entire cast, Gilligan turned the mic over to Aaron Paul in the final moments of his Best Drama Series speech, and everyone’s second-favorite meth maker let out a “Yeah, Bitch!” heard round the world, one last time.

(Or maybe not the last time.)

Photo: HFPA

Robert Downey Jr. might like to think he’s the most entertaining person at awards shows (and for the most part he’s right); however this year Emma Thompson was there, and nobody can touch Emma Thompson when she’s ready to play.

With a martini in one hand and shoes in another, she made sure everyone knew that, win or lose, this is her house – and in her house she drinks.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus was not only nominated as Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy for Enough Said and Best Actress in a Comedy Series for HBO’s Veep, but she was also this year’s honorary third host.

Although Saturday Night Live during the 80s may have been forgotten by most, her fellow SNL alumni still treat her like one of the family – and for good reason! Every time Amy and Tina set up JLD with friendly poke and jab, the queen of the comedy was ready and willing to perform when the camera swung around to get her reaction.


Who is the first person you want at your party and the last person you want at your awards show? Sean “Diddy” Combs, of course. Thankfully, it wasn’t our awards show; it was the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s.

After Best Original Score winner Alexander Ebert (All Is Lost) reconnected with his recent party friend – and award presenter – on stage, Diddy stuck around to get even more excited when presenting U2 with the award for Best Original Song for Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.

What would Fonzworth Bentley say? (He’d say, “That’s hilarious!”)

Photo: HFPA

In an opening monologue that gave Martin Scorsese the award for “tiniest man with the larges glasses”, and hinted at a “prosthetic-equipped” Tom Hanks, one of the best jokes of the night also turned out to be a big plug for NBC’s hit show The Blacklist.

Once you go Somali pirate, you never go back – unless it’s to Tina Fey’s hotel room, as she’s the Captain now!

As Mr. and Mrs. Kyra Sedgwick introduced their daughter, Sosie Bacon, as Miss Golden Globes 2014, Tina Fey jumped in and revealed her “son”, Randy, who happened to look a bit like Justin Bieber (or Amy Poehler), as Mr. Golden Globes 2014.

With a hint that his long-lost father is in the audience, Randy took to the crowd to inquire whether Idris Elba or Harvey Weinstein is his father. Though the hair may suggest someone else, both Weinsteins could never forget the time, long ago, when Harvey used to comb his hair to the side, pixie haircut and all.

Father: confirmed.


Who would have thought that a commercial would be one of the best moments of this year’s Golden Globes?!

Muppets Most Wanted kicked-off their unique – and hilarious – TV Twitter trailers last week, and the upcoming Muppet sequel stepped it up for the Hollywood Foreign Press, bringing out the big guns: misspelled words.

@HOTFUDGE1218 was upset that Muppets Most Wanted wasn’t nominated for any of the 247 Golden Globe awards; however @Babybean1128 set the “IGNRENT” person straight and reminded them that the movie isn’t even out yet.

“Alright, alright, alright” – is what everyone was saying when Matthew McConaughey was announced as Best Actor in a Drama for Dallas Buyers Club, and the McConaughey knew!

Like a wise shaman in touch with the waves of energy Mother Nature is sending his way, the nomadic warrior took to the stage and manifested his famous line, for God and man. Now let’s just hope our favorite ramblin’ man gets nominated for an Oscar for his role in Wolf of Wall Street – because while an “alright, alright, alright” McConaughey is great, a chest-pounding one is even better.

Mmm-hmm [pound, pound] Mmm-hmm [pound, pound]

Who is the funniest guy in film? Leonardo Dicaprio, obviously, as he won the award for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical for Wolf of Wall Street. Wait. What?

Not comfortable with the segmented categories, or everyone’s placement in it, Dicaprio remained the consummate professional as he both mocked the situation, acknowledged his fellow nominees and encouraged everyone to check out Bruce Dern’s performance in Nebraska, as Dern didn’t win.

If only Nebraska was more… hilarious, or musical.

Jacqueline Bisset was first nominated for a Golden Globe in 1969 for Most Promising Newcomer (Female) for her role in Tom Mankiewicz’s The Sweet Ride. She didn’t win. She was then nominated for a Golden Globe in 1979, 1985 and 2000 – again, with no wins.

Finally, after a 49-year career in the industry, she won a Golden Globe for the BBC and Starz mini-series Dancing on the Edge, about London jazz in the 30s, and she was left speechless – literally. Still, that didn’t stop her for quieting the orchestra down long enough to send out her gratitude to all… we think.


Gravity, Her, Dallas Buyers Club, American Hustle and All Is Lost beat out 12 Years a Slave in every category it was nominated in, except one.

After Johnny Depp announced 12 Years a Slave as the Best Motion Picture (Drama) and everyone was making their way to the stage, one of the film’s producers let out a “Wow!” that matched the reaction of everyone attending, as well as those watching at home. When they got to the mic, director Steve McQueen turned away and said, candidly, “I had no idea!”

Everyone was wondering how Tina and Amy might unload some of their hardest-hitting jokes, and this year the bullseye target was none other notorious Hollywood bachelors Leo DiCaprio and George Clooney.

Clooney got tagged hard with a Gravity quip about his aversion to middle-aged gals, but Leo took a wild haymaker to the face with an introductory slam about his predilection for super model strange.

Yes, yes, the punches were hard (possibly under the belt) but when the opponents are two of the most famous and desired bachelors on the planet… what’s the damage, really?

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Check out the complete list of winners HERE.

Until next year! (Or until March 2, for the 2014 Oscars.)